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Poe Family in Surry County, North Carolina


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Waterways Sketch



NC - 53

David Bray  Surry 1782


Quaker Meeting: Deep Creek. Some names from Randolph Co, Wake County. Includes my “Bills” family ancestors.


Part 4: Deep Creek Monthly Meeting

 The Encyclopedia of Quaker Genealogy, Vol. I, Deep Creek Monthly Meeting, Page 971



Surry (now Yadkin) County, North Carolina


The establishment of Deep Creek Monthly Meeting of Friends, Surry, (now Yadkin) County, North Carolina, was authorized by the following minute. The first sitting was held the sixth of fourth month, 1793. William Hough was appointed the first clerk; Simon Hadley, recorder of births, deaths and marriages; Daniel Huff, treasurer.


"We of the Committee appointed to visit the preparative meeting of Deep Creek on their request to hold a monthly meeting among themselves, after visiting them, Report that we think it will be best to grant their request; with the Quarterly Meeting appointing a committee to attend the sittings thereof for their help and instruction as long as the Quarterly Meeting shall think necessary, all which we submit to the Quarterly Meeting: - Jacob Hunt, Joseph Hoggatt, Moses Gregg, Bowater Sumner, Enoch Macy. Which this Quarterly Meeting concurs with; and directs that they hold said meeting on the first Seventh day in each month, and their preparative meeting on the fifth of the same week and appoints John Talbot, Jacob Hunt, Tristim Barnard, James Thornbrugh, Allen Unthank and Abijah Coffin, to attend the first opening thereof, and Barnedas Coffin, Hezekiah Starbuck, John Sanders and Seth Coffin, to attend the other meetings in the Quarter for at least two of them at each, who are to report their care and satisfaction to next meeting. From a Quarterly Meeting held at Deep River by adjournment the 13th of the 3rd mo. 1793. Jesse Williams, Clerk."


Previous to the setting up of a monthly meeting at Deep Creek, the preparative meeting had been under the jurisdiction of Deep River Monthly Meeting. The following list contains the names of some of those who composed the original membership of Deep Creek Monthly Meeting.


George Adams; Susana Adams; William Adams; Francis Barnard, Sr.; Jane Barnet; Daniel Bills; Deborah Bills; Anna Bond; Charlotte Bond; John Bond; Garner Brian; Ann Brown; Jacob Brown; Jane Brown; Mary Brown; William Brown; James Burnside; Mary Burnsides; Adam Coffin; Hannah Davis; Joseph Davis; Ann Dobbins; Jacob Dobbins; Nathan Farmer; Bridget Hadley; Eulis Hadley; Simon Hadly; Ruth Hinshaw; Rebecca Hobson; Stephen Hobson; Israel Hough; Mary Hough; William Hough or Huff; Judith Hutchens; Nicholas Hutchens; Sarah Hutchens; Strangeman Hutchens; Susanna Hutchens; Thomas Hutchens; Jemima Johnson; John Johnson; Daniel Jones; Joseph Keys, Jr; Lydia Keys; Jos. Noblet; Samuel Pearson; Ann Philips; Sarah Reece; Catherine Russel; Charles Russell; Sarah Shugart; Zachariah Shugart; John Stanfield; Archelus Stanley; Ann Stockton; Thomas Vestal; Samuel Welch; Keziah Worth; Jemima Zacry; William Zachery;



Preparative meetings under Deep Creek Monthly Meeting included Deep Creek, Hunting Creek, Small Creek and Ferbush Creek.




Surry County Deed Book F

94           21 April 1788 Samuel Kennedy (Kaniday) to Moses Williams 20 pds 20 ac Wilkes County in Co line little Reedy fok; part land where Samuel now lives conveyed to him by Jesse Franklin

Mark Kaniday)

Thomas Ross)

John Williams)                                    s/Samuel Kaniday


413         20 October 1788 James Revis & wife Mary to John Hutchens 700 pds 378 ac N fork Deep Ck adj Simon Gross, Fredr Shores Spring Br; part 640 ac Gr James Reavis

John Johnson)

John Reavis)                                       s/James Reavis

Edward Clanton)                              Sarah Lafoon (x)



1790 census

William Poe (9) 1 m >16, 3 m < 16, 5 f



NC-31            NC-21


248         12 March 1792 George Wooten to William Poe 150 pds 270 ac adj William Petty

Ephraim McLimore (x)

Henry Poe (x)                                   George Wooten (x)


Revolutionary War Patriot Henry W. Poe

According to his Revolutionary War records, Henry W. Poe was born in 1758 in Culpeper Co, Virginia and died after 1732 in Sullivan County, Tennessee



Full documents at:



NOTE: An Elizabeth is mentioned as wife of William Poe in deed of 1801 below from land granted to George Wooten. Note that men named William Petty lived near the Simon Poe SR family on the Haw River and also near Poe in Guilford County, NC. Many Petty families lived in these counties so it is not at all clear they are related or that the connection to Poe is more than coincidental.




17 Jul 1792

Elizabeth Poe Groom: James Master Bond Date: 17 Jul 1792 Record #: 01 156 Bondsman: George Hudspeth Bond #: 000146226


* 19 September 1768 – George Hudspeth was a neighbor and maybe relation to the Bradford family of Sophia and Hannah Bradford who married sons of Simon Poe SR.

(FHL# 306,125) Vol. H. p. 507 Doc. 30 This indenture made the nineteenth day of September One Thousand Seven Hundred and Sixty Eight between Thomas Bradford of the county of Granville and Province of North Carolina of the one part and George Hudsparth



James Masters and Elizabeth Poe. 17 July 1792; George Hudspeth, bm.


Edmund Poe and Sarah Parker. 30 November 1794. James Masters, Bm.

See research on this family found on the web:



North Carolina Marriage Bonds, 1741-1868

Edmund Poe Bride: Sarah Parker. Bond Date: 30 Nov 1794 Record #: 01 185 Bondsman: James Masters Bond #: 000146872


This information pertains to the Poe that settled in Habersham Co, GA and then onto Benton / Calhoun (and Talledega) Counties in Alabama. Some records show Poe bured in Green Cemetery. Connected to this family is Edmond/Edmund Poe and Stephen Poe (see Wilkes County, NC and Georgia records)

Research is ongoing, but this group appears connected to Surry / Wilkes / Ashe County, North Carolina. Below the notes I have pertinent links for those analyzing these families.

Family Notes passed on to me:

At top “Ages of the children of Edmund Poe and Sarah his wife:

Note from a research in this family:

Georgia Records

Alabama Records

Wilkes County, NC

Ashe County



See Green Cemetery images Calhoun Co, Alabama



Sarah Parker POE            80y 1848

THIS PROVIDES A BIRTH DATE OF 1762. Most charts show Sarah married at 15 not 26. This effects the age presumed for husband Edmond Poe, and who his father could have been.







95           2 January 1794 Archelus Stanley (Standley) & wife Elizabeth to Peter Fitzgerrald 64 pds Specie 150 ac Fall Br which Archelus bought of John McCollum adj Williams & Bramlett (Hamblett?? my question)

Nicholas Hutchens)

Sarah Huchens)                                 Archeleus Standley (x)

Jesse Standley (x)                             Elizabeth Standley (x)


330         20 August 1794 Henry Speer to Augustine Willard 40 pds 120 ac waters Deep Ck adj Christian Weatherman, John Barren & John Hutchins; pt 200 ac Gr Weatherman 10 December 1790

Henry Young) J. Carter)

Chas Hunt)                                          s/H. Speer


334         21 July 1796 Airs Hudspeth Junr to Samuel Ayers 100 pds 42 ac N side N fork Deep Ck adj Jhn Hutchens, John Stanfield; part Gr John Hutchens 1779; also 100 ac adj Joshua Brown & Elmore; also 40 ac adj avove, Bruce Hutchens & Standfield

Abner Greenwood)

George C. Holcomb)                         s/Airs Hudspeth




8 February 1796 A deed from George Wooten to William Poe was proved by Henry Poe and ordered to be registered 6 paid.


NOTE: The Continuing mentioned of George Wooten in records pertaining to Willam Poe lends support that Henry Poe was a son of William Poe.


NOTE: 1810 Census for Washington County, Virginia lists Henry Pow


16 May 1798 Aaron Freeman* overseer of new road

Many listed from the Bills family (connected to this researcher) including Daniel Bills, Gershom Bills, David Bills, Isaac Bills, Joshua Bills, William Bills

Many listed from Bray family, including David Bray (Sr. and Jr.), Hanan (Hanon) Bray, Joseph Bray, Littleberry (Littlebury) Bray, Nathan Bray, Peter Bray, Stogner Bray, William Bray


* Freeman married with Poe in Fayette County, Alabama. I am related to this Bills family through later intermarriage with Poe in Arkansas.


>>> failed to write down date for this

William T. Lewis to David Bray, Srds 200 ac  ---- Nathan Bray, Zenas Baldwin, Wm T. Lewis




15 November 1798

Ordered that the court that Raleigh Poe (Rolley) be appt. Overseer of the road from the Island Ford from Pipes Creek to the Wilkes Line and the hands convenient work thereon.




Vol. G&H 1795-1800


Hanon Bray, Littleton Bray in record


18 October 1802

Henry Speer to Henry Bray 300 acres on water of Deep Creek and Hunting Creek on Wards Branch adj. Lewis Elliotts NW corner of 150 acres & John Whalen. John Bray. November term 1802


1800 Surry Census

Polley Pow 1 <10, 1 26/45; 1<10, 2 10/16, 1>45



August 1801

Bk I, p. 201 William Poe and Elizabeth Poe* of Surry Co., NC to Isaac Hudson of Rowan Co, NC. 150 pounds 270 acres adjoining William Petty; part of 400 acres granted to George Wooton by deed on 9 August 1787.

Nicholas Masters

William Poe (X) seal

Elizabeth Poe (X) seal

Daniel Hudson

Duly proven in Surry Co. Court Aug Term 1801 by oaths of Nicholas Masters & Daniel Hudson & ordered to be registered. Test: Jo Williams, C.C.


* This seems to be the William Poe of the Siler City area of Chatham County who married Elizabeth Bray. This William Poe also appears to have arrived in Chatham County coming from Culpeper County, Virginia



William Poe “JR”, John Poe and Benjamin Poe

of Culpeper County, Virginia, match these men in the Chatham County Muster Roll of Joab Brooks.


Colonial soldiers of the South, 1732-1774.  Murtrie June Clark

Baltimore, MD : Genealogical Publishing Co., 1983.


Chatham County Military Returns 9-23-1772

Muster Roll of Capt. Joab Brook's Co.


19                     Pvt                                Benjamin Poe *

27                     Pvt                                William Poe**

53                     Pvt                                John Poe**

104                   Pvt                                Charles Poe - the only other time besides these two that research has shown the name Charles Poe is this:

Antioch Cemetery, Chatham County, NC  record: POE  Charlie C.  4-2-1881 - 4-19-1931.


* Benjamin Poe b. 1749 Culpeper County VA states in a Rev. War Pension claim (see below) that he lived in Wake County, but moved to Randolph County, NC in 1789. It appears his son Benjamin remained in Wake County if this is accurate. The claim also states that he lived in Chatham County, NC when he entered service in 1775.  In a 1771 Chatham County Muster roll for the Siler City area of Chatham County, Benjamin Poe is listed.


** These records from Orange / Culpeper County, VA may be this William and John. The association with William Watson and Battle Run make it appear that they are sons of William Poe who appeared in VA records in 1725, just after the death of Samuel Poe in 1725 in Essex County. Benjamin is likely another brother or a JR son of the Benjamin Poe who appeared in the records about the same time of the elder William Poe.


Warrant & Surveys, Tithables, Relinguishes, Petitions. Orange County, Virginia Vol. I


1747 - 1748

p. 3

NATHANIEL CHAPMAN, assignee of George Chapman, 9 Dec. 1747 - 9 July 1748; "Mr. George Chapman of Fredericksburg in his Life time had informed" of ungranted land in Orange "where his house stands." (Note: A house is drawn on plat.) From survey - By virtue of a warrant 9 Dec. 1747 "granted to the heirs of Mr. George Chapman late of Fredericksburg, dec'd." 400 a. of ungranted land in Orange Co. where his house stands in ;the forks of Rappa. R.; adj. William Watson, William Poe. . CC - John Poe & William Poe, Jr.  N B. The deed to be made to  Mr. Nathaniel Chapman.. Surv. James Genn. .


CAPT. JOHN GRANT, dec'd (same information as above) 11 Dec. 1747­9 Feb. 1747/48; 400 a. between the North R., Hungar Run, Jobbers Mt. & Capt. Compton in the little fork. CC - William Poe, Jr. & (creased, illegible). Pilot - William Poe. Surv. James Genn.


JAMES GREEN, assignee of William Tapp, 9 Dec. 1747 (date from survey, no warrant included) - 5 Feb. 1747/48; 200 a. adj. Capt. James Compton. "Memd William Tapp Desires to have the deed made out to his Son in Law James Green." CC - John Poe & James Green.  Marker – John Roberts. Surv. James Genn.



WILLIAM POE, 9 Dec. 1747 - 26 Feb. 1747/48; 200 a. at Little Batte Run. William Poe has made an improvement joyning his other land & near the main road; adj. Capt. Compton, Watson & Poe's pat. CC - John Poe & William Gouge. Surv. James Genn.



28 May 1753.

pp. 130-32

William Beverly of Blanfield, Essex County, Esqr. to William Poe of Culpeper County, planter. Lease of 220 acres where he now dwells, part of William Beverly's tract of land called Wakefield . . on the north side of the south river called Burgess River . . . to the mouth of the river . . up the Hedgeman River  . . mouth of a branch . . . surveyed by Richard Young, surveyor . . saving liberty of making a path or rolling road through the land where it shall be necessary for and desired by one or more tenants of William Beverly.

For lives of William Poe, Lydia his wife and William their son.

Yearly rent on 7 December at Fredericksburg or Falmouth Warehouse of 1000 pounds of tobacco. If Poe shall work more than four tithables besides himself, for each to pay 200 pounds of tobacco additional, and shall not keep thereon any undertenant, shall plant an orchard of one hundred apple trees thirty five feet asunder and two hundred peach trees twenty feet asunder, within a good fence.

W. Beverly


W. Russell

Robert Coleman

John Gough

21 June 1753. Proved by Robert Coleman and John Gough

20 June 1754. Proved by William Russell, Gent.





p. 598

9 October 1769

Herman Husband of Orange, yeoman, to Henry Bray of same, planter, seventy four pounds, 480 acres, on Love Cr. Granville to Husband 5 August 1768(?), begin at David Smith’s cor., No 160 to a post oak the beginning tree of the original tract, W 60 ch. S 106 ch. 67 lk., E 126 p., S to Loves Cr., down creek until it intersects a west course from the beginning; signed: Herman Husband; witness: John McCausland, David Smith (X); proved by McCausland. January Term 1770


p. 599

9 October 1769

Herman Husband of Orange, yeoman, to John McCausland of same, planter, thirty pounds, 189 acres, part of tract from Granville to Husband 11 December 1762, called Desolate Hills begin at a hickory tree the cor. tree of Desolate; W 60 ch., N 25 ch. E 140 p. S to beginning; signed: Herman Husband; witness: Henry Bray, David Smith (X); proved by Bray January Term 1770


p. 600

October 1769, Herman Husband of Orange, yeoman, to David Smith of same, planter, seventy four pounds, 503 acres, on waters of Loves Cr., part of tract from Granville to Husband 11 December 1762 recorded in Book E, page 168, begin at a post oak the beginning of Desolate, W 11 ch. N 15 ch. To a red oak, E 36 ch., N 20 ch, E 38 from the beginning; signed: Herman Husband; witness: John McCausland, Henry Bray; proved by Bray January Term 1770.


Page 378.

2 February 1773 -- David Smith to William Poe - 20 pds - 50 a. being part of a track of land originally conveyed to Herman Husbands from the Earl of Granville by a pattent bearing date the 11 December 1762 and called Dessolute Meadows - on Loves Creek.


Henry Bray                                           David Smith

Adam Ramsower*                                  Mary Smith

Job Ward


* Ramsour? Which is mentioned in the will of Henry Bray


20 July 1775

Deed Book B, page 72.

Deed from William Poe & wife to Henry Bray*, proved by John Wilkerson


23 June 1775

page 21

Deed David Smith & wife to William Poe, proved by Henry Bray







6 February 1801

BK I, p. 155 6 February 1801 Thomas Wiles of Surry to Wiley Dickison of Surry. $150.00 130 acres on the waters of Deep Creek adjoining Poe, Arnold, Debord, John Pendry and Mills.

William Mills                        Thomas Wiles (seal)

Thomas Wright Proved in Surry Co Court May Term 1801 by oath of Thomas Wright, Esq. & ordered to be registered. Test Jo Williams, C C: by Jo Williams, Junr, D.C.


23 March 1801 John Speer, Senr, of Surry to Levi Speer. 10 shillings current money of NC 100 acres on Joseph's Creek adjoining Peter Elder; granted to sd Speer by State of NC bya Deed in 1783.

William Stevens                  John (X) Speer (seal)

Isham Melton (X) Duly proven in Surry Co Court May Term 1801 by oath of William Stevens & ordered to be registered. By Jo Williams, Junr, D. C.


18 October 1802

Henry Speer to Henry Bray 300 acres on Water of Deep Creek and Hunting Creek on Wards Branch adj Lewis Elliotts NW corner of 150 acres & John Whalen.


August Term 1808


87.. Ordered Joseph Thompson, Senr. appointed overseer of New Road lately laid off from the Ashe County line down Tyre Ridge and Thompson's Mill Creek to Rockford Road.


88. Ordered Rolley Poe appointed overseer of rad from Ross' Ford on Mitchels River to William Kenadys, Sr


94. Ordered Philip Howard, Junr. appointed overseer of road in room of William Wiliams


98. Ordered Charles Howard appointed overseer of orad from the Dry Branch into the Road leading from Daivs Thomas' to Rockford


(page 156 of the library book)

A deed from Roby & Sarah Poe to Martin Southard was ack'd by said Roby & ordered to e registered. 6/pd.


(could this be "Rhodis / Rhoden / Rhody Poe" mentioned in other sources? such as Caswell Co Deed Book F Page 127-8 18 Mar 1788.

David Corbin of Culpeper County. VA , to James Hughes of Orange Co., NC for 173 lbs. 268 A on Jordan's Cr adj Orange Co. line, claim of Pyron. By Obed Florance, atty-in-fact who has power of attorney. Wit: Charles Taylor, Rhodis Poe)





Will of Samuel Carter

8 June 1809

Wife Susanna to have 100 a homeplace, Negro wench Pegg. Dau. Susanna Carter to have Negro girl Hager. Dau. Sarah Poe. Daus. Mary Philips, Nancy Poe, Ruth Woode. 2 youngest sons: Benjamin & Abraham – 250 A adj. Obediah Martin. Wit: Obadiah Martin, Nauman Woode, Abiram & Benj. Carter.


Codicil 1813 gives wife Susanna a Negro Jack.

Prvd. By Martin and the Carters

Rec. Aug. Court 1815



1810 Census

Raleigh Poe 1 <10, 1 26/45; 2<10, 2 10/16, 2 16/26, 1 26/45 1>45 (may be 2 slaves, hard to read)





1810 Census


From John Pace, July 25, 2009. [these men] are in fact Edmond and Reuben Pace. Their sister Amy Pace married David Bray. They are the sons of John and Sarah Pace who migrated to Surry, NC abt. 1774 from Edgecombe, NC.


NOTE: Jonathan Pace, Reuben Pace, Edmon Pace (not to be confused with Edmond Poe (wife Sarah Parker) and sons Jonathan, nor the  Reuben Poe men of Chatham County, NC.





May term1810

On jury for many cases: David Bray, Jr., Raleigh Poe, James Howard


14 May 1810

Jurors fees to Rockford

Raleigh Poe proves 4 days and 40 miles

David Bray, Jun. 4 days, 12 miles

James Howard 4 days, 20 miles


16 August 1810

Deed for Benjamin and Peter Pierson to Raleigh Poe was proved in open court by the oath of William Thornton and ordered to be registered.


15 August 1811

Raleigh Poe on road layout with Jesse Kennedy (may be same name as “Canada” and “Kannaday” etc. Aaron Kennedy lived between John and William Poe in the Wilkes in the 1790 census and there were land deals involving the men.)





August Term 1811


249. Ordered Hinson Atha appointed overseer of the Balies Ford Road from Huntsville to the County Line, and the hands convenient work thereon with the addition of William Howard, Henry Frady, and John Hill.
251. Ordered Peter Groce appointed overseer of the road in the room of Abraham Cunningham from Loyd's Meadow to the upper end of Wells Lane.
254. Ordered Robert Brooks appointed overseer of the road in room of Rolley Poe from Ross' Ford on Mitchels River to William Kenady's Senr. 
260. Ordered Bennett Jarvis appointed overseer of road beginning at the Sign Post near William Patterson's plantation to Wilkes Road near Daniel Cockerham's



(Bills are ancestors of this researcher)

Daniel Bills and Patse Jarvis, ____ 1805

Daniel Bills, Jr. and Polly Ketchum 31 December 1813; Edwin Chaffin bm.

Thomas Bills and Mary Collins, 11 February 1813, Gersham Bills, bm.

David Browning and Polly Miller 23 October 1805

Other last names include Cain, Caudle, Elliott, Gwin (Guin) and Hatcher


There are Day marriages and Brittain marriages in 1802 and 1846. Day and Brittain are connected to Poe in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. It is curious to find both families here in Surry County with the Poes.




3:116a. Will of Joseph Guin, Jr. 18 April 1813. Wife - Nancy. Youngest son Lewis to have estate & mill. Other children have had their part. Exrs: wife Nancy, James Hannah, John Bryson. Wit: Thomas Snow, Mitchel Thompson, Bartlett Hammock. Prvd by Hammock. Rec. Nov. Ct. 1815




14 May 1816

Administration on the estate of Joel Kennedy dec'd is granted unto Aaron Kennedy who entered into bond with Shadrack Franklin & Raleigh Poe his securities in the sum of pounds 150 ; for his faithful performance. The admr quallified agreeable to law. 8/pd. Ordered that letters of administration issue.


Administration on the estate of Samuel Carter dec'd (which was left out of the will) is granted unto Burges Sisk who entered into bond in the sum of pounds 1000:-:- with Ephraim Carter & Isaac Sisk his secy's. etc.


Index of the book lists these people, but did not look them up.

James Bradley

Amey Bray, Anny Bray, David Bray, David Bray, Jun., David Bray Sen., Hana Bray, Hanan Bray, Hanon Bray, Joseph Bray, Littleberry Bray, Nathan Bray, William Bray

James Britain, John Briton

John Brooks



Surry Tax List s


Raleigh Poe

1815 330 a South Fork $1000

1816 330 a Mitchell’s River $1000 1 white poll

1817 330 a South Fork $110 Poll =1

1819 300 a adjoining Mary Wright on M. River $100


Note that there is James Britton, John Britton, William (Little) Britton as wellas Thomas Day Sr. in Surry county. Day, Brittain (Britton) and Poe come from Bucks County, Pennsylvania.


Bills (this researcher’s ancestors) have 339 a on Harmons Creek and Code Creek in 1819.

Bray’s heirs are mentioned in the 1819 tax list




Jurors for March 1814 include David Bray, Sen., Thomas Vestal, Raleigh Poe, Hatley, Charles Taliaferro, Elliott, Strangeman Hutchens, Daniel Bills, Sen.


1820 Surry Census

Raleigh Poe





15 November 1820

Ordered by the court that the following persons be appointed to View and Turn the Road at William Lewis Franklin's agreeable to petition filed to wit, Lewis Franklin, Fielding Snow, Simpson Snow, Henderson Thomson,  Thomas Nixon, John Franklin, Aaron Marchell, Raleigh Poe, Aaron Write, Daniel S Writh, Elisha Isaacs, Nathan Jackson and John Marsh and make report to next court.



North Carolina Marriage Bonds, 1741-1868


Vilenty Poe Groom: Lemuel Lewis Bond Date: 08 Sep 1823 Record #: 01 139 Bondsman: Thos Norman Bond #: 000145868



Surry County, NC – Court Minutes 1824 – 1826


Tuesday February 10th 1824


Orderd by the court that AARON KANADAY* be appointed [GUARDIAN] to NANCY LEWIS and ELCANAH LEWIS who enterd into bond in the sum of $1500 with RALEIGH POE and WM THOMPSON his secys which secy was approved of by the court which court consisted of JONATHEN HAYNES, GEORGE D HOLCOMB and HENRY P POINDEXTER Esqrs.


* A man by this names lived near Poe in Wilkes County.

Land Entries

1800 Witnessed land transaction William Poe

1802 Aaron Canaday 200 ac in Wilkes on Big Elkin Creek joins John Poe's line.

1803 William Poe 120 acres big Elkin Creek

1804  Canaday 150 acres begins at John Poe's line on N side of the "creek and runs W.
1809  witnessed land transaction John Poe
1810 William Poe 100 acres on big Elkin Creek joins his old line etc.

1811  NC Grant Isaiah Fields Big Elkin John Poe's line


16 February 1825

LARKIN CANADAY appointed CONSTABLE who enterd into bond with AARON KENADAY & RALEIGH POE his secy & qualified acording to law. 6jpd


Raleigh Poe vs JOHN BAILEY

HENRY G HAMPTON a witness for the plff pro_

JAMES G PARKS for do proves 3 days 28 mile



17 February 1825

JOHN HAINES vs JOHN MONEY - No 14 - The jury whose names are under written being duly impanald and sworn viz: JOHN EDWARDS, THOMAS HAINES, DABNEY WALKER, FROST SNOW, WILLIAM COLLINS, ISAAC WILLIAMS, AARON KENADAY, CHAMBERS C PATTERSON, RALEIGH POE, RILEY WHITAKER, WILLIAM COX, WILLIAM THOMPSON who say we find for the defendant. HENRY MONEY for deft proves 12 days 96 miles.

WM CHEEK for do proves 7 do 86

On motion jdgt on security


10 May 1825


WILLIAM WITCHER for plff proves 4 days 100 miles.


DAVID BATEY for plff proves 14 days 204 miles.


9 August 1825

LACY WHITCHER vs RALEIGH POE - No 26 - The jury whose names are under written being duly impanald and sworn JOHN WHITLOCK, DANIEL

PILCHER, JOHN ROBERTSON, JAMES SNOW, WILLIAM JARVICE, PERRY CHIN, MAJOR AUSTILL, NEEDHAM ROGERS, ISAAH COE, WILLIAM CUNINGHAM, THO H REECE, SAML JOHNSON who say we find all the issues in favour of the plff and assests his damage to $60. Appeal prayd & granted with SHADRACK FRANKLIN & JNo ROBERTS secy



SAINTCLEAR MICKLE a witness for deft, proves 4 days & 56 miles.

JOHN G PARKS for plff proves 2 days & 30 miles.


15  November 1825


LARKING KENNADAY for the plaintiff proves 5 days and 108 miles.


20 November 1825

RALEIGH POE in list of jurors


15 February 1826

RALEIGH POE vs JOHN BALEY - No 18- The jury whose names are under

written being duly impanald and sworn THO CHAPMAN, HENRY MOCK, WELCOMB HODGES, BENJ JOHNSON, FRED LONG, PETER GRAVES, WM JEFFERY, ISAAC CALLIWAY, WM DAVIS, JOSEPH RENAGAR, DAVID HUTCHANS, DAVID HOBSON who say we find all the issues in favour of the plaintiff & asses his damage to $14.

JAMES PARKS for plff proves 4 days 28 miles.

STCLAIR MCMICKLE for deft proves 2 do & 28 do.

LARKING KANADAY for ptff proves 3 do & 36 do.


16 February 1826

RALEIGH POE vs BENJ & PETER PEARSON - No 8 - Attachment 1udgment by

default final for $20 with interest from 7 Feby 1807 jud of? made for $35 in the hands of SOLOMON GRAVES executor of JESSE FRANKLIN dec'd former garnshee.


LARKINS KANEDAY is appointed CONSTABLE with AARON KENADAY & RALEIGH POE secys & qualified acording to law. 6pd.


11 May 1826

RALEIGH POE vs JOHN B BAILEY – In the appeal on motion ordered by the court that judgment issue against WM C MARTIN & ALFRED MARTIN


12 February 1828

LARKING KENEDY is appointed CONSTABLE who enterd into bond with RALEIGH POE & WM LYON his secys & qualifyd agreeable to law. 6jpd.


1828 (didn’t write down month and day)


 HENRY RICHARSON & OTHERS to SAML LEWIS was proven by the oath of HARDIN POE & o.r  6/jpd.  


R H PARKS & W J PARKS to RI GUIN was proven by ALFRED W MARTIN & o.r. 6/pd


14 November 1832

The STATE vs ALVIS POE - No 29 - On Recog Docket - The deft comes into court & submits. Judgement of the court that he pay $1.00.



 p.868. February 1826

Ordered Benjamin Potter appointed overseer of the road leading from Jonesville to the intersection of said road with the Main State Road leading to Gap Civil, and that he be authorized to call on the hands of the Widow Franklin; Widow of James Franklin, dec'd; of Fountain Snow; Fielding Snow; Thomas Nixons; Matthew Norman; Elijah Thompson, Esq; Ambrose Johnsons; Joseph Isaacs; William Douglass; James Thompson (stay-maker); the wdow Riggs; Lott Wilmouth; James Thompson, Senr; Joseph Thompson (smith); Joseph Thompson, Junr; Elijah Isacks; Frederick Wolf; Lewis Franklin; John Franklin; Aaron Kennedy*; the widow Marshall; Raleigh Poe; William Thompson, Senr; William Marsh; William Kennedy; John Kennedy, Larkin Holbrook; John Thompson; John Hughes; Meshack Franklin; Macajah Oglesby; Mark Ross; Cable Davis and Robert Davis, to cut out the aforesaid road.


* 1790 Census: William Powe (6) 2m<16, 1m>16; 3 f

Note: Aaron Kennedy between these entries (this name is spelled many ways, including Canada and Canaday)

John Powe (5)  2m>16; 1m<16; 2 f

1802 Aaron Canaday 200 ac in Wilkes on Big Elkin Creek joins John Poe's line.

And a daughter of Simon Poe married a Robert Thompson. Norman is connected to the Browning and William Poe family in Culpeper Co, VA earlier

Virginia Northern Neck Grants Volume II 1742-1775

William Poe

p. 61

H-174: William Poe of Orange now Culpeper Co. 65 A. in said Co. Surv. Mr. James Genn. Adj. William Watson & Poe’s land now Norman’s. Poe’s Mt., Capt. James Compton. 11 May 1752


Abstracts of Virginia Northern Neck Warrants & Surveys. Volume III: 1710-1780 Sheggy Shomo Joyner. 1987

p. 43  John Browning 16 Nov 1752 - 18 Sept 1753. 207 a at Hickman's Mt on the Little Fork of Rappa; adj Joseph Norman, Capt Edwin Hickman. CC (chain carriers) James Hickman and William Poe. Surveyed Richard Young.

The Ross family connects somehow to the Maj James Poe family in Anson County.

And finally, Simon Poe SR married the widow Marsh in his old age.


921. Ordered the William J. Parks appointed overseer of the road in room of John Denny from Jonesville to the Wilkes Line.



Ordered William Kennedy appointed overseer of road in room of William Douglass, Senr., from William Hampton's crossroad towards Gap Civil and the hnad, viz: Elam Lewis, Elkahan Lewis, G. Norman, Thomas Norman, Har Poe (Hardin Poe), Edward Marshall, J. Franklin, Clemeth and W. Norman, J. Isaacks, Hnery Richardson, and Job Southern work under said overseer.


924. Ordered Elias Poe appointed overseer of the road in room of William Douglass from the Jonesville Road to William Hampton's crossroad, that the hands of Joseph and Elijah Thompson* work under said overseer.

* Robert Thompson married daughter of Simon Poe SR


925 (this shows the name "Sparks" and I wonder how often Sparks and Parks got confused. Also Elmore and the Poe family of Prince Edward County, VA are connected. Collins connections go all the way back to Essex County VA in 1709. Henricks links to the Bucks Co, PA Poe family with Day and Britton families. Petty connected to several NC Poe families.

Ordered Ordered Jacob Crouse appointed overseer of road in room of Henry Brown, Esq., from Flat Rock Branch near Hamptonville from the Wilkes Line to the Branch in Messick's old field and the following hands, viz: Elias Messick, Lewis Mock,...... Ttha Elmore ..... Benjamin Hendricks, ... Benjamin Sparks .... Jacob Denny.... Hiram Collins.... Thomas Petty, John Sparks (I did not list them all) and all others within the bounds of the above work under said overseer.


North Carolina Marriage Bonds, 1741-1868



3 January 1827

Alvis Poe Bride: Nancy Lewis Bond Date: 03 Jan 1827 Record #: 01 185 Bondsman: Edward W Marshe (Marshall) Bond #: 000146871




Alvis Poe and Nancy Lewis 3 January 1827; Edward Marshall, bm.


Raleigh Poe died 1857



1840 Surry County

Alphius Poe (Alvis Poe in other sources)

Raleigh Poe



Alvis Poe 100 / $300

Raleigh Poe 180 / $500




Marriages of Surry County, North Carolina : 1779-1868 / comp. by Brent H. Holcomb.


Holcomb, Brent H.


Baltimore : Genealogical Pub. Co., 1982.


William Harris and Caroline Poe 23 December 1852. Cicero Williams bm m., 23 1852, by  _________, J.P.



Surry County, NC Will Book 5 1853-1868

WB 5, p. 47

27 May 1859

Will of Janett Poe I bequeath to my dear old mother Nancy all my land, my cattle, my hogs, and everything belong to me after paying the doctor’s bill and all just debts. Witnesses: E B Hampton, Jurat, and P B Moody, Jurat. Probed by E B Hampton and P B Moody. Probate Nov Term 1860



Surry County 1860 Census

William Poe age 60

Next family

William Roark

See Kentucky Poe /. Roark marriage in the family of Benjamin Poe


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