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Passenger Lists Relating to the Poe Family



The king's passengers to Maryland and Virginia

Peter Wilson Coldham

Westminster, MD : Family Line c1997


Felons transported from London by the "Tryal", Capt. John Johnston, in April 1750, arrived in Maryland in June 1750 (PRO: T1/340/20)*



John Poe -- for life


*Public Record Office, Kew, Richmond, Surry TW94DU


Felons shipped by Ehtelred Davey of Exeter, merchant [probably by the Philleroy]. Capt. Peter Symons, by agreemnt of September 1741 and registered in Queen Ann'es Co. in April 1742 (CR 49. 082-RT Bff 448-416)



George Poe


The complete book of emigrants in bondage, 1614-1775

Peter Wilson Coldham

Baltimore, MD : Geneal. Publishing, 1988


George Poe S Jly 1741 De

John Poe S & T for life Mar 1750 Tryal. L

Samuel Poe S Lent R 14 yrs Summer 1752 Nt


S = Sentenced to transportation

T = Transported

R = Reprieved for transportation (in other words, a commuted life sentence)

Date of Trial (or period, such as Lent)

L = London

DE = Deveon

Nt = Nottinghamshire


Local Histories. Westminister, MD: Willow Bend Books, 2000. 358p.  
Page: 186  
Name: John Poe 
Place: Pennsylvania  
Family Members: With 2 sons; Wife Poe, Jane McBride  
Source Publication Code: 7204.40  
Primary Immigrant: Poe, John 
Annotation: Date and port of arrival, or date and place of settlement or mention
in the New World. Occupation, place of residence and information on at least one
generation in America may also be provided.  
Source Bibliography: REAMY, MARTHA, AND BILL REAMY Immigrant Ancestors of Marylanders,