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Civil War SoldiersUnion   Confederate  Prisoners   from:


Major James Thomas Poe (1829-1913)


Orlando Metcalf Poe Image


Revolutionary War Patriots connected to the Poe Family


(As sources are identified, this list will expand. I am including anyone with the last name Poe who was connected to the Revolutionary War)


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Adam Poe – Ohio



See: History of Virginia Regiment


         Revolutionary War Bibliographies


James Poe. (c1740 NC – 1827 Fayette County, Alabama)


State of North Carolina, Dept. of Cultural Resources, Div. of Archives and History. Manuscript volume in custody of State Archives titled "Rev. Army Accounts"  (Vol. VI, Pg. 36, Folio 3): Heading: Hillsborough Treasury Office, Bundle number: 32, By whom paid: Nathaniel Johne Treas. Wake Co., No. on back of cert: 14.


Roster of Revolutionary soldiers and patriots in Alabama. Louise Milam Julich

Athens, AL : Alabama DAR, 1979


James Poe - Rev. Soldier - buried just inside the Tuscaloosa County Line near Newtonville, Alabama. Information on tombstone Reference: Tuscaloosa News, May 1, 1969


NOTE: I have not seen the news article mentioned. But another article from 1977 states that the cemetery was destroyed around 1900 and turned into a cow pasture. I am doubtful that the tombstone existed, although the location of the cemetery was known. See:



Lieutenant James Poe


Quartermaster General David Poe



Samuel Poe died 30 August 1777

Often confused with Samuel Poe d. 1819 Culpeper County, VA and

Samuel Poe of Campbell County, VA (c1730 England – 1789 VA)

The confusion dates back as far as 1921 as represented in these archive records


Samuel Poe in Revolutionary War – North Carolina



Roster of North Carolina Soldiers in the American Revolution


Name and Rank: David Poe, Pt.

Company: Coleman’s

Dates of Enlistement and Commission: 15 May 1776

Period of Service: 2 ½ years

Occurrence: Dischgd 10 Nov. 1778


Name and Rank: Stephen Pough Pt. ( a Stephen Pugh is listed elsewhere)

Company: Hall’s

Dates of Enlistement and Commission: 1781

Period of Service: 12 months

Occurrence: Must War Sep 1782

                        Destd 10 Dec `1782


Name and Rank: Henry Poe, Pt.

Company: Hall’s

Dates of Enlistement and Commission: 13 Jan 1782

Period of Service: W

Occurrence: Mustd Sep 1782

Destd 30 Nov 1782


Name and Rank: Simeon Poe, Pt.

Company: Brevard’s

Dates of Enlistement and Commission: 1782

Period of Service: 18 months

Occurrence: Destd 23 June 1783


Military Land Warrants, Continental Line (Part 1)

A list of Warrants for Lands Granted The Officers and Soldiers in the Continental Line Out of  the Secretary’s Office


1063. David Pooe, Prvt       640 acres Service in Months 84    LocationCapt. Clendennen


3776. John Poe’s heirs       640 acres                                  84     James Williams Esqr.



Colonial soldiers of the South, 1732-1774Murtrie June Clark

Baltimore, MD : Genealogical Publishing Co., 1983.


Chatham County Military Returns 9-23-1772

Muster Roll of Captain Stephen Poe's Company

Nr.                   Rank                          Name

1                      Capt                            Stephen Poe

2                      Liet                              Simon Poe


Muster Roll of Capt. Joab Brook's Co.

19                    Pvt                              Benjamin Poe

27                    Pvt                              William Poe

53                    Pvt                              John Poe

104                 Pvt                              Charles Poe


Muster Roll of Capt. Isaiah Hogan's Co 9-19-1772

77                    Pvt                              Robert Poe


Virginia / West Virginia Genealogical Data from Revolutionary War Pension and Bounty Land Warrant Records. Volumes 4 & 5 Compiled by Patrick G. Wardell, Lt. Col., U.S. Army Retired. 1996


Abbreviations: ae: age, aec: age about, AFF: affidavit, afp: applied for pension, BLW : bounty land warrant; ch: child, children, dd: died, esf: entered service from father; w: wife; mbnn: mentioned but not named, mvd: moved, PN: pension, res: resident, residence, RW: revolutionary war, wid: widow


Benjamin Poe b.8/14/1749 (old style) Culpepper Co. VA; esf 1775 Chatham Co. NC, in NC regiment; esf 1781 Randolph Co., NC, where res, in NC regiment; Tories destroyed his home & drove out his w & children while he in svc; sol mvd family back to Chatham Co, NC, where he esf 1782 in NC regiment; after RW mvd to wake Co, NC, then to Barron Co, KY, thence Monroe Co, KY, thence Allen Co, KY when PN 1833; QLF says sol buried near Owensville, IN on his farm. F-S31307 R1945




From Record of Pension Papers Granted to Revolutionary War Soldier Who Settled in Allen County in the State of Kentucky

Compiled by Annie Walker Burns Bell © 1935 pg27-28


POE, Benjamin North Carolina S 31307

Allen County, 9 Oct. 1833, in open court, BENJAMIN POE, aged 94 deposes that he entered service Dec. 1775 in N.C. and then moved to Randolph County N.C. In Sept. 1781 served again in the company of horsemen under CAPTAIN T. MARSH (or MASH). In Dec. 1781 again entered service in the company of mounted infantry under CAPTAIN CHARLES GOULDSTON. "Having served this tour he returned to Randolph County, N.C. and found his dwelling house reduced to ashes. His property was destroyed, his wife and children driven away by the Tories and cast upon the charity of the world for support."

Again entered service March 1782 in the company of mounted infantry under CAPT. JOSEPH ROSSER. Total service one year. Was born 14 Aug. 1749 (old Style)* in Culpeper County, Va. When he entered the service he lived in Chalham, or Chatham and Wake Counties N.C. and in Barren, Monroe and Allen Counties, Ky. He was in no general battle, but in many skirmishes. Cites JOHN DYSON, LEVI ROARK, clergyman, ROBERT F. PULLIAM, JOHNSON J. COCERILLE, ROBT. H. PARIS, WALTER THOMAS, ISAAC TRACY, LOVEL STENSON as neighborhood witnesses.

Covering Jacket: Kentucky--------25, 348 Benjamin Poe, Allen County, Pvt. N.C. line for 3 months. Pvt. of infantry, 9 months Pvt. of Cavalry. Inscribed on Ky. Roll at $47.50 per year to begin 4 March 1831. Certificate of pension issued 28 Dec. 1833.

*Note: If he was 94, he was born in 1739. (Old Stile) refers to the Julian Calendar used by the English at that time. The calendar was converted to Georgian about 1752 and there is about a 5 month difference. The Julian Calendar began with March as it's first month. The Georgian Calendar uses January as the first month.



Henry W. Poe  b. 1758 Culpeper Co. VA; esf 1777 Chatham Co., NC res Wilkes Co, NC in NC regiment; mvd c1814 to Sullivan Co. TN, where afp 1821 when had w (2nd) & an orphaned ch. all ch by 1st w having already left home; afp there 1832; PAR both times, deserted RW unit in 1782. F-R8294 R1945


John Poe (see below) esf 1777 Winchester, VA. in VA regiment; PN ae 60 Ross Co. OH. 1818; res there 1820, when eldest dd mbnn & twins ae 13 liv with him; QLF 1932 from Miss Bertha Poe, Franklin, IN, states a RW sol John Poe dd Johnson Co, IN. & his descendants there claim he drew RW PN. F-S40287 R1945


Virgil Poe, esf Spotsylvania Co. VA, in 2nd VA Regiment; PN 1811 for disability from hip wound at Battle of Germantown; PN ae 62 Franklin Co, KY, 1820, occupation farmer, when only family was w. F-S35565 R1945


Isaac Sacrey*, esf c1777 Caroline Co., VA in 2nd VA Regiment; injured in svc & came home unable to walk, accompanied by bro James; sol dd 1807 Franklin Co, KY; md 12/24/1780 Elizabeth George, Caroline County**, VA who b 3/1/1761; wid PN ae 77 Hendricks Co. IN 1838; sol bro James AFF then Shelby Co, KY, he & sol esf together c1777 & he attended sol wedding; sol s Abner res 1839 Christiansburg, Shelby Co, KY; Virgil Poe AFF 1838 Franklin Co, KY, he esf 1776 Caroline Co, VA with sol in 2nd VA Regiment; wid res 1844 Marion Township, Hendricks Co, IN; s & heir Abner gave power of attorney to agent 1853 to claim decd m's PN arrears. F-W10247 R2108


* Robert Sacrey married Polly Poe bond dated 24 June 1802

** George, Elliot, Poe and Herndon families from Caroline Co intermarry in Virginia and in North Carolina


Susan Poe Morgan (Susan or Susanna)

Morgan, Henry, b 12/7/1758 Rowan Co/Guildford Co, ND; esf 1779 latter Co in NC regiment; esf 1780 Montgomery Co, VA, where res, in VA regiment; res there after RW svc 18 years, then to Grainger Co, TN, for 11 years, thence Warren Co., TN, for 4 years, thence Logan Co, KY for 5 years, then to White Co. TN where PN 1832; dd there 2/22/49; md 9/1785 Susan/Susanna Poe, Montgomery Co. VA; wid PN ae 86 White Co. IL 1851; d Susan AFF there 1851 aec 54; other children mbnn. F-W3709 R1765


Revolutionary Soldiers buried in Ohio---1929 (provided by Evelyn Poe Jackson)

Compiled in 1929 by the Ohio Daughters of the DAR


John Poe (Ross Co.)

Volunteer rifleman, 18 mos. under Morgan. Regular dragoon under Col. White and Washington. At battle of Cowpens; battle of Guilford's Court House; at Bluford's defeat at Hanging Rock. Was taken prisoner after being wounded by swordcut on head and his horse shot out from under him. Was exchanged and present at Cornwallis' surrender at Yorktown. During service rode express for Gen Lafayette from Williamsburg to York. Born Sept. 14, 1750 at Winchester, Frederick Co., Va. Parents' German descent. Died Oct. 7, 1843 Scioto Twp., Ross Co.

Moved from Va. with his family and settled near Chillicothe, Ross Co. Ohio in 1806. In Jan. 1833, made a profession of religion in Associate Reformed Church under Rev. J. Claybaugh. Was almost the last soldier of Rev. to die in Ross Co., Ref: Scioto Gazette of Oct. 12, 1843. Register of the Ohio Society of SAR 1912-13, p. 69 under list of Revolutionary soldiers in Ohio in 1840. 9th Annual Report Library Board, VA 1911-12, pg. 242. War Dept. files. Fur. info Nathaniel Massie Chapter.             



N. C. Revolutionary War Pensioners: Morgan


Henry Morgan, wife Susan (Poe) – File No. W-3709 – N. C., Va.

White  Co., Ill. 4 Sept. 1832. Henry Morgan, a resident of sd county, ages 73 years. He served in the militia under following officers: Col. John Collier, Lt. Col. Thomas Dugan, Major Anthony Sharpe, Capt. Robert McLane, Lt. Wm. York. Was a resident of Guilford Co., N.C. and was drafted 1779. In 1780 he volunteered & served under Col. Wm Campbell, Major John Bogson, Capt. Flower Swift, Lt. Alexander Bryson, and then resided in Montgomery Co. Virginia. Volunteered again in 1781 & served under same Col., & under Major Alexander, & Capt. McAdo. He then went to Randolph Co. & joined Capt. Robt. McLane. Then volunteered for whole war. That Col. Paclfy (?) (sic) was commander & Major John Nalls. In a battle in 1781 at mouth of Sandy Creek, Lt. Wm York was wounded & following killed: David Brower, David McMasters, & Joel Benje (?) (sic). Later, he served under Major Joel Lewis, Capt. Tabb, Lt. Christmas. That he was born 7 Dec. 1758 in Rowan or Guilford Co., N. C. Resided in Montgomery Co., VA, for 16 years after his discharge, then moved to Granger Co., Tenn., where he lived 11 years, then to Warren Co., KY, where he resided 4 years, then to Logan Co., same state, for 5 years, then to this county (White Co., Ill.) where he has since resided. F. B. Brockett and Peter Miller, Jur. In his present neighborhood can testify to his character, & his services as a soldier of the revolution. Henry Morgan died 22 Feb. 1849, in While Co., Ill.


In 1851, in White Co., Ill., Susan Morgan, aged 54, submitted a strip of paper cut from “family Bible or family record,” which reads as follows: “Henry Morgan and Susanna Poe were married September 1785 – In Montgomery County, Virginia, by a Minister named Wm. Porter.” On 3 Oct. 1851, White Co., Illl, Susan Morgan, aged 86 years, made a declaration. That Henry Morgan, her husband, died 22 Feb. 1849. Signed by mark (as did Henry – Ed.).


1990 Abstracts of Revolutionary War Pension Files Volume III. N-Z 

Abstracted by Virgil White


Benjamin  Poe, (spelled Benjamain in document), NC Line, S31307, sol was b 14 Aug 1749  (old style) (book says 1794) in Culpeper Co VA & he lived in Randolph Co NC at enl, in 1782 sol had a wife & children but no names were given in the claim


David Poe NC Line S41962, Sol lived in Chatham Co NC at enl & he appl there  9 May 1818 aged 60 yrs


Henry W. Poe, NC Line R8294, Sol enl in Randolph Co, NC, appl 22 Aug 1821 Sullivan Co., TN aged 63 with a wife (his 2nd) & 1 child aged 4 yrs, & he stated his 1st wife’s children were all away from home, he reapplied 18 Nov 1834 in Sullivan Co, TN, Sol was b. in 1758 in Culpeper Co, VA and lived in Wilkes Co, NC at enl & after the Rev he lived in NC. Then moved to TN & in Sullivan Co, TN since 1814.


John Poe*, Cont Line (VA) S40287, sol enl at Winchester VA appl 12 Sept 1818 Ross Co OH aged 60 however in 1820 he gave his age as 65, in 1818 sol had referred to his children & their families and in 1820 he referred to his oldest daughter & to twins aged 13 but did not give any names of children or wife


Stephen Poe , Mary Poe, NC Line, R8295, wid appl 1 Aug 1843 Benton Co, AL aged 84, sol had m Mar__ in late summer in 1775 in Randolph Co, NC & sol d. 28 July 1843, wid referred to next friend James P Woodson (other records mention the marriage was performed by Rev. Teague)


page 724. Stephen Poe, North Carolina, wife, Mary R.8395.

Benton (Calhoun) County, Alabama, County Court, 1 August 1843, personally appeared before the Court, Mary Poe, a resident of said county, aged 84, and made claim for a pension under the Act of July 7, 1818. Declared that she was the widow of Stephen Poe who was militia soldier under the command of Col. Golston, of North Carolina and he served under Golston's and other officers command for two years and received a discharge which was lost. He entered the service in the late summer or early fall of 1776 and was with the army at Wilmington... was captured by the enemy. He lived in Wilkes County, NC when he entered service. He was discharged in the fall of 1778. She was married to Stephen Poe in 1775, by the Rev. Teague in Randolph County, NC. Stephen Poe died 28 July 1843. Claim rejected.





Virgil Poe **, VA Line S35565, appl 6 Jan 1820 Franklin Co, KY aged 62 with a wife (not named)


Rebecca Powe. Former wid, SC Line W 21983 (see Calvin Spencer)


William Powe, VA Line S11252 appl 21 Aug 1832 Garrard Co KY aged 74, sol lived in Orange Co, VA at enl


* Winchester, Frederick County, VA was settled by descendants of George Jacob Poe, of German origin. See citation above. This John Poe is of German descent.

** Virgil Poe (c1753-1840) lived in Amherst Co., VA in 1784-5. He was in Franklin Co, KY by 1812.  Possibly son of Benjamin Poe of Caroline and Spotsylvania, VA


Revolutionary Virginia The Road to Independence Volume VII Part One Independence and the Fifth Convention, 1776 A Documentary Record


Masson Poe


Saturday, 8 June1776

Fifth Virginia Convention

Petition of Freeholders and Inhabitants of Spotsylvania County (note states: This undated petition is arbitrarily placed under the date heading Saturday prior to presentation to the convention on Wednesday, 12 June 1776. Conv., Procs., and nn. 11013)


To the Honourable the Chairman, and Gentlement of the Convention. The Petition of Sundry Freeholders and Others, Inhabitants of Spotsylvania County, Humbly Sheweth. That your Petitioners Labour under a very great Hardship in being obliged to travel, Some Twenty odd & others thirty Miles, to attend General Musters, which are Constantly appointed at the Courthouse in Fredericksburg. Situate on Side of the Count. We therefore pray that an Ordinance may Pass, Directing that General Musters may for the Future, be appointed at, or near, the Center of the County, and your Petitioners shall pray &c. (note states: Petition no. 1 is endorsed on the verso "Capt. Craig" signifying that the signers were officers or enlisted men of his militia company)


Revolutionary War Records, Virginia: Virginia Army and Navy Forces with Bounty Land Warrants for Virginia Military District of Ohio, and Virginia Military Scrip; From Federal and State Archives. Gaius Marcus Brumbaugh


William Poe, warrantee, Number: 1374, Person who performed the service: William Poe, Kind of Service: State Line

Virgil Poe, Number 6275, Private, 3 years


Virginia Military Land Warrants. Virginia Military District of Ohio, Granted for Rev. War Services. State and Navy Beginning 2/14/1782

Warrant number, soldier, to whom assigned, term of service

5833   Kerns, William (Jacob Poe, assnee. of)                           Private 3 years

6375   Poe, Virgil                                                                              Private 3 years

6386   Poe, William (The heirs, legal rep. or assignees)                       Private 3 years

6460   Poe, Jesse (Heirs of)                                                           Private 3 years

4701   Poe, John                                                                              Soldier 3 years

1222   Poe, Thomas                        Poe, Thos.                                         Soldier 3 years

1371   Poe, William              Poe, Wm                                            State Line




Virginia Soldiers of 1776. Compiled from Documents on File in the Virginia Land Office. Together with Material found in the Archives Department of the Virginia State Library, and other Reliable Sources. Compiled and Edited by Louis A. Burgess. Richmond Press, Inc. Richmond, VA 1927



Virginia soldiers of 1776 / compiled and edited by Louis A. Burgess


Burgess, Louis A.


Richmond VA : Richmond Press, 1927-29


3 v. ; 23 cm.


Indexes in vols. 2-3.


Indexes of v. 2-3 ; v .3 POOR CONDITION inquire at desk.


Virginia - Soldiers - Revolution.



Jesse Poe, Private

Jesse Poe of Franklin Co., Ken. heir at law of Jesse Poe, appointed Thomas Miller of Richmond, Va. his Atty. 21st July, 1819. Witness, Reuben Smothers. Acknowledged before O. G. Waggener, J. of P.


Council Chamber, June 12, 1821. Advised that the heirs of Jesse Poe be allowed Land Bounty for his services for three years as a Private in the Contl. line. Thos. M. Randolph, Gov.


25 June, 1821. Rec'd. of Register warrant 6460 for 100 acres issued in the name of Jesse Poe, dec'd. Thos. Miller, Atty. Forwarded to Nath'l. Sawyer, Frankfort, Ken. Captain William Taylor, of Louisville, Ken. a Captain in his company, that he enlisted to serve three years, but that he died in the service before the three years had expired. Signed William Taylor, Sr. formerly Captain Second Va. Regt., Late Major of the Ninth Va. Regt. Franklin Co., Tenn.


Link to entire file for:

Virgil Poe, a soldier of Franklin Co., Tenn*. declared that he was a soldier in the company of said Capt. William Taylor, and that he knew said Jesse Poe. That Poe marched to the North and died at Blackwater, New Jersey - that he (Virgil Poe) was raised near John Poe -- knew him all his life, and that he is a brother of Jesse Poe. That the latter never married. Sworn to before O. G. Waggener, J. of P. 31st July, 1819.


John Poe, Private (see elsewhere, John Poe of Ross Co, Ohio, of Winchester, VA and German descent)

Council Chamber, Dec. 17, 1818. John Poe is entitled to the proportion of land allowed a Private of the Contl. line for three years service. James P. Preston, Gov.


"Know all men by these presents that I, John Poe of Ross Co., Ohio, late a Private in the first Regt. of Light Dragoons of the Contl. line during the Rev. was, appoint John Watts, of Bedford Co., Va. my lawful Atty., " etc. Signed, 30 Oct. 1815.


State of Ohio, Ross Co., Corporation of Chillicothey, John Poe personally appeared before Joseph McLine, Recorder of said Corporation and said state, 30 Oct., 1815.


Warrant 6311 issued 11th May, 1819 for 100 acres to John Poe. Recorded Book 3, p. 55, Va. L. Off.


L. Harvey Poe

L. Harvey Poe, Jr

Data Concerning Quarles Family. Contributed by Miss Anne Waller Reddy, Richmond, a. Old Dominion Chapter, D.A.R.

Paymaster Genl. James Quarles

General James Quarles married Dorothy Waller. Their daughter, Sarah married John Houchins. Anne Waller Houchins (dau. of John and Sarah (Quarles Houchins,) married B. L. Power, and their daughter, Anne Waller Power married Samuel Carlisle Colburn. Alice Meredith, a daughter of Samuel and Anne (Power) Colburn, married James Valentine Reddy. Two of their children are Alice M. Reddy (married L. Harvey Poe, and have a son, L. Harvey Poe, Jr.) , and Anne Waller Reddy.


Official Source not yet attained. Text provided by  Nancy Kiser of Denver, CO in post number 2442 on Genforum, posted February 28, 2003.


Virgil Poe

Jesse Poe

I Virgil Poe of the County of Franklin & State of Kentucky do on oath declare that I was a Soldier in Capt. Samuel (?)Haws Company belonging to the second Virginia Regiment on Continental Establishment in the Revolutionary War, that I was well acquainted with Jesse Poe who was from the County of Caroline in the State of Virginia, & was a Cosin of me – that the said Jesse Poe in the month of February or March 1776 enlisted as a private Soldier into said Company to serve three years. He marched with us to the lower part of Virginia to Burwells (?) ferry on the James River where we were continued some time – we were then marched on to Willmington in the State of Delaware & from there to the main Army in the State of New Jersey and the said Jesse continued to serve with us in the said Company until some time in the latter part of 1777 when he was taken bleedin at the nose & died on a Creek called Blackwater in the State of New Jersey.



List of Private Claims Presented to the House of Representatives of the United States from the 1st to the 31st Congress, inclusive

(the number at the left identifies the row here and is not part of the original



Name of Claimant                Nature of object or the claim                      Congress                   Session            How brought before House

1. Virgil Poe                          Invalid Pension                                            12                                1                      House Bill

2. Widow of David Poe,      Payment for forage supplied American   16                                1                      Petition

Elizabeth Poe                      army by deceased, as Quartermaster

                                                in Revolutionary War


3. John Poe (Ohio)             Compen. for Services                                 22                                2                      Petition

4. John Poe (Ohio)             Comp. for Serv. in Rev. War                      23                                1                      Petition

5. John Poe (KY)                 Comp. for services in Purchasing                        30                                1                      Petition

horses and mules for U.S. Army

6. John Poe (KY)                 Comp. for Serv. Purchases, horses          30                                2                      Petition

                                                mules, etc.



page of journal                     To What Committee Referred                    No. or date of the report                  Nature of Report

1. 361                                     Whole House                                                           6-15-1812 with Amendment            Passed

2. 135                                     Pens. & Rev. Cl'ms                                      1-24-1820                                          adverse

3. 64                                       Revolution Claims in Rev. War

4. 377                                     Rev. Claims

5. 773                                     Claims

6. 77                                       Claims                                                                                                                        Favorable



How disposed of by the House of Representatives

1. Approved 7-5-1812

2. Rejected

6. Bill 681 referred to Committee Whole House



Virginia Colonial Soldiers. Lloyd DeWitt Bockstruck. Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc. Baltimore 1988


Pay Roll of Capt. Thomas Waggener's Company. Jan. 1756

Samuel Poe


Pay Roll of Capt. Peter Hog's Company, Jan. 1756

John Pow

Thomas Pow


Pay Roll of Capt. Thomas Waggener's Company, 1 June 1756

Samuel Poe


Pay Roll of Capt. Thomas Waggener's Company for Service at Monongalia, 9 July 1756

Samuel Poe


Pay Roll of Capt. Thomas Waggener's Company, July and August 1756

Samuel Poe


Size Roll of Capt. Thomas Waggener's Company, 19 Sept. 1756. Roll gave name, height, age , complexion, country, trade, by whom enlisted, and description

Samuel Poe

Sgt., 5' 4", 26, dark, England, shoemaker, Lt. John Hamilton, well made, black hair and eyes, sharp nose


Pay Roll of Capt. Peter Hog's Company, December 1756

John Pow

Thomas Pow


Size Roll of Capt. Thomas Waggener's Company at Fort Holland in the South Branch, August 1757. Roll gave name, country, age, height, complexion, country, and trade.

Samuel Poe, Northumberland, 26, 5' 4", dark, England, shoemaker, Sgt.


Necessary Roll of Capt. Thomas Waggener's Company, 14 Sept. 1757.

Samuel Poe


Necessary Roll of Capt. Thomas Waggener's Company on the South Branch for Sept. 1757.

Samuel Poe


Necessary Roll of Capt. Thomas Waggener's Company, Nov. 1757.

Samuel Poe


Necessary Roll of Capt. Thomas Waggener's Company of the South Branch, Dec. 1757

Samuel Poe


Necessary Roll of Capt. Thomas Waggener's Company at Fort Hopewell on the South Branch, 1 March 1758

Samuel Poe


Necessary Roll of Capt. Thomas Waggener's Company at Fort Hopewell for the Month of March 1758.

Samuel Poe


Account of Arrears Due to Soldiers of Capt. Peter Hog's Company of the Virginia Regiment

John Pow, 87 Days


Dunmore's War 1774

The Names of the Soldiers on the Pay Rolls at Romney and Winchester

Capt. Joseph Mitchell's Role.

Edward Poe

The Names of the Soldier on the Pay Rolls at Pittsburgh

Capt. George Vallandigham's Roll:

Andrew Poe


Samuel Poe

Petition of Samuel Poe who was a soldier in the Virginia Regiment and was wounded at the battle when Braddock was defeated. 23 May 1774.


Militia Miscellany: Sources Vary

Samuel Poe allowed 20.0.0 for relief and 5.0.0 per annum for life. 25 May 1774


William Poe

The following entries are taken from William Waller Hening's collection of the laws of Virginia. The soldiers mentioned in the schedule attached to the act dated October 1765 providing for the appointment of commissioners to examine and state the accounts of the militia ordered out into actual service during the French and Indian War appear below.

Culpeper County

includes William Poe


Samuel Poe

Reference to Colonial War Service in the Revolutionary War Pensions Granted by the State of Virginia (Virginia State Library, Archives Division). The following are the references in these applications identified by pension file number

Samuel Poe, a solider in the French and Indian War; upwards of 50 years of age on 26 Dec. 1787; Campbell County., #329


Bounty Land Warrants

Thomas Poe


Certificate from Lord Dunmore dated 29 May 1774 stating that Thomas Poe is entitled to 50 acres which he desires to located in Botetourt County: assigned to Bartholomew Dandridge.


Samuel Poe

Warrant for 200 acres issued to Charles Lynch, assignee of William Anthony, assignee of Samuel Poe, a sergeant in the 1st Va. Rgmt.


Warrant for 50 acres issued to John May*, assignee of Thomas Poe, a solder under Col. William Byrd. Proved on oath of William Hughes, 8 Nov. 1779 James City Co.


David Poe

Warrant for 50 acres issued to John May*, assignee of David Poe, a soldier in the 1st Va. Rgmt. under Co. William Byrd. Proved on oath of William Hughes. 8 Nov. 1779 James City Co.


*others on same page who assigned to John May: William Hughes William Kelly, Henry Bolton, John Williams, Mathew Robarts,


Virginia Revolutionary War State Pensions. Virginia Genealogical Society. Special Publication No. 7. 1980


Samuel Poe File 329. Campbell Co. Ct. record 3 Apr. 1788, signed by Ro. Alexander. Deposition 26 Dec. 1787 by Charles M. Talbot that Samuel Poe was a soldier in the French War... was wounded ... appeared to be upwards of 50 years of age. Receipts to John Callaway and Robert Adams, signed by Samuel Poe, Witnessed by Andrew Bryan. Warrant endorsed by A. Blair. Ct. session 4 June 1789, James Dairing made oath that Samuel Poe died 17 July 1788. Receipt signed by James Dearing, administrator, and witnessed by Ro. Franklin.


Roster of the Continental Line 1783


Henry Poe pt. Hall's Company. 13 January 1783. Service 12 mos.


Simeon Poe pt. Brevard's Company. 10 Sept 1782. Occurrence: Desd. 23 June 1783.


A Roster of the Arkansas Sons of the American Revolution 1890-1985 and Register of Ancestors

By Robert W. Dhonau


William Powe (Pvt. VA) (1760-1839) 3495

m. Jerusha Brown

child: Rice Powe b. 1800

m. Harriet Brown

Desc: St. No. 692

Blankenship, Clarence Burton, National Number 117935


Rejected Pension

Taken from this site on November 18, 2002: Tennessee - Rejected Pension File


First Name     Last Name     State               City/County               Reason

Henry Poe                            Tennessee    Blountsville, Sullivan          Desertion. (Rejected/Suspended Pensions, 1852)


Miscellaneous Sources – these need reference (data is from earlier research notes)


William Lewis (Pvt VA) (1767 – 1825 married Sarah Poe. At least ten children. Caroline m. David F. Walker; Maria Lewis m. Michael R. Bower; Charles Scott Lewis; Joshua Lewis; Harriet Lewis m. Nimrod Minifee. Stephen Decatur Lewis (b. 1807) m. Lydia Potts; Sarah Lewis b. 1820; Frank Dunn Lewis m. (2) S. M. Hollinsworth

Descendants include: Lucy Elizabeth Allen Thomas; Paulina Lewis m. Archibald Scott; Daniel Lewis; Jane Isaacs


Andrew Lewis (BGen. VA) (1720-1891) m. 1749 Elizabeth Given

Child: William Lewis b. 1764 m. Hannah Poe


Norvell Robertson (Pvt. VA) (1765-1855) m. 1791 Sarah Powell

Child: Jeffry Robertson b. 1792 m. Martha Poe


George William Teeter (Teter) (Ens VA) (1739-1815) married (1) Sarah Phares 1760; (2) Ester (Hester) Griffith 1796; Child of (2) Lewis Craig Teeter (b. 1798) married Sally Poe


Abstract of Graves of Revolutionary Patriots

Name Cemetery Location Reference  

POE, Adam Sixteen Cem Massillon, Stark Co OH 57  Abstract of Graves of Revolutionary Patriots, Vol.3, p.  —Serial: 12172; Volume: 4 

POE, Adam Sixteen Cem 1 mi S of Massileon, Stark Co OH 56  Abstract of Graves of Revolutionary Patriots, Vol.3, p.  —Serial: 11999; Volume: 8 

POE, David Gen Westminster Pres Ch Cem lot 27, Baltimore MD 15  Abstract of Graves of Revolutionary Patriots, Vol.3, p. Serial: 6924; Volume: 14 

POE, Edward Sharon Cem Sharon KY 66  Abstract of Graves of Revolutionary Patriots, Vol.3, p.  —Serial: 12842; Volume: 3 

POE, James Capt Browns Mill Cem nr Greencastle PA 20  Abstract of Graves of Revolutionary Patriots, Vol.3, p.  —Serial: 7783; Volume: 5 

POE, John Pisgah Cem Johnson Co IN 72  Abstract of Graves of Revolutionary Patriots, Vol.3, p.  —Serial:  ; Volume:   

POE, John Pisgah Cem Johnson Co IN 24  Abstract of Graves of Revolutionary Patriots, Vol.3, p.  —Serial: 8399; Volume: 7 

POE, John   Ross Co OH 55  Abstract of Graves of Revolutionary Patriots, Vol.3, p.  —Serial: 11912; Volume: 4 


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DAR Patriot Index - Centennial Edition


Poe: Pohe

Adam: b. 1747 MD d 9-23-1838 OH m (1) Elizabeth Smith Codman

            (2) Betsey Matthews Pvt PA PNSR

Andrew: b 9-30-1742 MD d 7-15-1823 PA m Elizabeth Rutan Lt PA

Benjamin: b 8-14-1749 VA d p 5-19-1838 KY m (1)  Comfort -----

            (2) Patsey --- Pvt NC

David: b 1742 IR d 10-17-1816 MD m Elizabeth Cairnes Dep-QMGen MD

Edward: b 1732 IR d a 5 - - 1816 KY m (1) Martha Brittain

            (2) Catharine ---- Sgt VA

Elizabeth Cairnes: b1756 PA d 7-7-1838 MD m David Poe PS MD

George: b c 1741 IR d 8020-1823 MD m Catherine Dawson Capt MD

George: b 3- - 1750 PA d 6-10-1805 PA m Eva (Effie) Booth Lt PA

John: b 1758 NC d 10-9-1834 IN m Mary (Polly) Newman Pvt NC

Patrick: b 1758 PA d a 9-10-1849 KY m (1) x   (2) Hannah Swain Pvt PA

Samuel: b 1738 VA d 1819 VA m Margaret King Pvt VA*

Samuel: b c 1770 d 3-17-1817 VA m X PS VA**

Simon: b c 1764/65 NC d a 1-1-1827 MO m Rebecca ---- Pvt NC

Thomas: b 1749 VA d 2-22-1825 VA m Mary Blakey Pvt VA

William: b 1755 d 1804 m Francis Winslow Sgt PA


Powe: Pau, Pou

Thomas: b 1747 VA d 5-7-1817 SC m (1) Rachel Allen

            (2) Rebecca (Ford) Spencer Lt Cmsry SC

William: b 1-6-1750 SC d 1811 SC m (1) Anna Baxter

            (2) Ann Miller CS PS SC

William: b 1759 VA d 11-8-1839 KY m Jerusha Brown Pvt VA PNSR


* See the Joan Hackett site at Ancestry/Rootsweb.

**For information on the Poe family associated with this Patriot, see Poe Research look for the link to “Poe – Virginia”



George WAGGONER S4384 West Tenn. #19039, $26.66/year issued 26 July 1833.
5 Sept 1832 Franklin County, George WAGGONER aged 72 states he was born in 1760 Bucks County, Pennsylvania, according to the record of his parents. He possesses no personal records of his birth. He was at the battle of Briar Creek but was employed as a wagoner. He volunteered in Orange County, N.C., and served five months under Capt. John YOUNG and Col. SANDERS. He received a written discharge but lost it when removing to Kentucky at an earl period. His brother- in- law was Lt. Maj. in a 9 months regiment Some time in the winter of 1780/1781 he volunteered again in the same county, in a company of mounted infantry under Capt. GRISHAM, Maj. William MCCULLER and Capt. TAYLOR. Shortly afterwards he volunteered in a company of rangers commanded by Abraham ALLEN. and Lt. Joseph YOUNG. The day before Hillsborough was taken the company had a severe battle with the enemy on nearby KIRK'S plantation. LT. YOUNG was mortally wounded and soon died. This applicant was shot through the right arm a short distance above the wrist, which has troubled him much ever since. He was unable to serve for one month and then served scouring the country for Tories, " with whom that devoted section of the country was much infested." He can prove his service by Thomas KING and his brother Solomon WAGGONER. He continued to reside in Orange County until a few years after the war when he removed to Greene County, East Tennessee, where he lived for 12 or 15 years. From there he moved to Barren County, Ky., where he lived for seven or eight years. He then removed to this county 24 or 25 years ago.
Thomas KING aged 64 or 65 states he was born and raised in Orange County, N.C. and was raised form his earliest recollection with the applicant and his family, their fathers lived with in two miles of one another. He has a clear recollection of the battle of KIRKS plantation, and was well aquatinted with the officers and many of the men on both sides. The company muster ground was on his father's land. Deponent removed to this county 22 years ago.
Clergyman Robert DOUGAN and Capt. James LEWIS vouch for WAGGONER'S age and reputation.
Larkin REAGAN states he served with WAGGONER in Capt. YOUNG'S company during the war.
26 May 1833 Franklin County, George WAGGONER, aged 72, clarifies the length of his various terms. after refreshing his memory in conversation with Thomas KING. he recalls that he served in Abraham ALLEN'S company of rangers for six months. At the time of the Commencement of his third term there were three Tories hanged at Hillboro: RICKETTS, POE AND DARK.


NOTE: Chatham County, NC records: During this term seven have been capitally convicted, to-wit: Samuel Poe, for Burglary; Thomas Ricketts, Merideith Edwards, Thomas Eastridge and Thomas Dark, for High Treason; William Duke and Thomas Hunt, for Hose Stealing.



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