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John Poe

(1785 Anson County, North Carolina - September 10, 1859 Saline County Arkansas)

Birth date as stated on replaced tombstone (presumably stated on the original. According to census records, he may have been born earlier)

 Buried at Poe Cemetery, near Sheridan, Grant County, Arkansas (Grant was formerly part of Saline County)


Images of the 1859 will


Wife: Sarah Threet (born 1795 probably South Carolina on border of North Carolina along the Pee Dee River - 1861 Poe Cemetery, near Sheridan, Grant County, Arkansas


John and Sarah likely married in Anson County, North Carolina

Sarah's exact heritage has been difficult to ascertain. She is clearly related to the Threets listed on this page. The name Threet appears in Arkansas near John and Sarah's residence in Saline (now Grant) County. Variant spellings include Thweat, Threat ant Threatt.


There were Threets in SC in 1800 and 1810. Pretty sure John Poe met Sarah Threet along the Peedee River, Gum Springs Branch, Lane’s Creek. Anson Country NC borders the Peedee River section of SC.


Waterways in what is now Union County, North Carolina


Census records:

1820 Anson County, NC

Evin Threat, 62

Nancy Threat, 62


1830 Anson County, NC

Evans Threat


1840 Anson County, NC

Frederick Threatt 60

Sarah Threatt 79

Thomas Threatt 80


Tuscaloosa County, Alabama

1830 Census


John Poe

1 male under 5 (Oliver Perry Poe b. 1826)

1 male 5/10 (John W. Poe b. 1823)

1 male 10/15 (Thomas Poe b. 1819)

1 male 50/60 (John Poe b. 1785. The birth date is according to tombstone. This census makes a case he was born earlier).


Males not listed: William Threet Poe b. 1817

                              Alfred Poe b. 1831


1 female under 5 (Serepta Poe b. 1830)

1 female 5/10 (Mary Jane Poe b. 1827)

1 female 10/15 (Sarah E. Poe b. 1819

1 female 15/20 (Elizabeth Poe b. 1816)

1 female 40/50 (Sarah Threet b. 1795)


Slaves of John Poe and his sons


Evidence indicating that John Poe was a son of James Poe


The 1790 census for Chatham County (from which Anson County was formed), shows the presence of a male under sixteen. John Poe would have been five years old. There were three females and a wife. No other James Poe appears in the 1790 census who could be James Poe, the son mentioned in the will of Simon Poe, Sr three years later. The will indicates that the son, James, had already received his share of the estate.


James Poe was in Anson County, North Carolina by 1790, when he deeded land to brother-in-law Robert Thompson.


Deed recorded in Chatham County

4 February 1790      Image of this Deed

D-639 This indenture made this Eight day of February in the year of Our Lord on Thousand Seven hundred and Ninety Between James Poe of the

County of (crossed out Chatham) Anson of State of North Carolina of the one part and Robert Thompson of the County of Chatham



The only Poe families listed in Anson County in the 1820 census are James Poe, John Poe and Simon Poe. This John Poe and Simon Poe are almost certainly sons of James Poe.


Anson County records


Anson County Deeds

Typ Deed

Ref S-69

Dat 11 Apr 1804

Rec April 1818

Frm John Hough, Chesterfield Precinct SC

To William Chester

Con $100

Re 100 acres on Lanes Creek granted Joseph Stewart 9 Mar 1799

Wit William Ross, David Wallace

Adj James Poe, Page

loc 7296 -17520 F127 L0 P255

pt Spanish oak James Poe's crnr

ln N22E; 15c75l; with Poe's line

pt his crnr red oak

ln N40W; 10c; with his other line

pt stale 3 blk jacks ptrs

ln N50E; 15c;

pt red oak

ln S67E; 16c50l;

pt stake in Page's line

ln S35E; 17c50l;

pt stake among 3 red oaks

ln S50W; 54c;

pt James Poe's line

ln ;; with Poe's line to beg



Anson County Deeds

Typ Deed

Ref S-214

Dat 2 Oct 1818

Rec Oct 1818

Frm William Ross

To Even Threatt

Con $200

Re 100 acres on waters Lanes Creek; Joel Renfrow's widow Sary's part; incl plantation where Ross now lives

Wit John Poe, Julius Holley

Adj Jesse Hasty, Michael Costley, William Ross's new entry

loc 8320 -15616 F127 L0 P255


ln ;; Jesse Hasty

ln ;; Michael Costley's heirs

ln ;; Ross's new entry


Typ Deed

Ref S-192

Dat 2 Oct 1818

Rec Oct 1818

Frm Stephen Hasty

To Evan Threat

Con $5.00

Re his claim to Sary Renfrow's dower rights to 100 acres where William Ross lives

Wit John Poe, Julius Holly

loc 1136 -320 F127 L0 P255


1800 Census


NOTE: 1783 Chatham Co. Pg. 51A

A Deed from Benjamin Watts and Wife to James Poe, Jr. proved by the Oath of John Berry, Jr..


The James Poe, JR in the deed above had to be born prior to 1762. HOWEVER, the James Poe JR in this 1800 census is at most 26 years old  (or born c. 1773) according to the notations. 


The James Poe SR in this 1800 record seems to be Maj. James Poe. But the James Poe, JR is too young to be the same one as in the record from 1783. However, it does fit pretty well with the age of James Poe, orphan son of Stephen Poe, brother of Major James Poe.


16 February 1778 William Howard, “gaudn” of James Poe orphan of Stephen Poe decd, enters 450 ac; border: Berry’s line on Haw R., runs up the river to the mouth of Brooks Cr, up the “break” opposite James Herndon’s line, up his line W to Poe’s line, along Poe’s line to Berry’s line & along Berry’s line to the beginning; James William caveated; proceedings returned to May Court; discontinued by “ J W” ; warrant issued to “W H” Jul. 25.



These are adjacent, James Powe, SR then James Poe JR


James Powe, Sr

1 male under 10

1 male under 10

1 male 10-15                        

1 male over 45   

1 female under 10

1 female 10-15

1 female over 45


James Powe, Jr 

1 male under 10

1 male under 10

1 male 16-26 – this census record may identify James Poe, orphan of Capt. Stephen Poe (d. 1773) . Note in the 1820 census, the only James Poe listed still is not over 26, but has a woman in the household over 45. The Melton family was close to my John Poe (1785-1859) family. His son, William Threet Poe traveled from Arkansas to Alabama in 1775 to marry as this third wife, Mary H. Melton, daughter of Elihu Melton. All we can do is base our charts on the preponderance of evidence.


1 female 16-26


Wiat Powe                                                                       

1 male 26-44

1 female 16-25


James McMillan




1810 Census (Where is Wiatt????)


Note McMillan (McMillion) are neighbors and there were several marriages with Poe.

Alabama Records ---- Volume II. Compiled by Kathleen Paul Jones and Pauline Johns Gandrud


Hardy Harten, of Anson County, N.C. dated 19 Sept. 1838 – codicil dated 21 Sept. 1838 – probated Apr. Session 1839. Book 1 p. 129. Wife (not named); daughter Sally Holly; son John; Green Harten; Littleton Harten at his mother’s death; daughter Mary Janes; dau Martha Poe; son Hardy W. Harton; Elizabeth A. Harten at her grandmother’s death, to be kept by John Harten; grandson, the son of my son James Harten, namely James H. Harten. Wit: Thomas L. Marsh, Obed. H. Sinclair, Robert L. Connell


NOTE: Martha Poe was as daughter of Simon B. Poe, who I believed to be a son Simon Poe b. 1782


James Poe

1 male 16-25 --- (my John Poe was born in 1785. This fits exactly.)

1 male over 44

1 female 16-25

1 female over 44


James Poe – still looks like the James Poe, orphan of Stephen Poe. Family lore does state that Stephen’s sons went to Alabama with his brother James Poe’s family.

4 males under 10

1 male 26-44

1 female under 10

1 female 10-16

1 female 26-44


Thomas Powe

1 male 16-25

1 female under 10

1 female 16-25

Note: Fits Thomas Poe 1840 Census, Fayette County, Alabama  Free White Male 50-60


Simon Powe      

1 male 16-25

1 male 26-44 – Simon Poe believed to be John Poe and Thomas Poe’s brother was born in 1782

3 female  under 10

1 female 16-25

1 female 26-44

Note: Fits Simon Poe 1840 Census, Fayette County, Alabama  Free White Male 50-60               -- 2 men of this age.



1820 Anson County Census

(Where is Wiatt Poe?

The Thomas Poe family moved to Fayette County, Alabama and then to West Point, White County, Arkansas)



James Poe

1 male under 10                 6 person engaged in Agriculture.

2 males 10-15

2 males 16-17

1 male over 45

1 female under 10

1 female 10-15

1 female over 45



John Poe

3 males under 10                              1 female slave under 15

1 male 10-15                       3 persons engaged in agriculture

1 male 26-44

1 female under 10

1 female 26-44


Simon Poe

2 males 16-25

1 male 26-44

1 males over 44

1 female under 10

2 female 10-15

1 female 16-25

1 female 26-44



William Poe (middle initial or name hard to read. Strange “P” also. Looks lie “L” but it is alphabetically in the P section)

1 male under 10

1 male 26-44

2 female under 10

1 female 18-25



8375. October 3, 1821 John Poe (Anson Co) to William Anderson (same); for $100 sold 100 ac on Gum Log Br waters of Lanes Cr., border: begins at a black oak near the branch. (signed) John Poe, (witness) Simon Poe & William Ross; wit. oath July 1825 by William Ross; book V page 143.



The families moved to Fayette County, Alabama in the early 1820s. Poe cannot be found in Anson Co after the move. The Alabama records can be confusing because at least three distinct (but probably distantly related) Poe families can be found in the same area in the 1820s and 1830s. The first was the George Poe family, who was there by 1814. His son, Stephen Poe moved to Choctaw Co, MS but possibly other sons remained in Fayette County. Also the family of Calvin Poe, who married Mary “Polly” Willingham was there by the 1820s. Calvin is hard to place but his children lived side by side with the James Poe family group.


1830 Fayette County Census (preliminary)


George Poe*            1 male 5/10

                                    4 males 10/15

                                    1 male 50/60

                                    1 female 10/15

                                    1 female 40/50


on same page as Griffin and Willingham (who married with Poe in Fayette Co)


Stephen Poe*  2 males under 5

                                    1 male 5/10

                                    2 male 10/15

1 male 30/40

1 male 40/50

1 female 5/10

1 female 30/40


* This may be the George and Stephen listed in the 1840 Choctaw County, Mississippi census. Birth dates of the Choctaw Stephen’s children indicate the family moved from Alabama about 1832. Note that neither name is listed in the 1840 census for Alabama


John Poe

                                                1 male 5/10

                                                1 male 20/30

                                                3 females under 5

                                                1 females 20/30


Simon Poe

                                                1 males 40/50

                                                1 female 15/20

                                                1 female 50/60 (Margaret McMillan was born in 1783)


1830s Land Grants

John Dowdy received grants for 40, 40, 40, 80, 80, and 80 acres between 1834 and 1839.

Sec 13, Township 18S. Range 11W Original Landholders

Wyatt Poe

Jesse West

Wyatt Poe

Jesse West

Wyatt Poe

John Dowdy

John Dowdy

Morris Gryer

Elijah Carthage

Thomas Rogers

John Poe

John Dowdy

Elijah Carthage

Thomas Rogers

John Poe

John Dowdy