William Bradley Poe

and son, Walter Poe

Probably from around 1900

John Poe and Sarah Threet > John W. Poe (1823 - 1869) and Louisa Nall  (b.1828)

> William Bradley Poe (1848-1906) and second wife, Sophronia Worthen, (b. 1859) married in 1879

(Note, these identifications are based solely on the inscription on the photo and the known facts about this family)

W. B. Poe, along with nephew, A. B. Poe, Sr (and perhaps others), was a founder of Poe Shoes on Main Street in Little Rock, Arkansas, a company that flourished early in the 20th century.

The Image is from the collection of Sheryl Jenkins (Mrs. Don Bansfield, Jr) daughter of Edward F. Jenkins. She informs that the connection would have been through Edward Jenkins' grandfather - Peter McGeough - with whom he lived. Peter McGeough was a well-known and respected traveling shoe salesman, especially known throughout the South.





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