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Poe Family in Wake County of North Carolina


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References such as NC-1 below refer to numbers on: North Carolina Bibliography


Names in parentheses reflect the spelling in the source: e.g. Reynolds (Renelds) or Poe (Powe)


Benjamin Poe b. 1749 Culpeper County VA states in a Rev. War Pension claim (see below) that he lived in Wake County, but moved to Randolph County, NC in 1789. It appears his son Benjamin remained in Wake County if this is accurate. The claim also states that he lived in Chatham County, NC when he entered service in 1775.  In a 1771 Chatham County Muster roll for the Siler City area of Chatham County, Benjamin Poe is listed.


Abstract of record of wills, inventories, settlements of estates, Wake County, North Carolina / by Frances Holloway Wynne.

Fairfax, Va. : F.H. Wynne, 1985, c1984.

[pg 032][Book A]


Edmund Bird

Estate sale

R. 22 Mar 1782 p 212


Buyers:   Charles Edwards, Micajah McKleroy, Jesse Godlin,

Mary Bird, John Humphries, William Watson, Dennis Bradley, Arthur King, William Cardin, Edward Jarves,

Thomas Murry, Kindred Holliman, James Pye, John Scoging (Scroggin?),

Thomas Holliman, Samuel King, James Jones.

 9 Jan 1782.

D[eputy] S[heriff]: B. Sanders



Series: M32  Roll: 47  Page: 120


Surname  GivenName  Age  Sex  Race  Birthplace  State  County  Location   Year


HOLLIMAN  KINDRED                                          SC  DARLINGTON  NO TWP LISTED       1800





Book C

p. 221

John Hutchings, Sr

Will recorded 17 October 1789

In the name of God amen,


son John Hutchens: burial duties.


Sarah Hutchens Poe: 100 a on lower end of survey whereon I now life; livestock; her mother Sarah Poe is to have life time on said land; household goods; livestock. Note of hand on Michael Duskin for 20 barrels of corn to be paid by the 10th of Dec to Sarah Poe.


Elizabeth Poe: livestock. Daughters Sarah Duskin and Anna Atkins: 1 s. sterling each. Grandson John Hutchens: livestock. Divide rest between son John Hutchens and daughter Elizabeth Atkins.


21 April 1789.            John (I) Hutchens


Executors: Joseph Brown, James Hendon (Herndon? - my question)

Witness: John Singleton (Jurat), Joseph (B) Brown, Jr. (Jurat)


p. 223

Entry for John Lett

p. 224

Entry for Cary Chappel


P. 225

William Hinton Bond R. 17 October 1789

William Hinton, William Ridley and Richard Banks bond to Samuel Johnston, Gov. William Hinton requests appointment as sheriff. 2 Sep 1789.

Witnesses: John Whitaker, Mark Myatt


Similar entry p. 226



John Hutchings, Sr.

Inventory. Recorded 27 October 1789

Livestock, household goods, clothing, tools.

Executor: Joseph Brown


Bills / Hutchins Connection




Mary Poe Groom: James Brown Bond Date: 12 Feb 1790 Record #: 01 064 Bond #: 000151873




---- selected entries on page 40 of this book


Brown, Burt & Elizabeth Collins, 2 May 1859; J. H. H. Walton, bm; m 5 May 1859 by Johnson Olive.


Brown, George & Jane Lane, 17 Dee 1817: Samuel Collins, bm.


Brown, James & Selah Witherspon,               20 Dec   1785;     Henry Hill,              bm.                          


Brown, James & Mary Poe,                         12 Feb   1790;     no bm.                                                                   


Brown,   James & Mary Grady,                        27 July   1824;     Alfred Bevis,         bm.                                         


Brown,   James & Mary Rottenbury (Rottenberry)      27 Aug 1824;       Beverly Daniel,    bm.        


Brown, Jesse & Nancy Scrimton, I Aug 1792; Adam Gorden, bm.


Brown, Jesse & Rebeccah Eller, 20 Aug 1820; Burwell Temple, bm.


Brown, Jesse & Lavinia M. McPheeters, 31 Oct 1835; James McKimmon, bm.


Brown, Jesse & Rebecca Brinkley, 28 July 1851; Solomon Brown,         bm.





p. 139

State of N. C. grant #1179 to Edward Stephens, November 16, 1790, a tract of  100 acres of Middle Creek and on the Ditch Branch adjoining Etheredge’s former corner, Henry Freeman, Britt, and William Bridges


8 December 1790

Warrant Issued:

No. 51. 8th December 1790. Benjamin Poe Entered one hundred and Thirty acres of vacant land in Wake County, Joining his own lines and the lines of Jesse Lewis. M. Holding, E. T.


No. 58 19 April 1791. Samuel Smith entered twenty acres of vacant land in Wake County on the waters of Little Lick Creek, joining his own lines and the lines of John May, Francis Ross and Dennis Bradley*. M. Holding, E. T.


* The Bradley family is connected to the Poes in Caroline County, VA. There is evidence that a William Poe (possibly son of the Samuel Poe, JR who stayed in Caroline Co) may have married a Bradley. This William was still on Poe land in Caroline Co as late as 1799).


1790 Census

Benjamin Poe 1 m >16, 2 m <16, 4 f




William Pau (or Pow)  1-1-0-0-8

1 male 16 or over; 1 male under 16, 8 “other persons”


On same page or adjacent one indicating proximity.

William Myat

James Lewis Jr

Benjamin Jones

Benjamin Clark

Christian Ferrell

John Myatt

Isham Utley

Martin Nall

Michael Trawick

Matthew Myatt

Nathan Nall

William Walton

William Pope

Stephen Lunsford

maybe other names associated with Poe in this era


NOTE on Nall Family: This family can be found in early Essex County, VA records.


From image of original

November 25, 1791

130 acres in Wake County on the waters of Kinney’s Creek. (drawing of the tract).

Mark Myatt and Jesse Lewis



28 November 1792

Deed Book K


p. 143

State of N.C. grant #1206 to Benjamin Poe, Nov. 28, 1792, a tract of 70 acres on the east side of Kenneys Creek adjoining Mark Myatt.


p. 144

State of N.C. grant #1216 to Benjamin Poe, Nove. 28, 1792, a tract of 130 acres on the waters of Kennys Creek adjoining his own line.


p. 146

State of N.C. grant #1251 to Jesse Olive, April 17, 1797, a tract of 21 acres lying between Beaverdam Creek and Houses Creek adjoining Henry L_____, Dillard and Cardin’s former line.


Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions


Issued: .Ordered that Shadrack HUNT be overseer of the Road from the Rocky Branch to the fork below John BRADFORDS and that the following hands work on said Road, under him (towit)              Edward PRIDES Hands, John HINTONS Hands, at home,James KIMBROUGHS,and his hands, Salley KINGS & John MORRIS'S.

Issued. Ordered that John RHODES be overseer of the new Road from the Court House to Crab Tree, and that the following hands work on said Road under him (towit) The



The hands of John HINTONS at his Quarter, on Crab Tree, The Hands of Nathl. JONES, (W.P.) at his Quarter on Crab Tree, Sion SMITHS hands, James HEARTSFIELD, John MCHOLLAND, Ozias VINSON the hands of John RHODES,  John ELLIS, Thomas HOUSES hands,and Henderson PARKER.


Ordered that Reuben HUNTER be overseer of the Road in the room of Parris PEARSON,and that the same hands work on said Road as Usual, under him.




State of North Carolina  At a County Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions begun and

Wake County       ,              held for the County of Wake at the Court House in Raleigh

                                              on the Third Monday of September 1796 and in the Twenty first year of Independance being the 19th day of the Month Present the Worshipful Tignall JONES, Theophilus HUNTER, John ROGERS, Esquires.


Harbard HIGH a Delinquent Juror came into Court and made his excuse and was Excused.

Joshua RICE a Delinquent Juror appeared and made his excuse on Oath was excused he being no free holder.    '


Ordered that the List of Jurors appointed to attend this Court be called out whereupon the following Persons appeared and was Qualified as a Grand Jury,

John HINTON, Jnr.F.M

Andrew  HEARTSFIELD,  Jnr..        Jonathan THOMPSON,       Mark BARKER,


James MEARS    William HORNSBIE,           John DERDAN,

John MOORE,                                    Peter CASSO.  . Joseph FOWLER,

George NANCE




A Deed from Sarah Hutchins POE to Nathaniel LANE proved by Isaac HUTCHING (7 due from LANE)




12 December 1796

Deed Book Q

p. 118

Benjamin Poe* of Wake Co. to Jonas Lassiter of same, Dec. 12, 1796, for 75 pds. a 150 acre tract of land and plantation on the east side of Log Branch, a branch of Kniels Creek, adjoining Liptrot. Wit: Johnson Poe, William Poe, Mark Myatt.


* This record confirms that the elder Benjamin Poe of Wake County is the Revolutionary War soldier who states in pension files that he was born in 1749 in Culpeper County. William and Johnson and Benjamin are his sons. They appear later in Allen County, KY where Benjamin died. However, the War Pension claim (see below) says that Benjamin moved to Randolph County in 1781. The Benjamin remaining in Wake Co must be the son if the claim is accurate. The claim also cites Lovel Stinson as “witnesses” to his claim. See below that Stinson was in Wake Co in 1797.


Marriages of Wake Co 1770-1868 compiled by Brent H. Holcomb

31 July 1797

Lovel Stinson and Polly Poe, Clement Stinson, bm.

Lovil Stinson and Patiance Matthews 15 August 1824. Michael Jones, b.




 (Court of Pleas & Quarter Session) 1797 - 1800

Book IV

19 March 1798

A deed from Mark Myatt to William Partin acknod.


A deed from Mark Myatt to Acril Myatt acknowledged


Count held A deed from Benjamin Poe to William Partin proved by Mark Myatt.





Nathaniel Jones Sen vs John Bradford: jury impanelled.


Ordered that Dennis Gradie be Constable in Capt. Clemont's District in the room of John Massey, who came into court and entered into bond in the sum of two hundred and fifty pounds with John Davis and David Justice his Securities.





19 March 1798

p. 313

Ordered that the list of Jurors be called Whereupon the following persons appeared and were duly Qualified as a Grand Jury (towit),

F. ? Mann, John Ezell, Burwell Bell, Josiah Rogers, Silas Green, Samuel Horton, Alexander Myatt, Hardiman Dunn, William Sugg, Henry Buffelow, Dennis Gradie, Andrew Heartsfield, Mary Myatt, William Walker, John Norris, Thomas Dean


19 March 1798

John Rogers and Joshua Sugg having been appointed Commissrs. To let the building a Bridge across Walnut Creek, made their Report, that they have let said Bridge to Rhoadham Atkins for the sum of Fifty pounds, &c.


p. 314

19 March 1798

Nathaniel Jones vs. John Bradford: jury includes Kimbrought Hinton, Ellick Sanders, Lewis Atkins.


19 March 1798

Ordered that Dennis Gradie be Constable in Captain Clemont’s District in the room of John Massey, who came into Court and entered into bond in the sum of Two Humdred and Fifty pounds with John Davis and David Justice his Securities.


19 March 1798

A deed from Mark Myatt to William Partin acknd.

A deed from Mark Myatt to Acril Myatt acknowledged

A deed from Benjamin Poe to William Partin proved by Mark Myatt


28 September 1798

Deed Book K

p. 165 State of N.C. grant #1291 to Jesse Jones, Sept. 28, 1798, a tract of 640 acres on the waters of Kinneys Creek and Black Creek and on the County line, adjoining his own line, Benjamin Poe (says Ben Poe), Myatt, and Phillips' former line. Warrant dated Feb. 22, 1794.


 Black Creek in Johnston / Wake Counties


From Record of Pension Papers Granted to Revolutionary War Soldier Who Settled in Allen County in the State of Kentucky

Compiled by Annie Walker Burns Bell ) 1935 pg27-28


POE, Benjamin North Carolina S 31307

Allen County, 9 Oct. 1833, in open court, BENJAMIN POE, aged 94 deposes that he entered service Dec. 1775 in N.C. and then moved to Randolph County N.C. In Sept. 1781 served again in the company of horsemen under CAPTAIN T. MARSH (or MASH). In Dec. 1781 again entered service in the company of mounted infantry under CAPTAIN CHARLES GOULDSTON. "Having served this tour he returned to Randolph County, N.C. and found his dwelling house reduced to ashes. His property was destroyed, his wife and children driven away by the Tories and cast upon the charity of the world for support."

Again entered service March 1782 in the company of mounted infantry under CAPT. JOSEPH ROSSER. Total service one year. Was born 14 Aug. 1749 (old Stile)* in Culpeper County, Va. When he entered the service he lived in Chalham, or Chatham and Wake Counties N.C. and in Barren, Monroe and Allen Counties, Ky. He was in no general battle, but in many skirmishes. Cites JOHN DYSON, LEVI ROARK, clergyman, ROBERT F. PULLIAM, JOHNSON J. COCERILLE, ROBT. H. PARIS, WALTER THOMAS, ISAAC TRACY, LOVEL STINSON (STENSON) as neighborhood witnesses.

Covering Jacket: Kentucky--------25, 348 Benjamin Poe, Allen County, Pvt. N.C. line for 3 months. Pvt. of infantry, 9 months Pvt. of Cavalry. Inscribed on Ky. Roll at $47.50 per year to begin 4 March 1831. Certificate of pension issued 28 Dec. 1833.

*Note: (Old Stile) refers to the Julian Calendar used by the English at that time. The calendar was converted to Georgian about 1752 and there is about a 5 month difference. The Julian Calendar began with March as it's first month. The Georgian Calendar uses January as the first month.


William Poe

Birth:   1820

Death:   1893

 Pvt. William Poe


b. 1820

d. 1893

Co M, 15th NC Infantry

Enlisted 4-15-61 at Chatham Co, NC.

Private, age 43.

Transferred 7-4-62 to Co I, NC 32nd Infantry.

Discharged 8-9-62 due to overage


Oakwood Cemetery


Wake County

North Carolina, USA

Plot: Grave #14

Record added: Oct 11 2004

By: Bev Gillihan 


1840 Wake County

Daniel Dupoe (some sources list this as  Daniel Poe)







Schmidt, Heinrich (Henry T. Smith), & Y. H. Piles, 3 April 1863; William Poe, bm; m 12 April 1863 by Jacob Sorrell, J. P.


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