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Poe Family in England Kingdom Government Archives Site  


Here is the result of a few searches I ran on March 4, 2004


United Kingdom Documents Online

Such items as the original Will of Dr. Leonard Poe available for online purchase as PDF file. Chart Speculatively Connecting Us to England


See also Passenger Lists


More Poe records from Nottinghamshire:



6 MB PDF file of the book The Family of Poe by Sir Edmund Bewley published in 1906.

You must have a PDF viewer to read the file.



From records on CD published by the Nottinghamshire Family History Society.

CDs have been made for marriages, baptisms, etc. and are available through their online shop.


Nottinghamshire Burials On CD from the Nottinghamshire Family Historical Society


Anne Poe buried 5 Jan 1680 at Arnold, Nottingham a widow.

Lucy Poe buried 12 Apr 1782 at St Peter, Nottingham

Richard Poe buried 26 Aug 1858 at Newark, Nottinghamshire

Richard Poe buried 7 Oct 1683 at Newark

William Poe buried  26 Aug 1680 at Newark son of Richard

Priscilla Poe  buried 26 Jan 1693 at Newark a widow.



All known Nottinghamshire Baptisms from the seventeenth century


Sarah                         11 July 1654                         Edward / Mary **

Samuel          26 June 1659           Edward / Mary

An                   15 July 1666                         Parents Simon / Ann

Elizabeth       7 Feb 1671                Simon / An.

Sarah                         30 November 1685 Edward. (margin note says Baptised when she was about 14 yrs of age)*

Hannah         7 January 1691        Edward / Hannah

John               20 August 1691        Joseph/Susan (see Sheriffs)

Mary               9 December 1693    Joseph / Susannah

Edwd              12 April 1696            Joseph / Suzannah

Samuel          18 April 1699            Joseph (see Sheriffs)

Jane               12 November 1700 Joseph / Suzannah


** more on Edward Poe


* a researcher in Nottingham examined the original and reported this note


The pages at this link contain similar data compiled by researcher Enid Tanfield from primary sources she examined as a librarian studying her Poe ancestry and trying to find a connection to her Irish Poe line to the Poe family of central England. Recent DNA results show that these are probably unrelated Poe families, however.


Enid passed away January 1, 2006. Over the course of several weeks in 2005 she copied most of her findings and mailed them to me. I have scanned nearly all of the research. This can be downloaded together in a 12MB “ZIP” file at:


Charts for John Poe of Dublin Ireland / Portsmouth England are in the ZIP file. Here are separate links


UK Documents on John Poe of Dublin



Nottinghamshire Marriages from various CD searches by members of the Nottsgen-L list on


MSURNAME  MFIRSTNAME    FSURNAME  FFIRSTNAME    Place (Full)            DATE (English)

HOLMES    Thomas        POE       Sarah         Mansfield St. Peter      12/03/1832

POE       Thomas        SWIFT     Anne          Mansfield St. Peter      07/02/1829

POE       Thomas        GOATBY    Ann           Nottingham St. Mary      09/07/1782

POE       Thomas        CASHAR    Ann           Mansfield St. Peter      26/08/1780

NEEDS     Joseph        POE       Melicent      Mansfield St. Peter      03/05/1757

WEBSTER   William       POE       Hannah        Mansfield St. Peter      29/07/1752

BURTON    John          POE       Mary          Nottingham St. Nicholas     20/07/1750

POE       Samuel        PALETHORPE Catherine    Mansfield St. Peter      13/09/1744

POE       Thomas        REVEL     Dorothy       Tuxford                 25/07/1742

SMITH     Richard       POE       Susanna       Nottingham St. Peter     15/10/1728

HOLME     Thomas        POE       Rebecca       Nottingham St. Peter     02/11/1727

HUTCHINSON John         POE       Frances       Newark St. Mary         09/05/1723

CLAY      Thomas        POE       Mary          Mansfield St. Peter      22/11/1719

POE       Jno.          MOORE     Elizabeth     Mansfield St. Peter      06/01/1719

POE       John          WHITLOCK  Elizabeth     Gedling  All Hallows     03/06/1717

POE       Thomas        LAWSON    Ann           Mansfield St. Peter      29/01/1717

WEST      William       POE       Elizabeth     Wilford                 10/07/1716

SLACK     John          POE       Mary          Mansfield St. Peter      16/05/1714



POE       William       SCOTT     Ann           Mansfield St. Peter      07/06/1711

RYE                 John          POE       Elisabeth     Papplewick              11/02/1693

BEST      William       POE       Catherine     South Muskham           18/07/1686

POE       Anthony       WATSON    Mary          Mansfield St. Peter      08/10/1684

POE       Thomas        WILLIMSON Mary          Mansfield St. Peter      01/10/1676

MARSON    Robt.         POE       Isabell       Nottingham St. Mary      28/03/1654

POE       Edmund        ASHMORE   Sarah         Nottingham St. Mary      18/12/1651

POE       Richard       ALVEY     Anne          Arnold                  15/11/1640

BEWE      John          POE       Isabel        Gedling  All Hallows     21/06/1636

POE       Richard       LAURANCE  Mary          Newark St. Mary         09/06/1631

PEEKE     Miles         POE       Elizabeth     Bingham                 29/04/1630

POE       Simon         COOKE     Issabel       Nottingham St. Nicholas     04/07/1626

HODGSON   Thomas        POE       Mary          Scarrington             01/09/1624

FLINDERS  William       POE       Frances       Lenton                  17/01/1614

POE       Edward        ALLSOPPE  Alice         Gedling  All Hallows     02/05/1613


A soundex search pulled out a total of 246, mainly by the addition of Pew and

Pye, but also including:



MARKHAM       John          P...      Martha        Sneinton St. Stephen     06/07/1687

WARD      Thomas        P...      Anne          Warsop                  24/04/1686

DEEPING   Thomas        P...      Ann           Bole                    10/05/1683

GHEST     John          P         Mary          Ossington               03/05/1678

P...      John          GOLDRING  Ellyner       Tollerton               29/10/1641

ATKINSON  George        P...      Ann           Basford St. Leodegarius     04/11/1610

JOHNSON   Thomas        P...      Eliz.         North Collingham        15/01/1599

P...      Richard       ...       Elizabeth     Mansfield St. Peter      21/11/1596

POWE      Edmund        BELIE     Anne          Gedling  All Hallows     09/02/1595

POOE      Robert        NELSON    Alice         Bunny                   29/01/1588

CARYNGTON John          POWE      Joan          Gedling All Hallows      11/02/1583

POO       Richard       MYTCHELL  Grace         Hoveringham             20/11/1579