The image without frame

John Poe (1785 - 1859)       

Sarah Threet (1794 - 1861)



The original was composed of charcoal on paperboard 16 x 20 inches. It was displayed in an oak frame with painted plaster molding. In the early 1990s the paperboard crumbled into dust. Luckily, professional negatives were made in 1986. This digital image is a scan of a print from an inexpensive camera taken of the original in fame that had a glass pane.


The original of this image hung in the Benton, Arkansas home of Sarah Alma Poe Walton (1883-1969), daughter of William Elkin Poe (1852-1929), son of William Threet Poe. In the 1940s, Flora Annabelle Halley Poe, married to William Eugene Poe, nephew of Alma Poe Walton, was visiting with her father-in-law, Alma's brother Samuel Arthur Poe. Alma gave the pictures to them. Samuel Arthur Poe died in 1947. Flora recalled that they were described as images of "grandparents" of Samuel Arthur and Sarah Alma.