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Hook Cemetery, Bracken County, Kentucky


Taken from this site on October 1, 2003


Diana “Hook” Plummer


While researching my Hook family I ran across your Poe family. I recently found the Hook-Poe cemetery in Bracken Co., KY. I live in Lewis Co, about and hour to the east of Bracken Co. My ancestors are John Hook and Hannah Morris. They are buried in this cemetery along with some of their children, some Poes, and some Taylors. I believe one or more of their children married into the Poe family. I documented the tombstones and took pictures of them. The cemetery is in horrible condition. Terribly vandalized. Graves have even been dug up. It is in a secluded area on what used to be Hook property. At one time this property, about 1200 acres, belonged to John and Hannah Hook. They migrated to KY because their parents disapproved of the marriage. I will give you the list of the tombstones I found. Thanks for any help, Diana "Hook" Plummer


Here is the list of the names in the cemetery:

HANNAH HOOK - b. Jan 1, 1767 d. Apr 14, 1838
JOHN HOOK - b. July 1, 1766 d. Jan 19, 1850
SAMUEL HOOK - b. May 16, 1801 d. Sept 8, 1829
STEPHEN HOOK - b. May 12, 1806 d. Jan 21, 1871 "He is not dead but sleepeth" T. McCan
LITTLE EDITH - b. Jan 8, 1822 d. Jan 16, 1825 daughter of W.J. AND M. HOOK
HANNAH - wife of S. Taylor - b. July 17, 1799 d. Aug 19, 1856
FRANCES DAY - b. Sept 20, 1819 d. Dec 14, ???? (tombstone broken on date)
????? Half of a stone - d. Feb 20, 1850
SAMUEL E. - son of Samuel J. and M. Poe* - b. Nov 8, 1841 d. Oct 27, 1862 - "Remember youth as you pass by, As you are now so once was I, As I am now so you must be, (Depart ?) for death and follow me" W. Adams, Wheeling


* Mary Hook?

SAMUEL POE - b. Oct 19, 1786 d. Feb 3, 1865, 78 yrs 3 mos 14 ds
SARAH - DAU OF S. AND H. TAYLOR - b. Nov 30, 1831/34 (number was altered, could be a 1 made to look like a 4) d. July 8 or 9 (couldn't read, broken tombstone) 1851
SOLOMON TAYLOR - b. Oct 1795 d. Sept 14, 1855 (this last 5 may not be correct, hard to read)
SAMUEL S. POE - b. Oct 19, 1840 d. Dec 14, 1868 - "How sleep the brave, Who sink to rest, By all their country's wishes best"
JOHN TAYLOR - b. Aug 29, 1819 d. Aug 9, 1872 - Aged 52 yr 11 mos 10 ds - G. R. Jacobs, Charleston, WV

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