Samuel Roland Cobb


 Died: 23 May 1924

From a Post to the Cobb-L listserv dated January 23, 2003


Samuel Roland Cobb was the son of Warren David Cobb and Martha Henslee. Samuel and his seven siblings were orphaned in 1857, after the family had to moved to AR from GA. They were divided up between relatives and Samuel was raised by his mother's family.

Warren David Cobb was the son of Rowland Ballard Cobb and Mary Ann Evans. Rowland was the son of Rev. John S. Cobb and wife Frankie Smith, of Pickens Dist, SC.

You can find the complete pedigree here... "Cobb and Cobbs"... .

My info on Samuel R's family and descendants is not complete, and I do have a question or two about his children, but you can still at least get the jest of it at the website.

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