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Poe Family in Massachusetts


Records at the links provided (with some snapshots) may relate to the Poe family.  With so few transcriptions, the originals should be studied to see if the writing ideed appears to be “Poe” or an obvious variant.


In this early colonial period, the only consistent record of the Poe family known have been found in Pennsylvania and Virginia.



Some records found at the Salem site:



July 1675

William Poe and wife, Elizabeth



The majority of records spell the last name “Pow” which I feel rules this out as the same “Poe” as found later in Essex County, VA. I strongly suspect this is “Pau,” which is a different family and did have a presence in Northern states. It can also be “Pew / Pugh” which again was in Northern states early on. We also see a Samuel Poore in this set of records and having one or two transcriptions read “Poe” would not be odd.


My own assessment is that these are records for a Pew or Poore family and not associated with either the Virginia of Pennsylvania “Poe” families found in those states by the late 1600s early 1700s.


December 18, 1677 records of January 1678

William Pow







Elizabeth Pow




September 1682

Samuell Poe



Caution about these transcripted names:

Samuell Pipen (there also is a Samuell Pope)

There was a James White imported to VA in 1686. Also Nixon is a family found in VA during this period.



I feel almost certain that the “Samuel Poe” in the one record refers to the Samuel Poore in many records, including:


Some records have Samuel Pod


Essex County, Massachusetts Probate Records, Supplement 


Name: William Poe

Date: Nov. 1689


Type: inv

Vol./page: 48:66 




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