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Poe Family in Texas

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Family of

James Hasting Poe

(also spelled Hasten, Haston or Hastin)

son of Stephen Thomas Poe (1848-1929), son of Hasting B. Poe (Born c1805), son of Captain Stephen Poe, Sr.(d. 1773) son of Simon Poe, Sr, (`1707-1793)



Back row: the twins Oscar and Walter Poe, their sister Addie Poe Colvin

Front row: James Hasting Poe, Loisa Poe Graves, "Maggie" Crow Poe (wife of James Hasting) and Willie Pearl Poe Lancaster


Photo and information from Rebecca Slate, great granddaughter of James Hasting Poe. Provided February 22, 2003



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Family Chart of Stephen Thomas Poe (1848-1929)


Images from a descendant:




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