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Poe Family in South Carolina


Threet Family Notes, Census Records, etc.


Census Notes and Images           Military Records


Revolutionary War Image

Series: M805  Roll: 662  Image: 539  File: W21983  Page: 1 of 12 


The document reads:

        Calvin Spencer

        Rebecca S. Powe (widow of Calvin Spencer)


Rebecca S. Powe was born in 1765.

married April or May 1782

Calvin Spencer died 19th Jan 1801


Anson County, North Carolina records

2333 (168).

1 December 1792

Richard Farr (Fear?) to William Ellerbee; for pounds 75 sterling sold 3 feather beds and all the furniture (long list of items) .... & a debt on the old "partnership" called Kershaw & Company; sold at the Chesterfield Co, SC, court house due to a judgement in Chesterfield Co court against Richard Far due to suit by William Ellerbee. (signed) Rd Farr; witness Erasmus Powe & Jo McFarlane; wit oath January 1794 by Erasmus Powe; book C2 p. 219


[William Erasmus Powe was a descendant of Marsom Poe (d. 1782). Thomas Powe, son of Marsom Poe, moved from Spotsylvania Co, VA to the Cheraw District of South Carolina. The relationship, if any, between the Simon Poe SR family and the Marsom Powe family is unknown. There also is a William Ellerbe Powe. The Auld family is married into both lines and in addition to this proximity, we also find Wm Erasmus Poe in a Wilkes County record. It could just be that this Kershaw and Company had dealings in many area. There are a number of Ellerbe and Powe mentioned in lawsuits some appealed to the state supreme courts.]


2189 (25) (SC)

21 January 1792

Erasmus Powe, sheriff (Chesterfield County, SC) to William Ellerbe sr; for pounds 420 sterling sold

10 Negroes










& Peter (sic)

 "late" property of Richard Farr of Anson Co;

sold by virtue of his office [as sheriff] and "authority to Poe by John Chesnut; sold "this day towards" payment "and satisfaction" of a debt secured by a mortgage from Richard Farr to Joseph Kershaw, John Chesnut, Ely Kershaw, William Ancrum [or Anerum] & Aaron Lovcoch [or Loouch] for pounds 1,655.17.9 "old South" money, (signed ) Erasmus Poe, Shff CC; witness John Kershaw & Jno McFarlane; wit. oath April 1792 by John McFarlane; book C2 p25


>>> In the next record, William Erasmus Poe is of the family of Marsom Powe who died in Spotsylvania Co, VA. His son Thomas Powe moved to the Cheraw Dist of South Carolina. The relationship of Marsom Powe to the Simon Poe family is not know. It is interesting to find the two families close by each other in the Anson County area. The Dismukes and (Simon) Poe families have at least one intermarriage.


This land is very near John Poe and Simon Poe on Gum Log Branch.


8755. January 4, 1822. William Dismukes *(Anson Co) to William E. Poe (Chesterfield Dist. SC); for $5,500 sold 700 ac; border: begins at Thomas Threadgill's corner stake in the ford of Grindstone Cr. joins a road, Doctor Parker, & Jesse McLendon's field. (signed) W. Dismukes; (witness) Thomas D. Parke [only one witness[; January 1827 recorded; book V p. 422


9865. September 1823 Henry W. Harrington to Zachariah Robinson; for $650 sold 35 ac between Jones Cr & Island Cr and on both sides of the road from Haileys Ferry to Wadesborough; border: begins at a stake. (signed) H W Harrington; (witness) Thomas Diggs & Marshall Diggs; wit. oath Jan. 1831 by Thomas Diggs; Book X p. 441




Bennettsville, South Carolina


Henry William Harrington married Rosanna Auld (1754-1826) in 1776.

Erasmus Powe (1768-1831) married (1st) Eleanor Ellerbe (1770-1853) in 1792

Thomas Powe (1747-1817) married (2nd) Rachel Allen

Thomas Powe, Jr. (1768-1843) married Martha Ellerbe (1793-1867) in 1804


Chesterfield County, South Carolina


James Auld Harrington (1785-1839) married Eleanor Wilson (1793-1843) in 1808

Thomas Ellerbe Powe (1800-1879) married (1st) Charlotte Harriet Harrington (1809-1859) in 1826


Anson County




Rosanna Harrington, Will Book A, p. 164

Dated: 21 January 1828

Probated: January 1829


Sisters: Mrs. Mary Blakeney; Elizabeth Auld*

Niece: Mrs. Sarah Bogh

Daughter Caroline H. Chambers, wife of Otho Chambers

Daughters: Ross A. Troy; Harriet H. Strong

Granddaughter Mrs. Harriet H. Chambers, wife of Thomas Chambers, Esq.

Granddaughter Mrs. Ann P. (or C.?) Hall, wife of William W. Hall, Esq.

Granddaughter Mrs. Rosanna Lance (or Lanier) wife of John G. Lance (or Lanier)

son James A. Harrington and his daughter Charlotte H. Powe, wife of Thomas Powe

son Henry W. Harrington


Chesterfield Co, South Carolina (These are descendents of Marsom Powe of Caroline and Spotsylvania County, Virginia


Samuel Gillespie Godfrey (1837-1897) married 1863 Harriet Elizabeth Powe (b.1842)

Thomas Ellerbe Powe (1800-1879) married 1St 1826 Charlotte Harriet Harrington (1809 – 1859)

                                                                                2nd Rachel Allen

James Auld Harrington (1785- 1834) married 1808 Eleanor Wilson (1793-1843) 

               Erasmus Powe (1768-1831) married 1st 1792 Esther Ellerbe (1770-1853)

Henry William Harrington married 1776 Rosanna Auld (1754-1826),


Thomas Powe (1747 – 1817) had charge of the Commissary Dept. at the fall of Charleston, SC. He was born in VA and died near Cheraw, South Carolina


* This Orange (Chatham) Co record connects Watts and Auld and Petty. The James Poe of Guilford Co who died in 1812 is believed to have married Sarah Petty. I have much suspicion that if Sarah was a Petty, a William Petty was her father. This name is many times associated with Poe

p. 97

9 March 1772

Benjamin Watts and Francis his Wife to William Dillard - 100 pds. - 133 a. on Robertson's Creek - joins John Landrum

Wit: William Petty                             Benjamin Watts

John Auld*                                         Francis Watts (x)


also this record connected Hannah, widow of Stephen Poe, son of Simon Poe and William Poe Junr (who I think is son of Simon's son William). James Howard is son-in-law of Simon Poe SR and this Clark family seems to be the same as the John Clark family of Guilford whose daughter, Nancy marries James B. Poe

p. 416 (bottom)


13 February 1781 – Alexander Clark and Pheby his Wife to James Howard – 4700 pds. – 350 a. – all that tract or parcel of land whereon Simon Poe formerly lived – joins Mrs. Hannah Poe, William Poe, Junr. and the land formerly belonging to Morton (Morten) and Richard Kennon and the land whereon Younger Neal (Neil) now lives.

Wit: John Auld                   Alexander Clark

Jacob Dardin                      Pheby Clark (x)


Also. Note this Fayette County, AL data from the 1880 census



1880 Census - Township 17, Hico, Fayette, Alabama

  Name                    Relation Marital  Gender           Race                       Age Birthplace          Occupation              Father's    Mother's

                                            Status                                                                   Birthplace    Birthplace


 Thomas BLAKNEY      Self        M       Male          W                            69    SC                   Farmer               NC                               SC 
 Marthy BLAKNEY       Other      M       Female       W                            60    NC                   Keeping House   NC                               NC 
 Dicy POE                   SisterL    W       Female       W                            75    NC                                            NC                               NC 
 Rebecca ROBERTS    SisterL    S       Female       W                            60   NC                                           NC                               NC 
 Perry DRIVER             Other       S       Male          B                            25    AL                   Farm Laborer      AL                               AL 
 Julia NORRIS             Other       S       Female       B                            19    AL                   Farm Laborer      AL                               AL 


Anson County


NC- 48


9823. January 5, 1830 Richard Wallace sr (Anson Co) to James Smith (same); for $1,750 sold 1,100 ac on both sides of Little Jones Cr; border: begins at 2 large pines, joins Standfields Br, Smith, corner of an old 200 ac grant & a 100 grant to Stephen Pow, near Jones Spring, & joins beginning of the old 200 ac grant. (signed) Richard Wallace; (witness) John Grady Jr & Daniel May; wit. oath January 1831 by John Grady jr; book X p. 413


9691. March 24, 1830 Riley Warrick (Anson Co) to Thomas Rogers; Warrick owes Rogers $36.43; to secure payment sold 150 ac on waters of Beaverdam Cr; border begins at Isaac Marsh's beginning corner in Benjamin Keel's line on old Camden Road, joins William Powe's old corner on a pond, & Luke Bentley's beginning corner ; sale void if Warrick pays note by January 1 "next" otherwise Rogers can sell the land after advertising for 40 days in 3 public


9687. July 6, 1830 William Dismukes (Anson Co) first part to Alexander W. Brandon second part, & John P. Bates & Eleanor A. Bates third part; for $750 paid by E. A. Bates out of her own separate fund & for $5 paid by A. W. Brandon sold part of lots #9 & 38 in Wadesborough; border: begins where Wade Street & Rutherford Street intersect, 72 feet on Wade Street, 297 feet to Morgan Street, 72 feet to Rutherford Street, & to beginning; where Parker Trull lives; sold to A W Brandon in trust for use of Eleanor A Bates. (signed) William Dismukes (witness) John B Locke; July 1830 acknowledged; book X p. 314



9688. July 10, 1830 John P Bates & Eleanor A Bates to William Dismukes etc etc signed John P Bates, Eleanor Bates, & A W Brandon; (Witness) John B Locke, wit. oath (no date) by John B. Locke; Book X, p. 315

(there are other records from 1830 mentioned William Dismukes in Anson Co)


--------- This record from above showing Dismukes of Anson to Wm E. Poe of SC. Then in 1830 it says Wm E. Poe of Rowan Co.------


8755. January 4, 1822. William Dismukes *(Anson Co) to William E. Poe (Chesterfield Dist. SC); for $5,500 sold 700 ac; border: begins at Thomas Threadgill's corner stake in the ford of Grindstone Cr. joins a road, Doctor Parker, & Jesse McLendon's field. (signed) W. Dismukes; (witness) Thomas D. Parke [only one witness[; January 1827 recorded; book V p. 422


9692. July 13, 1830 William E Powe (Rowan Co, NC) to James Terry Dejarnett (Anson Co); for $3,500 sold 700 ac; border: begins at Thomas Threadgill's corner stake in the ford of Grindstone Cr, joins an old road, Dr. Parker, McLendon's field, & David Gray. (signed) William E Powe; (witness) Joseph Medley; wit. oath July 1830 by Joseph Medley; book X p. 318.


Abstracts of vital records from Raleigh, North Carolina newspapers / compiled by Lois Smathers Neal

Spartanburg, NC : Reprint Co., 1979


Death: William E. Poe (Powe) April 4 Rowan Co., NC April 22, 1845


This from Wilkes County, NC records:  15 December 1792. Between William Powe*, Chesterfield County, SC and Richard Gwy.. 70 lbs Sterlling .. 314 ac. adjoining Yadkin River and lands of Younger, Hunt & John Parks, Senr. & Allen Chapman. Signed: William Powe. Pages 307 and 308


9868. December 18, 1830 Abel Stack, gentleman (Anson Co) to Thomas Threet (Threat) (same); for $150 sold (omitted) ac; border: begins at Lewis Reeves' corner stake & joins an old field; being remainder of a grant (no date) Wilson English who sold to Cader Gewin deceased and to Alfred Gewin & Jane Thomas by heirship who sold to Abel Stack (signed) Abel Stack; (witness) John Stack & John Elliott; wit. oath January 1831 by John Stack; book X p. 443.


A Few Powe from:

Quite a few members of this family moved to Mississippi


Powe, Ellerbe F.

 Confederate  4th Regiment, South Carolina State Troops



 Powe, Ellerbe F.

 Confederate  Infantry  21st Regiment, South Carolina Infantry




 Powe, Erasmas L.

 Confederate  Infantry  13th Regiment, Mississippi Infantry




 Powe, Erasmus W.

 Confederate  Infantry  13th Regiment, Mississippi Infantry





Richmond County, North Carolina

Estate Settlements 1772-1933. Adams-Harbert. Book 1.





State of North Carolina, County of Richmond. Petition to make real estate assets before the Clerk of the Superior Court as Judge of Probate.


John W. Cole, Adm'r of William T. Ellerbe, deceased, vs. W.L.T.E. Prince, Zack E. Powe, Thomas W. Powe, Ellerbe F. Powe, A. E. Drake, A. E. Ellerbe, G. W. Duvall and wife Sarah, William Powe, Madora Powe, Walker Powe, Catherine Powe, Charles Powe, Josephine Powe, Walker Powe, Thomas E. Powe, and the other heirs of Esther Powe, deceased,


John McIver & wife Margaret, Zack Ellerbe, B. F. Ellerbe and the heirs of John F. Ellerbe, deceased, Washington Ellerbe, Thomas Ellerbe, Neill Nicholson and wife Hannah, Henry Smith and wife Ann, John P. McQueen and Peter W. Stansill and wife Eliza. The petition of John W. Cole as adm'r of William T. Ellerbe, deceased, shows:


1. That Wm. T. Ellerbe, late of the State of South Carolina, County of Marlborough, died intestate leaving no wife or lineal descendants in A.D. 186-, possessed of an estate of considerable value in South Carolina, and seized and possessed of an estate also situated in Richmond County, North Carolina. consisting entirely of lands.


2. That administration was taken out upon his estate in South Carolina when it was found to be insolvent and a Bill to Marshal the assets of the estate of the said William T. Ellerbe for Marlborough County against his heirs at law and creditors by his administrator in that State, J. H. Gooch, complainants. A Decree of said Court was issued that all the assets, both real and personal, should be turned over to the Commissioner in Equity for Marlborough County; that he should sell such assets and apply the proceeds to the payment of the debts of said intestate.


3. That it appears from certified statements of the records of the Court of Common Pleas for the County of Marlborough and State of South Carolina dated March 29th 1870, which is herewith filed, marked 'A', that of the claims proven against the estate of the said Wm. T. Ellerbe before the Commissioner of Equity for the State of South Carolina, County of Marlborough of about seven thousand seven hundred and fifty seven dollars remain unpaid.


4. That letters of administration upon the estate of the said Wm. T. Ellerbe situated in Richmond County, North Carolina were granted to your petitioner by the Judge of Probate for said County on the 23rd day of August, AD 1869.


5. That no personal property whatever came into his hands as such administrator.


6. That no debts have been presented to your petitioner or administrator of the said William T. Ellerbe in this State for payment, but he supposed the cost and charges of administration will amount to about two hundred and fifty dollars.


7. That said William T. Ellerbe at his death was seized and possessed of about three hundred acres of land adjoining the lands of the estate of Malcom Nicholson, deceased, and others situated in Richmond County, No. Carolina, and known as the 'Spring tract', of the value of one dollar and a half per ac., which descended at his death. as he is advised, to the representatives of Zack Ellerbe, Elizabeth Ellerbe, wife of Joseph Ellerbe:!, Thomas F. Ellerbe, Esther Powe, wife fo ____Powe and Martha Powe. wife of - Powe, his uncles and aunts and his collateral relations of the blood of his father, W. F. Ellerbe.


8. That his said uncles and aunts are all dead and the names and residences of their representatives, as far as your petitioner has been able to ascertain them, after long and diligent inquiry are as follows, to wit.,


Zack E. Powe

Thomas W. Powe

Ellerbe F. Powe

A. E. Drake

A. E. Ellerbe

Madora Powe

G. W. Duvall and wife Sarah

William Powe

James Powe

Catherine Powe

Charles Powe

Walker Powe

Josephine Powe

Thomas E. Powe

and other heirs of Esther Powe


John McIver and wife Margaret, whose P. Office address is Cash Depot, S. C.

Thomas Ellerbe, Washington Ellerbe, Neill Nicholson and wife Hannah, Henry Smith and wife Ann, John P. McQueen, whose Post Office address is DeKalb, Mississippi, and Peter Stansill and wife Eliza who reside in Rockingham, N. C.


9. That said W. T. Ellerbe at his death was seized and possessed of about one thousand acres of land adjoining the lands of David Sedberry and others comprised in various tracts, and also situated in Richmond County, North Carolina of the value of forty cents per acre, which descended as he is advised, to L. D. Prince, his brother of the half blood.


10. That L. D. Prince is dead leaving him surviving W.L.T.E. Prince, his only child and heir at law.


11. That W. L. T. E. Prince is an infant of tender years whose Post Office address is Bennettsville, S.C., and your petitioner believes has no guardian.


12. That a sale of the whole of said land is necessary to enable your petitioner to pay the cost and charges of the administration of the estate of said Ellerbe in this State, and to enable the Commissioner in Equity, or other proper Court or office having jurisdiction and control of the matter, to pay the debts proved against his estate in the action or proceeding to Marshal the assets of said estate instituted in the Court of Equity for Marlborough County, South Carolina by J. H. Gooch, Administrator of W. T. Ellerbe, dec' d, complainant.


13. Wherefore to the end that the above described lands may be sold upon such terms as to the Court may seem fit and proper and that proceeds may constitute assets in the hands of your petitioner for the payment of the cost and charges of the admin­istration in this State. and that the residue or balance may be paid to the officer or other person entitled by the laws of South Carolina to receive it. May it please the Court to cause copies of the summons and petition in this proceeding to be served personally upon P. W. Stansill and wife Eliza, and that service be made on each of the other defendants, who reside beyond the limits of this State, by mailing copies of summons and petition to their post office addresses, and by publication for six consecutive weeks in the North Carolina Argus commanding them to be and ap­pear before John A. Long, Clerk of the Superior Court and Judge of Probate for Richmond County at his Office in Rockingham on or before the fifth day of November next ( 1870) and demur or answer this petition, or plaintiff will demand the relief asked for. Giles Leitch, Attorney for Petitioner




(1-7 above)

1. February 3, 1846 Issue Fayetteville Observer: Married in Richmond County on the 22"d, at the residence of A G. Nicholson. Dr. P W. Stansill of Rockingham to Miss Eliza E. McQueen of Cheraw, South Carolina.  Tyner

2. February 15. 1843 Issue Fayetteville Observer: Married at the residence of Mr. Joseph Ellerbe, near Cheraw. SC., on the 26th, Capt. Alexander G. Nicholson of Richmond County to Miss Anna M. McQueen, of Chesterfield, SC. M&D Abstracts, 1841-1850 – Tyner

(8-13 above)

 1. May 11, 1842 Issue Fayetteville Observer: Died in Cheraw on the 1st, Mrs. Caroline C. Duvall,, daughter of Mr. Thomas Powe, Sen. July12, 1843 Issue: Died near Cheraw on the 14th, Mr. Thomas Powe, aged 65. M&D Abstracts, 1841-1850 – Tyner