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References for Genealogists



Library of Virginia


DAR Library Washington, D.C.




Civil War Soldiers and Sailors


General reference


Cyndi’s List of Genealogical Sites


Read the Census Reports


Historical Glossary


Old Style / New Style Dates


Library of Virginia


Revolutionary War Bibliographies


Maps and guide to searching these pages


Historical Societies and State History


North Carolina State Archives


Kentucky County History


North Carolina County History


Historical Society of Pennsylvania


History of Virginia Counties also County Formation

Virginia Historical Society


Jamestown, Virginia




Definition of Dower


Reading Probate Records


Colonial Wills


Women and the Law


Women’s Rights 1798


Statutes at Large of Virginia


Eighteenth Century Virginia Law





Federal Patents


Introduction to Virginia Land History from Land Record Reference





United States Map – States as of 1895


National County Formation Maps


National Atlas


Virginia Map 1895 (link on the above site -- huge file, don't click unless you have DSL or Cable)


Virginia Map 1850


Old Virginia Map containing the Peumansend


Detail of Old Virginia Map showing Peumansend




Old Occupations



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