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Poe Family in Guilford County, North Carolina




Evidence that James Poe who died in 1812 and William Poe who died in1830 where brothers or at least very close relatives. The records below suggest that the two lived on Horsepen Creek. Not as good as a will, but how likely is it they would live side by side if they were not close relatives, as close as brothers?


Other records support the closeness of the two families, but this is the first time I have noticed that records show they lived in the same area.



Looking at the grants, it seems that William D. Poe who married Sally Watson 5 January 1833  was the son William mentioned in the 1830 will of William Poe. I have also thought this since it would appear William Poe was younger than the James Poe who died in 1812 based on the dates of marriages we see. Although this can be tricky as men at the time re-married when their wives died and continued to have children well into old age (got to produce farm hands somehow).



These grants and deeds supplied by Sally Cieslik, descendant of the William Poe who died in 1830 -see will below- great grand-daughter of David Milton Poe.

I have copied them as is and kept them together here instead of the chronology generally followed on this page)


Date   Poe grantee     grantor                             acres             book              page
1803   William               James Wittey                    50                   B                     154    deed
1813   William               James Williams                 430                 13                   1        deed
1820   William               Joshia Stanley                   500                 15                   131
1825   William               Abel Knight                        27                   18                   187
1832   James                David Poe          QC          10                   19                   693
1832   Sarah                 Wm Poe estate                 dower             19                   700
1833   James                Wm. D Poe                       25                   22                   282   QC
1834   Zadoc                 Mary A Poe                        20                   22                   295   QC
1835   Zadoc                 Jonas Vancil                      37                   22                   287
1834   Wm. D                Eli Unthank                        600                 22                   370
1839   William               Enoch Stephen                  675                 24                   344
1840   John T                Robert Nordyke by Att       600                 30                   161
1850   John                   Wyatt Parish                      31                   672                  D of T
1850   James S            James F McGrady Tr         102                 32                   444
1851   James S            John Stanley                      900                 32                    579
1852   James S            Thomas Paschal               33                   145                  D of t
1853   John                    ------ & Jesse Sheller        100                 42                    206 (?)
1859   John T                 David & Ileanor Henly       110                 42                    208
1863   John T                 Jonathan Harris etal          3000              48                    474 MD
1875   John T                 Alfred Thornton                  1100              52                    374   MD
1876    etal  JohnT         Alexander Lindsay            10                   52                   568   MD
1876    etal   John T       Wm. Wheeler                    2000              54                    153



This record lets us know that William D. Poe lived at the headwaters of Horsepen Creek



From the Greensboro Patriot, Marriages, Deaths & Other Matters of Interest, January-June 1848, abstracted by Amy Rupard.

Page 84, 23 January 1847.

Notice. Sale of a Valuable Tract of Land and other Property. The subscriber will offer at public sale on the 13th of February next, his valuable tract of land lying in the county of Guilford, on the head waters of Horsepen creek, containing one hundred and fifty five acres,....adjoining the land of Wm. Watson*, Wm. Bowman, Esther Clemmons, Absalom Pegg, Milton Hunt, and others... William D. Poe


* This must be William Poe son of William Poe who died in 1830. Marriage record shows that William D. Poe married Sally Watson Bond Date: 05 Jan 1833. Also, it probably is coincidence, but a hundred and ten years earlier, in 1737, a William Watson was co-warrant applicant with William Poe (wife Lydia) in Culpeper County, Virginia. Both men were re-locating from Caroline County, Virginia.




This information lets us know that Gabriel Perry Poe, son of James Poe who died in 1812 also lived at the headwaters of Horsepen Creek where his father settled.




From copies of original documents transcribed by Marlene Poe


23 August 1823






         Guilford Co., N.C. Deeds 1771-1921 book 15 page 794/5


         1823  Gabriel P. & Sarah Poe (grantor) Sylvenas Gardner






                            SHERIFF TO SYLVANAS GARDNER


         This indenture made on the 23rd day of August in the year of

         our Lord 1823 between WILLIAM ARMFIELD, High Sheriff, of the county of Guilford, State of North Carolina of the one part

         and SYLVANAS GARDNER of the county and state afs of the

         other part.  Witnesseth that that whereas by virtue of one

         a lien issuing from the County Court of Pleas and Quarter

         sessions for the county and state afs from November term of

         the Pleas court in the year 1820 in behalf of BRANDON &

         WILLSON against GABRIEL P.POE AND SARAH POE, commanding the

         Sheriff of Guilford County afs that of the goods and

         chattles, land and tenament of the said Gabriel & Sarah. He

         should make or cause to be made the sum of $80.32 cents paid

         together with the interest on $73.51 cents from August the

         26th in the year 1820 till paid together with the further

         sum of nine dollars and fifty five cents for the cost of

         suit and indorsed fees and that he should have the sd money

         before the next county court of Pleas & Quarters session.

         There after to be sold on the third Monday of February

         following the said William ARMFIELD, Sheriff afs found and

         by virtue thereof has take the same into his official custody

         and after having duly advertised the same he the Sheriff afs

         did dispose to public sale to the highest bidder for cash

         the tract of land here after described at Greensborough on

         the Monday of February, County Court of Guilford in the year

         1821 at which time and place the said tract of land was sold

         to the highest bidder for the sum of fifty one dollars.  now

         this indenture further, witnesseth that for and in

         consideration of the premise aforesaid and the afs sum of

         51 dollars to me in hand paid, the receipt of which is

         hereby acknowledged.


             I WILLIAM ARMFIELD, Sheriff afs, do hereby bargain sell d

         lien transfer and convey  to this said SYLVANES GARDNER the

         following tract or parcel of land situate lying and being

         in the county of Guilford on the waters of the Horsepen Creek*

         and bounded as follows to wit (Beginning in a hollow at a

         small Black gum sapling turning south 200 east 200 poles

         to a stake then north 700 east 22 poles to the mouth of

         the branch.  Then up the branch north 100 west 16 poles to

         a stake them north 480 west 18 poles to a stake then 150

         west 41 poles to a stake then north 410 west 10 poles to a

         stake then south 710 west 22 poles with the meanders of

         the branch then south 61 poles to the first station and one

         other piece or parcel of land adjoining the foregoing,

         beginning at a rock in the fork of a branch turning

         north 56 poles to a stake then north 300 east 20 poles to

         a channel then north 450 70 poles to a post then south 131

         poles to a stake on the south side of the branch then north

         560 east 21 poles to a stake on the south side of the

         branch then south 560  west 68 poles to the first station.

         Containing in the two pieces or parcels of land afs forty

         seven and a half acres more or less.) To have and hold the

         afs bargained sold land and premises together with all the

         tenements and improvements thereto attached.  The said SYLVANAS

         GARDNER,his heirs assigns forever and the sd Wm. Armfield

         for himself his heirs and assigns doth hereby warrant and

         defend the right title interest and claim of the said land

         and premises to the sd SYLVANAS GARDNER his heirs and assigns

         forever free from the claim of all persons so far as he is

         bound to warrant the same by virtue of his office and no

         further. Witness my hand and seal the day and date above

         aforesaid and state of North Carolina


         WILLIAM ARMFIELD, Sheriff    signed, sealed and

         dated in presence of NATHAN ARMFIELD  and  JOHN PRITCHETT

         Guilford County Court  August term 1823


         The execution of the within deed was proven in open court by

         the of NATHAN ARMFIELD ordered to be registered.

         JOHN HANNER Guilford Co. Clerk


* From an EPA Assessment document:  Study Area and Stream Description Horsepen Creek is located in Guilford County, in Subbasin 03-06-02 of the Cape Fear River


A couple of records from Chatham County mention Horse Pen Lick Spring. Cannot determine if this is the same body of water.


Also, note Clark family. Nancy Clark, daughter of John Clark, married James B. Poe, probably son to William Poe, d. 1830 Guilford County,  and possibly brother of James Poe (d. 1812) who married Sarah (Petty).







Pg. 13

Alexander Clark appointed overseer of the road from the fork opposite to William Pettys to the Horse pen Lick Spring and that the following hands work on the same Viz. James George, James Prince, William George, John Page, William Roland, Deberry Chapman, Thomas Wat(ts), James Stewart, John Mullis, William Stewart, Charles Stewart and Joseph Hackney.


And Title:  Chatham County, North Carolina court minutes / Marilyn Poe Laird, Vivian Poe Jackson Author:  Jackson, Vivian Poe.

(note: Most of these are sons-in-law or other family connections to Simon Poe, SR.

Chatham County, NC

28 May 1782

Pg. 17A. The following persons summoned to lay off the Road from the Red field ford to the Horse pen lick spring, Viz., Robert Marsh, Younger Neal (Neel in the record), William Poe Jun'r; James Howard, George Dismukes, Joseph Fooshee (Foushee), Charles Morgan Sen'r, Joseph Morgan, James Steward, Jun'r, Joseph Hackney, Alexander Clark, James Petty, Stephen Herndon (Hern), Hirculas Henderson, James George and James Massey and that any twelve of the Same lay of the Same Road.


(boldface represent all the usual suspects of last names married into the Poe family -- or vice versa depending on your research point of view) 




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