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Poe Family

Richmond County, Virginia



The family of Charles Spoo / Spoe / Spowe / Poe who died in 1732

Also written as Charles S. Poe

Wife is named Mary


Daughter Elizabeth Spoe married John Foushee


Old Rappahannock (later Richmond) County, Virginia



A connection may exist between the Spoe and Poe surnames. Records since the mid 16th century have spelled “Poe” alternately as “Poo”, and “Powe.” Charles Spoe appears to have owned land on the north side of the Rappahannock River (Richmond County, VA), across from the 905 acres owned by Samuel Poe (d. 1725) (Essex County, VA). Charles Spoe likely came to the Virginia Colony as a refuge Huguenot.


Elizabeth Spoe, daughter of Charles Spoe married John Foushee (who was a Huguenot). John Foushee, Jr. son of John Foushee and Elizabeth Spoe, married Apphia (Thornton?). Their son was Elijah Foushee who signed the 1793 of Simon Poe, Sr. (1707/7-1793 Chatham County, NC). Simon Poe owned a sizeable plantation in Caroline County (formerly part of Essex County). It is likely that the lands of Simon Poe, SR were inherited from Samuel Poe. The relationship between Samuel Poe and Simon Poe is not known. Simon possibly was Samuel’s son. Before moving to Chatham County,  NC around 1783, Elijah Foushee lived in Culpeper County, VA.


Records state that Charles Spoe had a son named Benjamin. The spelling of Benjamin's last name varies, sometimes it is spelled Spowe, Powe and Poe.


Records are sparse and so far, it is not known what became of Benjamin, son of Charles Spoe, subsequent to about 1694. The first “Poe” name to appear in the Essex County records following the death of Samuel Poe in 1725 is a Benjamin Poe. It is fairly clear that Benjamin Poe is living on the lands formerly owned by Samuel Poe. Conceivably, this Benjamin is the son of Charles Spoe.


This is the information discovered so far:


The existence of Charles Spoe was brought to light in an unpublished manuscript titled, "Preliminary History: Charles Spowe and Benjamin Powe of Virginia” dated June 14, 1995 by Charles J. Fritchie, Jr.


This manuscript was passed on to me by a fellow researcher.


Charles J. Fritchie, Jr. of New Orleans reports finding a deed to 100 acres “on the north side of the river” which Fritchie believes to be the Rappahannock." The information from Rappahannock County came from LDS microfilm no. 0031265, "Index to Deed Books 7 and 8 of Old Rappahannock Co., Va." microfilm no. 0033652, "Rappahannock Co. Deeds"; (a) Dd. Bk. D-8, pp.92, 93; (b) Dd. Bk. D-1; p.14; (c) Essex County, VA. General index to Wills and Deeds, 1654-1691. Information from Richmond Co., Va. came from LDS microfilm no. 0033678; pp. 14, 44. Richmond Co., VA Order Book 1692-1694.


Follows is the information regarding this family that can be found in the court records for Old Rappahannock County and Richmond Counties, Virginia from various websites and books of abstracted and transcribed records.



Rootsweb message regarding the Foushee Family descended from John Foushee and Elizabeth Spoe



(Old) Rappahannock County Deed Book 8 1688-1692

pp. 116-118


5 March 1689


To all Xpian People to whom these presents shall come I Hawkins Snead of County of Rappa. send Greeting. Know yee that I sd Hawkins Snead for divers good causes and full and just sum of Two thousand and Two hundred pounds of good sound Tobb. & cask to him in hand paid have sold unto Geo: Luke his heirs a certain parcell of land containing Eighty acres being in the County of Rappa and on the North side of Rappa River begining at a red Oake standing by the Main Road extending thence South by East to a small Oake in line of Wm. West the same being a corner tree thence extending alonge the sd Wests line E. to the line that divides this eighty acres of land and One hundred acres sold out of the same devident to Benjamin Spoe by sd Hawkins Snead and said 180 acres being devised to sd Hawkins Snead by the last Will and Testament of Charles Snead deced. Father of sd Hawkinds Snead, as by the last will and proved in due form of Law, the Eighty acres extending alonge the sd Deviding line to a small Hickory Corner tree to this land and of the sd Spoes land, from thence South to the first beginning To have and to hold the sd Eighty acres of land with all rights to the sd Geo: Luke his heirs with all woods waters pastures marches sufficiently freed from all former grants In Witness whereof the sd Hawkins Snead hath signed Sealed and Delivered in the presents of

Robt Brent

Hawkins Snead

James Orchard

Recognitr in Cur Com Rappa 5 die Martii 1689



The following is reported by Fritchie in

 “Preliminary History: Charles Spowe and Benjamin Powe, Virginia” dated June 14, 1995 by Charles J. Fritchie, Jr.


What Fritchie transcribed is slightly at odds with the Sparacio version.

The following is taken from Sparacio:


September 1689


Know all men by these Presents that wee Hawkins Snead Frances Tayler and Elizabeth Tayler my wife all of the County of Rappa. do for a valuable sum of Two thousand Three hundred Pounds of good lawful Tobb. in Caske by us received have granted unto Benja: Powe of same County his heirs a certaine parcell of land venteyning One hundred acres being part of a Patent granted to Charles Snead decd. for 1933 acres being dated the 20th of October 1686 the sd. land being in the aforesd. County and on the North side of the River back in the Woods. Begining at a black Oake and extending thence North to a red Oake corner Tree to the 800 acres and thence the same to a small Hickory, thence S.E. thence N E to the first menconed black Oake. Hawkins Snead, Fran. Tayler and Elizabeth Tayler his Wife sell unto sd. Benja. Poe his heirs To have occupie and enjoy the same with all its rights of all woods waters and water courses without any hindrance of sd. Hawkins Snead, Fran Tayler and Elizabeth Tayler or any of our heirs or any other persons and do further engate ourselves to acknowledge this our Deed of Conveyance fore Court of Rappa. thereto be enroled when thereunto lawfully called by sd. Benja: Powe, or his Father Charles Powe, he or they pay all dues which shall be charged and further for confirmation the said parties have sett our hands and seales this third of Septr. ano. 1689. Signed Sealed and Delivered in the presents of us

James Orchard

Hawkins Snead

Thos. (sig. 'T') Snead

Fran. (mark: ET) Taylor

Elizabeth (mark O) Taylor


Recognitr in Cur Compt Rapp (blot) die 9bris 1689

Know all men that I Elizabeth Tayler authorize and impower Mr. James Orchard my lawfull Attorney for me and in my behalfe to acknowledge and confirm unto Benja: Spowe all right and interest to a parcell of land conteyning One hundred acres according to a Conveyance Given under my hand and seale this 3rd day of 7bris 1689


Hawkins Snead

Thomas (T) Snead

Eliza. Tayler



Viriginia County Court Records. Deed Abstracts of Richmond County, Virginia 1692-1695, etc.


Charles Spoe (Spoo)

Charles Spoo signed his full name on many deeds serving as a witness. Sometimes the name is spelled Spoe and on other documents, Spoo. It appears Charles was literate. Searching names in France, one finds the spelling: Spoo

These records include entries for:

Charles Spoo

2/3 August 1692

14 Oct. 1692

3 December 1701

Charles Spoe

25 April 1693

3 May 1693



Viriginia County Court Records. Order Book Abstracts of Richmond County, Virginia 1692-1694 Being the Orders of Richmond County Court from 5 May 1692 to 2 August 1694


6th of Oct 1692

p. 44

Judgement granted C. Spoe against estate of David Sterne, etc.


6th of June 1694

p. 135

order grant against the Sheriff to Cha. Spoe, etc.


6th of Sept. 1694

p. 12

Judg granted to Charles Spoe against Nebuchnodzor Jones as attorney of Alexander Chapple, etc.


1 March 1694

p. 367

Nathaniel Tayler, servant to Charles Spoe, being presented to this court to have inspection into his age is adjudged Twelve years old and ordered to be Levy free until he arrive unto the age appointed by Law for payment of Leveys.


7 September 1699

p. 467

Non suit is granted to William Robinson Gent. as heir at law of James Robinson deced. against Charles Spoe for the action being wrong brought, to be paid with cost of suit als exo.


2 November 1699

p. 513

Nonsuit is granted to William Robinson Gent, Exr of his own wrong of James Robinson deced, against Charles Spoe


2 November 1699

p. 515

Reffernace is granted between Charles Spoe, dft and Gerrard Norris till next court.


7 March 1699/1700

p.4 Judgmt upon nil dicit is granted to Charles Spoe against Garrat Norwich, etc.


5 March 1701

p. 152

The action brought by Charles Spoe agt Mary Mountjoy, exx of Alvin Mountjoy, is dismist, no prosecution


3 Spetember 1701

This day Charles Spoe confessed judgment to Wm Colston, etc.




Richmond County, Virginia

William Poe, a False Lead. The name is evidently, Roe, not Poe


Sparacio. Richmond County Orders 1699 - 1701


Richmond County Court 5th of April 1700


Order is granted to Wm. Poe against Adam Woffendall according to Declaracion &c.


Richmond County Court 3rd of December 1702

p. 220

This day Nathaniel Pope acknowledged a Deed for Land to Willm Roe, which is ordered to be recorded.


Richmond County Court 6th of June 1700

p. 45

The Condiconll. order granted last Court to Wm. Roe against Adam Woffendall for fore hundred & sixty pounds of good tobacco in caske, upon bill, the Deft. not appearing is by this Court confirmed and ordered to be paid wth: cost of suit als Exo. Nathanll. Pope making Oath that the Bill passed for the said Debt is actually lost or mislayed.




Robert K. Headley, Jr. Wills of Richmond County, Virginia 1699-1800. Genealogical Publishing Co. 1983


p. 10 (of book)

f64v - Pythagoras Powell, will: 29 Oct 1702, 7 Jul 1703

whole est. to wife Sarah; Charles Snead* to assist wife; no ex.

wits: Alexander Rigges, Mary Spoe


(Hawkins Snead sold land to Benjamin Spoe in 1689)


resume previous citation



2 June 1703

Charles Spoe listed on grand jury


7 July 1703

p. 270

This day the Last will and Testatament of Pythagoras Powell being presented to this court by the Exrx. therein named for proofe, the same was proved by the oathes of Aleander Riggs and Mary Spoe and order for probate granted thereon. (also reported below in different book)



3 August 1704

p. 349

Upon the Petition of Charles Spoo, order for administration is granted to him as greatest Creditor on all and singular the Etate of Nicholas Lewis, he giveing security to law  (other action on the estate involved Charles Spoe)


3 August 1704

Jury list includes Charles Spoo


Headley, Robert K., Jr. (1983). Wills of Richmond Co., VA 1699-1800, Clearfield Co., by Genealogical Publ, Baltimore, Md., p. 22.


Theodore Durosou, Sitt. Parish, will: 8 Feb. 1711/12, 5 Mar 1711/12
Charles [Spoe]Jr.; goddau. Elizabeth Foushee a parcel of land containing 50 ac. near [Perpetoc] Creek; no ex; wits: Matthew Davis, Alexander Rigg.

Charles Spoo, subject of the French King, naturalized 1712. The fact that his children are not naturalized, yet they are adult, may suggest they were born English subjects.

Sparacio. Richmond County Deeds 1711-1714


4 February 1712

pp. 104-106

(my abstract of the data)

Indenture between Andrew Dew and Flora his wife and John Foushee of the Parish of Sittenborne … neck of land called the Bear Branch bounded …. The land of Charles Spoio ….

Signed James Suggit

Richard Claxton

Andrew Dew

Flora Dew




Deed book pp. 53-54

Alexander Spotswood her Majesties Lieut. Governour & Commander in Cheif of the Colony and Dominion of Virginia To all to whome these presents shall come; Greeting; Whereas by one Act of Assembly made att the Capitall the 23d day of October 1705 for the better settling and peopling this her Majesties Colony and Dominion it is enacted that it shall or may be lawfull for the Governour and Comander in Cheife of this Colony and Dominion for the time being by a Publick Instrument of Letters Patents under the broad Seale thereof, to declare any alien or alins. Forreigner or Forreigners being allready settled or Inhabitants of this Colony or which shall hereafter come to settle plant or reside therein upon his or thier taking the oathes therein prescribed to be to all intents and purposes fully and compleatly naturalized and that all persons having such Publick Instruments or Letter Patents shall by virtue of this Act have and enjoy to them and thier heirs the same imunities and Rights of and unto the Laws and priileges of this Colony and Dominioin as fully and amply as any of her Majties: naturall borne subjexts have or enjoy within the same and as if they had been born within any of her Majesties Realmes and Dominions; Provided that nothing herein contained shall be construed to enabloe or give power or priviledge to any Forreigner to do or execute any matter of thing whi8ch by any of the acts made in England concerning her Majesties plantations he is disabled to do or execute;

And Charles Spoo, a natuall borne subject of the French King having settled and inhabited for severall years in the County of Richmond in this Colony and now made application to me for the benefitt of Naturalization and before me taken the oathes prescribed by Law and subscribed the Test. I do therefore pursuant to the said authority hereby declare the said Charles Spoo to be to all intents and purposes fully and compleatly naturalized and to have and enjoy to him and his heirs the same Immunities and Rights of and unto the Laws and priviledges of this Colony and Dominion as fully and amply as any of her Majties; naturall borne subjects have or enjoy within the same and as if he had been born within any of her Majties: Realmes and Domions according to the aforesd. Act. saving always in such matters and things which by the Laws of England concerning the Plantations he is disabled. Given under my hand and the Seale of the Colony this nineteenth day of Aprill 1712 in the Eleventh year of her Majties: Reign

Mr. Charles Spoo's Naturalization                                  A. Spotswood

Recorded among the Records of Richmond County ye fourth day of June 1712

Test. Jno: Tayloe, D. Cl.



Richmond County Deeds 1714-1720


Indenture 25 Day of January 1716 …. Between Robert Baylis and James Foushee….


1 September 1716

Between John Fushee, Shoemaker and Elizabeth his wife and William Grant…

Signed John Davis, John Gilber, William Ficklin, Jaen Fauche, Elizabeth (by mark)


T. L. C. Genealogy, Miami, Florida Richmond County, Virginia Deeds & Bonds, 1721-1734

2 January 1720

Witness: Richard Claxton, Charles Spoe, Jr, Charles Snead, by virtue of a power of atty from Ann Griffin, to wife of the said Wm Griffin, relinguished her right of dower, recorded Feb 1, 1720


4 May 1726

Bond. We Elizabeth Debele, Francis Wms. and Charles Spoe, Jr of R bind ourselves to the R JPs in the sum of 100 pounds sterling this May 4, 1726, to insure that Elizabeth Debelle, Admx, makes an inventory of the goods, chattels, and credits of Wm Debelle dec.

signed Elizabet (H, her mark) Debelle

Franss (F his mark)

Charles Spoe Jr

Wit: Tho.Templeton

Recorded May 4, 1726


Aug. 28-29, 1730

Reference to Charles Spoe's corn field.


Spt 24-25, 1730

From John Dawny Gent of Williamsburg, & Elizabeth Dawny, his wife, to Charles Spoe SR of the Parish of Sittenburne in R, etc.


January 7, 1733/34

John Jenings of the County of Westmoreland and Washington Parish, planter, to Charles Spoe or R and lunenburg Parish. . . Jenings grants Spoe all that parcel of land in R . . . about 60 acres . . .


Item 37
JOHN HERLE of Orange County, Virginia, 1735
SOURCE: Orange County, Virginia Deed Book 1735-1738, compiled and abstracted by John Frederick Droman, page 7:
"pages 83-87: 17 May 1735. Alexander Spotswood, esq. to JOHN HERLE, planter. Lease for lives of JOHN HERLE and Wilm. Ingram son of Jno. Ingram. 120 acres on the south side of the River Rappidanne, part of 40,000 acres granted granted Alexander Spotswood and called the Sptsylvania Tract. Yearly rent for first four years on 25 December, one ear of Indian corn, and thereafter 600 pounds of tobacco, delivered at a convenient landing in Spotsylvania County, the first due 25 Dec. 1736.
14 July 1735. Possession granted JOHN HERLE by James Chissum, attorney of Alexander Spotswood. Wit: Charles Spoe, Bryan Sisson.
15 July 1735. Acknowledged by Alexander Spotswood, Esq. on motion of John Bramham." (Note: the abstract is actually much longer than this. The more interesting portions of this abstract were chosen to be posted. Other researchers may wish to look up the abstract in its entirety).


Charles Spoe, a tenant of the Spotswood lands, build the Price House in 1733. In 1739, Arjalon Prince rented the land from Spoe and later purchased it from the Spotswood family in 1767


Selected Wills, 1699-1800 - Richmond County, VA

by Robert K. Headley, JR.


p. 205 - William JENNINGS Sr., Lun. Par., will; 26 May 1733, 2 Jul


            son William all land on which I now live bounded between

            the mill path and White Marsh Branch and Charles SPOE's

            line; son John all land between the mill path and spring

            branch; son Willoughby; dau. Mary; son Augustine the

            remainder of land and plant; wife Mary; ex: wife and

            son Augustine; wits: Cyprian ANDERSON, Charles SPOE.


p. 215 -John FOUSHEE, Lun.Par., will; 4 Nov 1733, 7 Jan 1733/34

           son John all land and plant.; wife Meelin; mentions

           but does not name other chil; ex: son John; wits:

           Thomas PETTY, Charles SPOE.


p. 216 - William JENNINGS, Lun.Par., will; 2 Dec 1733, 7 Jan 1733/34

           wife all land and plant., after her death to go to son

           William and if he has no heirs, to go to son John; ex:

           wife Anne; wits: Margaret TAYLOR, Charles SPOE.


p. 217 - John FOUSHEE, inv; 4 Feb 1733/34.


p. 218 - William JENNINGS, inv; 4 Feb 1733/34.


p. 221 - Thomas WILLIAMS, will; 24 Jul 1732, 4 Mar 1733/34

            Mary SHORT my plant. commonly called the Settle Plant.

            on the fork of the [Herening] Creek; Thomas WILLIAMS;

            wife Winifred; ex: wife; wits: John FOUSHEE, Winifred

            WEBSTER, Winifred FOUSHEE. [Thomas WILLIAMS mar. Winifred

            PYCRAFT, wid., 8 Jun 1732. MRC, p. 232.  In Aug 1734,

            Winifred WILLIAMS deeded property to her grchil. James

            and Elizabeth FOUSHEE (chil. of John and Winifred

            FOUSHEE). AB1, p. 74.]

p.67 (of book)

p. 169 - Mary Spoe,  wid. of Charles Spoe, nunc. will on 26 Dec 1731, she died in the space of 24 hours from the time she first complained and not having opportunity to have her will made in writing, did desire by words of her mouth that if she should die of that sickness that Charles Spoe, the son of Charles Spoe* her dec'd husb. should be heir of what she had and that should by right belong to her by his father's est. all which she dessired she being at the time in perfect sense in the presence of Edmund Collinsworth, Alexander Wareing and Mary Barker; prov. 5 Jan 1731/32


p. 170 - Charles Spoe Sr., Sitt. Par., will; 1 Sep 1725, 2 Feb 1731/1732

wife Mary; son Charles; dau. Elizabeth Foushee; ex: wife and son Charles; wits: Richard Clayton, John R. [Hearle], Edmund Collinsworth.




The State Records

Published Under The Supervision of the trustees of the public libraries, by order of the general Assembly.

Collected and Edited By Walter Clark

Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of North Carolina

Vol. XXII.

Miscellaneous Records



Page 169

May the 30, 1778, North Carolina, Granville County, Oxford District, the following person took Oath of Allegiance,

Page 170




Zachariah Hampton

Edw. Moore

Rich'd Harris, Jr.

Robert Boyd

John Pullman

Edward (his X mark) Bass

Richard Brinkley

Lem. Goodwin

William Upchurch

Elisha Lensey

John Hudgepeth

Charles Spoe







Endnote: The family of Simon Poe, SR (1708-1793) is intimately connected to the Fooshee / Foushee family in Chatham County, North Carolina.



So far there is no known relationship between this Charles Spoe family and the Simon Poe family. However, it is noteworthy that following  the 1689 reference, it is not known what became of Benjamin Poe, son of Charles Spoe. A Benjamin Poe shows up in Essex County in 1726, seeming occupying lands owned by the deceased Samuel Poe (d. 1726). Around this time we also see the appearance of a William Poe in Caroline County, perhaps owning his own land.