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Poe Family in Kentucky


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Jefferson County, Virginia (later Kentucky) was formed from Kentucky County, Virginia. One of the first three counties of Kentucky (with Lincoln and Fayette Counties), it was created on 30 Jun 1780


1820 Census: John Poe

                                                                        1840 Census: John Poe

                                                                                    1850 Census: John Poe

Jefferson county was formed in 1780



Fayette County, Virginia (later Kentucky) was formed from Kentucky County, Virginia. One of the first three counties of Kentucky (with Lincoln and Jefferson Counties), it was created on 30 Jun 1780. Page 310. Most records for before 31 Jan 1803 were destroyed by fire. A second fire on 14 May 1897 also destroyed some early records.


1790 Census (6/13/1789): Benjamin Poe, John Poe

Fayette county was formed in 1780.


From Kentucky Land records found on


Poe, James








Survey Date:






S Fk Licking R




1810 Census



Owen County, Kentucky was formed from Franklin, Gallatin, Pendleton, and Scott Counties. It was created on 6 Feb 1819

1840 Census: Samuel Poe*, Benjamin Poe*, Hedgeman Poe**

                                                                        1850 Census: Benjamin Poe (twice), Samuel Poe,

Owen county was formed in 1819


* Amherst County, Virginia


Virginia Census 1785

Amherst County   white souls            dwellings              

Poe,  Benjamin    6                              1                             

Poe, John              2

Poe, Virgil             4


Amherst County, Virginia (see 1792 map)

The Deeds of Amherst County, Virginia 1761-1807 and Albemarle County, Virginia 1748-1763

1792 - 1796

21 January 1792 etc. etc. land to William Coffey, lines of Samuel Poe  on bank of S. Fork of Stoney


** Note the name Hedgman



Federal land series : a calendar of archival materials on the land patents issued by the United States Government with subject, tract, and name indexes / Clifford Neal Smith.


Smith, Clifford Neal


Chicago : American Library Association, 1972- .


Thia book contains land warrants with the name of the counties and amounts of land received by the soldiers fighting for Va. The land for Va. was in the Va. Military district in Ohio. In volume 4 part 2.

Virgil Poe

Hedgman Triplett

William Poe

They were in Hardin and Marion Counties in Ohio.




Bourbon County, Virginia (later Kentucky) was formed from Fayette County, Virginia. The 5th to be formed was created on 1 May 1785. Some records were lost in a fire on 8 May 1872


1850 Census: A. F. Poe


Bourbon county was formed in 1786




Mason County, Virginia (later Kentucky) was formed from Bourbon County, Virginia. It was the 8th county to be formed.


Branch of the family from Pennsylvania (see also counties formed from Bourbon)

            1810 Census: Brittain Poe*, Patrick Poe**

                                                                                    1820 Census: Patrick Poe, Thomas Poe, John Poe

                                                                                    1830 Census: Brittain Poe, Joseph Poe, Patrick Poe, Thomas Poe, Jesse Poe, John Poe

                                                                                    1840 Census: Britton Poe,  Edward Poe*, Thomas Poe, Thomas Poe, Joseph Poe,

 Patrick Poe

                                                                                   1850 Census: Edward Poe, Ezekiel Poe, Britton Poe, Enos Poe, Joseph Poe, William Poe

                                                                                                             Thomas Poe, Thomas Poe, Jr.,

Mason county was formed in 1789


Thomas Poe b. 1811 married to Martha Duff McNeill Bible Page


John William Poe b. 1850 Mason County, KY and d. 1923). He was present at the death of Billy the Kid, settled Roswell, New Mexico.


See Britton/Brittain Genealogy


* DAR records: Edward Poe (Born Ireland 1732-1816 Kentucky) m. (1) Martha Brittain, (2) Catharine. He was a Sergeant from Virginia.  See: “Our Pioneer Ancestors: The Day and Hendrix(cks) Families with Poe and Allied Lines Book II” by Ruth Hendricks DeVerter

***DAR records: Patrick Poe b. 1758 Pennsylvania - d.1849 Kentucky. A private in the War.

  So is this group from Ireland or from Pennsylvania, or both?


See site on Thomas Poe 


Our Pioneer Ancestors: The Day and Hendrix (cks) Families with Poe and Allied Lines Book II Ruth Hendricks DeVerter. 1963

Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Bracken and Mason Counties, Kentucky. Wayne and Hendricks Counties, Indiana



Abigail Poe, born 4/16/1760, was the 4th child of Edward and Martha Brittain Poe. Her maternal grandparents were John and Elizatbeth Stilwell Brittain of Shewsbury, Monmouth, Co., New Jersey. John Brittain was born 1695 - died 1705. Her paternal grandparents were Prtrick and Abigail Day Poe of Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Abigail Day was the daughter of Christopher Day.


On August 1, 1776 Abigail Poe married John Day, son of Mathew Day, who was the son of Christopher Day. This of course, is where our Poe and Day lines cross. Abigail Poe was the great grand daughter of Christopher Day. John Day was the grandson Christopher Day. So Abigail Poe and John Day were 1st cousins, once removed.


Abigail Poe's father, Edward Poe, had served bravely during the Revolution. After living in Maryland for some time, he moved to Bracken County, Kentucky. John Day had also lived in Maryland and moved to Clermont County, Ohio about 1802. I have no record of where John Day married Abigail Poe, but it was in Maryland, undoubtedly, as it is thought that Mathew Day, John's father, after living in Fawn Twp., Shewsbury, York County, Pennsylvania, either moved over into Maryland and died there or that portion of York County, Pennsylvania became Baltimore County, Maryland. The two families, no doubt were well acquainted, and in those early times it was not at all usual for cousins to marry cousins.


.... continue with the family of Edward Poe. His 1st wife Martha Brittain having died in 1770, he married 2nd, Catherine _____, whose surname we do not have.


By Catherine, Edward had two known children, viz: Martha and Samuel, mentioned in his will.


page 548


Samuel Poe (10/16/1786 - 2/3/1865 married (1) Mary "Polly" Hook (3/27/1785 - 6/9/1846) They married 3/7/1807 (Recorded in Bracken County, Kentucky). Samuel was born in Baltimore County, Maryland and came to Kentucky with his parents at 10 years of age.


Nicholas County, Kentucky was formed from Bourbon and Mason Counties. It was created in 1799



1820 Census: Edmund Poe

Nicholas county was formed in 1800


Kentucky Marriages to 1850 

Nicholas County


Panley, Jeremiah

Poe, Esther Marriage Date: 28 May 1812


Forsythe, Polly

Poe, Edward Marriage Date: 10 Aug 1815




Bracken County, Kentucky was formed from Campbell and Mason Counties. Some records were lost in a fire on 20 Apr 1848.


      This family is from Bucks County, Pennsylvania

1810 Census: Samuel Poe, John Poe

                                                                                    1830 Census: Samuel Poe, A. Poe, Joseph Poe

                                                                                    1840 Census: Joseph Poe, Thomas Poe*,R. M. Poe

                                                                                    1850 Census: Samuel Poe, Richard Poe, Samuel Poe (listed 2 more times),

 Andrew J. Poe, David Poe, Amos Poe. George Poe, Joseph Poe,

 Thomas Poe, John Poe

Bracken county was formed in 1797


* See site on Thomas Poe

These families appear to be related to the Mason County families.

From Pearson database of Melissa Pearson

December 31, 2002

Ancestor of the Poes of Southern Ohio and Northern Kentucky. [Edward POE 1732 in Plumstead Twp, Buck's, Pennsylvania, 8 APR 1816 in Bracken, Kentucky]  Served as a private in the American Revolution, 8th Virginia Regiment Sgt. , 3rd and 4th Reg., 4th, 8th, and 12th, Va. Regt, served under Joseph Mitchell. He fought against the British in NJ and Pa. Was wounded in the War. After 1783 settled in Baltimore. Left Buck's Co. in Abt.. 1770 and relocated in the Shenandoah Valley of Va., precise location unknown. His wife Martha died there shortly before the American Revolution. He did not remarry until after the War. Paid Romney, (now WV) for services in the War, settled for 10 years in MD and owned land there. Sold the land in 1803 for 301 Pounds. joined the Philip Bruckner Colony moving to Ky from Va. Listed 1799 in Brackens Co, Ky . Farmed at Ridetop in Ky, South of Augusta and NE of Germantown, Ky. He is buried in Sharon Cemetery near the ferry landing on the Ky Side.


Hook cemetery notations posted on the web


Kentucky Marriages to 1850 

Bracken County


Poe, Elizabeth

Shedrick, Nicholas Marriage Date: 10 Jan 1801


Poe, Edward

Sanders, Ann Marriage Date: 26 Apr 1804


Hook, Polly

Poe, Samuel Marriage Date: 30 Aug 1807


Lucas, Ann

Poe, Absolom Marriage Date: 08 Dec 1822


Bracken County 1860 Federal Census

DNA project member descends from Charles A. Poe, born 1860


Name: Charles A Poe

Age in 1860: 3.12 

Birth Year: abt 1860 

Birthplace: Kentucky 

Home in 1860: District 1, Bracken, Kentucky

Gender: Male 

Post Office: Brooksville

Household Members: Name Age

Thomas Poe            46  states place of birth as OHIO very clearly. The 1850 census states place of birth as KY.

Sophia Poe              45 

Benjamin Poe         23 

Frank Poe                 22 

Henry Poe                20 

Zerelda Poe                         18 

Emily Poe                 17 

Jas W Poe                15 

Alice A Poe                 6 

William R Poe            4 

Sylvester Poe            2 

Charles A Poe           3.12 

Orvel S Cart             21 




Kentucky Marriages to 1850 

Mason County


Hurst, John

Poe, Patty


Poe, Mary

Pyle, John Marriage Date: 21 Apr 1798


Mcarthur, Alley

Poe, Brittain Marriage Date: 19 Feb 1809


Latham, Sarah

Poe, Thomas Marriage Date: 29 Mar 1814


Friend, Sally

Poe, John Marriage Date: 04 Aug 1817


Frazee, Polly

Poe, Jesse Marriage Date: 02 Apr 1821


Adamson, William

Poe, Sarah Marriage Date: 06 Nov 1821



Campbell County, Kentucky was formed from Harrison, Mason, and Scott Counties. It was created on 17 Dec 1794. Courthouse records may be in two different locations depending on the location of the county seat at the time. Both Newport (present county seat) and Alexandria should be searched, and there may be some overlap.


                                                                        1850 Census: Jordan Poe

Campbell county was formed in 1795


Fleming County, Kentucky was formed from Mason County. It was created in 1798


1830 Census: Humphrey Poe

                                                                                    1850 Census: Hannah Poe

Fleming county was formed in 1798



Floyd County, Kentucky was formed from Fleming, Mason and Montgomery Counties. It was created on 13 Dec 1799. Some records were destroyed by fire in Apr 1808.


1830 Census: James Poe*

                                                                                    1840 Census: Edward Poe*

                                                                                    1850 Census: John Poe, Hugh Poe, Menda Poe, Nancy Poe

Floyd county was formed in 1800


* Note this posting on the Poe-L listserv. This family appears to have come from the Cumberland Gap area of Tennessee (Claiborne County)

James Poe b. abt. 1770 in Powell Valley, TN, m. Sarah


Edward Poe b. 12-32-1818, m. Agnes Marshall 12-01-1832, d. 08-13-????.

James Poe

Samuel Poe

Nancy Poe

Hugh Poe

Mary Elizabeth Poe

Elizabeth Poe

Meredith Poe

John Poe

Sarah Poe

Agnes Ellen Poe

Lauisa Poe

Floridy Poe


Lawrence County, Kentucky was formed from Floyd and Greenup Counties. It was created on 14 Dec 1821. Carter County was formed from Lawrence and Greenup Counties in 1838



1850 Census: Samuel Poe, James Poe, Edmond Poe*

Lawrence county was formed in 1822


*Wilkes County, NC

Land Entries

        1795    Linsey* Poe enters 100 ac in Wilkes Co on some of the waters of Big Elking R.
        1795    William Poe enters 50 ac in Wilkes Co. on water of Big Elking R.
        1795    John Poe enters 50 acres in Wilkes Co. on aters of Big Elking R. border a conditional line between James Goudes and myself and runs S.
        1799    William Lenoir 100 ac .........border Henry Poe.
        1799    Henry Poe 300 acres 300 acres Praters Creek
        1799    Henery Poe 200 ac no fork of Elk Creek
        1799    Edmon Poe 100 ac Praters Creek


* from Sam Sloan's Family Tree

Edmond POE. Edmond married Nancy TRIPLETT.

Nancy TRIPLETT [Parents] was born in 1789 in Culpeper Co., Virginia. She died on 24 Jul 1874 in Franklin Co., Kentucky. She married Edmond POE.

Other marriages: LONG, Gabriel


Kentucky Marriages, 1851-1900 

Lawrence County



  Spouse: SCEANES, MARGARET Marriage Date: 1 Dec 1859



  Spouse: FOSTER, LOUANNA Marriage Date: 29 Dec 1859






  Spouse: HENSON, MARY Marriage Date: 7 Sep 1866



  Spouse: BARNARD, MARGARET Marriage Date: 3 May 1874


Scott County, Kentucky was formed from Woodford* County. The 11th county to be formed was created on 1 Jun 1792. Many records were destroyed on 9 Aug 1837 and again in 1876.


1840 Census: Brown Poe, John Poe*

Scott county was formed in 1792


*Woodford County, Virginia (became West Virginia and some went to Kentucky. (See 1791 map)

Miscellaneous Virginia Records


Certificate Book of the Virginia Land Company 1779-1780

26 October 1791 Petition of inhabitants of Woodford County to build a courthouse. John Poe list as petitioner.




Franklin County, Kentucky was formed from Mercer and Shelby Counties. It was created on 7 Dec 1794.


      1800 Census: Benjamin Poe,** John Poe**, Virgil Poe**

1810 Census: Edmund Poe**, John Poe*

                                                                                    1820 Census: John Poe**, Edward Poe, Virgil Poe**  (Note the Edward Poe in 1820 Clermont, Ohio)

                                                                                    1830 Census: Virgil Poe, Edmund Poe,  John Poe*

                                                                                    1850 Census: John Poe*, Edmond Poe, Hegeman Poe, William Poe***

Franklin county was formed in 1795.


* Note I wrote down from Marguerite Wright Ang of New Albany, IN. Edmund Poe b. 1769? VA (father John Poe?) d. 1860? KY. m. 1804? KY spouse: Nancy Triplett.  --- A descendant of Edmund Poe is a participant in the Poe DNA project (see Mason Poe on this page:  Poe DNA Project

  Also: Franklin County, KY 1850 Census lists Edmund Poe b. 1772 VA (aged 77), wife Nancy b. 1796 VA (aged 58) children Patsy (18) KY, Edmond (12) KY and Susan Brooks (5) KY. This family is adjacent to the family of John Poe (40) KY and wife Francis (42) KY; Hedgeman Poe (37) KY no wife; William Poe (27) KY wife Nancy (27) KY one of sons is Hedgman (3) KY


** There can be little doubht that these are the same men found in Amherst County, Virginia in 1785. They appeared that year and so, were not long in Amherst County. Since Virgil Poe enlisted from Spotsylvania County, VA, and is not the brother of John Poe, but grew up near he and brother Jesse, it would seem these men are related to Benjamin Poe and/or Marsom Poe who can be found in Spotsylvania County during the 18th century. Benjamin and Marson were probably sons of Samuel Poe of Essex County (d.1725).

DNA tests of a decendant of Edmund Poe indicate a recent common male ancestor with descendants of Simon Poe, SR (d. 1793) making it nearly certain that this Franklin County, KY Poe family stems from Essex County, VA and probably Samuel Poe who died in 1725. see


Virginia Census 1785

Amherst County   white souls            dwellings               other building

Poe,  Benjamin    6                              1                             

Poe, John              2

Poe, Virgil             4


*** Not confirmed this is the same William. From email communication: William POE b) about 1824 (parents not known) married Nancy E. WISE b) about 1828

Daughter: Lucinda Mary POE b) 28 January 1850 at Peaks Mill, Franklin Co. KY.  She died 11 January 1935 in either Franklin or Owen Co. KY.

Lucinda married Joseph Ellis DEARINGER (DERRINGER) 15 May 1867 and they had 7 known children.


Mary Jane Franks

Certificate # 34654

White, Female

Born:  January 7, 1847, Franklin County, Kentucky

Age:  69 years, 11 months, 22 days

Occupation:  no entry

Date and place of death:  December 22, 1917, Scott County, Kentucky

Cause of death: Pulmonary tuberculosis

Contributing to death:  no entry

Interval between onset and death: no entry

Attending physician:  L. R. Heath, M.D.

Father's name:  Hedgemon Poe

Mother's maiden name:  Amanda Wise

Informant: H. P True, Stamping Ground, Kentucky

Buried: December 26, 1917, Georgetown, Kentucky

Funeral director:  McMeekin & Ashurst, Georgetown, Kentucky


Submitted by: Beulah Wiley Franks


See: Virgil Poe Pension File


Virginia / West Virginia Genealogical Data from Revolutionary War Pension and Bounty Land Warrant Records. Volumes 4 & 5 Compiled by Patrick G. Wardell, Lt. Col., U.S. Army Retired. 1996 Abbreviations: ae: age, aec: age about, AFF: affidavit, afp: applied for pension, BLW : bounty land warrant; ch: child, children, dd: died, esf: entered service from father; w: wife; mbnn: mentioned but not named, mvd: moved, PN: pension, res: resident, residence, RW: revolutionary war, wid: widow.

Poe, Virgil, esf Spotsylvania Co. VA, in 2nd VA Regiment; PN 1811 for disability from hip wound at Battle of Germantown; PN ae 62 Franklin Co, KY, 1820, occupation farmer, when only family was w. F-S35565 R1945



Virginia Soldiers of 1776. Compiled from Documents on File in the Virginia Land Office. Together with Material found in the Archives Department of the Virginia State Library, and other Reliable Sources. Compiled and Edited by Louis A. Burgess. Richmond Press, Inc. Richmond, VA 1927



Virginia soldiers of 1776 / compiled and edited by Louis A. Burgess


Burgess, Louis A.


Richmond VA : Richmond Press, 1927-29


3 v. ; 23 cm.


Indexes in vols. 2-3.


Indexes of v. 2-3 ; v .3 POOR CONDITION inquire at desk.


Virginia - Soldiers - Revolution.


 Jesse Poe*, Private

Jesse Poe of Franklin Co., Ken. heir at law of Jesse Poe, appointed Thomas Miller of Richmond, Va. his Atty. 21st July, 1819. Witness, Reuben Smothers. Acknowledged before O. G. Waggener, J. of P.


Council Chamber, June 12, 1821. Advised that the heirs of Jesse Poe be allowed Land Bounty for his services for three years as a Private in the Contl. line. Thos. M. Randolph, Gov.


25 June, 1821. Rec'd. of Register warrant 6460 for 100 acres issued in the name of Jesse Poe, dec'd. Thos. Miller, Atty. Forwarded to Nath'l. Sawyer, Frankfort, Ken. Captain William Taylor, of Louisville, Ken. a Captain in his company, that he enlisted to serve three years, but that he died in the service before the three years had expired. Signed William Taylor, Sr. formerly Captain Second Va. Regt., Late Major of the Ninth Va. Regt. Franklin Co., Tenn.


Virgil Poe, a soldier of Franklin Co., Tenn** declared that he was a soldier in the company of said Capt. William Taylor, and that he knew said Jesse Poe. That Poe marched to the North and died at Blackwater, New Jersey - that he (Virgil Poe) was raised near John Poe -- knew him all his life, and that he is a brother of Jesse Poe. That the latter never married. Sworn to before O. G. Waggener, J. of P. 31st July, 1819.


The claim for L. B. warrant was at first rejected, because not sufficiently authenticated, but was allowed upon this additional evidence, 12 June, 1821. Recorded, Book 3, page 90, Va. L. Off.


* See below Milley Dimsey married Jesse Poe 26 Sep 1810

** I believe this is an error and should be Kentucky. All other records refer to Franklin County, KY


Reported by Maureen M. Faiella

Nancy Poe (1803-1844)

William MCANALLY (1798-1888) Born TN

William McAnally, married Nancy Poe (1803-1844) in Franklin County Kentucky (1823). They migrated to Highland Township, Franklin County, Indiana, where they raised ten children. William was a farmer and took an active interest in his community.

to Madison County, KY in abt 1814

to Frankfort, Franklin County, KY in bef 1823

to Highland Township, Franklin County, IN in abt 1826

to Brookville, Franklin County, IN in aft 1844



Repeat after me : marriage bonds 1795-1810 Franklin County, Kentucky / comp. by Susan Stephens Flint & Ann Holder Lee


Lee, Anne Holder.


Fint, Susan Stephens


Baltimore : Gateway Press, 1983.


138 p. ; 24 cm.


Copy 2, A#73115 : duplicate


Franklin Co., Kentucky - Marriage records


Robert Sacrey and Polly Poe

Robert Sacrey and Edmund Pannell signed the gon June 24, 1802

for the intended marriage of: no date was given


William Poe and Charity Rogers

William Poe and Edmund Pannell signed the bond

7 June 1802

consent was given by : John Rogers, father

Witnessed by: Edmund Pannell


Jesse Poe and Joel Phillips  signed the bond 26 September 1810 for the intended marriage of :

Jesse Poe and Milley Dempsey

No consent was given


Virgil Poe and Robert Sacrey signed the bond 9 April 1807 for the intended marriage of Virgil Poe and Kenrae Jane Taylor

consent was given by: Kenrae Jane Taylor, herself

Witnessed by Robert Sacrey


NOTE: Albemarle Co. Marriages Vols 1-3.

Vogt & Kethley 1991


Vol. 1

John Poe & Sarah Wilson -- 178--; minister Benjamin Burger, no date given [Hudson's Register]

Elizabeth Poe & William Pannel -- 178--; minister Benjamin Burger, no date given [Hudson's register]


Kentucky Marriages to 1850 

Franklin County


Poe, William

Rogers, Charity Marriage Date: 07 Jun 1802


Poe, Polly

Sacra, Robert* Marriage Date: 24 Jun 1802

*(variant is Sacrey),


Poe, Virgil (see above, probably more reliable spelling of Ms Taylor's name)

Taylor, Kesiah Marriage Date:


Dimsey, Milley

Poe, Jesse Marriage Date: 26 Sep 1810


Poe, Catharine

Smothers, Reuben Marriage Date: 28 Dec 1813


Deeringer, Sally

Poe, Barnet Marriage Date: 12 Feb 1822


Mcanally, William

Poe, Nancy Marriage Date: 21 Jan 1823


Danny, Fanny

Poe, John Marriage Date: 18 Apr 1825


Poe, Maria

Roberts, John Marriage Date: 13 Aug 1825



Garrard County, Kentucky was formed from Lincoln, Madison, and Mercer Counties. It was created on 17 Dec 1796


1830 Census: Rice Poe, Elizabeth Poe, William Poe,

Garrard county was formed in 1797


William Powe b. 1758. Revolutionary War Patriot. Entered service from his home in Orange County, Virginia.

Documents pertaining to his service:




Garrard County, Kentucky marriage records / compiled by Billand Kathy Vockery


Vockery, Kathy


Vockery, Bill


Richmond, KY : Garrard County Historical Society, 1989.


v. : map ; 28 cm.


1797-1853 ; 1853-1890




Garrard Co., Kentucky - Marriage records


Milton Berry and Dicy Powe

17 October 1822

Bond: Ephrain Berry*

Consent: William and Jerusha Powe


Benjamin Brown and Polly Poe

March 1800

William Poe, bondsman


John H. Eason and Rebecca Powe

Bond dated 19 August 1817

William Poe, bondsman

returned 23 August 1817


Nathan Lewis and Fanny Silvey

Bond dated 13 June 1815

Bondsman: William Poe

consent by George Silvey (Father)

returned 18 June 1815


Old notes of mine show George William Teetor (Teter) (1739 - 1815) was an Ensign from VA during Revolutionary War and was first married to Sarah Phares 1760 and next to Ester (Hester) Griffith 1796. Child of second wife, Lewis Craig Teetor b 1798 married Sally Poe. The ancestory record below ties this to Garrard Co. I have no more information on this family.



·  Name: Lewis Craig TEATER

·  Sex: M

·  Birth: 1797 in Garrard Co., Lancaster, KY.

Father: John George TETER b: 9 MAR 1738/39 in Augusta Co., VA
Mother: Easther GRIFFITH

Marriage 1 Sally POE

  • Married: 1815

film  #183256 at LOS Genealogy Library, Salt Lake City GARRARD CO. KENTUCKY MARRIAGE BONDS: 

#131   Benjamin BROWN - Polly POE  

            March 19, 1800; Bond: William POE


#876   Joseph POE - Elizabeth CATER

            Oct 27, 1814; Bond: John JOHNSON


#967   Lewis Craig TETER - Sally POWE

            Dec 30, 1819; Bond: Benjamin BROWN


#985   William POWE - Sally HARRIS

            28 Mar 1816; Bond: Joseph POWE         .


#1110 .William POWE - Margaret BROWN

             Oct 30, 1817; Bond: Frederick BROWN

A descendant in the Poe DNA Project reports that this is William Romulus Powe later found in Missouri and then California.

Both the Poe and Brown families moved to Missouri. DNA results indicate is a line out of Dublin Ireland and Portsmouth England.


#1123 John H. EASON - Rebecca POWE

            Dec 11, 1817; Bond: William POWE

            Return: J SHIRLEY, Dee 23, 1817


#1478 Milton BERRY - Dicy POWE

            Oct 17, 182Z; Bond: Eph--- BERRY

            parents: WM & Jerusha BROWN POWE's daughter


#1551 Rice POWE - Harriet BROWN

            Dec IS, 1823; Bond: James BROWN


Others found in: Marriages, Garrard Co. 1796-1851 by Annie Walker BURNS

            (filM #851646)

            John POWE - Margaret DENTON: 10-7-1845

            WM. BALL - Martha Elizabeth POWE: 8-23-1842


filM: #183235 - LOS Genealogy Library, Salt Lake City



WILLIAM POWE's Will, BOOK K, p 59-60

In the name of God AMen, I William  POWE of the county of Garrard and state of Kentucky being sick and weak, but of sound Mind and disposing  Memory, for which I thank God and calling to the uncertainty of human life and being desirous to dispose of all such worldly Estate as it has pleased God to bless Me with, I give and bequeath the same in Manner following, that is to say I give i.e.

            First, I wish all MY just debts to be paid, and funeral expenses out of the rent of MY lower place, and if that is not sufficient, out of MY loose property, that I leave behind, hear by son Rice POWE.

            Secondly, I give unto my son Rice POWE and MY daughter Lucy POWE, the place that I now live on with all MY household and kitchen furniture, with the exception of MY bed and furniture, that I give unto Rice POWE's little daughter Mary.

            Thirdly, I give MY lower place where Elizabeth POWE now lives to m y son William POWE and Rebecca EASON, to say Mrs. EASON has had one horse worth sixty Dollars, which Must come out of her part of the lower place, then Joseph POWE's children Must have one third part, so as to include the dwelling house, the three parts Must be alike, agreeable to quantity and quality, with the exception of the above sixty dollars that Must be deducted between William POWE and Joseph POWE's children, so as to Make them all an equal part of the Lower place, in witness MY hand and seal, this 26th of April 1839.



                                                                                                                        William POWE

Garrard County, --­

I certify that the foregoing Will of William POWE dec'd was produced to court at the November County Court 1839 and proved to be such by the oath of Peter WOOLLEDGE and Henry CHILDERS two subscribing witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded whereupon the same is duly recorded.


Lincoln County Document



file  #183233 - LOS Genealogy Library, Salt Lake City LINCOLN CO., KENTUCKY

Joseph Brown Will, Book E, p 61, 1820: wife: Mary

sons: Beverly & Bazaliel

My four children & grandson:

Jerusha Poe

Beverly Brown

Barbary Gillis

Bezaliel Brown


Elisha Brown

* * * * *

LETTER from :

Muriel Hill (nee Muriel Powe), Mrs. Leo R.

5582 Hannegan Rd

Bellingha , WA 98225

no date given, but about Dec. 1978

"Rice Powe born March 27, 1804

            Harriet Brown born March 20, 1808

            Married Dec 16, 1823

Children: Elisha - Feb. 13, 1825 - died Dec 23, 1902

Elizabeth - Sept 19, 1827 - Died July 16, 1832

William  - Jan 20, 1830

Lucy - April 8, 1832

Mary Jane - May 8, 1834

Ernza (7) - March 7, 1837 - died Sept 12, 1838

James - April 18, 1839

Susan - May 3, 1841


Cecil sent your letter on to  me. I have our parents family Bible & these records are in it. I am Cecil's sister. Our father was Edward Powe - son of Elisha. I have a clipping of the death of James Poe, another son of Elisha, stating they left Kansas in April 1864 crossing the plains to Oregon. Our father, Edward, was born in Eugene, OR, Aug 11, 1876. From there they moved to the Palouse country. He married our Mother, Winnifred Chapin, in Colfax, May 13, 1896."




Lincoln County, Virginia (later Kentucky) was formed from Kentucky County, Virginia. One of the first three counties of Kentucky (with Fayette and Jefferson Counties), it was created on 30 Jun 1780


1840 Census: Jesse R. Poe*


Lincoln county was formed in 1780


North Carolina Census: 1830 Guilford County: Jesse R. Poe



Issue Date: 12/30/1881

Land Office: Montgomery


Acres: 79.89

Metes/Bounds: No

Document Nr.: 16956

Accession/Serial Nr.: AL4470__.256

BLM Serial Nr.: AL NO S/N


Logan County, Kentucky was formed from Lincoln County


     1810 Census: Thomas Poe 3 males <10 1 male 26/45; 1 female <10 (believed to have moved to Todd Co.)

 1830 Census: James Poe

Logan county was formed in 1792


Land Records at


Poe, Harrison L








Survey Date:






Clifty Fk Muddy R





Warren County, Kentucky was formed from Logan County after creation on 19 Dec 1796. A courthouse fire destroyed some records in 1864. The descendants of Johnson Poe settled here.


1840 Census: Amos Poe*

                                                                                    1850 Census: Amos Poe, Stephen Poe*

Warren county was formed in 1797



The Circling Winds: Delano / Sledge / Thompson / Poe / Graham Family History 1621 - 1990. Thelma Delano Alexander 1990


Note: Be advised that this book makes a number of unsubstantiated claims, particularly about the earlier family of Samuel Poe - some claims are refuted by the records. There is no evidence about who is the father of Benjamin Poe, Revolutionary War soldier, born in Culpeper County, VA in 1749, the forebear of the Poe family in the counties of Warren / Barren / Allen and areas nearby. Very circumstantially, the father parents could be Benjamin Poe and wife Elizabeth, but even this Benjamin is not shown to be the Benjamin Poe, son of Samuel Poe of Essex County (d. 1725). We can be fairly certain, however, that any Poe who comes from Essex / Caroline or Orange /Culpeper / Rappahannok or Spotsylvania stem from the original Poe family that had arrived in Essex County by 1704. That includes Samuel Poe as well as Robert Poe, who died in 1722 (about whom almost nothing is known outside his date of death and that he owned up to 905 acres of land along the Pumensend).


Paraphrasing and summarizing:

Benjamin Poe (1749 Culpeper County, VA - 1839 Allen County, KY) had twin sons Johnson and William born 15 April 1778 as well as at least five other children. Johnson Poe married Elizabeth Tedder in 1804 in Barren County, Kentucky. To this union ten children were born: Amos, Alvin, Stephen, Johnson, Julia M., Benjamin, Jonothan (Java), John (Jack), Comfort and William J. Johson was tall with blue eyes and fair skin. He died in Allen County, Kentucky ci 1859.


Amos, oldest son of Johnson and Elizabeth, was born in 1809 in Barren County, Kentucky. He married Luvicy Graham in 1827. Their children were: Green Berry (great-grandfather of the author), Nancy C., who married a Lightfoot, William J., Fredric J., Sarah, Stephen, Benjamin A., James A. and Luvicy Elizabeth who married William R. Sherr. Amos dies in 1863.


Green Berry Poe, Amos Poe and Luvicy's oldest son, was born September 4, 1828. He married Nancy Franklin Graham in 1857. Their children were Mary Rhea who married James H. Lyon; Margaret (Maggie) John who married George W. Scott: Emma (died as a young child): and Adelaide (grandmother of the author) who married Robert L. Sledge; and Amos who married Mattie Todd.


Licenses issued in Warren Co in 1855.

1855 - Horses and Jacks: HERNDON & CHAPMAN, Thomas H MILLER, William R

1855 - Tavern Keepers: Hesikiah McGINNIS, James C McFERIN, Geeorge W BLAKE, Mary WRIGHT, Robert S TURNER, James G ADAMS.


1855 - Brokers: Atwood G HOBSON

1855 - Shows & Peddlers: Hiram ORTONS Circus plus two for late 1854:




Barren County, The area were the Poe family settled became Allen County in 1815. Barren County Kentucky was formed from Green and Warren Counties. It was created on 20 Dec 1798. Page 54.



1810 Census: Benjamin Poe*, Johnston Poe, William Poe


Barren county was formed in 1799


* See the above notes on "The Circling Winds".

 1800 Wake County, North Carolina Census for Benjamin Poe: 1 male >16, 2 male <16, 4 females. This is almost certainly the same Benjamin Poe with two sons Johnston and William, and the same Benjamin Poe of the Revolutionary War who claims to have been born in Culpeper County, Virginia in 1749 (see below). A different Benjamin Poe lives Franklin County, Kentucky and came from Amherst County, VA where they were in 1784.


Kentucky Counties: Barren. Sandra K. Gorin. March 1991

Benjamin Poe

Johnston Poe

William Poe



January Court. Ordered that Benjamin Poe be appointed surveyer of road from the State Line to the mouth of Punchin Camp Creek. And that James Hanes be appt….

July Court. Benjamin Poe. 200 acres as pr entry filed & ordered to be certd.

November Court. Johnston Poe 150 Acres as pr entry filed & or. To Cert



February Count. Ordered that the Sheriff pay Johnston King sixteen shillings for two grown wolf scalps out of the depositim. The same to pay William Poe, same for two grown wolfs.

November Court. William Poe paid for 2 grown wolfs.



June Court. Ordered that William Poe, Johnson Poe and John Goodman be summoned to show cause why they should not be fined and treble taxed for not swaring to their list of property. (or Johnston Poe)

July Court. Exempted (see June Court)



November Court. Benjamin Poe relinquishes his claim on 200 acres by Certificate No 217. Benjamin Poe is entitled to 200 acres as p entry filed.


Land records at


Poe, Johnston








Survey Date:

11- 8-1804





Puncheon Camp Cr





Poe, Benj








Survey Date:






Puncheon Camp Cr






October Court. Ordered that the hands living within 4 miles on each side of the road whereof Benjamin Poe is surveyor do attend him to open said road.



Deed Book “B” Plat of Glasgow. P. 269 Reward, … names… Benjamin Poe, Johnson Poe, William Poe all of Barren co., Power of Atty to Cale Hugh Brown to recover all rewards that was offered for apprehending Robert Trimble who was said to have murdered John A Gooch in Livingston Co., KY and for apprehending Wm Trimble. 30 Oct 1809. Wit: Aulsey Dean, Lewis Patrios, John Short



Benjamin Poe  to William Roark. Puncheon Camp Creek


Comfort Poe (1822 KY – 1922) and Roark Family Image



Johnson Poe to Lovel Stinson. Puncheon Camp Creek


Land records at


Poe, William








Survey Date:

4- 7-1818





Puncheon Camp






Allen County, Kentucky was formed from Barren and Warren Counties. It was created on 11 Jan 1815. Page 16. A courthouse fire on 2 Oct 1902 destroyed some records.



1830 Census: Benjamin Poe (1835), Alvin Poe, Amos Poe, Johnson Poe,

 Benjamin Poe (1830), William Poe

                                                                                    1840 Census: Johnston Poe, Benjamin Poe*, Bennett Poe, William Poe, Jr.,

 William Poe, Sr.

                                                                                    1850 Census: William F. Poe, B. Poe, Johnson Poe, William Poe,

Allen county was formed in 1815



DAR Application file #757792 (others include 802368 and 589421)

Benjamin Poe

b. 14 Aug. 1749 Culpeper Co., d. 19 My 1838 Allen Co. KY m. Comfort (Johnson?)

Mary “Polly” Poe c. 1775-82 NC, d. after 1860 Allen Co. KY

Married William Stinson on 31 July 1897 Allen Co. KY





William Jefferson POE

Birth: 15 Apr 1778 in Wake Co., North Carolina

Death: 16 Apr 1855 in Allen Co., Kentucky


Will Records: Allen Co., Kentucky Feb. 21, 1855 - will written June 11, 1855 - will



To wife, Delana Poe, my negroe boys Reuben & Jacob and my negro girl Mary Ann,

a tract of land, wagon, one yoke of steers, flax wheel, cotton wheel, 2 beds and

beds closing, 2 Mares & colt, etc. her natural life, to be divided between all

my children at her death.


To my daughter Feraruba? Poe, my negro boy Liue.  I desire my son William Pow, his

son William F. Poe, have an equal division with the rest of my children.  The rest

of my estate be sold and equally divided among my (seven or several if this is burned)



Friend William Orr & Johnson Poe executors. Witt: William Stinson & Henry

w. Hudson.


The will was objected to by Williamson Johnson; William Johnson, guardian of William

F. Poe; and Alsy Roark. On the 12th it was again presented and witnesses examined,

and the court ordered the will to be recorded.


Received a warrant for land in Barren Co. which was surveyed on Apr. 7, 1818.



NOTE: this web site also lists 4 children from UNKNOWN NEGROE WOMEN


             Reuben POE

             Jacob POE

             Mary Ann POE

             Luke POE



William Poe b: 1778 - his mother was Comfort Johnson


William Jefferson Poe b: 1820  d: 1841 married Nancy Johnson

            his son is William F. Poe




Monroe County, Kentucky was formed from Barren and Cumberland Counties. It was created on 19 Jan 1820. Page 643. Records were lost in courthouse fires on 22 Apr 1863 and in 1888.



1820 Census: Benjamin Poe, Johnson Poe, William Poe

Monroe county was formed in 1820


Land records at


Poe, Benjamin








Survey Date:






Puncheon Camp Cr





Christian County, Kentucky was formed from Logan County. It was created in 1796. Page 187. The courthouse burned in December 1864 and destroyed some records.



1810 Census: Simon Poe, Terry Poe


Christian county was formed in 1797

Simon Poe, Terry Poe in North Carolina, census for 1790 Chatham County

the family moved to Cape Girardeau County, MO


Narrative describing Terry Poe’s move from Chatham County, NC to “Middle Tennessee” with William Douglas


Kentucky Marriages to 1850 

Christian County


Poe, James

Margaret  Story Marriage Date: 19 Apr 1812


Rebecca Poe

Joseph Whitney Marriage Date: 11 Sep 1813


Patsy Cantrell

Simon Poe, Marriage Date: 22 Dec 1813



Todd County, Kentucky was formed from Christian and Logan Counties. It was created 30 Dec 1819



1820 Census: Thomas Poe

                                                                                    1830 Census: Yalt Poe, Thomas Poe

                                                                                    1840 Census: George Poe, Thomas Poe, Wyatt Poe

                                                                                    1850 Census: George Poe (twice), Wyat Poe,  James Poe (James Lee Poe),

Todd county was formed in 1820                         NOTE: some land grants were issued to a George Poff of Harlan County 1826-27. George Poff is listed twice.


Land records at


Poe, Wyatt








Survey Date:






E Fk Pond R




Poe, E G








Survey Date:






E Fk Pond R




Sterling WILLIS1 was born about 1758 in Brunswick Co., VA. He died about 1835 in Elkton, Todd Co., KY. Birth: ABT. 1758 in Brunswick Co, Va
Death: BEF. 29 NOV 1839 in Elkton, Todd Co, KY
Census: 1810 Madison Co., Ky
Census: 1830 Logan Co., Ky
Event: Taxlist 1809 Pittsylvania Co., Va
Event: Taxlist 1783 Pittsylvania Co., Va
Event: Taxlist 1789 Pittsylvania Co., Va
WILL: 4 NOV 1835 Todd Co., Ky, Will Book D, pg 411
Dec 1795 appointed Constable, Pittsylvania Co, Va. Ref: Pittsylvania Co, Va Court Order Bk, page 148. 16 Sep 1799 Pittsylvania County, Va Court Order Book 9, pg 169 Appointed a Commissioned Officer to the rank of Ensign to the 2nd Battalion, 101st Regiment, 7th Brigade, 1st Division of the VA Militia. Todd County, Kentucky. November 4, 1835. I Sterling Willis being weak in body but of sound mind and owing to the uncertainty of life do constitute this my last will and testament whereas my wife Sarah Willis being old and infirm and being decisions that she should be left to suffer I will first that all my just debts be paid and the remainder of my estate real and personal goods and chattels remain in the possession of my wife for her use and benefit her lifetime and at her death to be equally divided among my children VIZ Nancy Hoskins, formerly Nancy Willis, James Willis, William Willis, Jincy Hoskins formerly Jincy Willis, John Willis, Anderson Willis, Sarah Bogar, formerly Sarah Willis,
Betsy Poe formerly Betsy Willis, Lettice Mundy, formerly Lettice Willis, Ann Montray, formerly Ann Willis. I will that the horse that I have in the Indiana be brought home and sold such as other of my stock and property that is likely to ... suffer and my money to be paid to the hands of my wife to use and as she may think proper her lifetime. I do appoint my wife Sarah Willis and Wyatt Poe my executrix and and executor to this my last will and testament to which I have hereunto set my hand affixed my seal the day and date above written. In presence of Sterling Willis William Hopper John M. Kirkman Peter Kirman Parents: Richard WILLIS and Ann CROWDER.

Spouse: Sarah PAYNE. Sterling WILLIS and Sarah PAYNE were married on 3 Apr 1779 in Pittsylvania Co., VA.




Chart prepared by researcher: See


Email from fellow researcher dated 11/21/2002. 

Thomas Poe born abt 1770 and died aft 22 mar 1843 in Todd Co, Ky

He was married (possible Elizabeth Moutray).  Was born abt 1770 and died before 1840 in Todd Co, KY.

Their children:

Wyatt Poe born 5-17-1805 in NC  Died 1-23-1877 in Todd Co, Ky  married Martha Virginia Willis. 

James Poe  born 1806 in NC and died 10-28-1854 in Todd Co, Ky.  He married Mary Ann Calvin (the line of the researcher who provided this). 

George Poe born 1807 in NC.  Married Pharaby Meacham. 

Elizabeth Poe born 1813 in Christian Co, Ky and married William Deason. 

Mahalia Poe born 2-20-1816 in Christian Co KY and married Guilford Moutray. 

Sources are quoted as Willhite, ab., Todd Co, Ky vital statistics (Russellville, KY) and


Information on James Poe. 

Descendant: Charles Walter Poe is a participant in the DNA Project.

Children from he and Mary Ann Calvin. 

George Thomas Benton Poe born 1849 and died 3-3-1874. 

John C Calhoun Poe born 4-15-1850 and died 7-25-1926.  He married Willie Ann Deason. 

Mahalia Ann Poe born 9-15-1854 and died 10-27-1931 - married Joshua Tucker. 

Susan F Poe born 9-15-1854 and died abt 1886/1890 = married Timothy Fish. 


Sources on this are Willhite, AB, Todd Co, Ky vital statistics (Russellville, Ky) and Jones, Elijah N, Jones Journal.




Images of Poe-Stinnett Cemetery provided by Randy Pritchett




Last Updated Monday, 22-Jan-2001 18:03:02 CST


On Highland Lick Rd across the road from the

N.Todd Water Plant in a grove of trees.

A small cem with a wall around it.

The wall stones have fallen into the burial area and we were not able to find any stones with writing inside the wall.  Possibly STINNETTs are buried there.

Outside the wall:


Two small children's graves are surrounding by a small wall.

William POW 1829

(a star is engraved at the top of stone)

Anne S. POW

Todd Cty Ky

(Thanks to Wilda Harrison for finding this one for me!)



Kentucky Marriages to 1850 

Todd County

 Wyatt Poe to Martha Willis


Kentucky Marriages, 1851-1900 

Todd County


  Spouse: SHELTON, MARY Marriage Date: 1 Apr 1851


POE, W. A.*

  Spouse: LATHAM, J. N. Marriage Date: 12 Jun 1854


* From Mary Latham in email dated 1/23/03

W A Poe & J N Latham are

William A  Poe ( son of Wyatt I Martha Virginia Willis)

& Janetta N Latham. Jannetta was the daughter of John Latham & Sarah Sears.

Another one of John & Sarah's children

William H Latham married Penelope Jan Poe,

a daughter of Wyatt & Martha Poe.



Hopkins County, Kentucky was formed from Henderson County. It was created in 1806. Courthouse fire destroyed records in 1829 and in Dec 1864


1850 Census: John W. Poe


Hopkins county was formed in 1807


Kentucky Marriages, 1851-1900 

Hopkins County



  Spouse: WILLIAMS, JENNIE Marriage Date: 5 Feb 1885


POE, D. C.

  Spouse: WILLIAMS, VANDIE H. Marriage Date: 25 Jul 1889


POE, J. W.

  Spouse: HENDRICKS, J. T. [Mrs] Marriage Date: 4 May 1893



Calloway County, Kentucky was formed from Hickman County. It was created on 3 Nov 1822. A courthouse fire destroyed some records in 1906.


1840 Census: E. H. Poe

                                                                                    1850 Census: H. Poe

Calloway county was formed in 1823



Marshall County, Kentucky was formed from Calloway County. Records were lost in two courthouse disasters in 1888 and Dec 1914



1850 Census: Nancy Poe, John Poe, Alexander Poe

Marshall county was formed in 1842


·  Name: Alexander C. POE

·  Sex: M

·  Birth: abt 1797 in KY 1

·  Census: P000 KY, IN

Marriage 1 Frances HOLLIDAY b: abt 1798 in TN


  1. Has ChildrenMargaret POE b: abt 1828
  2. Has ChildrenSarah POE b: abt 1830 in IN


  1. Title: Biographical sketch on The Inman Compendium.

looking for info.on John Brown Poe sr.[bro.of Alexander C. Poe]wife Sarah Holliday Green Co.IN.and dau.Mary Ann Poe m.Henry Wilks and moved to Garfield,AR.and are buired at Reddick Cem.there. Earl


From: Vickie Richardson <>
Subject: My POE line
Date: Thu, 17 Sep 1998 18:58:36 +0000

My POE line is as follows: My father Cecil Lavern POE b 1918 in Buffville, Kansas. his parents were Alexander Allen POE b9/25/1895 in Arkansas, d1947 in Benton County, Ark. m Lulu WERT.. Alexander's parents were Allen POE b1841 in Sullivan,,Indiana. d4/9/1933 in Benton county Ark. m Harriet CRAIG 1853-1919. Allen's parents, James E POE b1828 Indiana, d 6/29/1899 in Benton County Ark. m Lucretia McBride 1827-1903. James parents Alexander C POE 1797 Kentucky d ? in Indiana m Frances Holiday?



Kentucky Marriages, 1851-1900 

Marshall County


POE, W. A.

  Spouse: STORY, SALENA Marriage Date: 12 Dec 1868



  Spouse: CORNETT, V. Marriage Date: 01 Feb 1869


POE, W. H.

  Spouse: FERMAN, MARYLAND Marriage Date: 27 May 1875



  Spouse: McBRIDE, ELLA Marriage Date: 18 Nov 1877



  Spouse: CLARK, JOSEPHINE Marriage Date: 19 Nov 1885



  Spouse: McGREGOR, REBECCA A. Marriage Date: 26 Mar 1899


Wayne County, Kentucky was formed from Pulaski and Cumberland Counties. It was created in 1800


1830 Census: James M. Poe

                                                                                    1840 Census: James M. Poe

Wayne county was formed in 1800


Land Records at


Poe, James








Survey Date:






Beaver Creek




Poe, James M








Survey Date:






Beaver Cr





Kentucky Marriages to 1850 

Wayne County


Poe, Rachel

Wann, Robert Marriage Date: 08 Mar 1813


Poe, David

Wann, Nancy


Whitley County, Kentucky was formed from Knox County. It was created on 17 Jan 1818. Some records were lost in a courthouse disaster in 1930.


1830 Census: Linzey Poe*

                                                                                    1840 Census: Rinzey Poe


Whitley county was formed in 1818



* Lindsay is the actual name.

Wilkes County, NC. See Sullivan Co. above

Land Entries

        1795    Linsey* Poe enters 100 ac in Wilkes Co on some of the waters of Big Elking R.
        1795    William Poe enters 50 ac in Wilkes Co. on water of Big Elking R.
        1795    John Poe enters 50 acres in Wilkes Co. on aters of Big Elking R. border a conditional line between James Goudes and myself and runs S.
        1799    William Lenoir 100 ac .........border Henry Poe.
        1799    Henry Poe 300 acres 300 acres Praters Creek
        1799    Henery Poe 200 ac no fork of Elk Creek
        1799    Edmon Poe 100 ac Praters Creek

November 2, 1886, Forty-Ninth Volume, No. 12

Eight Bodies Burned
    The residence of William Poe, near Flat Lick, Knox county, Ky., which stood in an open field a mile from any residence, was burned on Tuesday night and eight persons who were in the building perished.  Those lost are:  Mrs. Poe, aged about thirty-two years, and five children, the eldest nine years old and the youngest fifteen months; Mary Carm and Lizzie Adams, aged sixteen and twelve years respectively.



Kentucky Marriages to 1850 

Shelby County


Poe, Maria

Thomas, J. D.[Dr] Marriage Date: 22 Jun 1822



Kentucky Marriages, 1851-1900 


Greenup County



  Spouse: WADKINS, SAMANTHA JANE Marriage Date: 1 Mar 1886


NOTE: A John Poague was granted land in this county in 1818 and 1819


Clay County



  Spouse: BARRETT, ESTHER Marriage Date: 1 Jun 1899

  County: Clay State: KY



  Spouse: BARRETT, LOAR Marriage Date: 26 Apr 1888



  Spouse: DAVIDSON, LUCY Marriage Date: 1 Nov 1888


Logan County


Search for Poe on:


Patent #: 38308  Grantee: Harrison L.  Poe

Grant Book & Pg: 69 381  Acreage: 20 

County: Logan  Water Course: Clifty Fk. Muddy R. 

Survey Name: Poe, Harrison L.  Survey Date: 07/24/1866 

Grant Date: 11/21/1866  


POE, H. L.

  Spouse: RUSH, ANNIE Marriage Date: 23 Oct 1900


Patent #: 67720  Grantee: Maggie Poe

Grant Book & Pg: 121 462  Acreage: 26 

County: Logan  WaterCourse: W. Clifty Cr. 

Survey Name: Poe, Maggie  Survey Date: 05/15/1905 

Grant Date: 09/01/1905  


Henderson County



  Spouse: MILEY, EVA A. Marriage Date: 1 Oct 1898


Magoffin County



  Spouse: HOWARD, LOUISA Marriage Date: 5 May 1895



  Spouse: CAUDLE, RILY Marriage Date: 23 Dec 1871



  Spouse: MARSHALL, FARLENA Marriage Date: 14 Jul 1887



  Spouse: COLE, CORDEALEY Marriage Date: 4 Mar 1892



  Spouse: COLIER, NANCY JANE Marriage Date: 7 Dec 1882



  Spouse: HAMPTON, MARGARET Marriage Date: 24 May 1880



  Spouse: BALEY, CORDELIA A. Marriage Date: 10 Feb 1881



  Spouse: McCARTY, SOLENA Marriage Date: 8 May 1892



  Spouse: MONTGOMERY, SARAH Marriage Date: 13 Jul 1875



  Spouse: CAUDILL, ---- Marriage Date: 3 Feb 1870



  Spouse: ALLEN, KITY Marriage Date: 4 Apr 1894


McCraken County



  Spouse: HOUSER, MALISSA A. Marriage Date: 15 Aug 1865


Muhlenberg County


POE, M. W.

  Spouse: KEELING, MARY J. Marriage Date: 30 Oct 1872



  Spouse: STRADER, MOLLIE Marriage Date: 4 Nov 1886



  Spouse: COOK, L. M. Marriage Date: 29 Sep 1889


Madison County



  Spouse: ADAMS, SUSAN F. E. Marriage Date: 2 Mar 1864


Some Kentucky Land Grants

Search for Poe on:



1.)  Patent #: 30235  Grantee: James M. Poe

Grant Book & Pg:  54 291  Acreage:  75 

County: Wayne  Water Course: Beaver Cr. 

Survey Name: Poe, James M.  Survey Date: 03/24/1858 

Grant Date: 05/19/1859  



2.)  Patent #: 31922  Grantee: Zebodee Poe

Grant Book & Pg:  57 408  Acreage:  50 

County: Pike  Water Course: Joes Br. Elkhorn Cr. 

Survey Name: Poe, Zebodee  Survey Date: 12/01/1857 

Grant Date: 04/09/1860  



3.)  Patent #: 38308  Grantee: Harrison L. Poe

Grant Book & Pg: 69 381  Acreage: 20 

County: Logan  Water Course: Clifty Fk. Muddy R. 

Survey Name: Poe, Harrison L.  Survey Date: 07/24/1866 

Grant Date: 11/21/1866  



4.)  Patent #: 53021  Grantee: E. G. Poe

Grant Book & Pg: 96 266  Acreage: 5 

County: Todd  WaterCourse: Pond R. 

Survey Name: Poe, E. G.  Survey Date: 06/20/1874 

Grant Date: 01/05/1877  


5.)  Patent #: 67720  Grantee: Maggie Poe

Grant Book & Pg: 121 462  Acreage: 26 

County: Logan  WaterCourse: W. Clifty Cr. 

Survey Name: Poe, Maggie  Survey Date: 05/15/1905 

Grant Date: 09/01/1905  



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