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Poe Family in Alabama


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Also see this link from another researcher on the family of Simon B. Poe

Descendants of John Willingham image of Alexander H. Willingham


Willingham Family Bible showing Calvin Poe marriage to Mary Willingham

Lists James Thomas Poe and others.


McMillion / McMillan Census Data


Simon Poe 1782 – 1875

Estate papers in archives of Fayette County, AL – courtesy of Peggy Poe Wade


9 December 1875

Thomas Blakeney one of the administrators

files inventory

order to sell all property


W. W. Jones also administrator.


Administrators securities were Jared S. Sudduth and Joel Everett


Heirs of deceased

widow Dicey Poe - resides on premises of the deceased.

Children and decendants being

Gatsy Lucas wife of [Thomas Lucas] she resides in the state of Arkansas

Mary Lawrey wife of Edmund Lawrey deceased, leaving a number of children in the county and state

Apsy Price, wife of Frances Price resides with her husband in Pickens County, Alabama

and they alone with the descendants of said deceased children are the only heirs of said deceased Simon Poe.


Dicey Poe, widow consents to receive a child's part of the estate.


1880 Census

Thomas BLAKNEY Self                              W                69 SC     Farmer                   NC                          SC
Marthy BLAKNEY Other               W             60 NC    Keeping House     NC                          NC
Dicy POE Sister W                          W                75 NC                                                   NC                           NC
Rebecca ROBERTS Sister               W              60 NC                                    NC                          NC
Perry DRIVER Other                       B                25 AL     Farm Laborer       AL                          AL
Julia NORRIS Other  



Gatsey Lucas is one of the children of the deceased and Apsey Price is another of the deceased's children,

and that they are each of them living, and that


Polly Lawrey




Patsey Shepherd


who are both deceased, were also children of the deceased,

and that they each left children who are . .

of which children administrators reports they cannot give the names

nor the members of each desceased family


sum of $2351.38 be divided into five shares

one to Dicey Poe,

one to Gatsey Lucas,

one to Apsey Price and that the distribution

of the other two shares be not decreed until the court can be informed of the names and member of heirs

that is entitled to the shares of teh said

Polley Lawrey and

Patsey Shepherd which ... are as follows,


Disey Poe. $570.27


Gatsey Lucas


Apsey Price


--- now comes the said applicants ... that said petition be granted and also comes John Blakeney who is not of kin

to the admins in any way.


Martha A Thompson. Child of Martha Shepherd . . her distributive share of the said estate


Jasper N. Shepherd.

George W. Shepherd


Melisant Bright

William L. Shepherd

Sareptha A. Shepherd

William J. Shepherd

John L. S. A. Shepherd


Sarah F. [Deagans] ?


James Martin Nall

Isaac N. Nall

Mary E. Nall

Louisa N. Nall


Virginia e. Hannah


A. B. Lawrey


Mary M. Ray, wife of William Ray


Louise S. Worthen


Hardy A. Worthen


Simon Lawrey


Dicey Lawrey


James B. Moore


Henry B. Moore


Andrew M. McCool

Mary A. McCool



It is further ordered the the affidavit and

certificate and list of heirs of said estate living in Arkansas, be filed and recorded.


Permillia J Moore, minor is entitlted to 15.67 as one of the children of Elander McCool




see: TNgenWeb Co, Tennessee is near Madison County, Alabama (formerly MS Territory) County, Alabama


Roll No. 3, TSLA

Transcribed by Judy Henley Phillips. All rights reserved.

Page 19 (95)


Jedethen POE
John POE


Page 20 (96)

Rhoden POE*


*Rhoden Poe and Jonathan Poe are found in Caswell County, NC prior to this. Also seen as Rhody Poe


Mississippi Territory

Madison County


George Poe


George Poe is said to be born c 1775 and many charts list him as a son of James Poe (son of Simon Poe Sr 17-7/8-1793). We assume the George mentioned below is the same man found later in Fayette County, Alabama. DNA results of a descendant of Stephen Poe of Choctaw County, MS, who is probably a son of George Poe of Fayette County, AL, does not exactly match the DNA of others in the Simon Poe, SR line on a distinctive DNA marker (descendants of Simon Poe SR seem to have the marker #458=16 as opposed to others descended from the generation of Simon Poe SR, who have #458=15). Most likely, George Poe is a son of, or close relative of, the Jonathan Poe found in Caswell County, NC who is probably the same Jonathan Poe found earlier in Culpeper Co, VA.. See Poe DNA Project




Alabama Records Vol 80

January 1809 Census, Madison County, Alabama


George Poe 3 males under 21

                        1 male over 21

                        3 females under 21

                        1 female over 21                  total of 8


also listed

John Reynolds        3 males under 21

                                    1 male over 21

                        2 females under 21

                                    1 female over 21




. . . . Amos Elliott; James Walker; George Light;

Jessey Sullens; Levy Crow; John Allbright;

John Hellums; Alden Bryam; Thomas O Banian;

Williams Neighbors; Edward Bradley; Andrew Sibley;

Spencer Ball; John Hews; Moses Seton; George Poe;

James Criss; Anthony Street; John Reynolds . . .


* Elliott (or Ellits), Bradley and Reynolds are names associated with Poe in Caroline County, VA in the early 1700s and also in Chatham County, NC in the mid-1700s.



State: AL Year: 1810

County: Madison County Record Type: Federal Population Schedule

Township: Indian Creek Page: 004

Township: Mississippi Territory Page: 006

Database: AL 1810 Federal Census Index



State: AL Year: 1811

County: Madison County Record Type:

Township: Mississippi Territory Page: 006

Database: AL 1810-1819 Tax Lists Index


James Poe

State: Alabama Year: 1811

County: Madison Roll:

Township: Page: 0



Moses Poe

State: Alabama Year: 1811

County: Madison Roll:

Township: Page: 0




State: Alabama Year: 1810

County: Madison Roll:

Township: Permissions for Land Page: 0




Madison County

(forgot to write down which volume of Ala Records this is from. This is from photocopy. )


Geo Poe vs Michael Byrd Jan. 1813



3 June 1814. Dam across Limestone Creek. Jury: Henry Stiers, Nicholas Couch, John McCartney, Samuel Mardis, Thomas Hewlett, Champion Easter, Henry Lence, Wm. Gunn, James Love, Geo. Poe, Wm. King, Joseph Wofford.




Old land records of Madison County, Alabama / by Margaret Matthews Cowart


Cowart, Margaret Matthews


Huntsville, Ala. : The Author, 1980.


287 p. : maps ; 28 cm.




Second printing. First printed in 1979


Rhody Poe (See Rhoden Poe in Franklin County, Tennessee above)


SE ¼ Sec 1 169 acres Rhody Poe. 5 February 1814 Certificate or Warrant Number 1083


Rhody Poe of Franklin County, Tennessee

Sec 2 Twp 2 R 1E

Listed in section: Receivers Ledger, Sale of Public Lands, Credit System, 1811



Stephen Poe* married Nancy Ringo 19 Aug 1815


* Marriage bond noted in Ringo book LDS film # 1697802** but not found so far in MS Territory or Alabama records. Nancy Ringo mentioned as first wife on widow’s pension application for service in War of 1812. Ringo Family History series states that Nancy Ringo b. c1798 probably in Wilkes Co., GA, daughter of John Ringo and Mary Mathis. Nancy probably died after 1835.

The only other Poe in the county in this era is George Poe which lends substance to believing that Stephen is George's son. Five years later, George Poe can be found in Fayette County. George and Stephen are both listed in the Fayette County Census for 1830.


                ** and


The Ringo family history series.


Ringo, David Leer.


Alhambra, Calif. : The Freeborn Family Organization, 1980- .


v. : ill., facsims., maps, ports. ; 28 cm.


Library holdings vols 1-14; millennium library edition.


Vol. 13 is index.


Vol. 2 written by David Leer Ringo.


Ringo family


Ringo, Philip Janszen (1615-1662) - Descendants


Fayette County

created 20 Dec 1824 from portions of Tuscaloosa and Marion counties.



Images of Notes from my files


1977 Article from local newspaper about the Poe family


From Peggy Wade January 13, 2007

Simon Poe married Margaret the daughter of Amon McMillian and James Poe married Mary McMillian another daughter. I found this some time ago in a book of Passports through Indian Territory, located in the Jasper Al, library. Since these families seemed to travel together and settle in the same area most likely they came to Alabama about the same time.


"Monday 25th May 1812 - on application - ORDERED that passports be prepared for the following persons to travel through the Indian Nations to the Western Country, viz., ---Amon McMillian with his wife and three children & three Negroes, William McMillian with his wife and three children---all from Abbeville District."




Family Tree Maker Online: Genealogy Library i...: Bible and Cemetery Records book one, Page 5 Page



This old Bible is in possession of Mrs. W. R. Utley, formerly "Bama Isabelle Poe"; lives at 1738- 39 Street, Birmingham, Ala.


James Poe                                                               b. December 6th, 1797


wife -- Mary E. McMillian, daughter of James McMillian b. August 5, 1801


Children born:


Amon McMillian Poe b. November 8, 1820


Mary Anna Poe       b. January 3, 1822


James R. Poe b. October 29, 1824


Nancy E. Poe b. May 15, 1829


Alsie B. Poe b. July 4, 1832


Apsie Ann Poe b. September 26, 1834


William Stephen Poe b. April 26, 1837


George W. Poe b. August 3, 1839


Asa T. Poe b. August 9, 1850


The following was on the source, but the statement cites no data on this and there was a James Poe, JR with the soldier James Poe in Anson County, NC in the 1800 census. DNA of various Poe men seems to contradict this also. It may be ---just my thought --- that he was raised as a son but was born of the George Poe – Stephen Poe / Nancy Ringo family group who was in Fayette County, AL with this branch of the Poe family. DNA shows clearly that this group is not the same as the Simon Poe SR family. There is at least two or three generations to the common ancestor of both.


(The above James Poe is said to be a brother of SIMON POE b. 1782.)

The above named JAMES MCMILLIAN is buried in the Old Greenwood Cemetery in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.



James Thomas Poe



Transcript of the John Willingham Bible containing records for James Thomas Poe and Calvin Poe, etc.


The following data is from the John Willingham family Bible. The copies were from Audrey Fitzgerald, scanned and forwarded to others by Janie Healer Davis. (From whom I received them.) It is not known to this individual how the copies were obtained or who is now in possession of the Bible. Even these copies are a treasure. I have attempted to transcribe the data for sharing, and I have saved the jpeg’s to file. Please note that there are sometimes letters missing from words or names; apparently due to damage to the pages.


Katrina M. Piper May 2004






John Willingham was born October the 7, 1785


(Page torn eliminating parts of the next three entries where they began on the left of a line.)


….cy Willingham, wife of John Willing…. was born July 26th, 1788.


…er Willingham, son of John and Nancy ..lingham was born August 9th 1808


..olly Willingham, Daughter of John and Nancy Willingham was born 10th Day of April 1810.


(End of torn section.)


Arabel Willingham, Daughter of John and Nancy Willingham was born 1st Day of October 1812


Caleb Willingham, Son of John and Nancy Willingham was born 30th Day

of January 1814.




Bradford Willingham, Son of John and Nancy Willingham was born 28th Day of April 1815


Nancy G. Willingham, Daughter of John and Nancy Willingham was born 11th Day January 1819.


Roaner Willingham, Daughter of John and Nancy Willingham was born the first December 1820.


Eliza Willingham, Daughter of John and Nancy Willingham was born the 4th day of April 1824.


Susanna Frances Willingham, daughter of John & Nancy Willingham was born 20th December 1826.


Elizabeth Willingham, daughter of John and Nancy Willingham was born July 2nd A. D. 1829. (Could read 3rd of July)


C. W. Slaughter was born July the 2, 1824.




William T. Slaughter was born May 25, 1855


Sarah A. Slaughter was born June the 28, 1857


Nancy A. Slaughter was born Nov the 6, 1859


Mary S. Slaughter was born July th3 15, 1861.




James Thomas Poe, Son of Calvin and Mary Poe was born November 30th A.D. 1829.


John R. Slaughter, son of Columbus and Susan Slaughter was born Oct the 10 1849


Ezekiel M. Slaughter, son of Columbus and Susan Slaughter was born May the 22, 1851


Jaice (sp?) Elen (or Glen) Dabbs born Feb 22, 1929.


Louis Frank Dabbs born March 25, 1931.


Ca—Dabbs born November 25, 11935





John Willingham and Nancy Garner was married November 10th 1807.


Calvin Poe and Mary Willingham w.. married December 17th 1828.






Caleb Willingham, son of John & Nancy Willingham departed this life August 10th 1816.


Garner Willingham, son of John and Nancy Willingham departed this life October 12th 1817.


John Willingham departed this life July the 12th 1849.


Mary Poe departed this life July the 12th 1847.


Nancy Willingham departed this life April the 14, 1853


William T. Slaughter departed this life Oct the 30, 1856.


Sarah A. Slaughter departed this life September the 5, 1858.



Fayette County, Alabama Cemetery Records. Mr and Mrs. H. M. Newell 1958-59

p. 190

Judith A. Poe - b. May 19, 1822 - d. May 9, 1894

Rhoda Rogers Poe, wife of W. S. Poe b. Nov. 19, 1837 - D. Dec. 4, 1916

William S. Poe B. April 26, 1837 - d. January 24, 1917


Lamiley Ellen Pendley Poe

Birth: Oct. 15, 1828, USA

Death: Nov. 17, 1908


Daughter of Mary Ann Hisaw Pendley and Ruben Pendley. Wife of James R.Poe. James died August 18, 1864 in the Civil War and is buried in Indiana.



Boley Springs Cemetery

Boley Springs

Fayette County

Alabama, USA


Record added: Oct 18 2004

By: Kenneth D. Bogard


Poe – Hisaw Family Data


In March 1844 from a page of the Conference for the Baptist Church of Christ, at Salem page 153, Item 5 is recorded, "On motion in order Brethren E. Slaughter, John Willingham, and Calvin Poe were appointed to visit Bro. James Hisaw and report at next conference." The Salem Baptist Church is at New Lexington, Alabama on Highway 43 in Tuscaloosa County, south of the Fayette County line.


Land Grants and Adults Residing in Fayette County, Alabama 1823-1900 by Homer T. Jones


Elizabeth Poe: Charter Member Union Church, Webster’s Beat 1825

George Poe: Charter Member Union Church, Webster’s Beat 1825


Bethel Baptist Church Register

Includes: Yearby, McGuire, Deason, Holloway, McMillon, Larkin Poe, John Cates


August 1824 Received Larkin Poe and Rachel Poe

                        Received John Cates and Sealy Cates



1830 Fayette County Census (preliminary)


George Poe*            1 male 5/10

                                    4 males 10/15

                                    1 male 50/60

                                    1 female 10/15

                                    1 female 40/50


on same page as Griffin and Willingham (who married with Poe in Fayette Co)


Stephen Poe*          2 males under 5

                                    1 male 5/10

                                    2 male 10/15

1 male 30/40

1 male 40/50

1 female 5/10

1 female 30/40


* This may be the George and Stephen listed in the 1840 Choctaw County, Mississippi census. Birth dates of the Choctaw Stephen’s children indicate the family moved from Alabama about 1832. Note that neither name is listed in the 1840 census for Alabama


John Poe

                                    1 male 5/10

                                    1 male 20/30

                                    3 females under 5

                                    1 females 20/30


Simon Poe

                                    1 males 40/50

                                    1 female 15/20

                                    1 female 50/60 (Margaret McMillan was born in 1783)


1830s Land Grants

John Dowdy received grants for 40, 40, 40, 80, 80, and 80 acres between 1834 and 1839.

Sec 13, Township 18S. Range 11W Original Landholders

Wyatt Poe

Jesse West

Wyatt Poe

Jesse West

Wyatt Poe

John Dowdy

John Dowdy

Morris Gryer

Elijah Carthage

Thomas Rogers

John Poe

John Dowdy

Elijah Carthage

Thomas Rogers

John Poe

John Dowdy



Orphans Court Records

Larkin Poe appraised property of Abram Taylor 13 July 1835 Book 1 p. 144


Thomas B. Tyner being over 14 chose Wyatt Poe as guardian Securities: John Dowdy, Michael Cline 17 December 1835 Book 2, page 158


NOTE: Wyatt Poe b. 1805 Georgia wife Sarah b. 1819 AL, children: Rozy H. Poe b. 1832; George W. Poe b. 1836; Elizabeth Poe b. 1844; Mary S. Poe b. 1847; Sarah Jane Poe married John Bryant in 1853. Witness W. S. Poe (record herein). Also in these records: Rhoda Rogers Poe, wife of W. S. Poe b. Nov. 19, 1837 - D. Dec. 4, 1916

William S. Poe B. April 26, 1837 - d. January 24, 1917 See within – Richard Olive’s children married Cline and Tyner. Daugher Elizabeth Drake Olive married Richard Rogers


NOTE: A list of various men named Wyatt Poe (Wiatt Poe) according to my research:


Wiatt Poe (Powe) b. 1755-1774 Anson County, North Caroline 1800 Census 1 male under 5, 1 male 20/30, 1 female under 5; 1 female 26/26

Wyatt Poe b. 1805 Georgia, married Elizabeth Wright b. 1841 Alabama

            Tuscaloosa County, AL 1830 Census Wyat Poe b. 1800-1810 1 male under 5, 1 male 20/30 1 female under 5, 1 female 20/30

Wiat L. Poe b. 1800 married Emily b. 1815 Georgia. They married in Arkansas

Wiatt Poe married Martha Davis 27 May 1851


Deed Book O, page 305

25 July 1838

Lewis Davis and wife Sarah to Larkin Poe


Simon Poe of

County, to Franklin W. Woodward of second part and Isaac Willingham of Fayette County, Alabama of 3rd part 4 March 1839


1840 Census


Year: 1840 State: Alabama County: Fayette County Sheet No: 192

Reel No: M704-4 Division: Northern Page No: 3

Enumerated by: Ezekiel Green



Thomas Poe 1 Male 50/60

                         1 Female 50/60

                                                            Research on the identity Thomas Poe’s sons

Simon Poe   2 males under 5

                        1 male 5/10

                        2 males10/15

                        1 male 20/30 (Simon B. Poe?)

                        2 males 50/60


                        1 female 60/70


Slaves            3 males under 10

                        4 males 10/24

                        2 over 55

                        4 females 10/24

                        1 females 24/36

                        1 females 36/55

                                                            10 in household employed in Agriculture


Alfred Poe    1 male 20/30

                        1 female 20/30


Slaves            1 female under 10

                        1 female 10/24

                        1 female 36/55


Phebe Poe   2 males 5/10

                        1 male 15/20

                        1 female under 5

                        3 females 5/10

                        1 female 30/40


H. B. Poe (Hasting B.?)

                        1 male under 5

                        1 male 5/10

                        1 male 30/40

                        2 females under 5

                        2 females 5/10

                        1 female 20/30


R. H. Poe (Rasa H.)

                        1 male under 5

                        1 male 5/10

                        1 male 20/30

                        1 female under 5

                        1 female 30/40



James Poe   1 male 20/30

                        1 female under 5

                        1 female 5/10

                        1 female 15/20


(next to James and Alexander McMillan)

James Poe   2 males under 5

                        1 male 10/15

                        1 male 50/50

                        1 female under 5

                        1 female 5/10

                        2 females 10/15

                        1 female 15/20

                        1 female 30/40



Deed Book V p. 214

Deed of gift from Alexander McMillion to James B. Wallace

Slave, but said slave to remain with me and my wife, Dicy V(?) McMillon, during our natural lives, 5 October 1844. Recorded April 1846




Subject: [McMILLON] Alexander McMillan will- Tuscaloosa, AL

Date: Sun, 7 Oct 2001 17:51:03 EDT



Excerpts from the will of Alexander McMillion ( McMillan, etc)

Tuscaloosa County, Alabama

Written September 27, 1841. - in probate court Sept., 11,1854.


…to remain in the hands & possession of Col. Jon W. Williams, as my executor

for the use and benefit of my wife Dicey for and during her natural life and

at the death of my wife Dicey I wish the following division of my estate,

that is to say $433.33 to be paid to the Wilborn family.

I will & bequeath to Elias C. Fuler ( Fula?) 3 small negro girls to wit

Eliza, Martha and Warrick (?). I also bequeath to John W. Williams the

following named negros to wit,, the Wilborns Charles Caroline a woman & her

youngest child,, Fanny a woman & little Charles a boy & Washington a negro

man and I also will and bequeath to Amon McMillion my brother ,, Ellick and

his family,, and I also will and bequeath to Andrew J. Prewitt a negro boy

Sampson,, and I also will and bequeath Rene,, B,, Olliver negro man William,

and I also will and bequeath to Taylor,, S,, Williams man named Pea Charles

and I also will & bequeath to Phebey Overton a negro woman named Philis and a

negro woman named granny and also five hundred dollars in cash. I also will &

bequeath to Wile Bishop five hundred dollars in cash. I also will &

bequeath that my executor Col. John W. Williamson,, shall swap or exchange,,

my negro man Sam for some other negro and sell said negro for cash to go in

payment of my debts and I also will & bequeath to George Wilborn, Jr five

hundred dollars in cash and after the death of my wife Dicy I wish my

executor, Col. John W. Williamson to sell all my estate both real and

personal that is not disposed of by this will and where such sale shall be

made and the money for the same collected I wish my executor to pay of and

discharge all the cash promises made in this will and I hearby declare this

to be my last will and testament revoking all other wills heretofore by me

made for in fact this is my only will or devise of my estate that I have ever


Signed sealed and published by the said testator as for his last will and

testament is in presence of us who at his request & in his presence

subscribed our names as witnesses there to this 27th day of September in the

year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred & forty one.

I also will and bequeath to Andrew J. Prewitt five hundred dollars in cash to

be paid by Executor after sale of my property real and personal.

I also will & bequeath to John F. Cooper five hundred dollars in cash to be

paid by executor after the sale of my property real and personal this 27th

day of Septr in the year of our lord one thousand eight hundred fortyone.

Alex McMillion

J. S. Kelley

Otis Sexton

William J. Ryan


p. 265 Perry Poe and wife, Harriet M. (x) to Thomas Cates, Jr. 15 January 1845


pl. 348 Lorenzo D. McPhearson (x) and wife, Rebecca (x) to R. H. Poe 9 December 1845


p. 313 Moses McGuire to Rasa H. Poe 2 July 1846


Deed Book W.


p. 362 Andrew McCool to Thomas Poe of 2 and John Poe of 3. 31 January 1848



6 November 1843

William Brazeal, decd. Heirs at Law:

Benjamin Reynolds. No widow

Securities include

Bradley Nall

Appraisers: John Walters, John Poe and Simon Poe, Sr


NOTE: Bradley Nall married Elizabeth Poe, daughter of John Poe and Sarah Threet


Deed Book Q

page 259

William Brazeal of Tuscaloosa County to Simon Poe of Fayette County, Alabama 15 January 1840

Page 343

Simon Poe and wife Martha L. of Tuscaloosa County, Alabama to Isaac Willingham of Fayette County, Alabama 5 February 1840


Simon Poe of Tuscaloosa County, to Franklin W. Woodward of second part and Isaac Willingham of Fayette County, Alabama of 3rd part 4 March 1839


Book 3, pg 56 … no widow … Asa Guin Jr exec. Of will of Asa Guin, SR, and Bradley Nall, securities. Appraisers: John Poe, Simon Poe and John Walter. 24 November 1843


Book 3, pg 71 (Note: Benjamin C. Reynolds. M Sarah Poe 1839




Book 1846-50. page 14

Wyatt Poe, guardian of Thomas B. Tiner 14 Sept. 1846


David Johnston, adm of Francis M. Douglass, decd. Appraiser of prop: Joseph Heartley, John Dowdy, Larkin Poe 14 September 1846


David Johnston Adm. Of Thomas Kemp. Appraisers: Benjamin Mattocks, Wyatt Poe, Mardecat Doty (Dowdy?), Joseph Doty. Third Monday in Oct 1846


Heirs of David Johnston all minors. Benjamin F., Zachariah, Stephen, Mary, Didy, Barney, Thomas, John and Martha Jane Kemp. Moses McGuire guardian of these mines 9


Mary Kemp, widow of Thomas Kemp. Deceased petitions for “obwer” Commissioners: John McConnell, Thomas Johnston, Boswell Freeman, Joseph Doughty (Dowdy, Doty), Wyatt Poe 9 November 1846


Larkin Poe deceased, David Johnston adm. 22 May 1847.


Bradford Willingham (34 Georgia) to Lucy Poe (32 NC) 14 December 1838 by John Dowdy, JP

            NOTE: children Andres J. Willingham b. 1839; John Willingham b. 1841; Meranda Willingham b. 1842; Lucinda Willingham b. 1845; James T. Willingham b. 1847; George W. Willingham b. 12 January 21850


Book M. p. 391

James Lowry of Fayette County to John Poe 39. 39 1/3 acres (date must be 1836)


Vol. 11 page 177 Book L 21 JAN 1835 Nathaniel Holliman and wife

Jemimah Holliman by their agent William Dunley to Edward Mobley.




26 August 1836

Tuscaloosa County, Alabama Deed Book M Page 165


This indenture made and entered into this 26th day of August in the year of our lord one thousand Eight Hundred and thirty six be­tween JOHN POE senior of the State of Alabama and County of Tuscaloosa. of the first part and the Deacons of Springhill Church which deacons are chosen by said Springhill Church to act both as Deacons and Trustees to wit Charles D. Lucas, Simon Poe. John J. Reynolds and Cornelius Holiman of the second part. Witnesseth that the said party of the first part for and in consideration of the sum of twenty two dollars and fifty cents to him in hand paid by the party of the second part . . . . bargain and sell unto the party of the second part and their successors in office forever, a certain tract or parcel of land being part of East half of the South west quar­ter in Section Eight in Township eighteen in Range twelve in the district of lands offered for sale at Tuscaloosa, beginning at the northwest corner of said hall quarter and run South in the same direction that land was run by the general surveyors of the above mentioned Range Eighty rod thence East fifty six rod and corners on two pines, thence north twenty rod to estate one Black oak and two Mountain oaks thence west fourteen rod to a foresa1d hickory

with two black oaks and one post oak thence North twenty two rod to a Spanish oak one white oak and two black oaks thence west twenty two rod to a stake one poplar and two sour wood thence North thirty Eight rod to a stake, with two black oak and one Sweetgum, thence to the beginning, Containing Seventeen acres and three four­ths of an acre together with all and singular to the sole use of Springhill Church, forever, whose abstracts of faith is as follows believing in only one true and living God the father word and Holy Ghost we also believe that the Scriptures comprising the old and new Testament are the word of God and the only rule of faith and practice we believe in the doctrine of election and that God chose his people in Christ before the foundation of the world we believe in mans incapacity by his own tree will and ability to recover himself from the fallen state in which he is set by nature we believe that sinners are justified in the sight of God by the imputed righteousness of Christ only we believe that Gods elect shall be called regenerated and sanctified by the holy spirit we believe that the Saints shall be preserved in grace and never fall finally away we believe that baptism and the Lords Supper are or­dinances of Jesus Christ and that true believers are the only sub­jects of baptism and that be amersion (sic) we believe in the resurrect­ion of the dead and a General Judgment and that the Joys of the righteous and the punishment of the wicked will be eternal we be­lieve that no ministers of the gospel has any right to administer to the ordinance of the Gospel but one that is regularly called and comes under the hands of a presbytery (sic) we believe that none but regular baptized members have a right to communicate the Lords table.

In witness where of to the within deed of conveyance I the said party ot the first part have hereunto set my hand and affix­ed my seal the day and date above written.

JOHN POE senr.


Sally Poe (probably Sary. Should be Sarah)


NOTE: Simon B. Poe > Wyatt / Wiat L. Poe (1834 NC -1899) married Elizabeth Wright (b.1842) 4 January 1858 by JP James Thomas Poe in Grant Co. AR. Son: Henry Wilson Poe 1861-1927) married Mary Etta Lucas (8 September 1866 – 26 August 1940); Daughter Martha P. Poe b. 1859 AR.


This John Poe (SR) and “Sally” must be John Poe (1785-1859) and wife, “Sarah” Threet). John named a son John W. Poe. This “SR” may indicate he had the same middle name. But I’ve not seen any record showing one.


Book N., pg. 31 6 January 1832 John Poe to Bradley Nall.


(this is from old notes, just as I wrote it. I did not note dates and sources well)


Tabitha Ann (Stone) Foster

Married 1845 Arthur Foster

Estate: William M. Stone, Administrator

Fiver original heirs:

To children of Thomas B. Stone, deceased

Who was a brother of deceased $436.31

As follows:

To William Stone adm.        $109.07

W. B. Fears and wife Mary Ann $109.07

Thomas Poe and wife Eliza F. (Francis) $109.07 ---- William Thomas Poe

Thomas B. Stone, Jr            $109.07

8 August 1855

Book 1854-58 pg. 194


Richard C. McLester, guardian for Eliza F. Poe (late Stone) and filed vouchers for guardianship. She is now the wife of William T. Poe

Book 1851-54 page 14 March 1853


NOTE: R. H. Poe witnessed will of Jacob Clements 2 July 1846l other witnesses, Richard C. McLester, Pleasant Childers.


W. B. Fears married Mary Ann Stone 1853 at residence of Thomas Poe (William Thomas Poe)


1850 Federal Census - Tuscaloosa County, Alabama - District No. 2
 Enumerated on: November 13th, 1850  


residence:  249   249  


Poe             R. H.              38    M       ** R. H. (Raza H.) Poe merchant     2000  NC
Poe             Nancy            38     F       TN  
Poe             William T.       17    M  ** William Thomas  clerk   AL
Poe             Monica C.      15     F       AL  
Poe             Elizabeth H    12     M*   Elijah Holley Poe - male ???    AL
Poe             James A.       10     M       AL     
Poe             Richard R.       7     M       AL       
Poe             Mary E.           5     F       AL  
Poe             Rolla A.        5/12    F     ** Rhoda     AL
Marion F.     Bell              19      M         Clerk                 AL    


residence: 257  257


 Richard C.       McLester         35  M    Merchant          N.C.     
 Mary T.            McLester         30 F                            Ala     
 James H.         McLester          8  M                            Ala       
 Alabama          McLester          5 F                             Ala      
 Mary J.            McLester         3 F                             Ala       
 Margarett E.     McLester       2/12 F                             Ala       
 Thos N.            Hays              20  M     Clerk                Tenn     
 Mary Ann S.  *  Stone             16  F   (b 1834)    VA        * married William Burton Fears
 Eliza F.         *  Stone             14  F   (b 1836)      VA  * Eliza F. Poe *


NOTE:  R. H. Poe witnessed will of Jacob Clements 2 July 1846 other witnesses, Richard C. McLester, Pleasant Childers.
           W. B. FEARS married Mary Ann Stone 1853 at residence of THOMAS POE


Tuscaloosa, Alabma


Richard C. McLester, guardian for Eliza F. Poe (late Stone) and filed vouchers for guardianship.
  She is now the wife of William T. Poe. Book 1851-54 p. 580.     14 March 1853




Walker County, Texas

Book 3, page 45

Mary A. E. Fears 1857

Petition for probate of will. William B. Fears, a citizen of Walker County, Texas represents that his late wife, Mary A. E. Fears departed this life some few months since in Alabama, having no domicile either in Alabama or Texas at time of death, but that all her property was in Texas. She left a will, executed on 30 June 1857 in Guadalupe County, Texas in which no executor was appointed. Said William B. Fears is the sole legatee under this will


Filed October 26, 1857

Petition for commission to examine witnesses to prove will. Heirs interested in estate, if there was no will, reside beyond limits of this state, viz:

William Stone and Thomas Stone of Tuscaloosa County, Alabama and Elizabeth Poe of Arkansas

And perhaps others.


Joint will of W. B. Fears and Mary A. E. 30 June 1857 – 25 June 1858. We, William B. Fears and Mary A. E. Fears having no child, bequeath to survivor the whole of estate. Witnesses: David McKnight, Stephen Wright.



Old Cemeteries of Newtonville by Mrs. B. A. Sullivan as given at Shepherd Church on June 6, 1965


(This is an excerpt taken from a photocopy of a typewritten transcript. I do not have a record citing the source of this photocopy)


One of the oldest cemeteries in this community is the Simon Poe cemetery located on what we people know as the Richard Hayes place. I believe Mr. Arch Gibson owns the property now.


Simon Poe and his father Maj. James Poe, Rev. War soldier, left North Carolina in 1825. Major James Poe was old and ill. He made the trip to Alabama lying in a cedar chest that was made especially for this trip. One of his descendants living in Little Rock, Ark. has this chest stored in her attic today.


Major Poe died soon after arriving in Newtonville. We suppose he was the first person buried in the Poe Cemetery. There are people here now that can remember when there were several markers in this cemetery, but there is no sign of any of them today. The place has been in a Cow pasture for several years.


The Martin Nall Cemetery is Located not very far--back of Mr. Bradley Gravlee's home. Martin Nall was Mr. Buren Sullivan's great grand father. Martin Nall was born 1795 died in 1836. He was probably the first person buried in this cemetery. 40 or 50 years ago there was a number of graves here, but they were plowed up years ago -- there is only sign of one grave today.


Martin Nall was a son-in-law of Simon Poe. His oldest daughter, Maria, married Jacob Shepherd. They were the progenitors of many people in this community.


There was also another large cemetery with a good many markers, so I've been told, located across the road in front of the Mute Baker home. We do not know when or who was the first person buried there.


Michael Shepherd bought this property in 1845 from two Guin brothers. He died in 1850 and was probably buried there since the cemetery was near his home. His widowed mother, Elizabeth Shepherd, who was murdered by a slave in 1850, Elizabeth Shepherd jr. sister of Michael, and also his brother Richard Hack, were buried here.


George Trawick, the wealthiest man in Newtonville in 1860, was murdered and buried in this cemetery. The monuments were removed or destroyed and the land plowed under about 60 years ago.


We would know a lot more about the history of Newtonville and its people if these old Cemeteries weren't destroyed.


There is the Nathan Nall (brother of Martin Nall) cemetery located near the Leland Gravlee home. The Gravlee family are decendents of Nathan Nall.


There is also the Wright-Caraway, Brotherton, Savage, and Sudduth cemeteries all family plots, (there may be others that we don't know about).



Fayette Newspaper: Winding Trails Column by Sharlene McGee Foster

November 3, 1977



Tuscaloosa News, 1 March 1969

James Poe - Rev. Soldier buried just inside Tuscaloosa County line near Newtonville, Alabama. Information on Tombstone

NOTE: it is unclear what was left of Poe Cemetery in the 20th Century. Reports seem to conflict. But more than one source states that a few scattered headstones could be read. I assume “information on Tombstone” was that this James Poe was a “Rev. Soldier.” I am nearly certain no one ever reported birth and death dates from a marker for James Poe.


Image of DAR Marker (My research shows that James Poe, son of Simon Poe SR was at least 21 in 1761, so he would be born c.1740)


13 October 1841

Administrator’s Notice

Estate of Frances Crowley, deced of Fayette Co., R. H. Poe administrator


16 November 1842

R. H. Poe, sheriff, advertises slaves committed to jail who says he belongs to Rhodah Horton near Huntsville and ran away from Horton’s plantation to Marengo Co.


Notes from a descendant

John Thomas Poe and Martha Ann Hopson (Mary)


POE, Martha Hopson - 1834 - 1913


Mrs. Martha A. Poe

On January 10th 1913, the spirit of Mrs. Martha A. POE took its homeward flight.  She had been in failing healty for several years, and owing to her advanced age, her loved ones and friends were not altogether unprepared for the end.

She was born in 1832, was married to J.T. POE in 1852, was the loving mother of five children, only two of whom remain to mourn her death.

Sister POE joined Concord Church September 23, 1852, and lived a consistent Christian life for fifty-one years.  She was faithful to her church, and ever ready to perform her duties as a Christian.  God saw fit to call her from among us.  Her remains were laid to rest in Concord Cemetery on January 11, in the presence of many sorrowing relatives and friends, the funeral
service being conducted by Revs. L.R. HALLMAN and J.J. PATTERSON.

Her voice is hushed, but her work will follow on.  May God’s Spirit comfort the.

Loose newspaper clipping.  Contributed by Lorene Thigpen, 04 Sep 2004.

Note: "My records show Martha A. Poe was born 3 Dec 1832 ... [She] was the mother of Phebie M. Poe, 1st wife of my grandfather James Andrew Hinton.  They had two daughters: Amanda Arstrilla "Trillie" Hinton married Joseph Lester "Pat" Patterson; Elizabeth "Lizzie" Hinton married George Harve Patterson, brother of Pat.  James Andrew Hinton married 2nd to Hattie Bell Norman and had four children, the last one being my mother Ressie Lee (Hinton) Frazier."  ~ Lorene





Alabama records : Fayette County / compiled by Kathleen Paul Jones and Pauline Jones Gandrud


Gandrud, Pauline Jones


Jones, Kathleen Paul




100 leaves ; 29 cm.


Typescript ; index


Rasa H. Poe (R. H. Poe)

Sheriff of Fayette County

p. 2

Book 16 part 1 page 110     Jan. Term 1848

McCollum versus Hubbert and Caple

Error from Circuit Court of Fayette Co.

It appears from proof that the land in controversy was sold by R. H. Poe, the Sheriff of Fayette County, Alabama on 5 October 1840 under three executions upon judgments rendered in Circuit Court of Fayette Co. on in favor of James A. McLester, assignee for $50.82, another in favor of T. & R. Simonton due of James A. McLester for sum of $73.29 & third in favor of James Hogan, administrator of Reuben Jones for sum of $3,655.66 which last payment was rendered against said plaintiff in error and Samuel Caple, one of defendants in cause. McCollum, the principle and Caple his surety in original judgment, and Newman and Joseph McCollum, the sureties on write of error bond. Executors of these judgments were placed in hands of defendant Hubbert 21 May 1840, he then being Sheriff of Fayette Co. It further appears that on 1st Monday in August 1840, Poe was elected Sheriff.


Book 17 part 2 page 339     June Term 1849

Phereby, a slave versus The State

Error to Circuit Court of Fayette

Plaintiff in error was indicted for murder of Elizabeth Sheppard* and was described in the indictment as her property



1850 Census


(these notes are my own, from microfilm of the census records. The notes are from the 1980s. Several times, I have found discrepancies between what I noted and what is being transcribed for online access. The differences are usually in terms of what “column” a number falls within. The census takers we not good at aligning vertical or horizontal columns on the page. I am going with the online versions when mine differ as I figure people will point out errors to those transcriptions)



Family #205

Thomas Poe                        65        NC      Farmer           $1000

Mary                                       60        NC

(this is William Thomas Poe, b. 1785 NC. . Children include Rasy H. Poe b 1811; James A. Poe b 1818 m Elizabeth Holly b. 1818; Thomas Poe m 1853 Eliza Francis Stone.


Family #208

Alfred Poe (says Alford)     29        NC      Farmer           $1200            

Tabitha                                   27        TN (can’t read or write)

Lucy Griffin                           7          AL



Oliver P. Poe                        24        AL       Farmer           $1200 (Oliver Perry Poe, son of John Poe and Sarah Threet)

Mariah (Nall)                         22        AL

Sarah A. E.                            5          AL

James A                                 2          AL



Joab Watson                         23        NC      Farmer                       $400

Mary (Jane Poe)                   23        AL       (daughter of John Poe and Sarah Threet)

Sarah E                                 2          AL


(this is Simon B. Poe)

Simon Poe                           38        NC      Farmer                       $250

Martha                                    34        NC     

Wiat L.                                    16        NC      Farmer

James                                    14        AL

Simon                                                12        AL

Carson                                              10        AL

Angelina                                8          AL (Married James Walton in Saline County, AR. Her son James Wyatt Walton married Sarah Alma Poe, of the John Poe/Sarah Threet line)

George                                   6          AL

Martha                                    4          AL

Nancy                                                                2          AL


Calvin Poe                            45        NC      Farmer                       $300   (Married Mary Ann Willingham d. 1848)             

James T.                    20        AL (James Thomas Poe, wrote The Raving Foe, a Civil War memoir)

Francis                                   16        AL

William J.                               5

Martha                                    6

Hosia H.                                 3


#220 (note the children show this family was in NC in 1837. Most came to the area around 1822)

Simon Poe                           68        NC      Farmer                       $1400

Dicy (Olive? Or Roberts?) 67        NC

Martha F                                17        NC

Burton C (?)                          13        NC                 


Note this record below: 1880 Census - Township 17, Hico, Fayette, Alabama



Name                              Relation Marital Gender                Race                                Age Birthplace              Occupation Father's                        Mother's

                                                                                                     Status                                                                                           `Birthplace                     Birthplace


Thomas BLAKNEY   Self             M                Male            W                                    69                SC               Farmer       NC                                  SC
Marthy BLAKNEY    Other          M                Female       W                                     60                NC              Keeping

                                                                                                                                                                                       House         NC                                  NC
Dicy POE                      Sister           W                Female       W                                     75                NC                                   NC                                  NC
Rebecca ROBERTS    Sister            S                 Female       W                                     60                NC                                  NC                                  NC
Perry DRIVER              Other           S                 Male           B                                      25                AL               Farm

                                                                                                                                                                                       Laborer      AL                                   AL
Julia NORRIS               Other          S                 Female       B                                      19                AL               Farm

                                                                                                                                                                                        Laborer     AL                                   AL



James Poe                           52        NC      Farmer                       $500 (This 1850 census has SC, but later ones say NC)

Mary                                       49        NC

Nancy                                                                23        AL

Alcy (?)                                   18        AL (female)

Apsy Ann (?)                         16        AL

William                                   12        AL

George                                   11        AL


James Poe                           26        AL       Farmer

Ellen                                       22        GA

James                                    3          AL

George                                   2          AL



James Poe                           32        NC      Blacksmith

Elizabeth                                         32        KY

Nancy                                                                10        AL

Thomas                                  8          AL

Mary                                       5          AL

Sarah                                     2          AL

NOTE: This is James A. Poe married Elizabeth Holley 14 July 1836 Tuscaloosa Co, AL. son of William Thomas Poe b. 1785 NC and Mary b. 1790 NC


Middle Division - Fayette County, Alabama ~ 1860 Slave Schedules


Owner/notes      # Age Sex Color # Slave Houses 1860 census


Elijah HOWELL     1 40 f black    1                505

                  1 11 m black

                  1 9 f black

                  1 5 m black

                  1 4 f black



Thomas BLAKNEY   1 22 f black 1  508

                  1 22 f black

                  1 4 m black


Nathan NALL       1 60 m black    5               503

                  1 55 f black

                  1 55 m black

                  1 45 f black

                  1 35 m black

                  1 35 f black

                  1 35 m black

                  1 20 f black

                  1 21 f black

                  1 26 f black

                  1 17 m black

                  1 28 m black

                  1 12 f black

                  1 14 f black

                  1 9 m black

                  1 8 f black

                  1 5 f black

                  1 1 m black

                  1 1 f black



Jacob SHEPHERD    1 30 f black                     504

                  1 20 f black

                  1 14 f black

                  1 9 m black

                  1 7 f black


Simon POE        1 62 f black     4               505

                 1 33 m black

                 1 31 m black

                  1 31 m black

                 1 30 m black

                 1 28 m black

                 1 26 m black

                 1 19 m black

                 1 19 f black

                 1 17 f black

                 1 13 f black

                 1 14 m black

                 1 14 m black

                 1 12 m black

                 1 2 f black

                 1 1 m black

                 1 5 m black

                 1 1 f black


Sarah POE        1 35 f mulatto   1               277?

                 1 16 f mulatto

                 1 9 f black

                 1 8 f mulatto

                 1 7 m mulatto

                 2 2 m mulatto

                 1 2 m mulatto

                 1 3/12 m mulatto


Alfred POE       1 54 f black    1?               279

                  1 28 f black

                  1 24 f black

                  1 12 m black

                  1 10 f black

                  1 7 f black

                  1 3 f mulatto

                  1 2 f black

                  1 1 m black

                  1 2/12 f mulatto






31 October 1850


War of 1812. . . .Pension photostat. . . .W C 30-425. . . .The State of Alabama, County of Marion.

On this 31st day of October one thousand eight Hundred and fifty Personally appeared before me as acting justice of the peace within and for the county and state aforesaid CORNELIUS HOLEMAN aged fifty eight years & resident of Marion County in the State of Aiabama who being sworn according to law declares that he is the identical CORNELIUS HOLEMAN who was a private soldier in the company commanded by Capt. JOHN MCNEAL 1st Lt. HENRY BUTLER in the Regiment commanded by Colonel RUTLEDGE in the War of 1812; that he volunteered at the Court House in Chesterfield District, South Carolina some time in the fall of 1811 and was mustered into the service of the U.S. about 11 of July 1812 for 6 months and continued in actual service for 4 or months and was honorably discharged at Haderells Point near Charleston South.Carolina in the fall of 1812 as will appear by Muster Roll. LOE original discharge. Makes this declaration for the purpose of obtain:

the bounty Land to which he may be entitled. . . .CORNELIUS x HOLEMN

80 acres-Warrant 11,731 and sent to claimant. Fayette Co., Ala.


The State of Alabama, Fayette County. On 21 April 1855 personally appeared


on 25 September next, a resi­dent of Marion County, Ala. (repeats service).

CLAIM OF WIDOW FOR PENSION. . . .State of Alabama, County of Lamar. . .


On 27 May 1878, ELIZABETH HOLLEMAN, aged 72,

a resident of Lamar County, Alabama, Widow of CORNELIUS HOLLAMAN who volunteered at Lancaster, South Carolina, at time of enlistment he was about 5' 10" high, dark

hair, blue eyes, was about 19 years old, dark complexion and was a farmer. She was married to him in Fayette County, Alabama on 23 day of June 1839 by one GEORGE SHELTON, J.P. Name before marriage was ELIZABETH RAINWATERS;


CORNELIUS HOLLOMAN had been married before to ELIZABETH PLYLER in South Carolina; he died at his home in Marion County, Alabama on 26 October 1862.


Have lived in Marion County; Alabama (now Lamar) and Fayette all the time except 2 years when he moved to the State of Arkansas and returned to where he died.

He drew a land warrant but whether Bounty or what kind I cannot tell but he drew a land and sold it. . . .

ELIZABETH x HOLLOMAN (her mark). . . .

Attest: A.B. BLACK, E.W. LAWRENCE. . . .

Frame Flag of the Union, a newspaper published in Tusca­loosa, Ala.


April 24, 1839.

State of Ala. Fayette Co., Orphans Court,

CORENLIUS HOLEMAN, Admr of estate of WILLIAM RAINWATERS, dec'de . . . Tuscaloosa Co., Ala.


Book 3 p. 425

28 February 1856

Wyatt Poe and Calvin Poe to John Walters. Land in 10-18-11W


Book 3, p. 428

23 February 1856

John M. Davis to Andrew Boozer of 2 and Wyatt Poe of 3. Debt.


Book 3, page 429

28 February 1856

John Walters to Calvin Poe SW ¼ of 10-18-11W


Book 3, page 611

2 October 1856

Mary Moore to Wyatt Poe


Book 4, pg. 35

13 December 1856

George W. Maddox to and wife Louisa to Wyatt Poe. Land in 14-18-11W, 40 acres.





Fayette County, Alabama marriage and probate records / comp. by Betty C. Wiltshire


Wiltshire, Betty C.


Carrollton, MS : Pioneer, 1994.


363 p. ; 21 cm.


page 13 & 14 - Martin Nall, Estate

Account of Nathan Nall, guardian of the minor heirs. Heirs: James T. Poe (husband of Polly Poe, Alexander Nall (minor heir). October 1851.


page 15 - Martin Nall Estate

Account of John W. Poe, guardian of Alexander Poe, heir. October 1851.


Page 34 – Benjamin E. Reynolds Estate (Benjamin Earl Reynolds by some sources)


p. 292

Michael Write Estate

William H. Wright, administrator. Petition for dower by Penina Wright, widow. December 1857.


p. 293

Rachel Williamson found incompetent to attend to her own interest by jurors: A. J. Caraway, Richard Olive, Wyatt Poe, Henry Seseton, C. H. Lunsford, J. F. Doughty, George Hoscut, Wm. Wilson, Wylie Marcum, W. Maddox, A. M. Prewitt, W. C. Tierce. Benjamin Maddox, Moses Walters and Thos. P. McConnel appointed her guardian. January 1857


Oliver Perry Poe d. 1859 during a visit to the home of his father, John Poe (1785-1859) in the Belfast community, Saline County (now Grant Co), Arkansas. All of John Poe’s family except for Oliver Perry Poe relocated from Fayette Co, AL to Saline County, Arkansas about 1851.


Alabama records

p. 298

Oliver P. Poe Estate

Letters of administration granted James M. Wilson on the estate. Heirs: Mariah Poe, widow, Sarah Ann, James Alfred, Moley Isabela, Thomas F. and Oliver P. S. Poe, minor children. January 1859


Did not write down – from photocopy of a book

O. P. Poe Estate

Petition by Silas Nall, guardian of minor heirs, for sale of lands. Heir: B. W. Bashum, J. H. Poe, 19, Sarah H. Basham, 21; Moley J. Poe, 13; Thomas F. Poe, 11, Silas P. Poe, 9,, all of Jones County, Alabama, November 1867


p 8.

George W. Basham - Sarah A. Poe

October 5, 1864 at the house of Mrs. Maria Poe

Consent given by Maria Poe (mother of Sarah)


p. 13

Wm. F. Kirkland - Mary J. Poe

November 1, 1866 at the house of Judy Poe

(census says Mary Poe, but should be Mariah Poe, widow of Oliver Perry Poe)


Silas Oliver Perry Poe

 BORN:   November 28, 1858 in Alabama (Fayette County / Tuscaloosa County, Alabamay)

MARRIED:  July 16, 1899 in Cass County, Texas

DIED:  February 9, 1914 in Cass County Texas:  buried Kildare Cemetary

Father:  Oliver Perry Poe, d. 1859. M. D. Loftis (stepfather))

Mother:  Mariah Nall Poe Loftis

Son of Silas Oliver Perry Poe

Jesse Dave Poe







RUFFIN WATSON, over 21, Tuscaloosa Co.;

ELIZABETH Wife of JEREMIAH GUIN, (m. 1852), Tuscaloosa Co.;

Mrs. OSPRY CONNER Wife of L.E. CONNER, she dead-has 2 Children under 21, SUSAN and THOMAS CONNER;

LUCY SUDDUTH Widow of HOLLAND SUDDUTH, said HOLLAND being deceased, said LUCY having no children;

JOSEPH WATSON who resides in County of Salem (should be Saline) in State of Arkansas;

TOBIAS WATSON, over 21, resides in Tuscaloosa Co., Ala.


Census of 1850       - Tuscaloosa Co., Ala. -                 Dist. 2,           Family # 216

­WATSON, LEVIN     age 57            born N.C. Farmer $500

SARAH                      56                    rest Alabama

LUCRETIA                20

ELIZABETH                   18

TOBIAS                      17

LUCY                                     10

EPSA                         12

ELISHA                      7


            (marriage of L.E. CONNER to E.A. WATSON, 1856.)



Book 9, page 487. 10 April 1866. THOMAS CATES deceased. Probate of will. Next of kin: MARY CATES, the Widow *(b. Mar. 1823 d. Sept. 1881 Monroe Co., Miss.)*. He left the following Children, surviving:

MATILDA POE wife of PERRY POE, Miss. *(b. Aug. 1822 d. Monroe Co., Miss. 14 Feb. 1882 m. in Tuscaloosa Co. 18 Nov. 1841)*;


JOSEPH CATES, Tuscaloosa Co.;

SARAH JANE MCGUIRE'S 6 children, names

unknown, under 21, reside in Miss.;

W.J. CATES, Tuscaloosa Co.;

MARY ANN CATES, over 21, Tuscaloosa Co.;


Tuscaloosa Co.. Attested by CALVIN POE of Fayette Co.


[note from source says: see our Vo. 9, page 19 for marriage of Elbert P. Poe to Matilda Cates].


Elbert Perry Poe to Matilda Cates, 16 November 1841; 18 November by David. W. Andrews, VDM


From old notes I recorded from source books

18 June 1866 – 3 September 1866 Will Book 3. p. 235

Thomas Cates

Wife Mary “my six child living”

6 grandchildren

The children of Sarah Jane McGuire, dec’d.

Son Thomas Cates, Junior

Wife Executor

Witness: Boswell Freeman

B. N. Freeman

Calvin Poe




p. 307

George H. Shelton, Estate

Petition of (Colvin) Calvin Poe, administrator, for sale of lands. Heirs: Laura Ann Morris, wife of B. P. Morris; Elizabeth South, wife of E. N. South; Jane Shelton, widow of deceased; Missouri Humphreys, wife of James Humphreys; Mary Bryan Tolbert and Olive Bryan, children of deceased daughter, Olive Bryan; George R. Shelton, deceased, leaving children. October 1867


p. 299. Elender E. McCool Estate

Richard V. Gray, his brother, was executor of the estate. E. E. McCool left four children, to wit: Columbus, aged 19 years; James, aged 17 years; Richard, aged 15 years; George, aged 11 years. Will dated March 1866, Probated October 1869



John B. Reynolds – Mary E. Dickerson

February 19, 1869 at the house of John Davis


p. 36

J. F. Martin - Mary A. Hopson*

February 21, 1869 at the house of Thos. Poe


* Mary A. Hopson is believed to be the sister of Martha Hopson (below), daughters of Maria Papizan/Papacin and Edmond Hopson


p. 37

James R. Poe - Sarah J. Hendon *

March 7, 1869 at the house of John Hendon


* is this supposed to be Herndon, the family connected to the Poes from VA to NC?


p. 37

J. J. Taylor – Sarah E. Shepherd

March 7, 1869 at the house of Legrand Shepherd


p. 37

John T. Blakney – Laura A. Appling

March 11, 1869 at the house of Samuel A. Appling



p. 299

Henry Wright Estate

B. H. Williams, Administrator. January 1870



p. 50

W. R. Willingham – Angeline Jackson

October 27, 1870 at the house of Duncan Ray


p. 50

W. M. Robison - Mary J. Poe

November 3, 1870 at the house of Lamily Poe


p. 51

W. T. Davis – Melly Wright

November 16, 1870 at the house of Elizabeth Wright


p. 51 John W. Baker – L. M. Appling

November 20, 1870 at the house of Saml. Appling


p. 51

Henry Nall (colored) – Laura Burriss (colored)

December 10m 1870 at the house of Mrs. B. Nall


p. 54

Squire Nall (colored) – Tilda Howell (colored)

February 9, 1871 at the house of Columbus Wrily


p. 54

Jas. C. Yerby* – M. Bell

February 1, 1871 at the house of E. H. Bell


* Elizabeth Yerby Shepherd, a relation to the Poe family, was killed by a slave, but the charge was overturned on appeal. Relation to this Yerby not known.


p. 55

James Patton - Mary E. Poe

February 12, 1871 at the house of Jame Poe


Wiley Griffin - Sarah E. Poe

February 9, 1871 at the house of H.S. Amerson


p. 74

J. C. Poe* - M. L. Oswalt

October 15, 1873 at the house of the bride


* John Carroll, son of Thomas Poe and Mary Louise Oswalt, daughter of Jacob Oswalt


p. 75

George W. Poe - Judea C. Griffin

December 4, 1873 at the house of Hugh Amerson


p. 75

G. T. Hassell – S. Richards

December 17, 1873 at the house of Saml. Appling


p. 74

P. M. Walker – M. J. Yerby*

January 27, 1874 at the house of F. M. Yerby


* Elizabeth Yerby Shepherd, a relation to the Poe family, was killed by a slave, but the charge was overturned on appeal. Relation to this Yerby not known.




J. Z. Oswalt* - J. C. Poe

January 27, 1879 at the house of T. H. Davis


*This may be inaccurate, believed to be James Zachariah Oswalt’s second wife, Annie Davis


p. 82

Zachariah Oswalt* - Amanda Poe*

October 5, 1874 at the house of the bride's father


*James Zachariah Oswalt, son of Jacob Oswalt and Joannah Hallman and Amanda, daughter of John Thomas Poe and Martha Hopson.


p. 94

Wm. L. Gean – Margaret Oswalt

April 18, 1875 at the house of Henry Oswalt



James H. Nunn – Martha J. Threatt*

May 16, 1875 at the house of Foster Walden


* John Poe married Sarah Threet. No relations with Elizabeth have been identified


p. 94

Wm T. Poe - Mary H. Melton

December 26, 1875 at the house of Elihu Melton (this name has been seen as Elisha)



William Threet Poe is this researcher's great-great grandfather. Mary Melton was his third wife.* W. T. was 58 at this time. Since 1852, he had been a significant figure in the tiny community of Belfast, Arkansas (Saline - Grant County). He must have traveled to Alabama to marry Mary Melton. This would have been an arduous journey and this is the first time a record has been noted showing where the marriage actually took place


* He married first Sarah Reynolds, his brother Thomas married her sister Rosty. Thomas died. Sara died. then W. T. married Rosty. Rosty then died. He had children from both Reynolds sisters. He then marries Mary Melton and has at least one child with currently living descendants.

Will of Elihu Melton, Fayette, Alabama
Copied by Fred Olive at the Alabama Department 
of Archives and History, July 1976
Fayette County
Lucy Tarwater
Index to Wills
>From the original Will of Elihugh Melton
I, Elihugh Melton of said county and state being mindful of my 
mortality and being of sound mind do make and publish this to be 
my last will and testament hereby revoking all other wills that I may 
have made.
Item First, It is my will that at my death be decently and plainly 
buried without any pomp or ceremony.
Item Second, It is my will and desire that my executor hereinafter 
appointed at my death pay of my effects one hundred dollars to 
each of my children, to-wit: Emily I. Olive, wife of Thos. Olive, Louis 
H. Barnett, wife of Joseph Barnett, Mary H. Poe, wife of William 
Poe, Amelia Black, wife of F. M. Black, Helen E, Melton, Martha 
E. Olive, wife of James H. Olive and my son Willis B. Melton and 
one hundred dollars to my grand-daughter Melvina Melton, daughter 
of my deceased son Meedy W.
Item Third, after paying the above legacies it is my will that the 
balance of my property of whatever description both real and 
personal, I will to my wife Sarah S. Melton during her life and at her 
death I desire that the property remaining be equally divided among 
my children mentioned aforesaid share and share alike, but my 
grand-daughter is to receive no share in this 
It is my desire if my children cannot divide the property equally that 
then my executor advertise and sell the property at public sale for 
cash or a credit as he may desire and the proceeds of said sale be 
divided as aforesaid among my children.
Item Fourth, 
I hereby constitute and appoint my son, Willis B. Melton, Executor 
of this will.
In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 5th 
day of November, A. D. 1876.
Elihu Melton.
Signed in our presence and we witnessed the same at the request 
of the testator and signed as witnesses in each others presence 
5th, November, 1876.
J. B. Jones,
Joseph Henry,
E.P. Jones."






Fayette County, Alabama marriage and probate records / comp. by Betty C. Wiltshire


Wiltshire, Betty C.


Carrollton, MS : Pioneer, 1994.


363 p. ; 21 cm.



P. 114

Mathew Freeman* – Retta Burris

March 7, 1878 at the house of L. P. Nall


* Nancy Willingham married second a Freeman. Nancy was daughter of John Willingham, sister of Bradford Willingham who married Lucy Poe (family connection unknown)


p. 130

H. J. Strother – Sarah Abernathy

December 2, 1879 at the house of Edl Abernathy


p. 125

Jackson Cooper – Joetta Willingham

January 8, 1880 at the house of James Wilson (a James Wilson was guardian of Oliver Perry Poe and Mariah Nall children)


p. 124

Henry NorrisSallie Willingham

January 22, 1880 at the house of John Willingham



1880 Census - Township 17, Hico, Fayette, Alabama

Name                     Relation Marital Gender       Race                       Age Birthplace Occupation                  Father's  Mother's

                                            Status                                                                   `Birthplace            Birthplace


Thomas BLAKNEY Self M Male     W                           69 SC     Farmer                    NC                         SC
Marthy BLAKNEY Other M Female               W                           60 NC     Keeping House                     NC                         NC
Dicy POE SisterL W Female              W                           75 NC                                    NC                         NC
Rebecca ROBERTS SisterL S Female             W                           60 NC                                    NC                         NC
Perry DRIVER Other S Male              B                            25 AL     Farm Laborer                        AL                         AL
Julia NORRIS Other S Female          B                            19 AL     Farm Laborer                        AL                         AL


Also, Anson County record


Rosanna Harrington, Will Book A, p. 164

Dated: 21 January 1828

Probated: January 1829


Sisters: Mrs. Mary Blakeney; Elizabeth Auld*

Niece: Mrs. Sarah Bogh

Daughter Caroline H. Chambers, wife of Otho Chambers

Daughters: Ross A. Troy; Harriet H. Strong

Granddaughter Mrs. Harriet H. Chambers, wife of Thomas Chambers, Esq.

Granddaughter Mrs. Ann P. (or C.?) Hall, wife of William W. Hall, Esq.

Granddaughter Mrs. Rosanna Lance (or Lanier) wife of John G. Lance (or Lanier)

son James A. Harrington and his daughter Charlotte H. Powe, wife of Thomas Powe

son Henry W. Harrington


Chesterfield Co, South Carolina (These are descendents of Marsom Powe of Caroline and Spotsylvania County, Virginia


Samuel Gillespie Godfrey (1837-1897) married 1863 Harriet Elizabeth Powe (b.1842)

Thomas Ellerbe Powe (1800-1879) married 1St 1826 Charlotte Harriet Harrington (1809 – 1859)

                                                                             2nd Rachel Allen

James Auld Harrington (1785- 1834) married 1808 Eleanor Wilson (1793-1843)

               Erasmus Powe (1768-1831) married 1st 1792 Esther Ellerbe (1770-1853)

Henry William Harrington married 1776 Rosanna Auld (1754-1826),

Thomas Powe (1747 – 1817) had charge of the Commissary Dept. at the fall of Charleston, SC. He was born in VA and died near Cheraw, South Carolina









p. 124

J. G. Hamby – Mary V. Skelton

January 25, 1880 at the house of J. F. Ashcraft


p. 124

James Poe – Lucy Baker

January 30, 1880 at the house of B. McClure


p. 125

J. S. Williams – Magnolia Caine

February 25, 1880 at the house of H. M. Caine


p. 130

W. J. Couch – M. F. Ashcraft

October 21, 1880 at the house of Sally Ashcraft


p. 131

James A. Hinton – Phebe M. Poe

November 18, 1880 at the house of Mrs. Poe

Consent given by Margaret Ann Hinton


p. 134

Isiah Poe (colored) – Helen Rice (colored)

January 20, 1881 at the house of Tilman Rice


p. 135

John Pinion – Nancy P. Holliman

January 24, 1881 at the house of the bride’s mother


p. 135

George S. Malloy – Angelina Guinn

January 27, 1881 at the house of E. B. Guin


p. 147

J. A. McIntire – D. A. Poe

September 10, 1882 at the house of Martha Poe

Consent given by Martha A. Poe


p. 168

Jacob N. Oswalt - D. A. Poe *

November 16, 1884 at the house of John Noe (must be a transcription error)

Consent given by M. A. Poe


*Jacob, son of Jacob Oswalt and Dena A. Poe, daughter of John Thomas Poe and Martha A. Hopson


p. 169

Sidney W. HollimanColumbia A. Sanders

November 16, 1884 at the house of J. W. Holliman


p. 174

Asa R. Poe – Sarah A. Smith

April 5, 1885 at the house of Mary Ann Pendley

Consent given by Leoniley Poe


p. 188

P. M. Stewart - Peruetha H. Poe

October 14, 1886 at the house of W. S. Poe


p. 201


Frank Willingham (colored) – Helen Poe (colored)

December 22, 1887 at the house of Isaac Walden


p. 209

Samuel Pinion – Nancy Simpson

August 9, 1888 at the house of Milly Poe


p. 236

D. T. Wright (colored) – Zanina Poe (colored)

September 11, 1890 at the house of Bealey Poe



Sye Wilson (colored) – Lucy Poe (colored)

November 27, 1890 at the courthouse




Marengo Co


1832, Grove Hill, son of James Howze and Sarah Powe; Rep. Gen. Assem Ala, Capt. USA Creek War; died at McKinley, Marengo Co 1862



Graduates of University of Alabama 1831 Tusc. Al: James Alexander Howze, planter, Gove Hill, Clark Co;


Wilcox County


City Cemetery in Camden, Wilcox County, Alabama copied in 1951


June 7, 1853

Mrs. Elizabeth Ann Powe, wife of Thomas Powe, departed this life June 7, 1853 aged 23 years (Presbyterian)



…. A Powe and Smith involved in estate settlement of Archibald K. Smith 1849



January Term 1868 (Book 30, Part 2, p. 42)

Powe’s admrs verse Powe et al

Appeal from Circuit Court of Wilcox County.

Action by Jesse G. Bradley and Mary Powe as adm. Of C. W. Powe, dec’d


Thomas W. Powe, John J. Longmire and William M. Longmire and

Commenced 26 February 1866.

Promissory note made by defendant 4 January 1864.


Letter from Mrs. Charles W. Dixon (Evelyn Traweek) Gould, Arkansas 5 January 1944.

“My cousin wrote that Henry Traweek oldest of three brothers lived in Henry Co, Georgia, moved from there to Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

This Henry was father of Robert C. Traweek, my great grandfather.

Robert C. Traweek named on of his sons Hugh.

Robert lived in Wilcox Co, Alabama.

His wife was Elizabeth Powe.


1830 Washington County Census

(Washington Co took from Mobile Co in 1829. George in Mobile Co is usually cited as a relative of Edgar Allan Poe, no known relation to the Fayette/Tuscaloosa County Poe families)


Oliver Poe males: 2 under 5, 1 20/30; females: 1 20/30


Old St. Stephen’s Land Office Records

11/12/1831           Oliver H. Poe      Township 9, Range 2W


March 6, 1861 Macon Telegraph

Mrs. Selina Poe, relict of late Washington Poe, at home of her daughter, Mrs. W. H. Moore; b. July 1812 and was oldest citizen of Macon and Bibb Co (GA) having moved here with her widowed mother, Mrs. Norman and brother-in-law, Hon. Oliver H. Prince . . .

1st Presbyterian Church 1825 m. Hon. Washington Poe December 1829 and was present at reception to Gen. Lafayette. He was an orator .. . .Mrs. Poe had 10 children – three of whom survive her. Oliver Poe of Columbus, GA, Mrs. W. H. Moore or Alabama, Judy W. A. Poe of this city


1830 Mobile County Census

(George in Mobile Co is usually cited as a relative of Edgar Allan Poe, no known relation to the Fayette/Tuscaloosa County Poe families)


George Poe, Jr. males: 1 15/20, 1 50/60; females: 1 under 5, 1 5/10, 1 10/15, 1 15/20, 2 20/30


Talladega County


7 April 1845 Book C, page 1


Winship A. Poe is appointed adm. Of dec’d wife Francis S. Poe

Formerly Francis S. Darby, daughter of Adam Darby and wife Caroline, late of Orange County, Virginia. Hugh S. Darby and Allen Gibson, securities.


NOTE: Orange County, Virginia marriages: Adam Darby married Catherine Shepherd, daughter of Andrew Shepherd, who consents: 15 November 1796


History of Methodism in Alabama


… According to official Rolls, the leading men in the Talladega Circuit during the period from beginning of 1833 to close of 1845 were …. James W. Poe


The Preachers on the Talladega Circuit for 1838 was Daniel B. Barlow

At the 2nd Quarter Conference, John Poe, appears as a supply (?). He filled that position until the close of the year and September 19, 1835 he, together with James Cole and James H. Thompson was recommended to the Annual Conference for admission into the traveling connection.


John C Poe

Birth: Jul. 23, 1838

Death: Nov. 13, 1899


Hall Cemetery

Lincoln (Talladega County)

Talladega County

Alabama, USA

Record added: Nov 25 2005

By: Kitty Walker Lennard


Benton County (now Calhoun County) (preliminary)



Tennessee Records of Coffee County and Ervin L. Davis Family Record. (not independently researched)


page 724. Stephen Poe, North Carolina, wife, Mary R.8395.

Benton County, Alabama, County Court, 1 August 1843, personally appeared before the Court, Mary Poe, a resident of said county, aged 84, and made claim for a pension under the Act of July 7, 1818. Declared that she was the widow of Stephen Poe who was militia soldier under the command of Col. Golston, of North Carolina and he served under Golston's and other officers command for two years and received a discharge which was lost. He entered the service in the late summer or early fall of 1776 and was with the army at Wilmington... was captured by the enemy. He lived in Wilkes County, NC when he entered service. He was discharged in the fall of 1778. She was married to Stephen Poe in 1775, by the Rev. Teague in Randolph County, NC. Stephen Poe died 28 July 1843. Claim rejected.


1840 Census


Stephen Poe      1 male 40/50

                               1 male 70/80

                               1 female 70/80



Stephen Poe Will 1843


1843- James Dowdy involved with Stephen Poe estate (James Dowdy m. Sarah Poe, dau of Stephen Poe).  Bill to Stephen Poe from James Dowdy for board and nursing during last illness from Oct 1842 to the 28th day of July 1843 including burial and funeral expenses $150.00

SIC - [note: is this the same James Dowdy in 1840 Randolph Co AL? Also, is this the same James Dowdy in Franklin Co GA, the previous home of Stephen Poe?]


1846 Sept 10 List of sales of the estate of Stephen Poe, dec'd James W. Poe, admin.  One buyer:  James Dowdy


1846 Nov 9. Petition by administrator of Stephen Poe:  Heirs: Lydia Poe Brady, James Dowdy and wife Sarah Poe, Mary Poe Smith, Eliz Poe Smith, James W. Poe, Samuel Poe of GA, Stephen Poe, Nancy Poe Holland, Jane Poe Sutherland


Note that the Dowdy family was also in Tuscaloosa / Fayette County area and traveled to Saline / Grant County, AR along with Poe and others. A Dowdy was Postmaster at one point in the Belfast Community founded in Saline / Grant County, AR)


Alabama Land Patents Database: Calhoun County - Surnames Beginning P-S


Earliest here is James W. Poe




POE SOLOMON 22 15S 5E HUNTSVILLE 0 1859/01/01

POE SOLOMON 21 15S 5E HUNTSVILLE 79.4 1851/12/01

POE SOLOMON 22 15S 5E HUNTSVILLE 79.49 1859/01/01

POE SOLOMON 22 15S 5E HUNTSVILLE 79.49 1859/01/01

POE SOLOMON 21 15S 5E HUNTSVILLE 39.7 1849/09/01

POE JAMES W 17 14S 8E HUNTSVILLE 80 1838/08/17

POE SOLOMON W 29 15S 5E HUNTSVILLE 157.8 1889/03/01

POE BRAXTON C 22 15S 5E HUNTSVILLE 79.49 1884/12/05

POE BRAXTON C 22 15S 5E HUNTSVILLE 0 1884/12/05

POE JONATHAN 26 15S 5E HUNTSVILLE 0 1859/01/01

POE JONATHAN 26 15S 5E HUNTSVILLE 118.8 1859/01/01

POE SOLOMON 28 15S 5E HUNTSVILLE 0 1859/01/01

POE SOLOMON 28 15S 5E HUNTSVILLE 118.43 1859/01/01

POE HENRY C 28 15S 5E HUNTSVILLE 78.955 1884/12/05

POE SOLOMON 29 15S 5E HUNTSVILLE 39.45 1859/01/01







My Poe Family tree

Posted by: Willie Gruber Date: November 27, 2005

      JESSE MESSA POE is my GGG-GrandPaw...


STEPHEN POE b.1759 in Chatham, NC. d.July 28,1843 Benton ,Al. He married Mary August 1775 in Randolph, NC. She was b. 1760 in NC. d. 1844 in Benton, AL


Child is:

JAMES WILLIAM POE b.1793 NC. d.1860 in San Saba, TX. married around 1812 in Franklin or Habersham Co., Ga. To Mary b. about 1793 in SC.


Children are:


1.} Martha Ann Poe m James Lewis Tate


2.} Jesse Messa Poe b. 1825 Habersham County, Georgia was in the Rawly woods Company.

married MAY 7, 1846 Calhoun, Alabama [possible marriage June 1846] to Fannie Jones b.1830 Tennessee


Their Children are:


1. Wiley Poe            b.1847 AL

2. John Poe b.1848 , Louisiana

3. Francis Geneva Poe   b.feb. 14 1851 , Gillespie, Texas

4. Martha Poe           b.1853 San Saba, San Saba, Texas

5. William P Poe       b.1855 TX.

6. May Poe        b.1855 TX.

7. Charles Poe         b.1858 San Saba, San Saba, Texas

8. Duran A. Poe        b.1860 San Saba, San Saba, Texas

9. Denerrio Poe        b.1863 San Saba, San Saba, Texas

10. Albert Poe         b.1868 San Saba, San Saba, Texas

11. Sarah Poe          b.1871 San Saba, San Saba, Texas

12. Daniel Poe         b.1875 San Saba, San Saba, Texas




Re: My Poe Family tree

Posted by: Glenda Simpson Date: February 20, 2006

In Reply to: My Poe Family tree by Willie Gruber


My G Grandfather was a William Pleas Poe. He married a Mary Katherine Jackson in 1883. They lived in San Saba and left in about 1887 to go to New Mexico. They had 10 children. He died in Oregon or Utah.





Series: M653 Roll: 1304 Page: 388   enumerated: 20 July 1860

Surname GivenName       Age Sex Birthplace

residence: 91


POE    J. W. 67 M NC          Physician 2258          James William Poe b: 1793

       Mary       67 F SC


                  residence: 105


POE    JESSEE M.  35 M GA          farmer      1120  Jesse Messa Poe

       Fanny            30 F TN                            Fannie Jones

       Wiley            13 M AL

       John       12 M LA

       Francis          9 F TX                             Francis Geneva Poe

       Martha           7 F TX

       William P. 5 M TX     twin                    William Pleas Poe

       Mary (May?)      5 F TX     twin

       Charles          2 M TX

       Duran 4/12 F TX                          Duran A. Poe


                  residence: 106


POE   ELIZABETH   45 F SC           farmer 665

      Mary        22 F AL

      John        20 M AL

      Cyntha      17 F AL

      Sarah       15 F AL

      William     12 M LA

      Elizabeth   7 F TX

      Laura       4 F TX




Series: M593 Roll: 1604 Page: 109

Surname GivenName       Age Sex Birthplace

POE    MESSA J.   46 M GA          farmer      2430  Jesse Messa Poe

       Francis G. 41 F TN

       John J.          21 M LA

       F. Jane          19 F TX

       Will P.          15 M TX    twin                    William Pleas Poe

       Mary J.    (May?) 15 F TX    twin

       Charles W.        13 M TX

       Dora A.          10 F TX

       Aaron R.         8 M TX

       D. P.            7 F TX

       Betsey E.  3 F TX

       Albert           2 M TX

VANDANCE? ROBT    23 M SC          farmer





Series: M593 Roll: 1604 Page: 112

Surname GivenName       Age Sex Birthplace

POE    MARY             47 F TN           keeping house     50-1200

       Scinthia         22 F AL








James Masters and Elizabeth Poe. 17 July 1792; George Hudspeth, bm.


Edmund Poe and Sarah Parker. 30 November 1794. James Masters, Bm.

See research on this family found on the web:



North Carolina Marriage Bonds, 1741-1868

Edmund Poe Bride: Sarah Parker. Bond Date: 30 Nov 1794 Record #: 01 185 Bondsman: James Masters Bond #: 000146872


This information pertains to the Poe that settled in Habersham Co, GA and then onto Benton / Calhoun (and Talledega) Counties in Alabama. Some records show Poe bured in Green Cemetery. Connected to this family is Edmond/Edmund Poe and Stephen Poe (see Wilkes County, NC and Georgia records)

Research is ongoing, but this group appears connected to Surry / Wilkes / Ashe County, North Carolina. Below the notes I have pertinent links for those analyzing these families.

Family Notes passed on to me:

At top “Ages of the children of Edmund Poe and Sarah his wife:

Note from a research in this family:

Georgia Records

Alabama Records

Wilkes County, NC

Ashe County



See Green Cemetery images Calhoun Co, Alabama



Sarah Parker POE  80y 1848

THIS PROVIDES A BIRTH DATE OF 1762. Most charts show Sarah married at 15 not 26. This effects the age presumed for husband Edmond Poe, and who his father could have been.


Green Cemetery Images



1830 Shelby County Census


Claiborne Poe males: 1 under 5; 1 15-20; 1 50/60; females: 2 under 5-10; 2 10-15, 1 15-20, 1 40-50


A. Poe males: 1 under 5 (Robert from 1850 Jefferson census?), 1 30-40; females: 1 under 5 (young Elizabeth from 1850 Jefferson census?), 1 5/10, 1 20/30 (Mary from 1850 Jefferson census?)


1850 Jefferson County Census


Extensive notes on the Poe of Jefferson / Shelby County



Elizabeth Poe 60 born VA

Mary Poe 40 born TN

John Poe 20 born AL

Robert Poe 13 born AL

Elizabeth Poe 10 born AL

Wiley Poe* 9 born AL

Jesse Poe 6 born AL

Nancy Poe 3 born AL


* Wiley had son, Dudley Lee Poe, SR, whose grandson, Dudley Lee Poe III is participating in the Poe DNA project

In 1880 Shelby Co, AL census Wiley Poe SR is living in the town of Acton with wife, Josephine and son Dudley Jr.


(two down is R. S. Shepherd aged 84 born NC and Elizabeth Shepherd 74 born NC. The Shepherds (Sheppard) are interconnected with the Poes who settled in Fayette and Tuscaloosa Counties)




1850 DeKalb County



1850 federal census of DeKalb County, Alabama / by Tommy Guice


Guice, Tommy


Cullman, AL : Gregath Company, 1987.



James Lewis*      27 - M                    F             Al

Martha                  23 - F                                    Tn

Martha J.                             9/12 - F                 Al


Jesse P. Lewis    25 - M                    F             Al

Martha (Lyons)    20 - F                                    Tn


Charity Beal*                      50 - F                                    Nc


* Lewis and Beal and Poe families were associated in North Carolina


3 January 1827

Alvis Poe Bride: Nancy Lewis Bond Date: 03 Jan 1827 Record #: 01 185 Bondsman: Edward W Marshe Bond #: 000146871

search NC Page for Beal and Lewis



Anny Poe                           47 - F                                    Nc*

Martha J.                             29 - F                                    Tn

Leah                                     18 - F                                    Tn

John                                     16 - M                    F             Al


*note that the older DeKalb Poes were born in NC. Such as Anny born in1803 in NC. Is Jesse, below, her father?


(further down list)


William H. Poe    26 - M                    F             Tn

Stacey                  15 - F                                    Tn




James S. Green*                44 - M                    F             Tn

Sarah                                   37 - F                                    Nc

Samuel A.                           17 - M                    F             Tn

Margarette                           15 - F                                    Tn

Josephine                           11 - F                                    Tn

John                                     8 - M                     Tn

Mary                                     5 - F                                     Al

David H.                              3 - M                     Al

Andrew F.                           1 - M                    Al


*Green was often used as a first name in the 19th Century. Some Poe men were named Green. This could be an association with the family here considering they were neighbors.


p. 55

William T. Poe    25 - M    bm          Tn

Ellener                  23 - F                                    Al




Balus Jet*                            41 - M                    F             Sc

Mary                                     25 - F                                    Tn

Daniel                                  16 - M                    F             Ga

Ferdinand                           14 - M                    M            Ga

Sarah                                   12 - F                                    Ga

Mary J.                  10 - F                                    Ga

Vashti                                  8 - F                                     Ga

Elizabeth                                      4 - F                                     Al           

Joseph                 1 - M                                    Al


*See home of William Bynum, below. Bynum and Poe were closely connected in NC. That these Bynums were born in SC may indicate residence along the PeeDee River where Poes lived on the NC side and Threets and others who married Poe lived on the SC side. One wonders if the name Jet is the same a "Jetter" which was first spelled "Getar" and was closely associated with the Poe family as far back as Essex Co, VA in 1722.

(this is a continuous list on page 77)


John Bynum                      45 - M                    F             Sc

Rachel                  34 - F                                    Tn

John                                     17 - M                    F             Al

Elias N.                 8 - M                                    Al

Martha J.                             7 - F                                     Al           

Elizabeth                                      1 - F                                     Al

Mary Bagget                       19 - F                                    Tn


Jesse Bynum                     32 - M                    F             Tn

Rebecca                              28 - F                                    Tn

Martha                  12 - F                                    Al

Sarah                                   10 - F                                    Al

Susan                                  9 - F                                     Al

Lucind                                 6 - F                                     Al

Frances                     2 - F                                     Al

John                                     5/12 -M                 Al


James Poe                         28 - M                    bm          Tn

Lucinda                23 - F                                   Al

Maretta                 4 - F                                     Al

Ellen                                    2 - F                                     Al

Robert W.                            3/12 -M                 Al


Jesse Poe                          68 - M                    F             NC (interesting case, Jesse born in 1778, almost the same age as the Jesse from VA)

Isabella                 53 - M                                   SC

Phunetta                             23 - F                                    Tn

Jesse W.                              15 - M                    F             Tn

John                                      6 - M                                     Tn

Tennessee                                  3 - F                                     Tn


William Bynum   51 - M                    F             SC

Celia                                    49 - F                                    SC

Mary J.                  25 - F                                    AL

Eliza Ann                            17 - F                                    AL

Malinda                14 - F                                    AL

Joseph Jet*                         24 - M    HC         TN


* see Balus Jet above



DeKalb County





1860 Federal Census of DeKalb County, Alabama / by Tommy Guice


Guice, Tommy


Cullman : Gregath, 1987.


p. 21

William H. Poe    34 - M                    F             TN

Stacy E.                22 - F                    D            TN

Mary J.                  7 - F                                     Al

Nancy A                              6 - F                                     Al

Desta M.               5 - F                                     Al

Tiney                     3 - F                                     Al

John                     5/12-M                  Al


p. 95

James C. Poe     37 - M                    F             Tn

Lucinda C.           27 - F                                    Tn

Marietta                      15 - F                                    AL

Ellen                     13 - F                                    AL

Robert W.             10 - M                                   AL

Sarah J.                               7 - F                                     AL


p. 22

Anna Poe            50 - F                    D            NC

Martha                  40 - F                    D            TN


Tuscaloosa County


Constables April, May, June 1820 --- Thomas Poe

                Also 1827, 1828, 1829


Commissioned 5 April 1836 – R. H. Poe (Rasa H. Poe or Raza)


Justices of the Peace commissions 1827 --- John Poe

                                                              1829 --- John Poe


Larkin C. Poe AL, Tusc.Co., Bethel Baptist Church: received Aug. 1824.



George Poe

On 18 December 1820, Thos. D. Crabbe was authorized by the legislature to lay out a road from Huntsville to Tuscaloosa. John Casey, George Poe . . . apptd Commissioners 20 December 1820


Tuscaloosa County, Alabama Will Book 1821 - 1855. Maggie Hubbard Sudduth 1994


Obed Baker

30 April 1822. Proven - no date

I, Obed Baker . being in a low state of health, but in perfect mind and memory do make constitute ordain and appoint this my last will and testament. And after recommending my body to the ground and my soul to God who first gave it, do bequeath as follows,


In the first place I will that out of my personal affects all my Just Debts be paid

Secondly I give and bequeath the remained of my estate both real and personal to my beloved wife Rachel Baker during her natural life and at her death the same to pass into the possession of my Daughter Nancy Appling in whose possession and enjoyment I wish it to remain during her Widowhood, and then to be divided as follows viz I give to my beloved children John Baker, Sally Laurence, Polly Laurence, Susanna Freeman, Nancy Apling, Ten Shillings Each the ballance of the estate I give to my five Grand-children, viz Seaborn Apling, Zepporah Poe, Enoch Apling, Sarah Apling, and Nancy Green Apling to be equally divided amongst them revoking and disannulling all and every other will heretofore by me made. In Testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this thirtieth day of April 1822. Signed and acknowledged in presence of

Jno L. Tinadall

Elizabeth Baker (her X)

Obed Baker (mark)

Hugh Laurence.


25 July 1823

Absolem Deason (other sources state: born 23 March 1790, died 6 September 1857)

Married Zeporah Poe, marriage license dated 25 July 1823 and solemnized 5 August; Tuscaloosa County, AL.


Zeporah Poe was widow of _______ Poe and daughter of Thomas Appling. Absolem Deason conveys land to Benjamin Blackburn 26 January 1827 in Tuscaloosa Co, AL. He appears as a witness in February 1920 in Tusc. Co. Absolem Deason, SR buys land from John M. Davis 26 July 1838 in Tusc. Co one John Deason married Rebecca Hassell 28 February 1832 in Tuscaloosa Co.


NOTE: John Deason born 1 July 1809 died 17 March 1878


Note: Several sources state that Zeporah Appling married “William Poe.” It seems likely this William is a member of the Surry County, North Carolina Poe family.

The descent is Obediah Baker > Nancy Baker married Thomas Appling > Zeporah Appling married [William] Poe. It is interesting this group ends up also in the Fayette County, AL area, where we see at least two Poe groups, one from Caswell County, NC and the other from Chatham Co by way of Anson County, North Carolina. Also it should be noted that a Baker family is closely associated with the Poe family in Anson County, NC


Anson County, North Carolina

15 October 1795

Francis Baker (Anson Co) to John Baker (same) for pounds 50 specie sold 100 ac on "Lane's" Cr (Lain's) border; above Joseph White's survey [but no metes & bounds mentioned, deed refers to patent, but no details of patent]. (signed) Francis Baker; witness Wyatt Poe (Wiot), Elizabeth Baker, & Elizabeth Poe; wit. oath Oct. 1795 by Wiott Poe, book D p 72



· ID: I83

· Name: Obediah BAKER

· RFN: 83

· Change Date: 8 JUL 1999

· Sex: M

· Birth: 1736 in England

· Change Date: 1 AUG 1998

· Event: deed 3 APR 1780 Surry County, North Carolina

· Note:

Surry County, N.C. Deed Book list, A:360--3 Apr 1780 N.C. Grants Obed
Baker 150 Acres Johnson Creek.

· Census: 1782 Surry County, North Carolina

· Note:

1782 Census Surry, County, N.C., Humphries District listed Obediah
Baker, 5 horses & mules, 9 cattle, 150 acres.

· Change Date: 4 JUL 1999

· Census: 1 Quality: 3 1786 Surry County, North Carolina

· Note:

1786 Census Surry County, N.C., Humphries District, Page 1 listed
Obediah Baker 1 WM 21-60, 2 WM under 21 / 0ver 60, 4 WF.

· Change Date: 8 JUL 1999

· Census: 2 Quality: 3 1787 Wilkes County, North Carolina

· Note:

Obediah Baker was listed in the 1787 State or Colonial Census of
Wilkes County, N.C., Gordons District, Page 6.

· Change Date: 8 JUL 1999

· Event: deed 23 JAN 1789 Surry County, North Carolina

· Note:

Surry County, N.C. Deed Book list, D:407--23 Jan 1789--James Doak to
Obed Baker, 300 pounds, 50 acres both sides Renfrows Creek North Fork
Arrarat River

· Event: census 1790 3 Quality: 3 1790 Surry County, North Carolina

· Note:

1790 Census Surry, County, N.C. list Obediah Baker with 4 males over
16, 2 males under 16, 5 females. Listed in Salisbury District.

· Change Date: 8 JUL 1999

· Event: census 1800 4 Quality: 3 1800 Surry County, North Carolina

· Note:

1800 Census Surry, County, N.C., list Obediah Baker with 1 male 10-16,
1 male 45 upward, 1 female 10-16, 1 female 45 upward. Page 636.

· Change Date: 8 JUL 1999

· Event: tax roll 1802 Clarke County, Georgia

· Note:

Georgia Tax Rolls Index list Obed Baker, Clarke County, Walker 1802,
page 011.

· Event: tax roll 1805 Clarke County, Georgia

· Note:

Georgia Tax Rolls Index list, Obed Baker, Clarke County, Locket, 1805,
page 022.

· Event: tax roll 1809 Clarke County, Georgia

· Note:

Georgia Tax Rolls Index list, Obed Baker, Clarke County, Martin 1809,
page 030.

· Event: tax roll 1815 Clarke County, Georgia

· Note:

Georgia Tax Rolls Index list, Obed Baker, Clarke County, Cambell,
1815, page 006.

· Will: 13 APR 1822 Tuscaloosa County, Alabama

· Note: Will recorded in Will Book #1, page 22.

· Death: 30 APR 1822 in Tuscaloosa County, Alabama

Marriage 1 Rachel b: 1740 in England

  • Married:
  • Change Date: 1 AUG 1998


  1. John BAKER b: 1776 in Surry County, North Carolina
  2. Nicholas BAKER b: 1766 in Surry County, North Carolina
  3. Nancy BAKER b: 1778 in Surry County, North Carolina
  4. Has No ChildrenSally BAKER b: 1780 in Surry County, North Carolina
  5. Has No ChildrenPolly BAKER b: 1783 in Surry County, North Carolina
  6. Has No ChildrenSusanna BAKER b: 1790 in Surry County, North Carolina


  1. Title: 1786 Federal Population Schedule
    Abbrev: 1786 Federal Population Schedule
    Type: Census - Filmed
    Date: 8 JUL 1999
  2. Title: 1787 State or Colonial Census
    Abbrev: 1787 State or Colonial Census
    Type: Census - Filmed
    Date: 8 JUL 1999
  3. Title: 1790 U.S. Census
    Abbrev: 1790 U.S. Census
    Type: Census - Filmed
    Date: 4 JUL 1999
  4. Title: 1800 U.S. Census
    Abbrev: 1800 U.S. Census
    Type: Census - Filmed
    Date: 4 JUL 1999




Tuscaloosa County, Alabama Records, V. 78


p. 94 Letters from Mrs. Millie Houldridge

2025 Beal St.

Bakersfield, CA

June 23, 1941

Dear Mrs. Gandrud,

I found the following 1850 Census records of Tuscaloosa Co, AL

William I. Yerby aged 28; Carpenter born in Ala.

Maria 27 born AL

Tollier B. 3 "

John W. 3 "


Enoch Yerby 22 Ala

Maricopa Yerby 20 S.C.

James B. 1 AL



This could not have been the William E. who was the first child of John Yerby and Sarah Baines. He was born 2 June 1818 and married 21 Juoly 1842. This could have been Ammon's children. I believe sincerely that Ammon and John, my great great grandfather were brothers. Mrs. R. Po. Coleman in Tuscaloosa says that Absolom Deason's wife was their sister. You remember Absolom Deason was buried at the Little Church, too. Mrs. Coleman gave me his birth as 1781 and death as 1817, but the tombstone says born 23 March 1790 died 19 Sept 1857. She said born in Shelby Co, Tenn. Once you sent me a will of Ammon McMillian dated 13 April 1823 in Tuscaloosa Co naming wife Martha sons Allen, William and Jeremiah, daughters Elizabeth McMillion, Margaret Poe, Phebe Rhone, Mary Griffin, witnessed by Thomas Bains and Amon Yearby. These people are relatives because the Poes moved to Prescott, Ark too and my mother called them cousin. It is my opinion that Everett Yerby's wife Sarah was a McMillian and named her son Ammon for her brother Ammon McMillian. I know that Everett Yerby born 13 Dec. 1762 and Sarah Yerby born 15 December 1766 were the parents of my John Yerby because I found their births in John Yerby's family record. Have written several letters lately to try to prove the opinion.


Tuscaloosa County, Alabama Records Vol. 50

Absolem Deason and Zeporah Poe - marriage license dated 25 July 1823 and solemnized Aug. 5th; Tuscaloosa County, Alabama. Zaporah Poe was widow of ______ Poe and daughter of Thomas Appling.



Absalom Deason conveys land to Benjamin Blackburn 26 January 1827 in Tuscaloosa County, Alabama. He appears as a witness in Feb. 1829 in Tuscalloosa Co.


Abosolem Deason, Sr buys land from John M. Davis 26 July 1838 in Tuscaloosa Co.


On John Deason married Rebecca Hassell* 28 February 1832 in Tuscaloosa Co., Ala.


* Probably Brazeal




Will Book 1, 1821-1855


Page 17-18

30 April 1823


Proven 2 November 1825


Amon McMillian


State of Alabama §

Tuskaloosa          County § In the name of God Amen, I Amon McMillian being of Sound mind and memory... First I leave to my well beloved wife

Martha McMillian one horse, two beds and furniture, all my household furniture and two hundred dollars in cash to her proper during her natural life and it is my will that what may remain at the death of my wife after her ample Support, that it be Equally divided between my

son Allen McMillian and my

Daughter Elizabeth McMillian.

Second, I give to my

Son James McMillian

one dollar and what he has had heretofore. Third, I give to my

son William McMillian

one dollar with he has had heretofore. 4th I give to my

son Jeremiah McMillian

one dollar with what he has had heretofore. 5th I give to my

Son Allen McMillian

one Grey Mare, one saddle and bridle, one Bed and furniture, one wagon, all my plantation tools and three hundred dollars to him his heirs and assigns forever. 6th I give to my

daughter Margaret Poe

one dollar with what she has had heretofore.           7th I give to my

daughter Phebe Rhone

with what she has had heretofore. 8th I give to my

daughter Mary Griffin

one dollar and what she has had heretofore. 9th I give to my

daughter Elizabeth McMillian

one black horse called Charles, saddle and bridle, one ed and furniture and three hundred dollars to her, her heirs and assigns forever. Lastly I do nominate and appoint my

two sons James and Allen McMillian

to be my lawful Executors ... in testimony I hereunto

Set my hand and Seal this thirtieth day of April 1823.

Signed Sealed in presence of Thos Bains

Aman Yearby


his Amon McMillon




Proven in Open Court the 2nd day of November 1825

               a true Copy Test Henry T. Anthony Clk

               (A copy from Orphans Book page 101)




Research Notes for the Family of
Henry Sturdivant and Elizabeth D. Embry


Tuscaloosa County Alabama Marriages


Henry Sturdivant to Elizabeth D. Embry Nov. 15, 1830.


Tuscaloosa County Alabama Deed Bk H, P 225----Jan. 11, 1830


Wyatt Poe and wife Martha to Henry Sturdivant
Wit: Green Richards, JP, Beverly Willingham, JP.


Tuscaloosa County Alabama Deed Bk J, P 32----Oct. 4, 1832


Henry Sturdivant and wife Elizabeth D. to Wiley Espey
70 acres


1837 State Census of Choctaw County Mississippi

Henry Sturdivant

Males under 18:


Females under 16:



Males 21-45:


Females over 16:



Total Whites in County:





Female Slaves:





Acres cultivated in County:




1837 Tax Roll Choctaw County Mississippi


Henry Sturdivant 1 Slave




Marriage Records Tuscaloosa Co 1823-1860


25 July 1823

Absolem Deason to Zeporah Poe. 5 August by Zacharias Middlton


22 August 1826

Richard Rogers to Polly Poe. 6 September by Matt Thompson, J. P.

--- one source has Richard Olive, daughter Elizabeth Drake Olive b. 1811 marrying Richard Rogers


8 December 1828

Calvin Poe to Mary Willingham. 17 December by B. Willingham, J. P.


27 May 1829

Wiatt Poe to Martha Davis, 31 May by Matt Thompson, J. P.


28 January 1831

Alfred Poe to Tabitha Moore. 6 February by Moses Denham, J. P.


7 February 1832

Gasway D. McFarland to Mary Poe 9 Feb. by B. Willingham, J. P.


11 July 1836.

James Poe to Elizabeth Holly (Holley). 14 July by John Dowdy, J. P.


30 June 1838

William Anders to Jane Poe. 12 July by John Dowdy. J. P.


14 July 1838

Thomas C. Cline (Clyne) to Mary H. Poe 18 July by John Dowdy, J. P.


14 December 1838

Bradford Willingham to Lucy Poe18 December by John Dowdy. J. P.


17 August 1839

Benjamin C. Reynolds to Sarah Poe. 12 September by John Walters



12 September 1841

Hugh W. Jones to Sarah Poe


16 November 1841

Elbert Perry Poe to Matilda Cates. 18 November by David. W. Andrews, VDN



21 April 1847

Larkin Marion Poe to Mary A. Davis. (says Larkin M. Poe) to Mary A. Davis.. 9 May by C. H. Lunsford, J. P.


21 November 1851

Thomas G. Poe to Margaret Ann Boozer. 21 November by C. H. Lunsford, J. P.


27 September 1852

J. H. Sudduth to Matilda E. Poe. 30 September by Thomas McCrackin

Jared H. Sudduth. Matilda Poe is a daughter of John Poe and Sarah Threet.


17 October 1852

James L. Gray to Serepta Emeline Poe. 18 October by Thomas McCrackin


(“Shreptie” was the daughter of John Poe and Sarah Threet. She lived 102 years and outlived at least three husbands. Born 1830 and died 1832. My second cousin remembered her and stories she had about traveling from Alabama to Arkansas. She also married Younger B. McCool and Harris Chapman Stockton)



From another researcher:

Descendants of Harris Chapman Stockton, Dr.
Generation No. 1
1. HARRIS CHAPMAN1 STOCKTON, DR. was born Abt. 1820 in Alabama. He married (1) MARTHA MELTON. She was born Abt. 1821 in Alabama.

He married (2) SEREPTA EMELINE POE 1860 in Arkansas, daughter of JOHN POE and SARAH THREET.

She was born November 08, 1830 in Tuscaloosa Co., AL, and died February 18, 1934 in Arkansas.
         i.       WILLIAM T.2 STOCKTON, b. Abt. 1842, Mississippi; m. SARAH HAMILTON, August 09, 1866, Saline Co., AR.
        ii.       JAMES S. STOCKTON, b. Abt. 1848, Mississippi; d. Aft. 1870.
       iii.       HARRIS C. STOCKTON, b. Abt. 1855, Arkansas; d. Aft. 1870.
       iv.       MARTHA LAURA A. STOCKTON, b. Abt. 1859, Arkansas; m. LEROY P. CHILDERS, May 16, 1880, Grant Co., AR; b. Abt. 1857.



17 November 1852

Richard S. Fears to Monica C. Poe 18 November by Robert S. Adams


dated: 1896          FAMILY HISTORY FOR Monica Catherine Poe



County of Yell, (Arkansas)


M.C. Fears being sworn on her oath says:


My name is M.C. Fears, usually known as Kate. I am sixty years of age. My

maternal grandmother’s maiden name was Elizabeth or Betty Edwards. She was born,

as she informed me, the first year of the revolutionary war. She never remembered

having seen her father, but said he was at home several times during the war as

she was told, and he died on his way home after the revolutionary war was over.

I do not remember to have ever heard her call his given name. I do remember, however,

that when Robert E. Lee became prominent by reason of his connection with the war

between the states in 1861. My grandmother said she knew he (Lee) was a relative

of hers by his name. I do not know, or remember whether she meant the Robert or

the Edwards in his name. She was in some way related to the Lee’s. If I am not

mistaken, her mother was a Lee. She talked about grandmother Lee, but I am not

positive about that, but it has always been my impression that her mother’s maiden

name was Lee. My grandmother, Elizabeth or Betty Edwards married Richard or Dick

Holley. I cannot give the date of the marriage, or the place, for I have forgotten;

but I do know that my great-grandmother lived in Virginia, for grandma has told

me often how they had to move around to keep out of the way of the Tories. They

lived at first in Pennsylvania near Philadelphia, and went to Virginia to be near

her people and had to move several times. My recollection is, that she said that

soon after her marriage she my grandmother moved to Tennessee and settled on Duck

River near Murfreesboro.


They moved from there to Alabama. Of this marriage, ten children were born;

five of them died while young in a short time of each other, and all without issue.

I think it was two boys and three girls who died. I do not know the names of all

of those who died; but one of the boys was named David, and one Morgan. One of the girls was named

Melviney, usually called Viney. Those who survived were named Katie Holley, William

Edwards Holley, Nancy L Holly (Holley). (NOTE: Nancy Married Rasy H. Poe b 1811)

Hearing grandma speak of but one brother. His name was

William, and she called him Brother Billy. She may have had other brothers and

sisters, and I only remember him because William wrote to her after I was old enough

to read writing, and I read her letters over often to her, and this impressed his

name on my mind. The last letter I remember my grandmother getting from him was

about forty-five years ago. I was then fifteen years of age. In this letter he

told my grandmother he had been back to the old home to see if he could do anything

with that leased land, or get anything for it. That he saw no chance without a

suit, and he was not able to go to law about it. My grandmother told me of her

uncle, or her father’s uncle leasing some land in or near New York for ninety-nine years,

and that the consideration of the lease was the improvements on the land; but at

that time they all thought it would be of no value to any of the heirs; and just

after the receipt of that letter from her Brother William, is the last I remember

to have heard her talk about it. When her Brother William wrote this letter he

was in Georgia visiting some of his children. His home was in one of the Carolina’s,

I do not remember which. He wrote her he was coming to see her as soon as he got

rested up. But I do not think she ever heard from him again, and he did not come.

My maternal grandparents made their home with my parents from the time I was two

years of age. My grandfather Holley was confined to his bed for ten years, and

afterwards went on crutches. He died in Tuscaloosa, Alabama at the house of my

parents in the spring of 1853; and my grandmother Holley died at West Point, White

County, Arkansas in December, 1861 at my father’s house. My father and mother

moved from Tuscaloosa, Alabama to West Point, Arkansas in the year 1856. My mother

was a daughter of Richard and Elizabeth Holley and was the Nancy L. Holley referred

to above as one of their children.


My mother married R. H. Poe in the year 1832 in Tuscaloosa County Alabama, and there

were born to them the following named children:

William T. Poe, (Note: William Thomas Poe 1833 – 1886 married Lelia A. Brown 1842-1880.

                                              Children Helen Nancy Brown 4 February 1866 – 13 September 1932; Ruby Poe d. 10 November 1891)

M.C. Poe (Or Kate), (Note: Monica Catharine Poe married Richard S. Fears on 17 November 1852)

Elijah Holley Poe,

James A. Poe,

Richard R. Poe,

Elizabeth Poe,

Rhoda Poe, and

Nanny Gill Poe.

Nancy L. Poe, my mother, was born Dec. 22nd, 1811, died near West Point, Arkansas January

1st, 1867. My father, R. H. Poe, died April 1875.


William T. Poe (son of R. H. And Nancy L. Poe) died April 7, 1885 and left surviving

him as his heirs-at-law, John A. Poe, Helen N. Poe (Now Helen N. Tompkins), Minnie

L. (Now Minnie L. Brewer), Annie K. And Ruby. Ruby died at the age of twelve years

on November 10th, 1892.


M.C. Poe is myself who married Richard S. Fears in Alabama at Tuscaloosa November

18th, 1852.


Elijah Holley Poe is still living.


James A. Poe died in Texas a few years since. He left six children and a widow.

Dick, Emma, Thomas, Willie Jo, Kate and Maggery. His widow is now dead. His children,

when last heard from, were living at Cold Springs, Texas.


Richard R. Poe is still living.


Elizabeth Poe married Rufus Rudisill and died in April 1878; she has three children

living; Clair, Zada and Lillian.


Rhoda A. Poe is still living.


This is all I know of my mother’s individual family. Kate Holley, a sister of my

Mother’s, married Mr. Frank McCowan in Alabama and moved to Arkansas Territory in

1830. She had two children. I do not know the date of her death. I know her

daughter Belle is dead, and believe her son Frank is dead, but I do not know.


Elizabeth Holley, my mother’s sister married my fathers brother JAMES POE in Alabama.

They moved to West Point, Arkansas in the fall of 1857. Aunt Betty, as she was

called, died in the spring of 1878. She left five children; four girls and one

boy. Mary Elizabeth, Thomas Burr, Sally, Rhoda and Eliza. Mary, now Mary Lee,

lives at Cold Springs, Texas, has several children. Burr married in Texas and

is dead. I do not know whether he left any children or not. Sally married a

Mr. Moore in Texas, died and left one son. Rhoda died at my mother’s house in

1861. Eliza married in Texas, I have forgotten the name of the man she married.

She died. I do not know that she had any children.


Rhoda Holley, my mother’s sister, married Mr. J. Wright in Alabama; Moved to Texas

in 1854. She died in 1863. She left several children, girls and boys. Jessy, Thomas

and several boys whose names I have forgotten; and three girls, I do not remember

their names, but have heard them. William Edwards Holley, my mother’s brother,

went to Mississippi when a young man as a missionary to the Indians. He married

and lived there until he died. He died in 1856 at Granada, Mississippi. He left

a widow and four daughters. One Elizabeth married, but all are dead now unless Elizabeth

left a son. I heard she had one child, a son.


Sworn to and subscribed before me this the______day of ___________1896.





297. Richard Soule FEARS (James FEARS , Absolom FEARS , Edmund FEARS , William FEARS , James , Thomas , Thomas ) was born on 8 Jul 1827. He died on 6 Aug 1866 in West Point, White County, Arkansas.


Richard married Monica Catherine POE daughter of Raza H. POE and Nancy on 18 Nov 1852. Monica was born in 1835 in Fayette County, Alabama. She died in 1909 in Russellville, Pope County, Arkansas.



Richard and Monica had the following children:


+ 801 F i Margaret Joanna FEARS was born on 24 Nov 1854. She died in 1929.

+ 802 F ii Jimmie Bell FEARS was born on 14 Nov 1856. She died on 26 Sep 1935.

803 F iii Elizabeth Catherine FEARS was born on 26 Jun 1859. She died on 19 Jun 1880.

804 F iv Nancy Judith FEARS was born on 13 Nov 1862. She died on 30 Apr 1863.

+ 805 M v William Burton FEARS Sr. was born on 27 Oct 1865. He died on 9 Sep 1939





7 December 1853

John Bryant to Martha Jane Poe. 8 December by C. H. Lunceford (not sure if Lunsford on like this). John of age –

               Father Wyatt Poe consents – daughter underage

               Witness: W. S. Poe at residence of Wyatt Poe


4 January 1853

William Thomas Poe to Eliza Frances Stone by Robert S. Adams


Orphan’s Court Book 9

9 December 1861

Pg. 3

John H. Bryant, Jr. dec’d estate

Wyatt Poe, administrator filed accounts


Orphan’s Court Book 9 pg. 176

No date but around January 1863

Sarah Poe (widow) represents to the court that William T. Poe of said County, deceased, was a resident citizen of said county at time of his death.

Securities: Thomas J. Whitson, Wyatt Poe

(This a William Thomas Poe who I believe to be Wyatt’s son. Most conclude that this Wyatt is brother to Simon Poe, John Poe and Thomas Poe all believed to be sons of the elder James Poe called Major)



10 Mary 1834

Book K, p. 85

William McCormick and wife Rebecca to Thomas Poe 80 acres


Alabama Records ---- Volume II. Compiled by Kathleen Paul Jones and Pauline Johns Gandrud



Will Book 1, 1B21-1855

Hardy Harten of the State of North Carolina, Anson County, do make, ordain this my last will and Testament revoking all others heretofore made by me viz: I lend to my beloved wife during her life

or widowhood six negroes namely Old Jack, Sary, Cinda, Chaney, Bob and Hampton, and all my personal property here in the State of Alabama, and such as she thinks best to sell, for her own use and if she should marry she draws a childs part by giving bond and approved Security for the value of the same at her death. 2nd: I lend to my daughter Sally Holly (Holley) at the death of wife, one negro girl Chaney and her increase, for her and then her lawful heirs of her boddy, after taking out what she has received, which is stated on another paper. 3rd: I give to my son John Harten one negro boy Handy, and an equal part of the rest of my estate less what he has received. 4th: I give to Greene Harten one negro boy Warren and an equal part of the rest of my estate at his mothers death, less a note of $80. and interest about his land to come out of his part if the land don't fetch the money, before a division. 5th: I give to Littleton Harden one negro boy Arthur and at his mothers death- an equal part of my estate taking out the notes in my hands against him if not settled before and $20. on account of fire. 6th: Having given to my daughter Mary James to the amount of $250.00, and I lend her one negro girl named Jane, during her life, and then the girl and increase to the lawful heirs of her boddy, and an equal part of the rest of estate at her mothers death taking out the above account. 7th:I lend to my daughter Martha Poe one negro girl named Silvy during her life, then to her lawful heirs, etc., and an equal part etc. less the receipt I hold against her. 8th: I give to my son Hardy W. Harton one negro boy Henry and $40.00 on account of his getting his things burnt and an equal part of my estate, taking out what he has received, at his mothers death. 9th: I give to Elizabeth A. Harton, within $250.00 of my own sons and daughters in the whole amount they have had or may get hereafter, at her grandmothers death if she should be of age or married, and for same to be kept by John Harton to be let out by him as he thinks best for the child, and if she never marries nor has any heirs of her boddy, the property to be equally divided amongst my lawful heirs. 10th: I give to my grandson, the son of my son James Harton, namely James H. Harton, within $50.00 of my own sons and daughters in the whole amount they have had or may get, to be kept by John Harton till he becomes of age or some other safe way may be divised by the Courts and if he should not have any lawful heirs of his baddy the property to be divided amongst my lawful heirs.

This my last will and desire of my earthly things September 19, 1838

Hardy Harton

N.B. My debts to be paid out of what if left to my wife. I appoint my wife and John Harton Executors in this State and my wife and Hardy W. Harten in the State of Alabama. N.B. All my negroes is to be valued that is given off at the death of my wife or at my death if the whole of my heirs thinks best and those that has female negroes, they are not to be rated hire than the males on account of their increase.

September 19, 1939.        

                               Hardy Harton

Having my two daughters in law, ?Diadanice Harton forgot to mention (did not photocopy next page...)


Deed Book Q ?

p. 173. Simon Poe of Tuscaloosa Co. to Franklin W. Woodward of 2nd part and Isaac Willingham of Fayette County, Alabama of 3rd part. March 4, 1839


p. 239. Simon Poe to Amy Hartin. 14 October 1839



Book 1, pg. 144: Larkin Poe appraised property of Abraham Taylor 07/13/1835


Tuscaloosa Jury 26 July 1836 includes John Poe, SR


Book 1851-54 pg. 53: 12 Aug.1850

Larkin Poe estate,

wife Rachel, (said to be Rachel Harrington.

Seaborn Haley, administrator,

William C. Poe, trustee,


William C. Poe

Thomas. Poe

Larkin M. Poe,

John Davis,

L.T.Jones (Manerva Poe),

Hugh W.Jones, (Sarah Poe),

Larkin M. Poe,

Mary A. Davis


Book Y page 650

Wyatt Poe and wife Emily to James D. Cox land in Sec. 13, Twnshp 18, Range 11W 160 acres

Pg 221

Richard C. J. Olive and wife Permelia to Wyatt Poe. Land formerly owned by Thomas Tyner as a legatee of Thomas B. Tyner, decd.

Over entire interest to W ½ of NE ¼ of 28-18-1W


NOTE: Not verified, but: Wiat Poe b. 1800 NC married Emily b. 1815 GA. Children: Elizabeth F. Poe b. 1846; James R. Poe b. 1848; John Poe .b 1849; Sarah R. Poe b. 1853


NOTE (from another researcher): TABERNACLE CEMETERY 'Pioneers of Tuscaloosa County, Alabama, Prior to 1830" published by Tuscaloosa County, Genealogical Society, 1981


Richard Olive was born 12 October 1786 in Wake County, North Carolina. He died 10 April 1873 in Fayette County, Alabama.


Richard married SARAH MANN DRAKE on c.1810 in NORTH CAROLINA. SARAH MANN was born 5 Jun 1782 in NASH COUNTY, NORTH CAROLINA. She died 28 Jul 1858 in FAYETTE COUNTY, ALABAMA.


Richard Olive and SARAH MANN DRAKE had the following children:


1. Dicy Olive was born c.1820 in WAKE COUNTY, NORTH CAROLINA. Dicy Olive Shackleford (Hobson), SOMETIMES LISTED AS "ICY"

               1850 Al, Fayette Co Census : Simon-68, Dicy-67, Martha F.-17, Burton-13.

               Edmund Hopson (aged 50) in household next to Stephen Calvin Poe (grandson of Simon Poe) in 1860 Fayette County, Alabama

               census. See:


               Clearly there are problems with this birth date. Other sources make it 1805. Also, records are unclear if it is Hopson or Hobson


               Dicy married Simon Poe. Simon Poe was born 1782 in North Carolina. He died 1875.



2. ELIZABETH DRAKE OLIVE was born c.1811 in WAKE COUNTY, NORTH CAROLINA. She died 28 Jul 1858 in BERAY, ALABAMA.



               RICHARD J. CALVIN married PAMELIA TYNER.


4. MATILDA OLIVE was born c.1815. Married Unknown Morris


5. PENNY OLIVE was born c.1817 in WAKE COUNTY, NORTH CAROLINA. Married Unknown Cline


6. ANDREW JACKSON OLIVE was born c.1822 in WAKE COUNTY, NORTH CAROLINA. Married Nancy Cannon


Will Book 1, 1821-1855

page. 154

28 October 1841

Proven 6 December 1842

In the name of God Amen, I Jeremiah Guin being weak and low in body but sound in mind and memory, but calling to mind that it is appointed for all men to die, I first of all resign my body to the grave to be decently buried by my executors and my soul to God who gave it. And as touching and concerning my little worldly substance that it has pleased to God to bless me with, I will and dispose of it in manner to wit. First, I will that all my Just debts be paid by my executors and that my beloved wife Rebecca Guin have the balance of my Estate consisting of one bed and furniture, one horse, bridle and saddle, and all the crop that belongs to me at Simon Poe’s when gathered and divided, and between thirty and forty head of hogs, and one forty gallon barrel of whickey [sic] and all my notes and accounts after paying my debts, and I further appoint my beloved wife and my brother John Poe Executors to this my last Will and Testament revoking all other wills or promises whatsoever, where of I have here unto set my hand and affixed my seal this 28 October 1841 in presence of

Wright Moore                                   

S. M. Otts                                            his

Her                        Jeremiah x Guin SEAL

Sary X Poe                                        mark


John Poe


State of Alabama

Tuscaloosa County              The foregoing Will was duly proven in Open Court by Wright Moore and S. M. Otts on 6 December 1842

                                              Test. Moses McGuire Clerk


(From old note, not sure source book)

Jeremiah Green, deceased. John Poe, the executor



AL, Tusc.Co. records Deed Book 3, pg. 125: Rachel Poe, John A. Davis, Leach T. Jones, Hugh L. Jones, Thomas Poe and Marion Poe, heirs of estate of Larkin Poe, deceased to W.C.Tierce.



5 Feb.1854. 23 acres in 12-18-11W signed: Rachel (X) Poe, John A. Davis, Leach T. (X) Jones, H. W.Jones Thomas G.Poe by L. M.Poe agt. (Larkin Marion Poe)


Will Book 1, p. 224

2 July 1846. No probate date

Jacob Clements

Wife Fanny

Son: Wadhampton Clements

               To children of Wadhampton and Louisa Clements

Daughter Sarah Sims

9 Children: the others being

Mannen Clements

Amey Swindle

Rebecca Waldrip

James Clements

John C. Clements, exec.

Wit: Richard C. McLester, Pleasant Childers; R. H. Poe


(oops, remiss in not writing the title of this resource on the photocopy)


April 19, 1853

Page 602. John Willingham’s estate. Bradford Willingham, administrator. Land in Fayette County, Alabama. Heirs: The children of daughter Polly, now deceased, who married

Calvin Poe, three of whom are minors under 21

Bradford Willingham (petitioner)                                                  )

Robert Freeman, in right of wife Nancy G.                                )              All over 21 & reside in Texas

J. J. Richards in right of wife Eliza                                                              )

George Robertson in right of wife Roanna (?);                         )

Daniel Cook in right of wife Elizabeth over 21; residence, Ark.

Columbus Slaughter, in right of wife Susan over 21; residence; Tuscaloosa Co. AL


p. 605. Nancy Willingham’s estate. Bradford Willingham, (son and next of kin) appointed administrator. Securities:

James S. Smith, Richard S. Fears. Appraisers: Ezekiel Slaughter, James L. Clements, Thomas W. Smith. April 19, 1853


30 March 1852 Thomas G. Poe and wife Margaret Ann to Wyatt Poe 17 acres


May 9, 1853

p. 605 & 609. Larkin Poe’s estate. Final settlement.

One-fifth paid to the widow, Mrs. Rachel Poe

John M. Davis in right of wife Elizabeth                     $292.86

Thomas Poe                                                                   $292.86

L. M. Poe*                                                                         $292.86

H.W. Jones and wife                                                      $292.86

William C. Poe                                                                 $292.86


*Larkin Marion Poe




November 9, 1853

p. 713. Thomas Alexander’s estate. He died intestate leaving a widow, Rachel and the following children, who are the only heirs at law: Joseph Alexander, who has removed from this state to Texas there to reside; Elizabeth Alexander, John Alexander, Sarah Freeman, wife of Boswell Freeman, Rebecca Poe, wife of Stephen C. Poe (Stephen Calvin Poe), Andrew J. Alexander, Dennis Alexander, Martha Alexander and James Alexander (the petitioner), all except Joseph reside in Tuscaloosa co. and are of the age of 21, except Andrew, Dennis and Martha.


June 12, 1854

page 808. Thomas Alexander's estate. James Alexander, administrator.

Heirs: Rachel Alexander, the widow $1604.68

Joseph Alexander             713.19

Eliza Alexander 713.19

John Alexander                                                713.19

Sarah, wife of Boswell Freeman                 713.19

Rebecca, wife of Stephen C. Poe                              713.19

Andrew J. Alexander                                       713.19

Dennis Alexander (minor)                                             713.19

Martha Alexander (minor)                                              713.19


NOTE: Information from resident of Arkansas from Saline / Grant County. Joe K. Poe, Jr, father was Joe K. Poe, grandfather was Stephen Wyatt Poe died 1939 buried Corinth Cemetery, Grant Co. Arkansas. Great grandfather was ”Calvin Poe” who marred Rebecca. (Personal knowledge. The “K” stands for Kennon. Stephen Calvin Poe and Rebecca Alexander had son, Joseph Alexander Poe (1853-1919 Arkansas). He married Mary A. Page (1860 Grant Co. AR -1924 AR). Children: Levi Poe b. 1885; Jake Poe b. 1892, Luther Poe b. 1894; Walter Poe b. 1898; Claude Poe b. 1900


Other Note I have: Grant County, Arkansas Stephen Calvin Poe (5 September 1826 – 20 July 1873 Corinth Cemetery, Grant Co. AR) wife Rebecca may be a Stephens 23 October 1826 – 27 September 1900). Children: Stephen W. Poe (2 January 1864 – 23 February 1939) married Margaret C. Poe Puckett; W. R. Poe, O. B. Poe; William Poe, James T. Poe (b.1852); Joseph A. Poe (1853 – 1918 Corinth Cemetery, Grant Co. AR) married Mary Alexander (1860-1924); Gadsey E. Poe b. 1857; Rachel M. Poe (b. 12 January 1860)


Deed Book 3

Page 262

29 April 1855

R. H. Poe and wife Nancy L. to R. S. Fears


Deed Book 2

Page 340

18 August 1854

Phillip P. Comerford (or is it Lunsford?) and wife Sarah Proctor Comerford to William T. Poe land 16-21-10W


Alabama Records ---- Volume II. Compiled by Kathleen Paul Jones and Pauline Johns Gandrud


September 4, 1854.

Thomas Alexander's estate. James Alexander, administrator. The widow, Mrs. Rachel Alexander separate estate derived, from Joseph Pryor's, her father's estate. $1438.02 and nett proceeds of Tomas Alexander's estate $23.42. Total: $9461.44

The widow gets one-fifth and her separate estate. 9 heirs, each share being $841.01

1. James Alexander

2. Joseph Alexander

3. Boswell Freeman and wife

4. Stephen C. Poe and wife

5. John Alexander

6. Eliza Alexander

7. Andrew J. Alexander

8. Dennis D. Alexander

9. Martha Alexander



September 30, 1854

page 59. John Willingham's estate. Bradford Willingham, administrator. There are 8 distributees, each share being $11.33 3/4

1. George W. Roberts and wife Rosanna

2. John J. and Eliza Richards

3. Nancy wife of ----- Reynolds

4. C.W. Slaughter and to Susan Slaughter

5. Daniel Cook and wife Elizabeth

6. John Caraway and wife Arabella

7. Bradford Willingham retains for himself

8. Heirs of Mary Poe, now deceased, to-wit:

James Poe

Boling G. Harrington and wife Lucy (also seen as Bolen Green)

William Poe

Frances Holmes

Martha Poe


The amounts coming to William and Martha Poe will be paid to their guardian, Calvin Poe.


Nancy Willingham's estate. Lists the same heirs as the above estate.


NOTE: 29 October 1829

John Poe and wife Sarah to Archibald Caraway

(presumably John Poe and Sarah Threet)



Tuscaloosa Co, Alabama

Hasting B. Poe and Archibald D. Caraway
Excerpts from Joseph Boggan Berry Bible Record - Rankin Co., Ms
Joseph Boggan m. 19 Aug 1813 Sarah Caraway d/o Archibald & Elizabeth Taylor Caraway Anson Co, N.C
Archibald Caraway m. 3 Jan 1793 Elizabeth Taylor d/o Rev. William Taylor of N.C. 
Joseph Boggan            b. 23 Feb 1794  N. C. 
Sarah Caraway Boggan     b. 29 Oct 1797  N. C. 
Archibald Caraway        b. 19 Feb 1766 
Elizabeth Taylor Caraway b. 1 Sept 1777
Archibald Caraway        d. 18 Sept 1835 Anson Co, N. C. 
   Buried in Caraway graveyard 5 miles west of Wadesboro, Anson Co, N.C. 
Elizabeth Taylor Caraway d. 8 Feb 1821 Anson Co, N.C.
   Buried in Caraway graveyard Anson Co, N.C.
Joseph Boggan            d. 5 Aug 1862. Buried in Simpson Co, Ms. 
Sarah Caraway Boggan     d. 16 July 1872. 
See Arch Carraway family at




November 26, 1855

p. 260. Elizabeth Davis estate. 10 original distributes, share of each being 199.85. Beverly Willingham, adm’r. Heirs


1. Caleb Willingham

2. Isaac Willingham

3. William Willingham

4. Judea Gaither

5. George Willingham


6. Heirs of John Willingham, to-wit (each $24.97)

Calvin Poe children

John Caraway

George A. Robertson

J. J. Richards

C. M. Slaughter

Daniel Cook

Bradford Willingham

Nancy Freeman


7. Heirs of Thomas Willingham, to-wit ($49.95 each)

Willis Davis

Elihu Willingham

Eli Willingham

William Willingham


8. Heirs of Fanny Roberts, deceased, to wit ($49.95 each)

Caleb H. Roberts

Rebecca Jennings’ children

Bradford Smith

Nancy Chamness (?) ‘s children


9. Heirs of Martha Griffin, deceased, to wit ($28.54 each)

C. B. Willingham

Richard Davis

William K. Cole

Thomas J. Griffin

William Griffin

Ira Griffin

Elizabeth Griffin


10. Beverly Willingham, adm’r, retain his share $199.83

November 26, 1855


C.S. A 41st Alabama Infantry Company A

Privates (listed in order and together)


John T. Poe age 27

Stephen N. Poe age 24

William J. Poe age 19


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