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Poe Family

York County and Woodford County, Virginia


Miscellaneous Virginia Records      


Some data below from "1790" / "1800" County Tax Lists of Virginia:



Woodford County


Certificate Book of the Virginia Land Company 1779-1780


John Poe


Certificate Book of the Virginia Land Company 1779-1780

26 October 1791 Petition of inhabitants of Woodford County* to build a courthouse. John Poe listed as petitioner.


*Woodford County, Virginia (became West Virginia and some went to Kentucky. (See 1791 map)



James City County (adjacent York County)


Virginia Tax Payers 1782-1787 (other than in USA Census)

Jack Poe James City County Poll-1 no slaves (was “Jack” a nickname for “John” during this era?)


presumably this is the same Thomas Poe:



York County


Census of Virginia Vol. 2


York County Personal Property Tax for 1788 List “A”


David Poe                 1 white over 16

William Poe              1 black  12-16

Also looks like:

Daniel Peau



Unverified, from this site:


Mary Peacock, born say 1693, was a white servant with three years and three months to serve when she was listed in the 20 July 1712 inventory of the Richmond County, Virginia estate of Colonel Samuel Peachey [Wills & Inventories 1709-17, 170-2]. She was called the servant of Samuel Peachey on 5 August 1713 when the Richmond County court ordered her to serve him or his assigns an additional year for having an illegitimate "Mulatto" child. The court also ordered that upon completion of her service, she pay ten pounds to the churchwardens of North Farnham Parish or be sold by them for five years [Orders 1711-6, 123].

Jane Peacock/ Poe, born say 1710, was a "Molatto" presented by the York County court for not listing herself as a tithable on 20 November 1727 (called Jane Peacock) and on 17 November 1735 (called Jane Poe). She was called "Jane Po alias Peacock" on 20 August 1744 when Landon Carter, Esq., sued her in York County for a cow and a calf of the value of 40 shillings. The court ruled that they were her property and dismissed the suit [OW 16:489; W&I 18:237, 245; 19:302, 317]. She was the ancestor of

i. William Poe, head of a York County household of 4 "other free" in 1810.

Anthony1 Peters, born say 1741, sued William Wilson in York County court on 15 March 1765 for a 31 shillings debt due by account. And he and Jasper Peters were found guilty by the same court for trespass, assault and battery against John Poe [Judgments & Orders 1763-5, 357, 361].

Jasper Peters, born say 1744, and Anthony Peters were sued in York County court by John Poe for trespass, assault and battery on 18 March 1765. They were found guilty and ordered to pay Poe 20 shillings. Jasper was sued for debt on 21 May 1770 [Judgments & Orders 1763-5, 357; Orders 1768-70, 471]. He and his wife Molly, "free mulattoes," baptized their daughter Ann Peters in Bruton Parish


Virginia Magazine Vol. 24, 1917


York County Marriages

John Poe to Betsy Banks, Sept ___, 1842

by Rev. J. W. T. T. Walsh (Ref. Bapt)


Unknown Location, Unknown Date

George W. Poe

William And Mary Quarterly Vol. 26(1) p. 204

Martha Long married George W. Poe

(daughter of Edward Tabb)