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Poe Family in Caswell County, North Carolina


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References such as NC-1 below refer to numbers on: North Carolina Bibliography


Names in parentheses reflect the spelling in the source: e.g. Reynolds (Renelds) or Poe (Powe)






Francis Day

John Day




1784 tax list


Gloucester Dist. (Taken by Robert Parks Esq.)

List did not include location of land. Following name is no. of acres of land, no. of white polls, no. of black polls.


Bryant James 0-1-0


Browning John 929-1-0

Browning Joshua 908-1-0

Browning Edmd. 472-1-0

Browning Saml. 100-1-0

Browning George 0-1-0


Melton Daniel 500-1-0

Melton Benjamin 100-1-0


McReynolds Saml. 0-1-0


Poe Jonathan 250-1-0

Parks Solomon 1030-1-0

Parks Robert Esq 1902-1-0





16 February 1784

Edmund Partee of Granville Co, NC, to Benjamin Partee of same, for 100 lbs, 200 A on Rattlesnake Cr adj Peter Baxter, James Montgomery, James Bradley.


15 July 1784

Deep Book B p. 424-5

Benjamin Enocks (Enoch) of CC to Jonathan Poe, for 45 lbs, 250 A on a fork Country Line Cr adj William Corder, David Corbin, Cartwright, John Stone. Wit: Robert Parkes, John Corder.


16 July 1784

William Holcomb of CC to Thomas Jeffreys of same, for 20 lbs, 30 A on Little Cr adj William's Spring, Bradley, James Sanders, William Thomas.


Archibald Murphy of CC to Reubin Taylor of same, for 50 lbs, 150 A on Cain & Wynn Creeks adj John Warren, Reubin Taylor, James Hamlett  (Hamblett). 16 July 1784.  Wit: Litt Stokes, Will Williams, James Hamlett



Deed Book L

p. 303

10 March 1786.

Rebecca Berry of CC to son John Berry, for love & affection, 211 A on Toms Cr and Country Line Cr adj Hart old line, being part of tract granted to her. Wit: Robt Mitchell, James Poe


p. 304

Abner Rossen of CC to Andrew Kisbrough of same, for 100 lbs, 165 A a fork Country Line Cr. Adj Poe, grant of Robert Cartright. 18 December 1799. Wit. Robt. Kisbrough, Thomas Johnston


Deed Book E

p. 182

3 January 1787

James Chandler of Granville Co., NC to Mary Harrison, for 40 lbs, 200 A on lick fork of Moon's Cr adj Jos Ellot (Elliot / Ellits ?), David Porter.. Wit: William Poe, Robert Bevell


* Rattlesnake Creek and Moon’s Creek are in the very north of CC on the VA border.


From Carole Lannom, March 2009:

Leonard Lanham owned property on Tom's (Thom's) Creek in Caswell Co., NC.  His brother James Lanham was granted property on Moon's Creek. After death of Tabitha Bywaters Lannom’s first husband, Leonard Lanham, she married Jonathan Poe.


Joseph Lannom who married Delilah Browning:

RB 5, p. 259 - Will of Joseph Lannum dated 21 Mar 1822 and recorded 1 Mar 1823 names wife:
Delilah, sons: Green B. Lannum and Simpson Lannum, "my 4 daughters": Sarah, Tabitha, Lucinda,


Executors: William Lannum, Jacob Browning. Witnesses: A. Robertson, Alfred Arnold.


(William Lannum is Joseph's brother.  Jacob Browning is most probably brother of Delilah - Jacob Browning, Jr.)





Caswell County 1787 Census


Jonathan Poe*: 1 male 21-60, 5 male under 21 and above 60, 2 female all ages


* Note the name Jonathan Poe appears earlier in Culpeper Co, NC. in association with the family of William Poe (wife Lydia) who settled there in 1737.

Abstracts of Virginia Northern Neck Warrants & Surveys. Volume III: 1710-1780 Peggy Shomo Joyner. 1987

William Cunningham, merchant, at Falmouth, no warrant, surveyed 20 May 1755, 694 a on Little Fork of Rappa on spur of Thorough Fare Mt & on Hungar Run. Warrants  issued to William Poe & assigned to Cunningham by Poe; adj Presly Thornton, Capt. Edwin Hickman, Francis Browning. CC (chain carriers) William Poe Junr & Jonathan Poe. Pilot - William Poe. Surveyed Richard Young


the last mention of Jonathan Poe in Culpeper Co is 1771. see Culpeper Co




Deed Book E

p. 178

17 July 1787

John Triplett of CC for love and good will to his son Nimrod Triplett of CC, gift of 140 a on Hosley's Cr adj John Dill. Wit: Sherwood Nance, John Nunn Triplett*. (actually it is Hostler’s Creek)


* Nancy TRIPLETT [Parents] was born in 1789 in Culpeper Co., Virginia. She died on 24 Jul 1874 in Franklin Co., Kentucky. She married Edmond POE.  Other marriages: LONG, Gabriel [this record is included in case these families are connected. The Franklin County, KY Poe family comes through Amherst County, VA and seem to stem from Benjamin Poe of Caroline County, VA]


[Note William Rutherford in 1787 record.  Abraham Miles in 1787 record. Henry Howard in 1787 record. All names associated with Poe]



Deed Book F (This is probably the Jordan Creek now in Alamance Co.)

Page 127-8

18 Mar 1788.

David Corbin of Culpeper County. VA , to James Hughes of Orange Co., NC for 173 lbs. 268 A on Jordan's Cr adj Orange Co. line, claim of Pyron. By Obed Florance, atty-in-fact who has power of attorney. Wit: Charles Taylor, Rhodis Poe


Deed  Book F

Page 131-2

Rebekah Berry of CC to Hudson Berry, for 100 Lbs, 435 A on Toms Cr & Country Line Creeks adj Thomas Hart, L. Brown, said tract a part of a 1783 tract. 12 July 1788. Wit. Hudson Brown, Daniel Williams


Page 131-6

Thomas Willingham to George Malone of Granville County, NC for 139 lbs 6/8, 200 A on S Hico adj Nathanial Malone, Daniel Malone, Samuel Woods. 15 September 1786. Wit: Nathaniel Malone, Zachariah Bull, Easawan Cole. 



Book F

Deed Book F  p. 30

2 January 1789

David Corbin formerly of CC to Jonathan Poe, for 100 lbs, 300 A on Jordan's Cr obtained by grant to Corbin in 1783. Acknd in open court.




January Court 1794

63 Div. estate of John Perkins Jun. to Pleasant Perkins, Dicy Perkins, Sally Perkins, Nelley Grant, William Cannon. Div. by Spill Coleman, Charles Dixon, John Sommers, Wyn Dixon.


64 Sales estate of Wadd Tate on 15-16 Nov. 1793

many names including

William Clark

William O'Neill

Hugh O'Neill


67 Inv. estate of David Hart by James Williamson and Thomas Hart adm.



Sales estate of Col. David on 5-7 February 1794. Buyers:


Elizabeth Hart

Joseph Hart

William Hart

Rebecca Hart

James Williamson for A. Hart

William Bradley

/s/ James Williamson & Thomas Hart, adm.


Book C, 1793-94

24 October 1793

Sales estate of William Barker. Sales to: includes Jonathan Poe


Book C

22 September 1795

Sale estate of Henry Williams  by William Rice exec. sales to . . . includes . . . George Poe


Book C

138 Inv. estate of Roger Dixon 22 October 1795 by Mary Dixon Adm.


142 Estate of David Hart in acct. with James Williamson adm. acct paid to Elizabeth, Thomas, Rebecca, and William Hart; Dr. Lanslotte Johnston, George Jackson, Daniel Allen, Will H. Rice, George Simms, John Lenox, Thomas Jeffreys, Doct. John Cox.



Thomas SIMMONS 1794 page 97 (defunct website)


Book C. Acct. estate of Thomas Simmons, decd. Accounts paid to . . . . James Poe. ..






Deed Book J p. 189-90

27 Oct 1795

Daniel Melton of CC to Abner Rossen of same, for 59 lbs. 198 1/2 A on Country Line Cr and Jordan's Creek adj. Cartwright, Samuel Brown, Jonathan Poe. Wit: Jesse Robertson, Charles Taylor


[ Note John Neal in 1795 record; Josiah Settle, David Settle in 1795 record; Thomas Bradley in 1795 record. Wyn Dixon and Robert Dixon and Charles Dixon in 1795 record; Thomas Loyd in 1795 record.


It is supposed that Samuel Poe, son of William Poe and Lydia married Phebe Settle as his second wife, adding some weight to the idea that the Caswell County Poe families are descended from William/Lydia]. Also interesting the Dixon family derives from Chester Co, PA where there were Poes. It may end up that William Poe of Culpeper County is connected to this Poe group from Pennsylvania.

From Quaker data: DIXON - IRELAND  Chester co,PA  New Castle co,DE  Orange co,NC  Orange co,IN  Morgan co,IN  HOBSON - ENGLAND  Chester co,PA  Frederick co,VA  Orange co,NC   Chatham co,NC  Preble co,OH  Morgan co,IN Henry co,IA



Deed Book K p. 221

29 March 1798

Solomon Parkes of CC to Thomas Vaughan Jun. of same, for 171 lbs. 300 A adj William Barnett. Also signed by Evie Parkes. Wit: Robert Parkes



Deed Book K

24 July 1798

p. 248. Daniel Melton of CC to Abner Rossen of same, for 58 lbs. 19 1/2 A on Jordan's Cr adj Jonathan Poe's old line. Wit: James Poe, Anthony Horton


Deed Book K

p. 338

21 Dec. 1798

Benoni Rossen to James Hughes of CC , for 85 lbs, 85 A on Jourdan's Cr adj John Walker, Moses Pearce. Wit: John Hughs, James Poe


Deed Book L p. 63-4

29 January 1799

Charles Taylor and Jonathan Poe of CC to James Hughes of same, for 50 lbs, 71 1/4 A on Jourdan's Cr. Wit: Robert Fulton, James Poe, Lewis Corder


Deed Book L p. 21-2

18 Sept 1799

Jonathan Poe of CC to Henry M. Lawson of Lenoir Co., NC, for 800 Spanish dollars, 250 A on Country Line Cr adj William Corder, David Cartwright, John Stone, Also signed by Martha Poe. Wit: Robt Parks, John Street


Deed Book L p. 125-6

18 Sept 1799

Jonathan Poe of CC to Henry W. Lawson of Lenoir Co., NC for 800 Spanish dollars, 300 A on Jordan's Cr reserving 26 1/2 A made to James Hughs making it 273 1/2 A adj Davis, Cartwright, Corder. Also signed by Martha Poe. Wit: Robert Parks, John Street.


Deed Book N  p. 66-7

18 July 1803

John Corder of CC to Aaron Simpson of same, for $410.25, 300 A on Jordan's Cr reserving 26 1/2 A on a side Cr Jonathan Poe deeded to James Hughs and Enoch, Davis Cartwright Claim. Wit: James Robertson, Moses Simpson, Kitty Simpson.


[ John Miles witness on two 1805 records. Some researchers claim to have evidence that John Poe was son-in-law of John Miles]


12 Jan 1793

John Poe Bride: Elisabeth Parks* Bond Date: 12 Jan 1793 Record #: 01 238 Bondsman: Solomon Parks Witness: Ald Murphey Bond #: 000017520


* Virginia Census for Culpeper County, VA 1810 lists Gabriel Parks and Richard Parks. There are indications that the Caswell County Poe family stems from Culpeper County. Note that Jonathan Poe listed in Caswell County is a name earlier found in Culpeper County, VA.. The 1790 Census for North Carolina lists several Parks families in the area. Caswell County Census Col Parks, Joseph Parks  Solomon Parks  1790 Guilford County Census George Parks    

1790 Orange County Census John Parks     Wm Parks     1790 Rowan County Census Allen Parks    Charles Parks Ebenezer Parks     John Parks     John Parks     Joseph Parks     Noah Parks     Timothy Parks     1790 Wilkes County Census Anne Parks     Aron Parks     Geo Parks     Reuben Parks     Ruben, Jr Parks     Sam Parks    




Book D 1803


153 Accto estate of Thomas Simmons decd. Accts. paid to Zeph Tate, John Buchanan, William Gooch, David Gooch, Thomas Kimbrough, Andrew McCawley, John Berry, James Yancey, William Cantril, Obediah Martin, Elijah Anthony, Lewis Corder, Samuel Shy, John Shy, James Poe, William Leak, Joshua Taylor. Acct. of adm. of Thomas Graves decd. and Thomas Simmons surviving exec. of Thomas Simmons decd.



Jonathan Poe and Tabitha Lannom 1804


Jonathan Poe; Bride: Tabitha Lannom Bond Date: XX XXX 1804; Record #: 01 238 Bondsman: Obediah Flora (Florence) Witness: Alex. Murphey Bond #: 000017521

 (NOTE: This is the second marriage for both Jonathan and Tabitha)


From Carole Lannom


Jonathan Poe’s 2nd marriage was to my Tabitha Lannom (Bywater). Tabitha Lannom married Jonathan Poe, 1804, bond by Obediah Florence, Caswell Co.


Son of Tabitha Lannom, Joseph Lannom married Delila Browning, 21 Sep 1799, bond by Abner Rosson.




Delilah Browning is a daughter of Jacob Frances Browning and Elizabeth Bywaters.  No confirmed connection between the two Bywaters women.


Jacob Frances Browning is a son of Francis Browning, Sr. b. Abt. 1696 Essex Co., VA; d. 21 Jan 1775 St. Marks Parish, Culpeper Co., VA and wife Elizabeth Carter Lloyd b. 08 Jan 1686 MD; d. 1740 Culpeper Co., VA.


My sources for this:  Charlie Lampley (Sarah Browning relative - Sarah Browning is a sister to my Delilah Browning)
Genealogical and Historical Notes on Culpeper County, Virginia, Embracing a Revised and Enlarged Edition of Dr. Philip Slaughter's History of St. Mark's Parish. Compiled by Raleigh Travers Green. Baltimore: Southern Book Company 1958.



Known children of Jonathan Poe and Martha ??

John Poe Abt. 1788 NC  listed in LWAT   

Rhodin Poe Bef 1778 - listed in LWAT

George Poe Abt. 1771 Caswell Co., NC

Mary "Fanny" Poe - listed in LWAT

James Poe Bef. 1774




Deed Book R


Obed Florence of CC to Alexander Barker and James Barker heirs of James Barker decd of same, for $282 pd by James Barker, 271 A on Jourdan’s Cr (Jordan’s Creek) said land granted by State 1781 to Florence adj Poe old line. 20 Sept 1811. Wit. George Predergast, William Florence