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Poe Family in Randolph County, North Carolina



References such as NC-1 below refer to numbers on: North Carolina Bibliography


Names in parentheses reflect the spelling in the source: e.g. Reynolds (Renelds) or Poe (Powe)



Chart of descendants

John W. Poe, born  9-15-1787, Chatham, NC, died 9-2-1851, Clay, Morgan, Indiana. Contact: TERI <>






Randolph County (formed from Guilford County in 1779)

 1779 Tax List

Benjamin Poe (says Benman)


1782 Tax List

Benjamin Poe (says Benman)



Deed Abstracts Books 1-5: 1779-1794


5:161 12 December 1793 --  Stafford Lednam of Molbery Co., SC to William Moon of Randolph Co. for 80 pds 200a in Randolph Co. adj. Onstat and Masser. Signed Stafford Lednam; Wit: William Rhodes, William Poe


1:126 10 May 1794 – Soloman Evens (Evans) to Alexander Wilson for 100 pds., 100a on Big Brush Creek, Deep River waters

signed: Soloman Evins; Wit: Obediah Williams, William Poe Rec. August 1794 by Soloman Evins. (Evans)


Others include Israel Elliott to William Elliott on waters of Polecat Creek


Joseph Sutton to John Lawler adj. Lawler and William Vestal


23 February 1804

Sealy Poe Groom: Archabald Phillips Bond Date: 23 Feb 1804 Record #: 01 212 Bondsman: Thos Craven, Jr Witness: Thomas Craven Bond #: 000113755




Archibald Philips and Sealy Poe 22 Feburary 1804 (w) Thomas Craven, Jr. (w) Thomas Craven




John Poe  Bride: Elizabeth Rains** Bond Date: 15 Oct 1807 County: Randolph Record #: 01 215 Bondsman: Anthony Rains Witness: J Bain Bond #: 000113800


** A William Rains can be found in 1717 Essex County, Va




John Poe and Elizabeth Rains 15 October 1807 Anthony Rains (x) (w) J. Bain


1815 Randolph Tax List

John Poe



Randolph County



Marriages through 1820, Randolph County / compiled by Nancy W. Simpson


Simpson, Nancy C.


Johnson, William Perry.


Wilkesboro, NC : The Compiler, 1977


59 leaves ; 29 cm.


Index ; bound with : 1820 Randolph County tax list / by William Perry Johnson


1820 Tax  List

List of taxable property taken in by James Scotten, Esqr. In the County of Randolph and in Capt. John W. Poe’s District


John W. Poe 275 waters on Brush Creek $400 1 while polled

               (my handwritten notes say 275 waters of Sand Creek)


Capt. Moon’s District

Anthony Rains 388 acres adj. Thomas Mathews $500

Robert Rains 100 acres adj. Thomas Parks $150 0 white poll 1 black poll

Thomas Bray 300 acres adj. Alexander Wilson $330 1 while polled


Capt. Cole’s District

Several Elliott families listed


August 8, 1820 – A List of taxables taken in Capt. H. Bray’s District Randolph County, by me John Moffitt, Esqr.



Banjamin Caveness          170 adj. John Moffitt $340 1 white poll

George Caveness                                                            1 white poll

Eli Bray                                1180 acres adj. Benjamin Williams $2700    1 white poll, 4 black polls

Harmon Bray                       250 adj. Peter Craven        $350      1 white poll

Henry Bray                        52 adj William Beason $800            1 white poll

                                              272 adj. William Hodgen   $800      2 black poll

                                              150 adj. Isaac Lane            $150     

Lewlallen Rains                   75 adj. John Rains             $200      1 white poll

Methias Bray, Junr.            200 adj. William Waldon    $360      1 white poll --- (Walden)

Methias Bray of John          250 adj. Harmon Bray        $350      1 white poll

Methias Bray, Senr.            405 adj. Harmon Bray        $700      0 white poll; 1 black poll

Robert Caveness                                                                             1 white poll

Richard Caveness                                                                           1 white poll


Taxables in Capt. Lathem’s District. Entry taker, Eli Brown, J. P.

Bray, John           500 on Fork Creek             $1000    0 white poll; 1black poll
McMillin, John     80 on Bachlers Creek        $50         1 white poll (McMillion / McMillan)

McMellen, Daneal                                                             1 white poll

Nall, Nicholas      300 the Quarter Place        $600

                               150 the Mill Tract                $150

                               6 the Mill Lot                        $3000

                               316 land bought of Marsh  $500

                               260 in the forks of Deep River & Fork Creek                $1300


Capt. Cox’s District


Frederic Caveness           200 waters Deep River      $300


Capt. Hoover’s District

Winslow, John    698 on Taylors Creek         $3000

Winslow, Joseph 220 Taylors Creek


Capt. Shaw’s District

Hardy Winslow     200 adj. Micajoh Lassiter  $1000    1 white poll

Samuel Lewis     200 adj. William Lewis       $300      0 white poll; 1 black poll

Thomas Winslow, Jnr                                                       1 white poll

Henry Winslow     800 adj. Aaron Hill              $1640    1 white poll


Taxables in Capt. Moon’s District

Entry taker, Robert Rains J. P.


Anthony Rains      388 adj. Thomas Matthews               $500

Robert Rains       100 adj. Thomas Parks     $150

Robert Rains, Snr.              300 adj. Robert Barker      $700      0 white poll; 1 black poll

Thomas Bray       300 adj. Alexander Wilson $330      1 white poll

Elisha Poe                                                                       1 white poll

Lonen Forshe (Fooshee?) 240 adj. John Lambert       $600      1 white poll


Robert R. Rains, Esqr. J. P.


1850 Randolph County

Reuben H. Poe