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Poe Family in Wilkes County North Carolina



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References such as NC-1 below refer to numbers on: North Carolina Bibliography


Names in parentheses reflect the spelling in the source: e.g. Reynolds (Renelds) or Poe (Powe)


Wilkes County (formed 1777 from Surry and district of Washington)


Tennessee Records of Coffee County and Ervin L. Davis Family Record. (not independently researched)


                                                                                                                          Stephen Poe (1759 - 28 July 1843)


page 724. Stephen Poe, North Carolina, wife, Mary R.8395.

Benton (Calhoun) County, Alabama, County Court, 1 August 1843, personally appeared before the Court, Mary Poe, a resident of said county, aged 84, and made claim for a pension under the Act of July 7, 1818. Declared that she was the widow of Stephen Poe who was militia soldier under the command of Col. Golston, of North Carolina and he served under Golston's and other officers command for two years and received a discharge which was lost. He entered the service in the late summer or early fall of 1776 and was with the army at Wilmington... was captured by the enemy. He lived in Wilkes County, NC when he entered service. He was discharged in the fall of 1778. She was married to Stephen Poe in 1775, by the Rev. Teague in Randolph County, NC. Stephen Poe died 28 July 1843. Claim rejected.


RE-located to Georgia around 1805

Stephen Poe in Georgia


Stephen Poe grant of 50 acres



(note: Tax records are compiled from two different published sources)

1805 Tax - Capt Dixons District. (Stephen Poe also in district)
James Dowdy,
Armsted Dowdy -


1814 Stephen Poe land grant in Georgia



CENSUS YEAR: 1820    STATE: GA    COUNTY: Habersham     MICROFILM#: M33-6    ENUMERATOR: John Davis


116 26  Poe         John         .   .   .   1   .   .    1   .   1   .   .    .     1

males: 1 16/20, 1 over 44; Females: 1 10/16 1 of Foreign origin

116 27  Poe         Stephen      1   .   .   1   .   1    .   1   1   .   1    . 

males: 1 0/10 1 16/26 1 over 44   females: 1 10/16 1 16/26 1 over 44  (2 in agriculture)

120 19  Poe         James        4   .   .   1   1   .    2   .   1   .   .    .     2   .   .

Males 1 0/10  1 16/26 Females: 1 0/10 1 16/26

121 2    Poe         Daniel        1   .   .   1   .   .    1   .   1   .   .    .     1  

Males 1 0/10  1 16/26  Females: 1 0/10 1 16/26








9 September 1778


Ord all person now in Continental Service be Exempt from paying Poll Tax for year 1778


Return of Commissioners appt. to run dividing line between Surry & Wilkes Counties, to Wit: Beginning Rowan County line, half mile below Daniel Rashes head Branch of Hunting Creek; N crossing Mulberry Field Road about half mile below Hamlins old Store House; thence, through Solomon Parks (Sparks) Plantation, leaving said Sparks House in Surry County, thence crossing the Brushy Mountains at head N. folk Swan Creek; thence crossing Yadkin River a little below Capt. Parks, through lower end Carrolds Plantation on N side said River; thence crossing Big Elkin at Long Sholes; thence crossing S fork Mitchel's River below John (looks like Scotts), crosing Top Piney Knob to the main Ridge of Mountains two mile W of Fishes Peak; thence to the Virginia line. The above line being W of Firshes Peak' thence to the Virginia line. The above line being exactly Twenty Six Miles West of Surry Court House agreeable to Act of Assembly ... by Robert Lanier, Hnry Speer & Joseph Herndon, Commissioners.


10 September 1778


Joseph Herndon, Esqr. appt County Trustee; Benjamin Cleveland & John Brown, securities in amt. 2,000 pds.


11 September 1778


On 26 July 1778, Benjamin Herndon, Esqr. Entry Taker, ent. 325 ac. both sides Wrights Creek, incl. improvement made by William Right below main road that leads by Lycans.. ord. recorded.


Or. Clerk issue warrant Survey to Benjamin Herndon, Entry Taker.


Ord. William Adams, George Elmore, .....


Or. following account of claims be allowed: Joseph Herndon, Henry Speer & Robert Lanier, Surveyors who ran line between Surry & Wilkes Counties; Wm. Loven & George Parks, Chain Carriers: William Lenoir, Clerk Court, for service; ... Francis Reynolds... James Ward .....


Ord. following appt. Collectors: Capt. Lenoirs Dist: Jesse Alexander; Capt. Herndon's: Thomas Becknal ....




Note that Calloway and Morgan are found with Poe and Browning in Essex County, VA records along with Berry and Dowdy (Doughty)

They connect in North Carolina with the Simon Poe SR family. Also Parks and Herndon connect to the Simon Poe SR family.

The Stephen Poe found in Wilkes County, NC and who was in Franklin County, GA at one point, is connected to the Goins / Goings family.


485 30 October 1778 - Francis Calloway (Callaway) e. 300 ac Brushey fork near Roaring River. near spring where Morgans path turns out of New River Road, includes both sides of fork & the clearing .. (Francis Calloway marked out; John Poe written in)


494 5 November 1778 - Thomas Goins e. 100 ac Big Elkin, condt. line between Goins & Elijah Hedden (Herndon?), including the improvement.

(sometimes the spelling seems to be Goings).

Elkin Creek area





495 7 November 1778 - Thomas Parkes e 20 ac on an Island in the Yadkin River opposite his entry, known by name Parkes Island. (Parks Creek?)


923 5 March 1779 - Benjamin Herndon e 200 ac Great Elkins Creek, including an old cabbin and small improvement where Thomas Parks, Junr. formerly lived . . . (Benjamin Herndon marked out, John Poe written in)


[Note from the book - marked out / written in indicates transfer of entry before issuance of a grant. NC did not acquire title until confiscation act of 1778. Entry book first organized March 1778]


Book A-1

18 Oct. 1782. Between CHARLES DODSON and HENRY HAND of Surry County, N. C...30 Ibs...lOO ac. boundries which appear in Grant.. (no description). Wits: BENJAMIN PARKS & BEN­JAMIN ALLEN. Signed: CHARLES DODSON. Page 553.




1784 Taxables 1785-1786

                                                             Polls       Acres

1784      John Poe                            1             100

1785      John Poe                           2            100



                Dist. Book 7

                Stephen Poe                    1             80

                 Book 9               

                John Poe                           1             100

1787 Wilkes Co tax list:


Captain A. Gordon's District

Name                    No. Acres             No. Polls

Stephen Powe   60                          1 (another source has Stephen Pow)


Captain S. Johnson's District

Name No.             Acres No. Polls

John Poe            100         1

William Poe         250         1





29 July 1782

Between John Morgan and Roger Turner.. 100 lbs.. 293 ac.. Middle fork Roaring River.. Halls Creek.

Wits: John Poe, John Walker & G. Wheatley. Signed: John Morgan. Page 552


Halls Creek area




18 October 1782 . . . Between Charles Dodson and Henry Hand of Surry County, NC 30 LBS. 100 ac boundries which appear in Grant … (no description)

Benjamin Parks                Charles Dodson

Benjamin Allen

11 November 1783
Between Thomas Jones, Senr. and James Reynolds.. 100 lbs 317 ac. Fishers Creek.. dividing line between said Jones and James Jones.. Wm. Lenoirs line.. William Holders line.. including improvement Thomas Jones lives. Wits: Francis Reynolds, Benjamin Sebastian (x) & Grabril Smither. Signed: Thomas Jones (x). Page 6.
Chatham County North Carolina Deeds 1771-1782 (etc) Poe Publishers: Marilyn Poe Laird; Vivian Poe Jackson
(the manuscript is type written)
12 November 1783
John Poe of Wilkes Co., N.C. to Thomas Newman of Chatham Co., N.C. – 12 pds – 100 a. on the North side of Bear Creek the place where the said Thomas Newman now lives.
Wit: John Wyatt    John Poe
John Rennals (Reynolds)
29 October 1788. 
Between Joshua Scurlock of State of Georgia and Andrew Moore .. 150 lbs .. 300 ac. both sides Moravian Creek .. between Scurlock & John Doyal. Wits: Benjamin Herndon & Russel Jones. Signed: William Smith, Att'y for Joshua Scurlock. Page 7 & 8.

31 March 1788. Between MICAJAH PENNINGTON and ZACHARIAH WELLS. .80 Ibs...lOO ac. New River. Wits: William NALL & MARTAIN GAMBILL. Signed: MICAJAH PENNINGTON.

18 May 1788
Between William McClain and Stephen Scrich .. 100 lbs.. 200 ac.. Hetton Creek .. branch New River .. Isaac Weavers line. Wits: William Nall & James Baker. Signed: William McClain. Page 12.


30 September 1788 - Between William NALL, Sheriff Wilkes Co. and EMANUEL ROSE.. (property lost by GEORGE BREWER in Court Action)..5 Ibs...60 ac. Roaring River.

Wit: Robert Nall. Signed: WILLIAM NALL, Sheriff. Pages 1 & 2.



29 Oct. 1788. Between JOSHUA SCURLOCK of State of Georgia and ANDREW MOORE..150 Ibs...300 ac. both sides Mora­vian Creek..between SCURLOCK & JOHN DOYAL. Wits: BENJAMIN HERN­DON & RUSSEL JONES. Signed: WM. SMITH, Atty'y for JOSHUA SCUR­LOCK. Pages 7 & 8.


18 May 1788. Between WM. MCCLAIN and STEPHEN SCRICH. .100 Ibs...200 ac...Hetton Creek..branch New River..ISAAC WEAVERS line. Wits: WM. NALL & JAMES BAKER. Signed: WM. MCCLAIN. Page 12.


8 April 1789. Between WM. ADKINS and JOSEPH COUCH, both of Montgomery County, Virginia..lOO Ibs. ..150 ac. in Wilkes County..Little Hellon (Hetton) Creek, branch New River. Wits: ROBERT NALL & ALEXANDER (X) JOHNSON. Signed: WM. ADKINS. Page 11.



15 December 1792. 
Between William Powe*, Chesterfield County, SC and Richard Gwy.. 70 lbs Sterlling .. 314 ac. adjoining Yadkin River and lands of Younger, Hunt & John Parks, Senr. & Allen Chapman. Signed: William Powe. Pages 307 and 308
This must be "William Erasmus Powe" who descends from Marsom Poe of Caroline and Spotsylvania County, Virginia. This certainly complicates identification of the John Poe and William Poe listed in Wilkes and Surry Counties in this time period. What was William Powe of SC doing with land in Wilkes County? This SC Poe family married Chapman

Note these Anson County, NC records

8755. January 4, 1822. William Dismukes *(Anson Co) to William E. Poe (Chesterfield Dist. SC); for $5,500 sold 700 ac; border: begins at Thomas Threadgill's corner stake in the ford of Grindstone Cr. joins a road, Doctor Parker, & Jesse McLendon's field. (signed) W. Dismukes; (witness) Thomas D. Parke [only one witness[; January 1827 recorded; book V p. 422


9692. July 13, 1830 William E Powe (Rowan Co, NC) to James Terry Dejarnett (Anson Co); for $3,500 sold 700 ac; border: begins at Thomas Threadgill's corner stake in the ford of Grindstone Cr, joins an old road, Dr. Parker, McLendon's field, & David Gray. (signed) William E Powe; (witness) Joseph Medley; wit. oath July 1830 by Joseph Medley; book X p. 318.


NOTE: William E. Powe death notice Rowan County, NC. April 1845 (note sure of source, this is from old notes)





4 February 1793


Grand Jury: William Brown, foreman; David Magee, Samuel Allen, John Howard, Thomas Coffey, Daniel Yarnell, Ananias Allen, Presley Busell, Coleby Rucker, William Trible, Elisah Reynolds, Lews Carlton, William Wilcoxson, Joshua Greer, Samuel Tucker: Isaac Perlur, Constable to wait on G. J.


5 February 1793


Last Will & Test John Parks Dec'd: oath William Carrell, George Parks and Benjamin Thurston, Benjamin Parks and Samuel Parks, qualified. Execrs. Will of John Parks Decd.


John Turnbill vs. Daniel Hull - Jury: David Smith, John Robins, George Foster, Benjamin Lewis, William Gilreath, Jordan Councill, John Whitehead, Isaac Low, Patrick McCoy, William Petty (Pettey), Walter Brown, Spilsby Trible - non suit.


7 February 1793


Deed from James Stepp to John Bradley 54 ac; oath Benjamin Jones


Deed from William Nall, Sheriff to John Flanery 150 ac; oath William Nall.


Those present to Chose Surveyor: William Mitchell, Thomas Isbell, Zekial Jones, Richard Allen, William Nall, Rowland Judd, Wm. T. Lewis, James Bunyard, Charles Gordon, Benjamin Herndon, Daniel Holman, Esqrs - Elected William Lenoir, Esq. surveyor: Richard Allen & James M. Lewis, securities James M. Lewis & Benjamin Elledge qualified as Deputy Surveyors.



30 July 1793

Between Joseph Herndon and William Smith .. 10 lbs… 200 ac… Horse Creek .. waters N fork New River.

Wits: Richard Allen

John McMillien (McMillan) and William Tribles signed: Joseph Herndon


Deed Book B-1


30 July 1793. Between Joseph Herndon and William Smith .. 10 lbs. 200 ac. .. Horse Creek .. waters N. Fork New River. Wits: Richard Allen, John McMillien (McMillan) and William Trible: Signed: Joseph Herndon page 314.



30 January 1797

Present: John Brown, Charles Gordon, Jesse Robinett, Esqrs.


Deed from John Poe to John Adams 300 ac; oath Spencer Adams


Grand Jury: George Gordon, Foreman, William Ellison, Caleb Lowe, John Montgomery, Hillair Roussaw, Joseph Pourter, Jonathan Heathman, Samuel Bicknell, Thomas Parks, Joseph Hickerson, Elisha Reynolds, David Owen, James Sheppard, Landrene Eggers; Isaac Parlier, Constable


Ord Thomas Parks overseer road from fork by Gwyns to Denny fork on Roaring River


Ord Joseph Ayres, Nathan Horton, Landrine Eggers, James Jackson, Henry Chambers, Jordan Counsel, Benjamin Howard, George Howard, John Lips, Jonathan Tomkins, Sylvester Profit, Thomas Elmore, Moses Watters, John Farguson, Daniel Southerland, George Foster, William Triplett, William Ellison, James Brown, Samuel Baker, William Miller view road from Stonesiphers to Deep Gap of Blue Ridge Mtn.



Note: In Anson County and then Fayette County, AL, Poe family married Horton and two brothers married McMillion (McMillan) women. Parks and Poe marry in Caswell County).


Charles Gorgon resigned his Clerk-ship in open court: William Ballard Lenoir was duly elected Clerk in presence of: William Lenoir, Charles Gordon, John Brown, Joseph Herndon, James Fletcher, Richard Allen, Rowland Judd, William Mitchel, Thomas Isbell, Benjamin Jones, John Bryan, Theophilus Evans, Jesse Robinett, Ambrose Parks, Willima Hulme, William Brown, Brown, Benjamin Greer, Richard Gwyn, Step Matheu, Alexander Smith, James Willborn, David Witherspoon, William Johnson, John Martin, Robert Martin, John Calloway, Joseph Ayers, John McMillion, James M. Lewis, Esqrs. with Benjamin Greer, Thomas Isbell, Richard Allen, Jesse Robinett, Esq, securities.




Book A-1

29 July 1782. Between John Morgan and Roger Turner .. 100 lbs .. 293 ac ... Middle fork Roaring River .. Halls Creek. Wits: John Poe, John Walker & G. Wheatley. Signed John Morgan. page 552



1782 Census

John Poe Capt John Morgan’s Dist

Stephen Poe in Rowland Judd Dist.



Wilkes County, NC Taxables 1784-1786

Capt. Alexander Gordon's District Book 7

1784-1786     Stephen Poe 200 acres


Capt. Johnson's District Book 9

1784               John Poe 100 acres



Wilkes County, NC Taxables 1784-1786

1785 Stephen Poe 200 acres

1785 John Poe 100 acres



Wilkes County, NC Taxables 1784-1786

1786 Stephen Poe 80 acres

1786 John Poe 100 acres



Wilkes County 1787 Census


John Poe:1 male 21-60, 2 male (under 21 and above 60), 2 female all ages

William Poe: 1 male 21-60, 3 females all ages




Book B-1


30 September 1788. Between William Nall, Sheriff Wilkes Co and Emanual Rose.. (Property lost by George Brewer in Court Actoin) .. 5 lbs .. 60 ac. Roaring River. Wit: Robert Nall. Signed William Nall, Sheriff. Pages 1 & 2

(other records list a Robert Nall.


Robert Nall Bible


29 October 1788. Between Joshua Scurlock of State of Georgia and Andrew Moore.. 150 lbs 300 ac. both sides Moravian Creek.. between Scurlock & John Doyal. Wits: Benjamin Herndon, & Russel Jones. Signed: William Smith, Atty'y for Joshua Scurlock.


--- didn't note which deed book


1 January 1799. Between Jack McGrady and Hezekiah Hall .. torn.. 100 ac. N fork Mulberry Creek .. including Plantation said Hall now lives on. Wits: Luke Jinnings, William Poe (X) & Henry Poe. Signed: Jacob McGrady. Page 571


Mulberry Creek area




1 May 1799 - Between Bettey Herndon, Admrx, Joseph Herndon, dec'd and James Fletcher, Esqr ... in compliance with contract made between Joseph Herndon and James Fletcher 5 April 1798 .. 800 lbs .. 400 ac. S side Yadkin river near Moravian Lower Line and opposite an Island and just below mouth of Cub Creek .. John Prophets line.. including the island.. Wits: William Lenoir, Benjamin Jones & Benjamin Jones, Jrnr. Signed. Bettey (X) Herndon, Admrx. page 569.



1790 Census

William Powe (6) 2m<16, 1m>16; 3 f

Note: Aaron Kennedy between these entries (this name is spelled many ways, including Canada and Canaday)

John Powe (5) 2m>16; 1m<16; 2 f>                                                                       


Note: Gooch (Gouge?) and Powe-Kennedy-Poe





January 14, 1788 Shadrach Easteep enters 50 acs in Wilkes Co on middle Fork of Byer Cr.; border Abraham Wigins includes the vacant land between Wiggins (sic). Woolbanks & Stephen Poe.


NOTE: the only Byer’s Creek I can find is in far SW North Carolina


October 14, 1793 Martin Canndey (or Canada/ Kennedy) enters 18ac in Wilkes Co. on Grassey Fork of Big Elkin R.; Border: John Poe and runs on both sides of said creek.



Grassy Fork area



1795 Richard Allen enters 640 ac on Big Elkin R.; border at or near John Poe’s East Corner; transferred to Charles Gordon, Sr.


1795 William Poe enters 50 ac. In Wilkes Co. on waters of Big Elkin R. border: Benjamin Herndon’s. N. Corner [line _____ lined out]; includes my barn.


1795 John Poe enters 50 ac. In Wilkes Co. on Big Elkin River; border a conditional line between James Goudes and myself and runs S.


1795 Linsey Poe enters 100 ac. In Wilkes Co on some waters of Big Elkin R. at the head of James Davis’s spring br. Border: a pine markes “x” includes his claim.




Margaret Poe

Sarah Poe

(note there are Negro slaves listed)


Land Entries

1795 Linsey Poe* enters 100 ac in Wilkes Co on some of the waters of Big Elkin R.
1795 William Poe enters 50 ac in Wilkes Co. on water of Big Elkin R.
1795 John Poe enters 50 acres in Wilkes Co. on waters of Big Elkin R. border a conditional line between James Goudes and myself and runs S.

*Note: Green County, TN 1800 Lindsy Poe in Jones District; Whitley County, Kentucky 1830 Census: Linzey Poe; 1840 Census: Rinzey Poe



1 August 1797

Milley Poe Groom: William Gouge Bond Date: 01 Aug 1797 Record #: 01 096 Bondsman: Stephen Philips Witness: Wm B Lenoir, C Bond #: 000165335


Note: Rhea Co. TN John Poe m Dorothy Gouge 4 Dec 1812 m (2) Rebecca Hinkel 20 Oct 1819. Another source has the last name George.




Land Entries

1799 William Lenoir 100 ac .........border Henry Poe*.
1799 Henry Poe 300 acres 300 acres Praters Creek
1799 Henry Poe (says Henery) 200 ac no fork of Elk Creek
1799 Edmond Poe (says Edmon) 100 ac Praters Creek
1799 Thomas Lenoir enter 150 ac in Wilkes on Elk Creek William Poe' line
1799 Robinett (sic) 100 ac on Elk Creek William Poe and runs E.
1799 Witnessed land transaction William Poe* and Henry Poe



Prather’s Creek Area






1 January 1799 Between Jacob McGrady and Hezekiah Hall … torn.. 100 ac N. fork Mulberry Creek … including plantation said Hall now lives on. Wits: Luke Jinnings, William Poe (X) & Henry Poe. Signed: Jacob McGrady


* 1990 Abstracts of Revolutionary War Pension Files Volume III. N-Z

Abstracted by Virgil White

Henry W. Poe


NC Line R8294, Sol enl in Randolph

Co, NC, appl 22 Aug 1821 Sullivan Co., TN aged 63 with a wife (his 2nd) & 1 child aged 4 yrs, & he stated his 1st wife’s children were all away from home, he reapplied 18 Nov 1834 in Sullivan Co, TN, Sol was b. in 1758 in Culpeper Co, VA and lived in Wilkes Co, NC at enl & after the Rev he lived in NC. Then moved to TN & in Sullivan Co, TN since 1814.


Note that William Poe, JR, son of William Poe and Lydia was born in Culpeper County and appears to have moved away – seemingly here to Wilkes County.


1800 Census

John Poe 1 >45

William Poe 2<10, 1 10/16, 1 26/45>; 2<10 2 10/16, 1 26/45>; 2 <10, 2 10/16, 1 26/45>




John Reynolds 1800 census in Wilkes Co.

2M under 10, 1M 26-45 1; F under 10; 1F 16-26; 1F 45&up; 1 slave


Land Entries

1800 Witnessed land transaction William Poe

1802 Aaron Canaday 200 ac in Wilkes on Big Elkin Creek joins John Poe's line.

1803 William Poe 120 acres big Elkin Creek

1804 Canaday 150 acres begins at John Poe's line on N side of the "creek and runs W.
1809 witnessed land transaction John Poe
1810 William Poe 100 acres on big Elkin Creek joins his old line etc.

1811 NC Grant Isaiah Fields Big Elkin John Poe's line




25 May 1807

Mathias Poe Bride: Salley Grimsley Bond Date: 25 May 1807 Record #: 02 201 Bondsman: James Grimsley Witness: R Martin Bond #: 000166991


Also in Wilkes County: 1862 Mathias Poe m. Lucinda Wingler 22 Nov 1862



1810 Wilkes

Note: these are adjacent entries

John Poe  

William Poe   <10 , 3 10/16>




19 March 1814

Polley Poe Groom: William Hynes Bond Date: 19 Mar 1814 Record #: 01 127 Bondsman: Samuel Hynes Witness: Samuel Johnson Bond #: 000165838


26 July 1816

Sarah Poe Groom: Joseph Hinds Bond Date: 26 Jul 1816 Record #: 01 119 Bondsman: Joshua Tanner Witness: R Martin, Clerk Bond #: 000165705


NOTE: Henry W. Poe (Rev War) Lived in Wilkes Co. NC and 1814 Sullivan TN married twice.




17 August 1809 Between Noel Waddle and Isaiah Fields …. $405 … 200 ac. Both sides of Big Elkin … it being part of 250 ac tract near Hadens Creek. Wits: Thomas Lansece (Lawrence?) (sic) John Poe and Charles (x) Waddle. Signed: Noel Waddle






deed book not noted...


5 Dec. 1810. Between BENJAMIN JONES and THOMAS MARTIN.. $1,000. .230 3/4 ac. N side Yadkin River..BENJAMIN PARKS line. . along dividing line between PARKS and JONES. . lower end of an Island at REUBEN PARKS old Canoe Landing..including an Island. Wits: BEN JONES & JOHN MARTIN. Signed: BENJAMIN JONES. Page 189.


15 March 1811. Between WILLIAM JOHNSON and PHILLIP JOHNSON..$l.. 100 ac. JONES Branch. .middle fork Roaring River.. spur of mtn...CLEVELANDS old line. Wits: JESSE GAMBILL & WILLIAM WILLLAMS. Signed: WILLIAM JOHNSON. Page 189.


15 March 1811. Between WILLIAM JOHNSON & LEANDER JOHNSON..$l..120 ac. waters S fork Roaring River. .GAMBILLS old line..including Plantation where JACOB STAMPER formerly lived. Wits: JESSE GAMBILL & WILLIAM WILLIAMS. Signed: WILLIAM JOHNSON. Page 190.


8 Dec. 1809. Between JAMES WEBB and STEPHEN CAUDILL. . $150..150 - ac. both sides middle fork Roaring River..EDMUND BOAZ old line..LARKIN CLEVELANDS lines. .THOMAS JOHNSONS corner.. condt. line between BENJAMIN MORGAN and EMANUEL ROSE. .WILLIAM HAMMONS line.including where JAMES WEBB now lives. Wits: WILLIAM JOHNSON & JAMES CAUDILL. Signed: JAMES (X) WEBB. Page 192.


10 November 1808

Between Benjamin Parks and Robert Martin .. $230 .. Negro boy named Phillip .. age 5 .. and Negro girl named Milly .. age 3. Wit: William Parks. Signed: Benjamin Parks. page 67


17 November 1810. John Sale, Snr, appoints Robert and James Martin, his worthy friends, his lawful attorneys .. to .. collect all monies, etc. due him from the Estate of William Sales, Senr, dec'd .. "to me, as one of the Legattees of William Sales, Snr." Wits: John Marin, Junr & William Parks. Signed: Jon Sales. Page 67


5 December 1810. Between Benjamin Jones and Thomas Martin .. $1,000.. 230 3/4 ac. N side Yadkin River .. Benjamin Parks line.. along dividing line between Parks and Jones .. lower end of an Island at Reuben Parks old Canoe Landing .. including an Island. Wits: Ben Jones & John Martin. Signed: Benjamin Jones. Page 189


14 December 1811. N. C. Grant No. 2833 .. Isaiah Fields .. 400 ac. waters Big Elkin .. SE corner his Saw Mill tract.. William Cannady's line .. John Poe's line .. Hank's line. Page 523


19 January 1811

Between John Carter and William Carter.. $50.. two tracts N side of Yadkin River … both sides Rock Creek .. 100 ac each .. being land whereon Henry Carter lived before & to William Sebastian … released by Sebastian to Heirs of Henry Carter .. one tract joining to Henry Carter .. below hanging rock .. condt. Line with Francis Reynolds ..

crossing Rock Creek .. and other tract joining above described land. Wits: Braxton McQueen & William Poe & J. Reynolds. Signed: John Carter. Page 180.


(other names in this period include “Stephen Caudill” (Caudle) and Reuben Parks



1850 Ashe / Wilkes County

Timothy Poe (twice)

John Poe (three times)

Mathias Poe*

William Poe*

Gideon Poe



Slave Holders - Antebellum New River Valley - Ashe County


POE, MATHIAS 7 in 1830, 18 in 1840

POE, WILLIAM 1 in 1850

POE, JANE 10 Ashe in 1860


Ashe County



William Poe; Bride: Mary J Coldison Bond Date: 15 Mar 1864 Record #: 01 044 Bondsman: Jacob Black Witness: E C Bartlett D Bond #: 000001208 Performed By: Jacob Koons



William Poe Bride: Easter Miller Bond Date: 04 Nov 1865 Record #: 01 044 Bondsman: Jacob Black Witness: E C Bartlett Bond #: 000001207



William Poe Bride: Patsey Woodde Bond Date: 15 Sep 1849 Record #: 02 006 Bondsman: Jackson Woodde Witness: Nathan Weaver ( Bond #: 000002097



Nathan F Poe Bride: Rachael Eldreth Bond Date: 10 Aug 1865 Record #: 02 006 Bondsman: Junius Dun Made his Mark Witness: E. C. Bartlett Bond #: 000002094 Marriage Date: 11 Aug 1865 Performed By: P. B. Welsh



Isaac Poe Bride: Mary Lewis Bond Date: 11 Mar 1855 Record #: 02 006 Witness: John Weaver Bond #: 000002092 Marriage Date: 11 Mar 1855 Performed By: John Weaver, Justice of the Peace Comment: No Bondsman



Charity Poe Groom: Jacob Roland Bond Date: 16 Jan 1867 Record #: 01 049 Witness: R. T. Hardin (C Bond #: 000001266 Marriage Date: 20 Jan 1867 Performed By: Henry Garber, Minister of the Gospel



Mary Poe Groom: William Cox Bond Date: 07 Dec 1868 Record #: 01 013 Witness: G. W. Ketchum ( Bond #: 000000792 Marriage Date: 10 Dec 1868 Performed By: Joshua Long, D Comment: Son of Joshua Cox; Daughter of John Poe


Wilkes County



Mathias Poe Bride: Lucinda Wingler Bond Date: 22 Nov XXXX Record #: 03 043 Witness: S J Gambill, Deputy Clerk Bond #: 000168655 Marriage Date: 22 Nov 1862 Performed By: John Hall, Justice of the Peace



Harriet Poe Groom: T H McCann Bond Date: 20 Dec 1858 Record #: 02 161 Bondsman: Marion McCann Witness: Ansel Parks Bond #: 000166368 Marriage Date: 20 Dec 1858 Performed By: William J Combs, Dd



Lucinda Poe Groom: John P Roberts Bond Date: 09 Apr 1852 Record #: 02 212 Bondsman: Joshua S Daulto Witness: Ansel Parks Bond #: 000167175 Marriage Date: 09 Apr 1852 Performed By: Ansel Parks



Powel Poe Groom: Joshua S Daulton Bond Date: 26 Mar 1852 Record #: 01 063 Bondsman: William L Frank Witness: Ansel Parks, Deputy Clerk Bond #: 000164811 Marriage Date: 26 Mar 1852 Performed By: Ansel Parks



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