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Poe Family in Missouri


Missouri Land Patents



Census Images and Notes








Simon Poe

Born: November 16, 1827 Died: after 1888



Buchanan County


See deeds in Buchanan Country for William Romulus Powe at bottom of this page


1850 Census showing Guilford Moutray and Mahalia Poe

Also Ann Moutray aged 77 widow born in NC and Nancy aged 55 also NC





Cole County




From researcher Char Anderson, September 4, 2008


William Gouge b abt 1768 married Milley Poe b 1780 in Wilkes Co. NC 1 Aug 1797, lived in Rhea and Campbell, TN for awhile and then came to Cole Co MO abt 1815/1816 with 4 sons.  He died abt 1830 according to census records.  His children were:
        1.  James b 1800 (50-1850) TN   m. Malinda King 9 Aug 1832 in Cole, MO  They had 8 children
        2John b 1802 (48-1850) TN m 17 Sep 1823 i Nancy McKinney in Cole, MO he died 23 June 1859 They had 6 children
        3Allen b 1804 (46-1850) TN 1830 head of family m 1 Jan 1824 Hannah Miller Cole, MO  They had 10 children
        4Martin b 1806 (44-1850) TN m 9 Aug 1821 Polly Robinson he died abt 1857 They had 4 children see below
        5Charlotte (44-1850) TN living with Martin and his mother Milley also with Clayton and Catherine Gouge (twins age 2 in 1850)
        6.  Nelly (35-1850) TN m 28 Feb 1839 John M. Robison they had 7 children.  She had a son Riley b 1834 fathered by an uncle who was labeled an idiot in a later census record  He was age 15-1850 census  She married 24 Dec 1856 John Jarrett. She apparently died shortly after that  because her children were farmed out to other relatives by the 1860 census
        7Female b abt 1815


Possibly Susanna Gouge Poe b 11 Jan 1798 TN married Henry McKinney was their daughter or a daughter of Linsey Poe we can't figure this out.  Linsey Poe b 1780 from Wilkes Co., NC  was in Campbell, TN and Whitley, KY.  I think he ended up in Indiana in 1850 census
Martin Gouge and Polly Robinson children: (This is my line)
        1.  Henry Newton b 3 Aug 1836 Cole, MO m. 31 May 1857 Liney McKinney (2) 20 Oct 1878 Rebecca Jane Dawson He died 26              Dec 1917        
        2.  Marinda Elizabeth b 1839 Cole, MO m 19 Mar 1857 Jerry Inman.  They lived in Moniteau, MO
        3.  Matilda Ann b 7 Sep 1841 Cole, MO m 6 Feb 1857 Cole, MO Daniel Reynolds and she died 8 Oct 1885 in Moniteau, MO
        4.  James Linsey b 14 Apr 1843 Cole, MO m 24 Apr 1864 Mary S. Medlock he died 20 Nov 1913

A brother to William Gouge was Martin Gouge and he lived in Cole Co also.  He married Elizabeth McKinney and they had 10 children

Sources:  1830-1860, 1880 census Cole, MO and Moniteau MO
        Hist of Cole, Moniteau, etc.
        Land Records
        Marriages Cole, MO



Cape Girardeau County, Missouri


DAR application #593529 of Mrs. Marilyn Poe Laird (I may have combined data from a related application in my notes)


Simon Poe (1764 Chatham County, NC – November 1826 Cape Girardeau Co., MO) --- (I thought I read 1836, but see the will below)

Served in Revolution from North Carolina. This is the Simeon Poe recorded in the Roster of Continental Line, 1783. Listed as private in Brevard’s Company. Deserted 23 June 1783.

This Simon Poe was the son of Simon Poe, Jr, son of Simon Poe, SR  probable son of Samuel Poe of Essex Co., VA who died in 1725


Married Rebecca*


Son: James Poe (1784 NC – 15 April 1856 Cape Girardeau Co. MO)

Married Margaret Story (d. 1833-1840)

on 18 April 1812 at Cape Girardeau Co., MO



Simon H. Poe(6 May 1813 Christian County, Kentucky – 1 May 1853 Cape Girardeau Co., MO)

            Note says d. age 39 11 mo. 25 day. Masonic Emblem on tombstone – A Belated Census of Cape Girardeau County, Mo, page 50)


Married Talitha Randol (1) (22 Nov 1813 – 2 Dec 1875 Cape Girardeau Co. MO)

            On 7 May 1864



Edwin Harston Poe**

Married Margaret Fisher (20 Nov 1844 Polk Co., TN – 8 Mar 1890 Egypt Mills, MO)



Walter Hugh Poe


* Note in application file. A Cape Girardeau record that states that Rebecca Poe, widow of Simon Poe, Sr. was still alive in 1828. Died before 1833 as per probate files of her son, William Poe. James Poe, administrator of estate. The order actually has the "Sr" after Simon's name. Another miscellaneous note in the file states: Simon in Christian County, KY as over 45. Letter giving permission for daughter Rebecca to marry.


** One application said Marston.


Letter from Connecticut Mutual Life Insurance Company. Hartford Connecticut (part of DAR application file)


Connecticut Mutual Life INSURANCE COMPANY, SINCE 1846

140 Garden Street, Hartford, Connecticut

Policyholder Service

November 26, 1973

Mrs. Marilyn Poe Laird

15414 Drexel Avenue

Dolton, IL 60419

Dear Mrs. Laird:                                                        Simon H. Poe

Thank you for your letter of November 14. After searching our records, we were able to locate the following information.

Mr. Simon H. Poe of Cape Girardeau, Missouri, was insured with us under Policy 15,649.

This policy was for $5,000 and issued on November 11, 1851.  Mr. Poe' s occupation was a farmer and he died

on May 1, 1853 at age 39. The cause or death was listed "smothered in a well".

The above information is recorded in a large ledger which could not be photoed.

I. hope this information will be or some help to you and if we can be of further assistance, please let me know.


Raymond Poirier

Senior Claim Examiner


Type-transcribed document in DAR application file

Know all men by these presents that we Simon Poe, James Poe, Joseph Whitney and Isaiah Poe are held and firmly bound to John Miller Governor of the State of Missouri, or his successors in office, in the sum of Six hundred dollars of lawful money for payment whereof will and truly to be made, we bind ourselves, our heirs, executors and administrators, jointly and severally, firmly by these presents. Sealed with our Seas the tenth day of January AD 1827


The condition of the above obligation is such that if the above bounden Simon Poe and James Poe, Administrators of all and Singular the goods, chattels, rights and credits of Simon Poe, Senr. Deceased do make, or cause to be made, a true and perfect inventory of all and singular the goods, chattels, rights and credits of the said deceased, which have or shall come to the hands, possession or knowledge of them the said Simon Poe and James Poe, or into the hands or possession of any persons for them, and the same is made do return and exhibit in the office of the Probate Court for the County of Cape Girardeau, on or before the tenth day of March next, all and Singular the goods and chattels, rights and credits, of the deceased which shall come to the hands, possession or knowledge of the said Simon Poe and James Poe, shall well and truly administer according to law, and pay the debts of the deceased as far as his assets shall extend and the law direct; and further make, or cause to be made, just and true account of their said administration, and made due and proper Settlements thereof from time to time, according to law, or the order, sentences or decree of any Court having competent jurisdiction and shall moreover will and truly do and perform all other matters and things touching the said administration as are or shall be prescribed by law, or enjoined on them by the order, sentence, or decree of any Court having competent jurisdiction – then this obligation to be Void and of no effect – otherwise to remain in full force

Simon Poe

James Poe

Joseph (X) Whitney*

Isaiah Poe


* Joseph Whitney married Rebecca Poe, daughter of Simon Poe, JR., son of Simon Poe, Sr,


We do solemnly swear that Simon Poe Senr. died without any will as far as we know and believe; and that we will well and truly administer all and Singular the goods and chattels, rights and credits of the deceased and pay his debts as far as the assets which may come to our hands will extend, and the law direct; and that we will make a true and perfect Inventory of all the goods and chattels, rights and credits of the deceased, and to account for and pay over according to law, all assets which shall come to our hands, possession or knowledge.

Sworn to and subscribed before the Judge of Probate of the County aforesaid at office January 10, 1827

Thos. Neale, Judge of Probate

Simon Poe

James Poe


County of Cape Girardeau

We do Solemnly swear that to the best of our knowledge there are in being Simon Poe, James Poe, Henry Poe, Isaiah Poe, William Poe, Terry Poe, Rebecca Whitney* and Elizabeth Randol – Also Rebecca Poe, widow – heirs and legal representatives of Simon Poe, Senr. Deceased, who died intestate all of whom reside in the State of Missouri, and county of Cape Girardeau.

Simon Poe

James Poe

Sworn to and subscribed before the Judge of Probate of the County aforesaid, at office, January 10, 1827

Th. Neale Judge of Probate


* Joseph Whitney married Rebecca Poe, daughter of Simon Poe, JR., son of Simon Poe, Sr,


Image of document from Simon Poe SR probate.  Terry Poe, son of Simon Poe (III), son of Simon Poe JR, son of Simon Poe SR




(This was provided by another researcher)

Probate papers for a William Poe were filed 30 July 1833 in Cape Girardeau County MO.

For those who would like a copy the reference is Box 58 and bundle 1139.

The Cape Girardeau County Archive Centre can provide copies of probate documents.

The administrators bond said that his heirs and legal representatives were

Jane, his widow,





Alcy B.,

Mary Ann,

and William Richardson Poe his sons and daughters.

State of Missouri

County of Cape Girardeau


(from my research)

We Talitha Poe and Elisha Sheppard, being duly sworn, says, that Simon H. Poe, late of said county of Cape Girardeau, state of Missouri, on or about the 1st day of May, A.D. 1853, departed this life, leaving no last will and testament to the knowledge or information of this [affiants?]; that said Simon H. Poe, at the time of his death, had his mansion house, or place of abode, in said county of Cape Girardeau, State of Missouri, and that he died [leased?] and possessed of goods and chattles, lands and stock, situate in said county, that the name of the heirs at law and next of kin of the said Simon H. Poe, to the best of the knowledge and information of these affiants, are as follows: Eliza C. Poe, Mary M. Poe, Edwin M. Poe, Eugean G. Poe, Arabeel J. Poe, Vennetta J. Poe and Madison C. Poe; that these affiants will make a perfect inventory and faithfully administer all and singular the goods, chattles, and estate of the said Simon H. Poe, that may come to our hands, and pay all debts against said estate out of the assets thereof to pay (?) as the same may extend and the law direct, and account for and pay all assets which shall come to our possession.

Given under our hands this 11th day of May A.D. 1853

Talitha Poe

Elisha Sheppard



This Simon Poe, according to Goodspeed’s Biographies “was born in Cape Girardeau County, Mo., November 16, 1827, and is a son of Terry Poe, Sr., and Gensey M. (Brooks) Poe, natives of North Carolina.

See image and data:



Livingston County, Missouri Probate Records, Volumes I, III, V, and VII-XIII

Box Number: 2180

Name: Malinda Preston 

, Isam Preston, Mary Jane Preston and Elijah Preston, Minors Henry Walker, Curator Bond: June 12, 1845 Infant heirs of Elijah Poe, dec.


McDonald County





Elizabeth Hire was born ABT 1810 in Smith county, Tenn., and died AFT 1839 in ;buried Anderson Cem. McDonald county, MO. She was the daughter of 18. Martin Wilson Hire and 19. Emily Mildred "Milly" Meador.




Children of Elizabeth Hire and Aphrey Epperson are:



Sarah (Sally) Epperson was born 15 DEC 1827 in Tennessee, and died 12 SEP 1895 in ;buried Anderson Cem., Anderson, Mo.. She married Martin F. Meador 8 MAR 1844 in ___, son of Jeptha Moore Meador and Sarah Hire. He was born 3 JAN 1822 in Smith County, Tenn., and died in ;bruied Anderson cem, McDonld county, Mo.



Emily (Milla) Epperson was born 1835 in Illinois, and died AFT 1933 in __. She married Stanley Hargrove. She married Isaac (Abe) Tharp 12 FEB 1853 in McDonald County, Missouri.



Martha Annie Epperson was born 1839 in ___, and died in __. She married Unknown Rains.



Martin Epperson was born 17 FEB 1840 in Marion County, Illinois, and died 15 MAR 1906 in ;buried near Cherokee,Benton County, Arkansas. He married Malinda Anderson 1860 in McDonald County, Mo, daughter of ___ Anderson and ____. She was born 10 JAN 1839 in Tennesse, and died 18 FEB 1894 in ;buried Cemetery Anderson, McDonald county, Mo. He married Demaracy Vasthi Davis 21 OCT 1894 in Anderson, Missouri, daughter of William Leander Davis and Nancy Ann Rebecca Abercrombie. She was born 2 FEB 1861 in Sulpher Springs, Arkansas, and died 7 JAN 1940 in Rockford, Ill., buried Willwood Cemetery, Rockford, Ill..



Hezakiah Epperson was born 1841 in Illinois, and died in ___.



George Washington Epperson was born 19 OCT 1848 in Marion County, Illinois, and died 30 NOV 1933 buried Anderson Cem. McDonald county, MO. He married Nancy Poe 27 SEP 1867 in McDonald County, Mo, daughter of Mathew Poe and Phebe _____. She was born 7 AUG 1846 in North Carolina and died 1 JUN 1877 buired Cem. Anderson, McDonald county, MO. He married Lucinda Hannah Meador 19 JAN 1879 in McDonald County, Mo, daughter of Martin F. Meador and Sarah (Sally) Epperson. She was born 15 DEC 1847 in Marion County,Illinios, and died 3 APR 1891 buried Anderson cem. Anderson, Mo. He married Laura M. Clemons 20 JUL 1898 in McDonald County, Mo. She was born SEP 1869 in Kansas, and died 1954 buried Anderson Cem. McDonald county, MO.



Deeds for Poe in Missouri




























Deeds for William Romulus Powe of Garrard County, Kentucky


















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