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Note about searching these North Carolina pages


There are many other surnames represented on the various web pages. They are ones that may help connect Poe family members, someone of that surname was married to a Poe, or it may be that their information could shed light on where Poe and related family members lived. On the Poe records are as exhaustive from the source as I could manage. Please let me know if you find mistakes in my typing, or if I have a source incorrectly identified: William Poe


The records below are more or less chronological, but due to the volume of data and number of sources, many records following a citation span a wide range of years. The best way to use this page is probably to use "find" and search for particular people and last names. The names in BOLD type are among ones that appear in other connections. Not all repeating names are bolded.


Search within the page for every variant of a name you can think of since I have tried to stay with the spelling from the source material. Look for Richerson or Richardson; Poe or Powe; Straughn or Straughan, for example. By no means did I exhaust the records for any last name other than Poe. However, I have included all records including the name Poe from whatever source is cited.


It has been difficult to decide which records to include here. When I have seen close family ties, I have included significant records, even if the Poe name is not mentioned. I am of course biased to my own family research. Names such as Holiman and Reynolds in my own line are also here in North Carolina, then Fayette County, Alabama and on to Saline (Grant) County, Arkansas where my grandparents were born. Other families found here in North Carolina migrated together with the Poes along the route to Alabama and then Arkansas, including Melton, Wright, Moore, Ashcraft and others. They Reynolds (Rennolds) family goes all the way to Essex County, VA but I am not sure this is the same Reynolds that includes my great-great grandmother, Sarah Reynolds and her sister Mariam Rosty Reynolds (Reynolds married Holimans - my great grandmother was Sarah Holiman).


If not otherwise noted, marriage records including a bond number are from one of these indexes.

i. e. Cassae Poe Groom: Thomas Pickett Bond Date: 17 Jan 1796 Record #: 02 319 Bondsman: Williamson Bryan

Bond #: 000099977

  1. Marriage index : selected counties of MD, NC, VA, 1624-1915.
  2. [North Carolina marriage bond index, 1741-1868 : bride index.].
  3. [North Carolina marriage bond index, 1741-1868 : grooms index.

Most citations listed below are from the DAR Library Online Catalog.


Links to useful maps


North Caroline Map 1895 (Large)


Detail of 1895 Map Showing Counties Poe settled


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Orange County, North Carolina - subsequent county formations


North Carolina County Maps at Rootsweb



Creeks and Branches mentioned in records --- broken links since I looked them up.


Landmarks to look up. The USGS links broke, so best just search online maps for these names, or search on this site:


Lick Creek


Horsepen Creek (Guilford Co)


Beaver Creek


Little Bear Creek


Bear Creek


Brooks Creek


New Hope creek


Mill Branch (Creek)


Cedar Creek


Rocky River


Morgan Creek


Stinking Creek


Crooked Creek