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Poe Family in Anson County North Carolina

Now Union County. Includes Richmond, Montgomery and Cheraw District, South Carolina


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John Poe (1785-1859) and Sarah Threet (1794-1861)


Sarah Threet may be a daughter of Evan Threet, son of Frederick Threet, son of Miles Threet.

The data below puts Sarah within this family, and Anson Deeds place John Poe and Evan Threet as neighbors on Lane’s Creek.  I have not researched the Randy Jones data presented here. The data seems to fit what I have discovered. These families seem to move between Chesterfield County, SC and Anson County, NC, navigating Lanes Creek, to Rocky River and along the Peedee River



The Thweatt Family

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Ahnentafel, Generation No. 1


Miles THWEATT was born ABT 1703, and died ABT 1767. He was the son of 2. James THWEATT and 3. Judith SOANE. He married Sarah GREEN, daughter of Burwell GREEN and Ann POYTHRESS. She was born ABT 1709.





Ahnentafel, Generation No. 2


James THWEATT was born BEF 1676 in Prince George Co., VA, and died ABT 1727. He was the son of 4. James THWEATT and 5. Mary LEE.



Judith SOANE was born ABT 1678, and died ABT 1721. She was the daughter of 6. William SOANE and 7. Mary.




Children of Judith SOANE and James THWEATT are:






Miles THWEATT was born ABT 1703, and died ABT 1767. He married Sarah GREEN, daughter of Burwell GREEN and Ann POYTHRESS. She was born ABT 1709.



Drury THWEATT was born ABT 1705. He married Elizabeth.



Edward THWEATT. He married Mary. He married Elizabeth.



William THWEATT was born ABT 1708.



Martha THWEATT was born 1710. She married John PETERSON, son of John PETERSON and Mary HERBERT. He was born ABT 1695, and died OCT 1773.






Elizabeth THWEATT.






James THWEATT was born 12 MAR 1720/21.



Judith THWEATT. She married John SPAIN.

Ahnentafel, Generation No. 3


James THWEATT was born 1643 in ENG, was christened 28 FEB 1643/44 in St. Peter-le-Moor, Little Bolton, co.Lancaster, ENG, and died BET 1707 AND 1712. He was the son of 8. Johnº THWEATT.



Mary LEE was born 1647 in Charles City Co., VA, and died AFT 4 JAN 1712 in Prince George Co., VA. She was the daughter of 10. Johnº LEE and 11. Judithº.




Children of Mary LEE and James THWEATT are:






James THWEATT was born BEF 1676 in Prince George Co., VA, and died ABT 1727. He married Judith SOANE 24 DEC 1701 in Henrico Co., VA, daughter of William SOANE and Mary. She was born ABT 1678, and died ABT 1721. He married Martha ABT 1724.



John THWEATT was born ABT 1678, and died BEF 12 JUN 1759 in Prince George Co., VA. He married Elizabeth SOANE 24 NOV 1702 in Henrico Co., VA, daughter of William SOANE and Mary. She was born 1676 in Henrico Co., VA, and died BEF 1714. He married Judith PETERSON BET 1715 AND 1719, daughter of John PETERSON and Mary HERBERT. She was born ABT 1702, and died ABT 1773 in Brunswick Co., VA.



Henry THWEATT was born ABT 1680 in Prince George Co., VA, and died ABT 1726. He married Hannah STANLEY 1709, daughter of Edward STANLEY and Hannah WILSON. She was born 1684 in Henrico Co., VA, and died AFT 1745.



Elizabeth THWEATT died AFT 1712. She married ARCHER.



Maryº THWEATT died AFT 1712. She married Danielº STURDIVANT ABT 1699 in Prince George Co., VA, son of Johnº STURDIVANT and Sarahº HALLOM. He was born ABT 1670.



Judith THWEATT died AFT 1712.



William SOANE was born 1651, and died AFT 1714. He was the son of 12. Henryº SOANE.







Children of Mary and William SOANE are:



Elizabeth SOANE was born 1676 in Henrico Co., VA, and died BEF 1714. She married John THWEATT 24 NOV 1702 in Henrico Co., VA, son of James THWEATT and Mary LEE. He was born ABT 1678, and died BEF 12 JUN 1759 in Prince George Co., VA.



Judith SOANE was born ABT 1678, and died ABT 1721. She married James THWEATT 24 DEC 1701 in Henrico Co., VA, son of James THWEATT and Mary LEE. He was born BEF 1676 in Prince George Co., VA, and died ABT 1727.



Samuel SOANE died ABT 1730.




Frederick THREATT was born ABT 1740, and died ABT 1800. He was the son of 2. Miles THWEATT and 3. Sarah GREEN.




Children of Frederick THREATT are:



John THREATT was born ABT 1760.



Miles THREATT was born ABT 1760.



Green THREATT was born ABT 1769.



Evan THREATT was born ABT 1775 in VA, and died AFT 1860. He married Elizabeth. She was born 1775 in SC, and died AFT 1860.



Threet Family Website (John Poe 1785-1859 married Sarah Threet in Anson Co. NC around 1805. Sarah was of the Threet family in Anson and in Chesterfield Co. South Carolina. Presumably these Threet descend from the Virginia Thweat group)


Threet Family Notes, Census Records, etc.


Based on this Ancestry data and my own investigations, and relying much on these record from Anson County, NC associating John Poe with an Evan Threet, my best analysis is that Sarah Threet  is a daughter of this Evan Threet, who was a son of Frederick Threet – see ancestry charts above.


Anson County Deeds

Typ Deed

Ref S-214

Dat 2 Oct 1818

Rec Oct 1818

Frm William Ross

To Even Threatt

Con $200

Re 100 acres on waters Lanes Creek; Joel Renfrow's widow Sary's part; incl plantation where Ross now lives

Wit John Poe, Julius Holley

Adj Jesse Hasty, Michael Costley, William Ross's new entry

loc 8320 -15616 F127 L0 P255


ln ;; Jesse Hasty

ln ;; Michael Costley's heirs

ln ;; Ross's new entry


Typ Deed

Ref S-192

Dat 2 Oct 1818

Rec Oct 1818

Frm Stephen Hasty

To Evan Threat

Con $5.00

Re his claim to Sary Renfrow's dower rights to 100 acres where William Ross lives

Wit John Poe, Julius Holly

loc 1136 -320 F127 L0 P255

















For whatever it is worth since I failed to record the source of this information, sometime in the 1980s I wrote down  this statement: When James Poe, Stephen Poe’s brother, migrated to Fayette Co, AL, family historians recorded that certain nieces and nephews went with James Poe to Fayette. However, James Poe, Stephen Poe’s son remains with his mother. James, Stephens’ son died young, never married.


Abstracts of Deeds: Deed Book 1


Deed Book 1

Page 63

22 June 1750

James Denson, senr. To William Downs, both of Anson, 10 pounds, Virginia currency, tract [100 acres] on north side of the Peedee, on the river bank, pat. Sd. Denson November 2, 1746.

Wit: Thomas Ridge, Luke Blakely,

            Samuel Armstrong


Page 141

19 April 1756

Richard Bradford to William Terry, Esq., both of Anson County; for 25 pounds 300 acres on the north side of the Great Peedee, geg at a white oak, to Thomas Stafford Williams on east bank of Hitchcocks Creek, granted to Bradford, 15 March 1756

Wit: E. Cartledge, James Gordon, Thomas Stafford Williams


Page 216

24 April 1756

William Beard, of Anson County, Province of NC to Robert Davis, or same, for 30 pounds Virginia currency, 300 acres, on Waxhaw Creek  [S.C.]

Wit: John Crockett, Robert Ramsey, Repentance Townsend


Page 248

8 May 1756

Samuel Coburn and Margaret, his wife, of Anson County, to Mathias Claus, of same, for 10 pounds, 200 acres south of the Catawba River on Chigles Creek about ½ mile above the fall, surveyed for Peter Ereack [Erick] for 400 acres.

Andrew Barry, Hugh Barry, Janet Barry


Page 253

24 September 1757

Andrew Barry, Esq. to Richard Barry, 540 acres where Andrew Barry now lives gr sd Barry, 23 February 1754, north side of Tanyard Branch, adj. Samuel Wilson, Alex Osburn, Matthew Poole.


Page 278

25 January 1757

Richard Yarbrough to Joel Yarbrough, for 30 pounds; 100 acres. William Downs, Jonathan Downs, William Stone.






Volume C-1

P. 169-173

13 & 14 August 1755

Richard Reynolds (Renelds) to Mosses Moore (leave s5, release pounds 40 Va. money) . . . land on S side of S fork Cattawba, (Cuttawba) on Reynolds Creek, including where he lately lived, 600 A granted to Renelds 28 March 1755 .... Richard Randles (seal), Wit: David Huddelston, William Huddleston, Pattr. Ker.


(John Clark of Anson mentioned in 1755 deeds)


page 213.

6 October 1758

Account of sales of estate of John Snoddy, by Agness Snoddy (+), Buyers: Gideon Thompson, Jesper Sutton, John Moor, Hugh Parks, James Austin, Samuel Watson, Robert Courtney, James Doughtery, Robert Tinner (Tyner?), Joseph Tanner, Samuel Givens, William Sims, William Barr, William Coatney.


p. 325-326

29 July 1758

Anthony Hutchins of Anson Co, to James Pickett Jur. for pounds 100 ... 200 a., part of 500 A granted to Joseph White 26 September 1746, on S side great Pee Dee, adj. John Leeths corner.. sold by White to Henry Falconbury 2 April 1740, then to James Pickett 20 October 1755, then to sd. Hutchins 20 January 1757 .. and another tract of 100 A whereon Sd. James Pickett now lives, conveyed by Isaac Norman to James Pickett L5 July 1753, then to Anthony Hutchins 20 January 1757, and also a tract granted 13 October 1749 to Nicholas Smith on S side of Great Pee Dee, above mouth of Little River ... conveyed to Townsend Robinson, then to James Pickett, then to Anthony Hutchins 20 January 1757... Antho. Hutchins (seal), Wit: John Hamer, Violet Primrose, Thomas Prestwood.


Pp. 390-391

18 January 1759

Thomas Reynolds (renolds) & Mary his wife of Anson Co. to Allexander Renolds, son of sd. Thomas Reynolds, for paternal love and affection .. on Bufelow creek* that runs into Broad River, 250 A granted 30 August 1753 .. Thomas Reynolds (x) (Seal), Mary Reynolds (x) (seal).

Wit: Richard Reynolds (+), John Thomas.


Note: Buffalo Creek is near where John Poe had land on Lane’s Creek. John Poe’s sons married Reynolds sisters. Son William Threet Poe married Sarah Reynolds and son Thomas Poe married Mariam Rosty Reynolds. Presumably this is the same Reynolds family that can later be found in Pickens County where Wm T. Poe lived. I am trying to discover is this Reynolds family goes back to the Reynolds family of Essex / Caroline County, VA where these Poe families started out.





Deed Book 5

Page 112

28 October 1758

Anthony Hutchins of Anson, executor of will of John Leeth, to James Pickett, Jr. land sold at sale to discharge debts, 200 acres on south side of the Peedee, both sides of Cedar Creek, pat. 11 April 1749; to Francis Macklewean; to Samuel French; reconveyed to John Collson, Benjamin Reynolds (Rennolds)


Page 171

10 June 1759

James Pickett, Jr. of Anson Co. to Joel Phillips, of same, for 35 pistoles 200 acres on south side of Peedee, on both sides of cedar Cr.; gr. Francis McElwean 11 April 1749; by him to Samuel French; and back to McElwean 17 January 1750; and by him to John Leeth, dec'd, and sold by Anthony Hutchins, exor. of John Leeth. John Collson, Benjamin Reynolds (Rennolds), Anthony Hutchins


Anson County, NC, Deed books HI, K, & H


[omitted]; reg. Sept. 2, 1767; book H1 p. 47.


(36). May 16, 1767 William Hamer, yeoman (Anson Co) to William Daniel, sadler (same); for £40 sold 112 ac; ler: begins at a white oak in John Newberry's line on W side of Island Cr and crosses Island Cr; granted May 17, 4 to John Hamer who sold to William Hamer. (signed) William Hamer; witness Jacob Paul & John Damas [or mas]; wit. oath Jul. 1767 acknowledged; reg. Sept. 4, 1767; book HI p. 49.


,(37). Apr. 13, 1767 Job Meaders (Anson Co) to William Rushing (same); for £8 sold 50 ac; border: begins at a pine E side of Thompsons Cr and runs up the creek to "the thurroufare"; part ofa grant Feb. 21,1757 to Wm Rushing (sic). (signed) Job "Meador"; witness John Jackson & Malachi Watts; reg. Sept. 17, 1767; book HI p. 51.

NOTE: Thompson Creek appears to be in South Caroline.


59 (40). May 16, 1767 William Hamer, yeoman (Anson Co) to William Daniel, sadler (same); for £40 sold 100 ac; order: begins at John Newberry's comer white oak on S bank of Pee Dee R above Island Cr; granted Feb. 25, 1754 ) John Hamer who sold Jul. 25, 1765 to William Hamer. (signed) William Hamer; witness Jacob Paul & John

Dennas"; wit. oath Jul. 1767 by [omitted]; reg. Sept. 10, 1767; book HI p. 55.


160 (41). May I, 1767 (7th year of reign of George III) John Chick, planter, & wife Jane (Anson Co) to John Stevens, planter (same); for £0.5 sold 200 ac in Bladen, now Anson, Co on N side of Great Pee Dee R and above mouth of Brown Cr; border: begins at John Clark's lower comer hickory; granted Nov. 26, 1746 by George II to John Collson (of Anson Co) (recorded in offices of Secretary and Auditor General) and sold Jun. 28, 1750 to John Chick (Cheek?) who sold Jul. 26, 1764 to John Stevens (recorded in Anson Co) (sic). (signed) John Chick's mark "+" & Jane's mark "+"; witness Samuel Spencer & Jas Pickett [or Pukett]; wit. oath Jul. 1767 by [omitted]; reg. Sept. 14, 1767; book HI p. 57.


Alexander Powe

Birth: Mar. 3, 1771

South Carolina, USA Death: Feb. 22, 1825

Mississippi, USA

Alexander Powe, son of Thomas and Rachel Allen Powe, was born in Darlington District, S. C. Emigrated to Mississippi in 18ll and settled approximately two miles south of Winchester in Wayne County. His wife's name was Eliza Spencer. Burial:

Powe Cemetery


Wayne County

Mississippi, USA



962 (43). Jul. 8, 1767 Isaac Johnston (Orange Co, NC) to James Shepherd (same); for £100 sold 200 ac in 2 tracts: (a) 100 ac; border: begins at a sweet gum & oak on NE side of Pee Dee R and E side of Little R in Charles Robinson's upper line and a tract surveyed for John "Mecoy"; granted Sept. 27, 1756 by the King to John Averett; and (b) 100 ac on W side of Little R of Pee Dee R; border: begins at a white oak in Charles Robinson's line; granted Apr. 4, 1750 by the King to George Cleamonds; except half of all gold & silver mines. (signed) Isaac "Johnson"; witness Sol. Gross, John Womack, & Daniel Blackwell; wit. oath Jul. 1767 by [omitted]; reg. Sept. 17,1767; book HI p. 63.


963 (44). Jul. 31, 1767 Thomas Wright (Anson Co) to Samuel Wise (Charles town, SC); for £100 sold 150 ac; border: begins at a live oak on John Barry's [or Berry] line now John Hamer's; granted Oct. 3, 1758 to Abraham (did not photocopy next page)






8 July 1762.

Inventory of Estate of Matthew Parker, by James Howard


p. 184

14 April 1758

Inventory of Joseph Hollingsworth, by Martha Hollingsworth. Wit: Adam McCool.

(Joseph Hollingsworth was a resident of what is now Union County, South Carolina.) < this note is in the book I took this from. A daughter of John Poe and Sarah Threet, born in 1830 and died in 1832 married a McCool at one point.


Anson County

Petition 1770 to Governor, Council and Assembly by Inhabitants of Anson County against the court at Salisbury saying that they spent of necessity much gold and silver there which finds its way to Virginia and South Carolina from the Province of North Carolina; asks that a court at Campbellton be established for Anson, Orange and Cumberland Counties.

Signed By:

Nahthaniel Ashley

Welcome Ussery

William Ussery Sr

Thomas Ussery

John Usser

John Flower

Samuel Parsons

William Parsons

David Smith

John Smith

Thomas Harmer

Van Swearingen

Malachi Watts

Owing Slaughter

Andrew Watts

Andrew Watts Jr

Vick Moon

James Cotton

Jacob Paul

William Holly

Isom Haley

Thomas Fee

John Henson

Jason Meador

Jason Meador Jr

John Hamer Jr




Montgomery County

A list of outstanding debts in the Province of North Carolina due James Cotton, Esq, by bonds notes and book accounts February 176 when the obligations and books fell into the hands of the enemy, which list was made out to the best of his knowledge, together with the help of Capt. Walter Cunningham, his assistant surveyor of land in that province, who for some time lived in his family, was well acquainted with this affairs and also the several debtors here inserted.



James Auld

James Hutchins

Thomas Reynolds,

Daniel McMullen (McMillion or McMillan)

William Pratt


Tax List 1782

Patty Bradford

(several Ballard)

Job Calloway

Nathan Howard

Peter Hamblett

John Hamblett

Aron McMillan 65 acres

Amos McMillan 100 acres  --- this is the family of the McMillan women who married into the families of John Poe and Simon Poe below.


David Poore 200 acres

John Pore 100 acres


A land entry for 1779 lists

April 17 John Roe, 200 adj. Tabatha Bostick near Hamor’s Creek



Petition to have Anson County divided by PeeDee River, among signers: Isaac Nall, Joseph Nall


Anson County Deeds

p. 207

15 February 1783

Sales of Estate of William McHenry. Buyers: Mary McHenry, Arthur Davis, Jesse Miller, Peter Watts, Jesse McHenry, John McClendon, Jonathan Jackson, Sheriff.



Deed recorded in Chatham County

4 February 1790      Image of this Deed

D-639 This indenture made this Eight day of February in the year of Our Lord on Thousand Seven hundred and Ninety Between James Poe of the

County of (crossed ouf Chatham) Anson of State of North Carolina of the one part and Robert Thompson of the County of Chatham of State aforesaid of the this part

Witnesseth [   ] in consideration of the sum of Twenty pounds in hand paid by the said Robert Thompson the receipt whereof I do hereby acknowledge have Bargained Lots

assigned of confirm unto him the said Robert Thomson his heirs all that Tracts or Parcel of Land Situation by [   ] in the aforesaid County of Chatham

(formerly part of the County of Orange) containing Twenty-four acres more or less Beginning at a post oak formerly by Simon Poe's line but how Robert Thompson's

running West fort two pole to a post oad in Elijah Foshee's line. Thence South said Foshee's line ninety two and half poles to a post

and oak said Foshee's Corner thence NOrth along said Simon Poe's late line to the place of Beginning Together with all woods [   ] Mines [   ] appeurtenances and reversions

remainder of ... thereunto beloinging to the Esate right Title in Trust property claims domain whatsoerv the said James Poe

To have to hold the said Trand or pacel of land with every apurtenance thereunto beloning unto him the said Robert Thompson his heirs assigns forever

of the said James Poe have hereunto set my hand and Seal the day of year above Written

Signed sealed and delivered

in the presence of

Richard Staughan (his mark                                            James Poe (signature)

Chatham County February 4 Session 1790

the written deed was duly proved in Open Count by the Oath of Richard Straughan on Motion ordered to be Registered

test: John Ramsey C.C.




Deed Books D, C2 & E


2201 (37)

5 May 1791

Moses White (Anson Co) to John Melton (same); for pounds 50 NC money sold 50 ac; border begins at an old red oak stump with a stake in it being the old original beginning of a survey; joins Michael Crawford & a turkey oak on a hill about 50 yards from "the" creek; part of 200 ac sold (no date) by Lewis Lanier to Moses White. (signed) Moses White's mark "M"; witness Lewis Lanier & Burlingham Reed (or Rud) witness: wit: oath July 1792 by Burlingham reed; [note at end of deed:] the grave yard Burlingham Reed has the preveledge forever to keep up; book C2 p. 41


2324 (159)

13 March 1792

Thomas Ashcraft, planter (Anson Co) to Asa "Tomas"; for pounds 50 proclamation money sold 75 ac on Black Jack Br and upper side of Brown Cr; border: joins William Johnson and a dividing row of marked trees between "said" parcel and the place where Nancy Tomas lives. (signed) Thomas Ashcraft; witness John Tomas & Nancy Tomas; wit. oath October 1793 by John Tomas; book C2 p. 210


Thomas Ashcraft and wife, Oholabmah

Tombstone was erected by Dr. Thomas B. ASHCRAFT, great, great, great

grandson, at the Bethel Baptist Church Church, about 4 miles south of

Marshville, NC, across Lane's Creek where their farm was located.


The MARSH also were buried in this cemetery. Other tombstone inscriptions read:





DR. WATT ASHCRAFT, 1877-1919.

J. ABERT ASHCRAFT, DEC 1, 1858- JUNE 20, 1943.


Parents of Pheby Ashcraft  (who married John Poe)  are buried in the old ASHCRAFT/BLAKNEY Cemetery near the

old POE Cemetery in Newtonville in southern Fayette Co AL:


JOHN ASHCRAFT, 7 DEC 1778-26 MAR 1845

SARY "SALLY" HUNTLEY 19 SEP 1786-10 SEP 1845

See also:


2327 (162)

26 March 1793

Vincent Self (Anson Co) to Ebenezar Marsh ("Cabarrass" Co, NC); for pounds 200 sold 100 ac on SW side of "Pee" R and on "Lains" Cr; (Lane Creek – see below) border: begins at a spanish oak on the creek in the bend of a small stream and joins Holley; granted in 1769 to James White. (signed) Vincent Self; witness William Richardson & Jos Rosser juratt; wit. oath Oct. 1793 by Joseph Rosser; book C2 p. 212.


2333 (168).

1 December 1792

Richard Farr (Fear?) to William Ellerbee; for pounds 75 sterling sold 3 feather beds and all the furniture (long list of items) .... & a debt on the old "partnership" called Kershaw & Company; sold at the Chesterfield Co, SC, court house due to a judgement in Chesterfield Co court against Richard Far due to suit by William Ellerbee. (signed) Rd Farr; witness Erasmus Powe & Jo McFarlane; wit oath January 1794 by Erasmus Powe; book C2 p. 219


[William Erasmus Powe was a descendant of Marsom Poe (d. 1782). Thomas Powe, son of Marsom Poe, moved from Spotsylvania Co, VA to the Cheraw District of South Carolina. The relationship, if any, between the Simon Poe SR family and the Marsom Powe family is unknown. There also is a William Ellerbe Powe. The Auld family is married into both lines and in addition to this proximity, we also find Wm Erasmus Poe in a Wilkes County record. It could just be that this Kershaw and Company had dealings in many area. There are a number of Ellerbe and Powe mentioned in lawsuits some appealed to the state supreme courts.]


2189 (25) (SC)

21 January 1792

Erasmus Powe, sheriff (Chesterfield County, SC) to William Ellerbe sr; for pounds 420 sterling sold

10 Negroes










& Peter (sic)

 "late" property of Richard Farr of Anson Co;

sold by virtue of his office [as sheriff] and "authority to Poe by John Chesnut; sold "this day towards" payment "and satisfaction" of a debt secured by a mortgage from Richard Farr to Joseph Kershaw, John Chesnut, Ely Kershaw, William Ancrum [or Anerum] & Aaron Lovcoch [or Loouch] for pounds 1,655.17.9 "old South" money, (signed ) Erasmus Poe, Shff CC; witness John Kershaw & Jno McFarlane; wit. oath April 1792 by John McFarlane; book C2 p25


[Note the two spellings of "Poe" are as transcribed in the library book]





Index lists these names with grant number:

Peter Watts  905, 1298, 1056

Benjamin Watts 1526

Malachi Watts 776, 1149, 1163, 1214, 1461, 1467, 406, 407


suspiciously: James Yoe 272, 507, 1067

                               William Yoe 272


Thompson (who cold be related to Robert Thompson, son-in-law of Simon Poe, SR)

Brooks, John, Joseph, Joseph Jr, Obediah, Shem, Obediah, Thomas


Ross (Hugh, Hugh Jr, Daniel, Donald, John, Andrew


Shepherd (Isaac, John, William, William Jr)


Newman (George, John, Thomas)


Brumbelo (or variant) (Edward Sr, David, Isaac)



1793 (although actual entry is undated it is surrounded by 1793)

1505 (78) (no date) James Poe (Powe) enters 100 ac on Gum Log Br. of Lanes Cr.


Gum Log Branch Lanes Creek runs from Anson County into Union County. Gum Log Branch is clearly in Union County, which was formed in 1842 from Anson and Mecklenburg. This is long after the Poe groups moved to Fayette and Tuscaloosa Counties in Alabama. 



1514 (87)

23 October 1793

Stephen Rains enters 50 ac: border: Mathew Rushing.


1517 (90).

24 October 1793

Hugh Ross Jr. enters 150 ac on both sides of Brown Cr: border: Isham Ingram, Fanning, & Hugh Ross Sr


1526 (6)

7 March 1794 Benjamin Watts (write over) enters 100 ac on S side of Brown Cr on N prong of Swans Br: border: Edward Tatum; includes the Muddy Spring.


1529 (9)

12 March 1794

Daniel Ross enters 150 ac on Buffelow Cr: border: his own line and Chambers


1566 (46)

12 May 1794

Isaac Brumbelo (Brumbelow) Jr enters 100 ac on S side of Stewart Fork of Richardsons Cr; border: Peter Presler


1568 (48) 

13 May 1794 Daniel Ross enters 100 ac on waters of (blank) Cr: border: Michel Coslly and Nathan Frizel


1569 (49)

13 May 1794

Daniel Ross enters 150 ac on Gum Log Br of Lanes Cr: border: John Deason, James Poe (Janus Poe) & Edward Castly.


1672 (52)

9 June 1794

Isaac Shepherd enters 110 ac on Watery Branch main fork of Vicrs Br: border: Obediah Thompson & William Shepherd


1573 (53)

10 June 1794

Amon McMillion enters 84 ac on Cedar fork of Richardson’s Cr; border: his own land


1574 (54)

10 June 1794

Amon McMillion enters 60 ac on Buck Br of Richardsons Cr: includes the Buck Br Spring.


--- Amon’s 1825 will in Tuscaloosa Co, AL named daughter Margaret Poe. She was married to James Poe born 1797.


1582 (62)

19 July 1794

Michael Shannon enters 100 ac on waters of Lanes Cr and Lower Cowpen Br of Vicars Br: between William Shepherd and James Poe


1589 (69)

23 July 1794

duplicate issued "by resolution" dated 13 December 1800: issed in name of Thomas Watts (signed) WW. July 23, 1794 William Bennett enters 200 ac on waters of Jones Cr and Bailies (sic) Cr; border: William Bennett Sr's second corner




Deed Books D, C2 & E


2902 (420)

8 December 1794

Gov. Richard Dobbs Spaight (New Bern, NC) to James Poe; grant #1327 for pounds 0.30 per 100 ac sold 100 ac on Gum log Br of Lanes Cr; border: begins at a red oak on "the" bank of the branch "just below" John Deason's beginning (signed) Richd Dobbs Spaight & J. Glasgow, secretary; book E p. 419


1980 (60)

15 October 1795

Francis Baker (Anson Co) to John Baker (same) for pounds 50 specie sold 100 ac on "Lane's" Cr (Lain's) border; above Joseph White's survey [but no metes & bounds mentioned, deed refers to patent, but no details of patent]. (signed) Francis Baker; witness Wyatt Poe (Wiot), Elizabeth Baker, & Elizabeth Poe; wit. oath Oct. 1795 by Wiott Poe, book D p 72








*Could be the Thomas Poe in the 1810 census below. Perhaps connected to Wyatt Poe also associated with the Baker family




2749 (213)

10 July 1797

Gov. Samuel Ashe (Raleigh, NC) to Michael Shannon; grant #1295; for pounds 0.30 per 100 ac sold 100 ac on waters of Lanes Cr and on Little Cowpen fork of Vicars Br; border: begins at James Poe's corner post road; warrant dated Nov. 4, 1794 (signed) Saml Ashe & J. Glasgow, Secretary; book E p.254


Tuscaloosa County, Alabama Will Book 1821 - 1855. Maggie Hubbard Sudduth 1994


Obed Baker

30 April 1822. Proven - no date

I, Obed Baker . being in a low state of health, but in perfect mind and memory do make constitute ordain and appoint this my last will and testament. And after recommending my body to the ground and my soul to God who first gave it, do bequeath as follows,


In the first place I will that out of my personal affects all my Just Debts be paid

Secondly I give and bequeath the remained of my estate both real and personal to my beloved wife Rachel Baker during her natural life and at her death the same to pass into the possession of my Daughter Nancy Appling in whose possession and enjoyment I wish it to remain during her Widowhood, and then to be divided as follows viz I give to my beloved children John Baker, Sally Laurence, Polly Laurence, Susanna Freeman, Nancy Apling, Ten Shillings Each the ballance of the estate I give to my five Grand-children, viz Seaborn Apling, Zepporah Poe, Enoch Apling, Sarah Apling, and Nancy Green Apling to be equally divided amongst them revoking and disannulling all and every other will heretofore by me made. In Testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this thirtieth day of April 1822. Signed and acknowledged in presence of

Jno L. Tinadall

Elizabeth Baker (her X)

Obed Baker (mark)

Hugh Laurence.


25 July 1823

Absolem Deason (other sources: born 23 March 1790, died 6 September 1857)

Married Zeporah Poe, marriage license dated 25 July 1823 and solemnized 5 August; Tuscaloosa County, AL. Zeporah Poe was widow of _______ Poe and daughter of Thomas Appling. Absolem Deason conveys land to Benjamin Blackburn 26 January 1827 in Tuscaloosa Co, AL. He appears as a witness in February 1920 in Tusc. Co. Absolem Deason, SR buys land from John M. Davis

26 July 1838 in Tusc. Co one John Deason married Rebecca Hassell 28 February 1832 in Tus. Co.

NOTE: John Deason born 1 July 1809 died 17 March 1878






Deed Book C

Page 491

19 June 1800. Toddy Robinson and Eli Terry to Robert Webb all of Richmond Co, NC for pounds 300, 212 acres SW of Peedee

Wit: R. Poe

Hester Hinson


Note: A Robert L. Pou is mentioned in a few Anson Co, NC records as well as SC records of the period. Also, note Mary Pau/Pou in 1820 Chatham Co census:

SC 1790 census with Pou




1800 Census


NOTE: 1783 Chatham Co. Pg. 51A

A Deed from Benjamin Watts and Wife to James Poe, Jr. proved by the Oath of John Berry, Jr..


The James Poe, JR in the deed above had to be born prior to 1762. HOWEVER, the James Poe JR in this 1800 census is at most 26 years old  (or born c. 1773) according to the notations. 


The James Poe SR in this 1800 record seems to be Maj. James Poe. But the James Poe, JR is too young to be the same one as in the record from 1783. However, it does fit pretty well with the age of James Poe, orphan son of Stephen Poe, brother of Major James Poe.


16 February 1778 William Howard, “gaudn” of James Poe orphan of Stephen Poe decd, enters 450 ac; border: Berry’s line on Haw R., runs up the river to the mouth of Brooks Cr, up the “break” opposite James Herndon’s line, up his line W to Poe’s line, along Poe’s line to Berry’s line & along Berry’s line to the beginning; James William caveated; proceedings returned to May Court; discontinued by “ J W” ; warrant issued to “W H” Jul. 25.



These are adjacent, James Powe, SR then James Poe JR


James Powe, Sr

1 male under 10

1 male under 10

1 male 10-15                        

1 male over 45   

1 female under 10

1 female 10-15

1 female over 45


James Powe, Jr 

1 male under 10

1 male under 10

1 male 16-26 – this census record may identify James Poe, orphan of Capt. Stephen Poe (d. 1773) . Note in the 1820 census, the only James Poe listed still is not over 26, but has a woman in the household over 45. The Melton family was close to my John Poe (1785-1859) family. His son, William Threet Poe traveled from Arkansas to Alabama in 1875 to marry as this third wife, Mary H. Melton, daughter of Elihu Melton. All we can do is base our charts on the preponderance of evidence.


1 female 16-26


Wiat Powe                                                                       

1 male 26-44

1 female 16-25


James McMillan




Pendleton District, South Carolina Deeds 1790-1806

Pages 495-496

William Gillaspie, planer, for $700 to Thomas Lindsay, Sr of Newberry Dist. Conveyed, also a tract adjoining above tract containing 300 acres, granted to William Gillaspie. Date 8 December 1803. Wit: George Wells, Daniel Thweat and John Speake. George Wells made oath to H. Speake, JP 31 March 1804.

Recorded 4 April 1804



Anson County Deeds

Typ Deed

Ref S-69

Dat 11 Apr 1804

Rec April 1818

Frm John Hough, Chesterfield Precinct SC

To William Chester

Con $100

Re 100 acres on Lanes Creek granted Joseph Stewart 9 Mar 1799

Wit William Ross, David Wallace

Adj James Poe, Page

loc 7296 -17520 F127 L0 P255

pt Spanish oak James Poe's crnr

ln N22E; 15c75l; with Poe's line

pt his crnr red oak

ln N40W; 10c; with his other line

pt stale 3 blk jacks ptrs

ln N50E; 15c;

pt red oak

ln S67E; 16c50l;

pt stake in Page's line

ln S35E; 17c50l;

pt stake among 3 red oaks

ln S50W; 54c;

pt James Poe's line

ln ;; with Poe's line to beg





1810 Census (Where is Wiatt????)


Note McMillan (McMillion) are neighbors and there were several marriages with Poe.

Alabama Records ---- Volume II. Compiled by Kathleen Paul Jones and Pauline Johns Gandrud


Hardy Harten, of Anson County, N.C. dated 19 Sept. 1838 – codicil dated 21 Sept. 1838 – probated Apr. Session 1839. Book 1 p. 129. Wife (not named); daughter Sally Holly; son John; Green Harten; Littleton Harten at his mother’s death; daughter Mary Janes; dau Martha Poe; son Hardy W. Harton; Elizabeth A. Harten at her grandmother’s death, to be kept by John Harten; grandson, the son of my son James Harten, namely James H. Harten. Wit: Thomas L. Marsh, Obed. H. Sinclair, Robert L. Connell


NOTE: Martha Poe was as daughter of Simon B. Poe, who I believed to be a son Simon Poe b. 1782


James Poe

1 male 16-25 --- (my John Poe was born in 1785. This fits exactly.)

1 male over 44

1 female 16-25

1 female over 44


James Poe – still looks like the James Poe, orphan of Stephen Poe. Family lore does state that Stephen’s sons went to Alabama with his brother James Poe’s family.

4 males under 10

1 male 26-44

1 female under 10

1 female 10-16

1 female 26-44


Thomas Powe

1 male 16-25

1 female under 10

1 female 16-25

Note: Fits Thomas Poe 1840 Census, Fayette County, Alabama  Free White Male 50-60


Simon Powe      

1 male 16-25

1 male 26-44 – Simon Poe believed to be John Poe and Thomas Poe’s brother was born in 1782

3 female  under 10

1 female 16-25

1 female 26-44

Note: Fits Simon Poe 1840 Census, Fayette County, Alabama  Free White Male 50-60               -- 2 men of this age.


Anson County Deeds

Typ Deed

Ref S-214

Dat 2 Oct 1818

Rec Oct 1818

Frm William Ross

To Even Threatt

Con $200

Re 100 acres on waters Lanes Creek; Joel Renfrow's widow Sary's part; incl plantation where Ross now lives

Wit John Poe, Julius Holley

Adj Jesse Hasty, Michael Costley, William Ross's new entry

loc 8320 -15616 F127 L0 P255


ln ;; Jesse Hasty

ln ;; Michael Costley's heirs

ln ;; Ross's new entry


Typ Deed

Ref S-192

Dat 2 Oct 1818

Rec Oct 1818

Frm Stephen Hasty

To Evan Threat

Con $5.00

Re his claim to Sary Renfrow's dower rights to 100 acres where William Ross lives

Wit John Poe, Julius Holly

loc 1136 -320 F127 L0 P255




1820 Anson County Census

(Where is Wiatt Poe?

The Thomas Poe family moved to Fayette County, Alabama and then to West Point, White County, Arkansas)



James Poe

1 male under 10                 6 person engaged in Agriculture.

2 males 10-15

2 males 16-17

1 male over 45

1 female under 10

1 female 10-15

1 female over 45



John Poe

3 males under 10                              1 female slave under 15

1 male 10-15                       3 persons engaged in agriculture

1 male 26-44

1 female under 10

1 female 26-44


Simon Poe

2 males 16-25

1 male 26-44

1 males over 44

1 female under 10

2 female 10-15

1 female 16-25

1 female 26-44



William Poe (middle initial or name hard to read. Strange “P” also. Looks lie “L” but it is alphabetically in the P section)

1 male under 10

1 male 26-44

2 female under 10

1 female 18-25



Huntley Township:

Thomas Watts males 1 <10; 1 10/16; 1 16/18; 2 16/26; 1 >45 females 1 <10, 1 >45


Poe Township:

Evan Threet (Threat) males 1 16/26; females 2 <10, 1 16/26

Nancy Threet (Threat) males 1 10/16; 1 16/26 females 1 <10; 1 26/45


Note: These families moved to Fayette Co. AL before 1830 – lineage of this researcher is through John Poe, believed to be a son of Major James Poe. John Poe’s wife, Sarah Threet was born in SC according to the 1850 census in Alabama. She may have been, but then the family moved across to NC. Evan Threet also moved to Arkansas. I think he is Sarah Threet’s brother, but no proof but proximity.




NC- 48


8445. September  16, 1820 Abel Stack (Anson Co) to Miles Threet Threatt (SC); for $50 sold 50 ac on waters of Sandy Cr; border: begins at said Stack's second corner hickory of 300 ac survey in a line, joins a spring branch, & the state line. (signed) Abel Stack; (witness) John Poe & William Ross; wit. oath January 1826 by William Ross; book V p. 191.


John Poe and Sarah Threet named a son Miles Elkin Poe


8375. October 3, 1821 John Poe (Anson Co) to William Anderson (same); for $100 sold 100 ac on Gum Log Br waters of Lanes Cr., border: begins at a black oak near the branch. (signed) John Poe, (witness) Simon Poe & William Ross; wit. oath July 1825 by William Ross; book V page 143.



8379. November 3, 1821 John Poe (Anson Co) to William Anderson (same); for $200 sold 100 ac on W side of Gum log Br waters of Lanes Cr; border begins at a black oak near the branch & crosses "Pully" line Br. (signed) John Poe (witness William Ross; wit. oath July 1825 by William Ross; Book V p. 146


------ This seems to be sales of land in preparation for the move to Fayette County, Alabama. This is November and it is said they were there by 1822


8411. December 18, 1822 Elijah Stack (Anson Co) to Evan Threet (Threatt) (same); for $100 sold 100 ac on Willis' Br; border begins at a red oak near Abel Stack's line. (signed) Elijah Stack's mark "X"; (witness) William Ross & Thomas Renfro; wit. oath October 1825 by William Ross; book V p. 169.


>>> In the next record, William Erasmus Poe is of the family of Marsom Powe who died in Spottsylvania Co, VA. His son Thomas Powe moved to the Cheraw Dist of South Carolina. The relationship of Marsom Powe to the Simon Poe family is not know. It is interesting to find the two families close by each other in the Anson County area. The Dismukes and (Simon) Poe families have at least one intermarriage.


This land is very near John Poe and Simon Poe on Gum Log Branch.


8755. January 4, 1822. William Dismukes *(Anson Co) to William E. Poe (Chesterfield Dist. SC); for $5,500 sold 700 ac; border: begins at Thomas Threadgill's corner stake in the ford of Grindstone Cr. joins a road, Doctor Parker, & Jesse McLendon's field. (signed) W. Dismukes; (witness) Thomas D. Parke [only one witness[; January 1827 recorded; book V p. 422


9865. September 1823 Henry W. Harrington to Zachariah Robinson; for $650 sold 35 ac between Jones Cr & Island Cr and on both sides of the road from Haileys Ferry to Wadesborough; border: begins at a stake. (signed) H W Harrington; (witness) Thomas Diggs & Marshall Diggs; wit. oath Jan. 1831 by Thomas Diggs; Book X p. 441


NOTE: One can find a number of connections between the Simon Poe family group and the Dismukes family. This one shows a link to the Marson Powe family group

 21 June 1806

Will Book A, Page 122

Will of Alexander Kinchen, deceased

wife Elizabeth, and my dear little son William Poe

wife, Executrix, and my trusty friend, Rhoderick Cotten (Cathen), William Dismukes and Winship Stedman, Executors

affixed my seal at Pittsborough in the state aforesaid, this 21st day of June 1806


George Lucas

H. Poe   Alexander Kinchen


 Also Abstracts of vital records from Raleigh, North Carolina newspapers / compiled by Lois Smathers Neal

Spartanburg, NC : Reprint Co., 1979

 17 May 1816 Poe, died in Chatham Co, on the 3rd, Mrs Frances Poe, wife of Mr. Elisha Poe, and daughter of Mr. George Dismukes . . .

aged parents, numerous brothers and sisters. 17 May 1816




Bennettsville, South Carolina


Henry William Harrington married Rosanna Auld (1754-1826) in 1776.

Erasmus Powe (1768-1831) married (1st) Eleanor Ellerbe (1770-1853) in 1792

Thomas Powe (1747-1817) married (2nd) Rachel Allen

Thomas Powe, Jr. (1768-1843) married Martha Ellerbe (1793-1867) in 1804


Chesterfield County, South Carolina


James Auld Harrington (1785-1839) married Eleanor Wilson (1793-1843) in 1808

Thomas Ellerbe Powe (1800-1879) married (1st) Charlotte Harriet Harrington (1809-1859) in 1826


Anson County




Rosanna Harrington, Will Book A, p. 164

Dated: 21 January 1828

Probated: January 1829


Sisters: Mrs. Mary Blakeney; Elizabeth Auld*

Niece: Mrs. Sarah Bogh

Daughter Caroline H. Chambers, wife of Otho Chambers

Daughters: Ross A. Troy; Harriet H. Strong

Granddaughter Mrs. Harriet H. Chambers, wife of Thomas Chambers, Esq.

Granddaughter Mrs. Ann P. (or C.?) Hall, wife of William W. Hall, Esq.

Granddaughter Mrs. Rosanna Lance (or Lanier) wife of John G. Lance (or Lanier)

son James A. Harrington and his daughter Charlotte H. Powe, wife of Thomas Powe

son Henry W. Harrington


Chesterfield Co, South Carolina (These are descendents of Marsom Powe of Caroline and Spotsylvania County, Virginia


Samuel Gillespie Godfrey (1837-1897) married 1863 Harriet Elizabeth Powe (b.1842)

Thomas Ellerbe Powe (1800-1879) married 1St 1826 Charlotte Harriet Harrington (1809 – 1859)

                                                                                2nd Rachel Allen

James Auld Harrington (1785- 1834) married 1808 Eleanor Wilson (1793-1843) 

               Erasmus Powe (1768-1831) married 1st 1792 Esther Ellerbe (1770-1853)

Henry William Harrington married 1776 Rosanna Auld (1754-1826),


Thomas Powe (1747 – 1817) had charge of the Commissary Dept. at the fall of Charleston, SC. He was born in VA and died near Cheraw, South Carolina


* This Orange (Chatham) Co record connects Watts and Auld and Petty. The James Poe of Guilford Co who died in 1812 is believed to have married Sarah Petty. I have much suspicion that if Sarah was a Petty, a William Petty was her father. This name is many times associated with Poe

p. 97

9 March 1772

Benjamin Watts and Francis his Wife to William Dillard - 100 pds. - 133 a. on Robertson's Creek - joins John Landrum

Wit: William Petty                             Benjamin Watts

John Auld*                                         Francis Watts (x)


also this record connected Hannah, widow of Stephen Poe, son of Simon Poe and William Poe Junr (who I think is son of Simon's son William). James Howard is son-in-law of Simon Poe SR and this Clark family seems to be the same as the John Clark family of Guilford whose daughter, Nancy marries James B. Poe

p. 416 (bottom)


13 February 1781 – Alexander Clark and Pheby his Wife to James Howard – 4700 pds. – 350 a. – all that tract or parcel of land whereon Simon Poe formerly lived – joins Mrs. Hannah Poe, William Poe, Junr. and the land formerly belonging to Morton (Morten) and Richard Kennon and the land whereon Younger Neal (Neil) now lives.

Wit: John Auld                   Alexander Clark

Jacob Dardin                      Pheby Clark (x)


Also. Note this Fayette County, AL data from the 1880 census



1880 Census - Township 17, Hico, Fayette, Alabama

  Name                    Relation Marital  Gender           Race                       Age Birthplace          Occupation              Father's    Mother's

                                            Status                                                                   Birthplace    Birthplace


 Thomas BLAKNEY      Self        M       Male          W                            69    SC                   Farmer               NC                               SC 
 Marthy BLAKNEY       Other      M       Female       W                            60    NC                   Keeping House   NC                               NC 
 Dicy POE                   SisterL    W       Female       W                            75    NC                                            NC                               NC 
 Rebecca ROBERTS    SisterL    S       Female       W                            60   NC                                           NC                               NC 
 Perry DRIVER             Other       S       Male          B                            25    AL                   Farm Laborer      AL                               AL 
 Julia NORRIS             Other       S       Female       B                            19    AL                   Farm Laborer      AL                               AL 


Anson County


NC- 48


9823. January 5, 1830 Richard Wallace sr (Anson Co) to James Smith (same); for $1,750 sold 1,100 ac on both sides of Little Jones Cr; border: begins at 2 large pines, joins Standfields Br, Smith, corner of an old 200 ac grant & a 100 grant to Stephen Pow, near Jones Spring, & joins beginning of the old 200 ac grant. (signed) Richard Wallace; (witness) John Grady Jr & Daniel May; wit. oath January 1831 by John Grady jr; book X p. 413


9691. March 24, 1830 Riley Warrick (Anson Co) to Thomas Rogers; Warrick owes Rogers $36.43; to secure payment sold 150 ac on waters of Beaverdam Cr; border begins at Isaac Marsh's beginning corner in Benjamin Keel's line on old Camden Road, joins William Powe's old corner on a pond, & Luke Bentley's beginning corner ; sale void if Warrick pays note by January 1 "next" otherwise Rogers can sell the land after advertising for 40 days in 3 public


9687. July 6, 1830 William Dismukes (Anson Co) first part to Alexander W. Brandon second part, & John P. Bates & Eleanor A. Bates third part; for $750 paid by E. A. Bates out of her own separate fund & for $5 paid by A. W. Brandon sold part of lots #9 & 38 in Wadesborough; border: begins where Wade Street & Rutherford Street intersect, 72 feet on Wade Street, 297 feet to Morgan Street, 72 feet to Rutherford Street, & to beginning; where Parker Trull lives; sold to A W Brandon in trust for use of Eleanor A Bates. (signed) William Dismukes (witness) John B Locke; July 1830 acknowledged; book X p. 314



9688. July 10, 1830 John P Bates & Eleanor A Bates to William Dismukes etc etc signed John P Bates, Eleanor Bates, & A W Brandon; (Witness) John B Locke, wit. oath (no date) by John B. Locke; Book X, p. 315

(there are other records from 1830 mentioned William Dismukes in Anson Co)


--------- This record from above showing Dismukes of Anson to Wm E. Poe of SC. Then in 1830 it says Wm E. Poe of Rowan Co.------


8755. January 4, 1822. William Dismukes *(Anson Co) to William E. Poe (Chesterfield Dist. SC); for $5,500 sold 700 ac; border: begins at Thomas Threadgill's corner stake in the ford of Grindstone Cr. joins a road, Doctor Parker, & Jesse McLendon's field. (signed) W. Dismukes; (witness) Thomas D. Parke [only one witness[; January 1827 recorded; book V p. 422


9692. July 13, 1830 William E Powe (Rowan Co, NC) to James Terry Dejarnett (Anson Co); for $3,500 sold 700 ac; border: begins at Thomas Threadgill's corner stake in the ford of Grindstone Cr, joins an old road, Dr. Parker, McLendon's field, & David Gray. (signed) William E Powe; (witness) Joseph Medley; wit. oath July 1830 by Joseph Medley; book X p. 318.


Abstracts of vital records from Raleigh, North Carolina newspapers / compiled by Lois Smathers Neal

Spartanburg, NC : Reprint Co., 1979


Death: William E. Poe (Powe) April 4 Rowan Co., NC April 22, 1845


This from Wilkes County, NC records:  15 December 1792. Between William Powe*, Chesterfield County, SC and Richard Gwy.. 70 lbs Sterlling .. 314 ac. adjoining Yadkin River and lands of Younger, Hunt & John Parks, Senr. & Allen Chapman. Signed: William Powe. Pages 307 and 308


9868. December 18, 1830 Abel Stack, gentleman (Anson Co) to Thomas Threet (Threat) (same); for $150 sold (omitted) ac; border: begins at Lewis Reeves' corner stake & joins an old field; being remainder of a grant (no date) Wilson English who sold to Cader Gewin deceased and to Alfred Gewin & Jane Thomas by heirship who sold to Abel Stack (signed) Abel Stack; (witness) John Stack & John Elliott; wit. oath January 1831 by John Stack; book X p. 443.


NC- 49


21 September 1838

Will Book B, Page 90

Will of Hardy Horton (Harton may the preferred spelling, also seen as Hardin, Hartin, etc.), deceased

I… lent to wife during her life or widowhood, the following property, six negroes, named, Old Jane, Lucy, Cinda, Chany, Bob and Hampton..

Daughter… Sally Hally, one negro girl named Chany

Son John Horton, one negro boy Hardy

To Green Horton, one negro boy Warren…

To Littleton Horton, one negro boy Arthur

Daughter Mary James, $250 and lend one negro girl named Jane,

Daughter Martha Poe*, one negro girl named Silva,

Son Hardy Horton, one negro boy named Henry

To Elizabeth A. Horton, $250, the negros Rosie and daughters, If she should be of age or marries and upon the same to be kept by John Horton and to be let out as he thinks best for the children. If she never marries nor has heirs of her body, then at her death to be equally divided amongst my surviving heirs.

My grandson the son of my son James Horton, namely James H. Horton, $50…. Kept by John Horton, my son…

I appoint my wife and John Horton, Executors in this state, and my wife and Hardy W. Horton in the state of Alabama.


Two daughters-in-law, Deadanna Horton and Rebecca Horton… each $25.

Signature 21 September 1838


Thomas L. Marsh

B. H. Sinclair

Robert L. Caswell


* Wife of Simon B. Poe, presumably the son of Simon Poe, son of Major James S. Poe who settled in Anson with sons James Poe JR, John Poe (who married Sarah Threet) and Simon Poe father of Simon B. Poe.





Anson County, NC Will Book B, Page 138

29 September 1841

Will of Thomas Watts, deceased

In the name of God, Amen, I Thomas Watts of the county of Anson and state of North Carolina, do make this my last will and testament, diasannulling and making void this day, do in the first place, lend to my beloved wife, Viney Watts, all my land that I possess, her lifetime and all my stock of cattle and hogs and one horse; all my household and kitchen furniture. And after her death, I will and bequeath to my beloved son, Davis W. Watts, that tract of land lying on the north west ... Creek, bounded by Thomas Lonnie and Davis W. Watts, John Morris, and Elizabeth Wimberley's land, and my line. I give and bequeath to my beloved son Daniel Watts, five dollars and no more. I give and bequeath to my son Thomas H. Watts, five dollars and no more. I give to my grandson William T. Shepard, five dollars and no more. And after the death of my beloved wife Viney Watts, my will is that my Executors shall sell all the balance of my land, and equally divide the money arising from the salle, between my son Joel Watts, Mary Trimble, Saran Dunn, and Zilpha Marsh. My will is that my Executors shall collect all money due me and sell my crop, and out of the proceeds, pay all my debts. I do constitute and appoint my good and trusty friends George Dunn and Thomas L. Marsh, my Executors, to this my last will and testament. In witness whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this twenty-nineth day of September one thousand eight hundred and forty-one.


V. t. Chiars

Stephen Huntley

John Morris                                        Thomas Watts (x)



Tue Apr 22 01:20:08 1997 Need help in researching my g.g.g.grandparents, Thomas WATTS &amp; wife Lavina [Vinney]HUNTLEY,of Anson Co. Their children were, Daniel, Thomas, Davis W., Joel, Nancy, Mary Trimble, Sarah/Sally, &amp; Zilpha. My line is thru Mary Trimble b.Sept. 21, 1797 NC &amp; who married Issac LEWELLEN abt. 1816 Anson Co. Would like to correspond with anyone related to this family. Happy to share information. Isaac LEWELLEN, was b. April 12, 1795 Lanes Creek, Anson Co., &amp; was a son of Jesse &amp; Dorcas SHEPHERD LEWELLEN of Lanes Creek. Jesse was the 1st pastor of the Mt. Olive Baptist Church in White Store Township. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Mary L.Wallace


(giving only the pertinent information on Dorcas' will as only some names are of interest here)

Anson County, NC, Will Book B, Page 146

1 April 1842

Will of Dorcas Lewellin, deceased

Sons: Alfed Lewellin, Isaac Lewellin, Jesse Lewellin, Aaron Lewellin, Ellis Lewellin

Daughters: Sally Lewellin, Jemima Bivens; Mary Hough

Grandsons: Jesse Lewellin, Benjer F. Lewellin

Neighbor: James Marsh


Richmond McShepherd

Frederick Threet                                             Dorcas Lewellen (x)



Richmond County, North Carolina

Estate Settlements 1772-1933. Adams-Harbert. Book 1.





State of North Carolina, County of Richmond. Petition to make real estate assets before the Clerk of the Superior Court as Judge of Probate.


John W. Cole, Adm'r of William T. Ellerbe, deceased, vs. W.L.T.E. Prince, Zack E. Powe, Thomas W. Powe, Ellerbe F. Powe, A. E. Drake, A. E. Ellerbe, G. W. Duvall and wife Sarah, William Powe, Madora Powe, Walker Powe, Catherine Powe, Charles Powe, Josephine Powe, Walker Powe, Thomas E. Powe, and the other heirs of Esther Powe, deceased,


John McIver & wife Margaret, Zack Ellerbe, B. F. Ellerbe and the heirs of John F. Ellerbe, deceased, Washington Ellerbe, Thomas Ellerbe, Neill Nicholson and wife Hannah, Henry Smith and wife Ann, John P. McQueen and Peter W. Stansill and wife Eliza. The petition of John W. Cole as adm'r of William T. Ellerbe, deceased, shows:


1. That Wm. T. Ellerbe, late of the State of South Carolina, County of Marlborough, died intestate leaving no wife or lineal descendants in A.D. 186-, possessed of an estate of considerable value in South Carolina, and seized and possessed of an estate also situated in Richmond County, North Carolina. consisting entirely of lands.


2. That administration was taken out upon his estate in South Carolina when it was found to be insolvent and a Bill to Marshal the assets of the estate of the said William T. Ellerbe for Marlborough County against his heirs at law and creditors by his administrator in that State, J. H. Gooch, complainants. A Decree of said Court was issued that all the assets, both real and personal, should be turned over to the Commissioner in Equity for Marlborough County; that he should sell such assets and apply the proceeds to the payment of the debts of said intestate.


3. That it appears from certified statements of the records of the Court of Common Pleas for the County of Marlborough and State of South Carolina dated March 29th 1870, which is herewith filed, marked 'A', that of the claims proven against the estate of the said Wm. T. Ellerbe before the Commissioner of Equity for the State of South Carolina, County of Marlborough of about seven thousand seven hundred and fifty seven dollars remain unpaid.


4. That letters of administration upon the estate of the said Wm. T. Ellerbe situated in Richmond County, North Carolina were granted to your petitioner by the Judge of Probate for said County on the 23rd day of August, AD 1869.


5. That no personal property whatever came into his hands as such administrator.


6. That no debts have been presented to your petitioner or administrator of the said William T. Ellerbe in this State for payment, but he supposed the cost and charges of administration will amount to about two hundred and fifty dollars.


7. That said William T. Ellerbe at his death was seized and possessed of about three hundred acres of land adjoining the lands of the estate of Malcom Nicholson, deceased, and others situated in Richmond County, No. Carolina, and known as the 'Spring tract', of the value of one dollar and a half per ac., which descended at his death. as he is advised, to the representatives of Zack Ellerbe, Elizabeth Ellerbe, wife of Joseph Ellerbe:!, Thomas F. Ellerbe, Esther Powe, wife fo ____Powe and Martha Powe. wife of - Powe, his uncles and aunts and his collateral relations of the blood of his father, W. F. Ellerbe.


8. That his said uncles and aunts are all dead and the names and residences of their representatives, as far as your petitioner has been able to ascertain them, after long and diligent inquiry are as follows, to wit.,


Zack E. Powe

Thomas W. Powe

Ellerbe F. Powe

A. E. Drake

A. E. Ellerbe

Madora Powe

G. W. Duvall and wife Sarah

William Powe

James Powe

Catherine Powe

Charles Powe

Walker Powe

Josephine Powe

Thomas E. Powe

and other heirs of Esther Powe


John McIver and wife Margaret, whose P. Office address is Cash Depot, S. C.

Thomas Ellerbe, Washington Ellerbe, Neill Nicholson and wife Hannah, Henry Smith and wife Ann, John P. McQueen, whose Post Office address is DeKalb, Mississippi, and Peter Stansill and wife Eliza who reside in Rockingham, N. C.


9. That said W. T. Ellerbe at his death was seized and possessed of about one thousand acres of land adjoining the lands of David Sedberry and others comprised in various tracts, and also situated in Richmond County, North Carolina of the value of forty cents per acre, which descended as he is advised, to L. D. Prince, his brother of the half blood.


10. That L. D. Prince is dead leaving him surviving W.L.T.E. Prince, his only child and heir at law.


11. That W. L. T. E. Prince is an infant of tender years whose Post Office address is Bennettsville, S.C., and your petitioner believes has no guardian.


12. That a sale of the whole of said land is necessary to enable your petitioner to pay the cost and charges of the administration of the estate of said Ellerbe in this State, and to enable the Commissioner in Equity, or other proper Court or office having jurisdiction and control of the matter, to pay the debts proved against his estate in the action or proceeding to Marshal the assets of said estate instituted in the Court of Equity for Marlborough County, South Carolina by J. H. Gooch, Administrator of W. T. Ellerbe, dec' d, complainant.


13. Wherefore to the end that the above described lands may be sold upon such terms as to the Court may seem fit and proper and that proceeds may constitute assets in the hands of your petitioner for the payment of the cost and charges of the admin­istration in this State. and that the residue or balance may be paid to the officer or other person entitled by the laws of South Carolina to receive it. May it please the Court to cause copies of the summons and petition in this proceeding to be served personally upon P. W. Stansill and wife Eliza, and that service be made on each of the other defendants, who reside beyond the limits of this State, by mailing copies of summons and petition to their post office addresses, and by publication for six consecutive weeks in the North Carolina Argus commanding them to be and ap­pear before John A. Long, Clerk of the Superior Court and Judge of Probate for Richmond County at his Office in Rockingham on or before the fifth day of November next ( 1870) and demur or answer this petition, or plaintiff will demand the relief asked for. Giles Leitch, Attorney for Petitioner




(1-7 above)

1. February 3, 1846 Issue Fayetteville Observer: Married in Richmond County on the 22"d, at the residence of A G. Nicholson. Dr. P W. Stansill of Rockingham to Miss Eliza E. McQueen of Cheraw, South Carolina.  Tyner

2. February 15. 1843 Issue Fayetteville Observer: Married at the residence of Mr. Joseph Ellerbe, near Cheraw. SC., on the 26th, Capt. Alexander G. Nicholson of Richmond County to Miss Anna M. McQueen, of Chesterfield, SC. M&D Abstracts, 1841-1850 – Tyner

(8-13 above)

 1. May 11, 1842 Issue Fayetteville Observer: Died in Cheraw on the 1st, Mrs. Caroline C. Duvall,, daughter of Mr. Thomas Powe, Sen. July12, 1843 Issue: Died near Cheraw on the 14th, Mr. Thomas Powe, aged 65. M&D Abstracts, 1841-1850 – Tyner