Nathaniel Robert Poe


born in Tennessee between 1813 and 1816


Indications are that this Nathaniel Poe of Carroll and Choctaw County, Mississippi is a son of Stephen Poe (c1797-1871), who married Nancy Ringo, then Sidney Phelps and finally Mary L. Bailey, whose pension request provides information on Stephen Poe (see below). There is no direct evidence, except proximity and relative ages. Researchers of the Ringo family have published this information:




The Ringo family history series.


Ringo, David Leer.


Alhambra, Calif. : The Freeborn Family Organization, 1980- .


v. : ill., facsims., maps, ports. ; 28 cm.


Library holdings vols 1-14; millennium library edition.


Line of John Ringo

Nancy Ringo b. c 1893 probably in Wilkes Co, GA d/o John Ringo and Mary Mathis; m. (bond) 8-19-1815 Madison Co., AL to Stephen Poe b. c 1798 NC d. after 1870 probably Choctaw Co. MS. Nancy prob. d. after 1835. Stephen Poe m. 2nd Sidney ____ Walker (widow?), m. c 1836: Sidney prob. d before 1870.


The children. of Nancy Ringo and Stephen Poe


1. Nathaniel Poe     b. c 1818

2. James Poe            b. c 1819-20

3. William Poe          b. c 1823

4. Mary L. Poe           b. c 1824

5. ____ Poe (male)  b. c. 1825-26 prob. d. yg.

6. John Poe (prob)   b. c 1828

7. Stephen Poe, JR (prob)  b. c 1830

8. Elizabeth Poe       (prob)  b. c 1835


Stephen Poe and his 2nd wife, Sidney Walker* had:

10. George T. Poe    b. c 1839

11. Frances Poe       b. c 1845

12. Sidney Poe (female)     b. c 1849

13. Washington Poe           b. c 1852



Mississippi Land Records

(gives full name Nathaniel Robert Poe)





Descendant, Mary Sutherland, reports this information:

From: <>
Subject: Parents of Nathaniel R Poe
Date: Mon, 4 Oct 1999 18:10:48 EDT

Nathaniel R Poe was born 13 June 1816: died 21 Aug
1905; married Sarah Taylor 7-Jan 1841. He later married Margaret Craft
*, mother-in-law of his son, James William Poe. He is buried near Duck
Hill MS in Taylor Cemetery, Montgomery CO.


* Note the proximity to Nathaniel Poe in the 1860 Carroll County, TN census record below)


My ggrandfather, Nathaniel R Poe Married Sarah Taylor(b.10-10-1817,daughter of John Prevatte Taylor) on 1-7-1841.This is the earliest information I have on him. Their children were:

William Nathaniel Poe, b.10-4-1841

John Prevatte Poe, b.10-25-1842

Benjamin Stephen Poe, b.6-8-1844

Susan Elizabeth Poe, b. 3-22-1846

Hueann Sarah Poe, b.8-25-1847

Mary Ann Poe, b.7-11-1849

Thomas Jefferson Poe b.9-28-1851 (a descendant of TJ Poe has confirmed this connection)

James William Poe, b.9-19-1853

Marion Jasper Poe, b.8-6-1855 (Mary Sutherland’s grandfather)

Robert Jackson Poe, b,7-6-1857


Public records for Nathaniel Poe in Carroll County, MS


This record makes Nathaniel Poe born in 1813


(Note proximity to Margaret Sykes)

This record makes Nathaniel Poe born in 1816


More census data  at


Notes on Stephen Poe


Stephen Poe

widow, Mary L. Bailey


Pension Application for service in War of 1812.

Abstracted from photocopy of original pension application


Date of Application: State of Mississippi. County of Montgomery 17 June 1878

By: Mary L. Poe, aged 49, resident of Montgomery Co, who appeared before Justice of the Peace.

Service: Declares she is widow of Stephen Poe, deceased, who served as sergeant in the company commanded by Captain Russell in the regiment of Militia commanded by Col. Blue in the war of 1812; that her said husband enlisted at Carthage Tenn on or about 1814 for the term of 3 months and continued in actual service in said war for the term of 3 months and whose services terminated by reason of honorable discharge at Fort Struther.


Physical Description: She further states that the following is a full description of her said husband at the time of his enlistment, viz: age 16 years. Height 5 feet 7 inches, complexion dark. Eyes and hair black. Farmer, born in Tennessee.


Marriages: She further states that she was married to the said Stephen Poe (day?) November 1867.... and that her name before her said marriage was Mary L. Bailey and that she has not remarried since the death of the said soldier; and she further state that Stephen Poe has been twice previously married.

First to Fanny Ringo (who died about 1840) about 1815 and

Second to Sidney Phelps,  who died in 1841


Date of Death And that her said husband Stephen Poe died at Choctaw County, MS on 4 March 1871 and she further declares that the following have been the places of residence of herself and her said husband since the data of discharge from the Army, via: Choctaw and Montgomery Counties.


Prior Applications: Notes that "land Stephen Poe made application to obtain a land warrant."



Stephen Poe’s lineage


While there is little hard evidence, tracing back the migration route and other information, it appears that Stephen Poe was a son of George Poe, who settled Fayette County, Alabama around 1815, having come from Tennessee, where Stephen married Nancy Ringo. Geoge Poe can be traced back to Caswell County, North Carolina, where we find Jonathan Poe by 1790. The name Jonathan Poe earlier appears in Culpeper County, Virginia, where William Poe (wife Lydia) settled in 1737. Likely, Jonathan Poe was a son (or at least very close kin) to William Poe. Since William Poe went to Culpeper County, VA from Essex / Caroline County, VA, where a Samuel Poe (d. 1725) had settled by 1704, it is likely that William Poe was a son of Samuel Poe (however a Robert Poe died in Essex County, VA in 1722, and he could have fathered some of the men who later appeared in Essex County. And it cannot be known whether or not multiple groups of Poe came to Essex Co, VA from Brittain)



For further study, see:



Two men descended from Stephen Poe have participated in the Poe DNA project. Bobby Jack Poe and William Ernest Poe. Their DNA matches others descended from Poe men who first settled Essex County, VA. There is an exact match with a confirmed descendant of William Poe (William Eric Poe) who settled Culpeper County, VA in 1737





Postings in regard to CSA service among sons of Nathaniel R. Poe

33rd Mississippi Infantry CSA


Name: Benjamin Stephen Poe

Rank: Private

Company: G

(Born - 08 Jun 1844 in Mississippi)
(Died - Camp Douglas, Illinois)
(Father - Nathaniel Poe)
(Mother - Sarah Taylor)

Contact Name: David Lewis

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Name: Henry Poe

Rank: 1st Sergeant

Company: G

(Born - Abt. 1835 in Mississippi)
(Died - Abt. 1904)
(Father - Stephen Eliza Poe)
(Mother - Nancy Ringo)
(Married - Sarah Clementine Pryon)

Contact Name: David Lewis

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Name: John Prvatte Poe

Rank: Private

Company: G

(Born - 25 Oct 1842 in Mississippi)
(Died - Jul 1864)
(Father - Nathaniel Poe)
(Mother - Sarah Taylor)

Contact Name: David Lewis

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