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Samuel Poe of Essex County, VA (active c.1704 – 1725)


Evidence regarding place of origin, land, and possible children


Author: William Poe




Samuel Poe, what we know

In regard to Samuel Poe’s existence in Virginia by 1704, this is all we know with any degree of certainty:


  1. Quit Rent Rolls of Essex County Virginia for year 1704, Volume 33, page 359, lists Samuel Poe (Samll Poe) with 800 acres of land.. This establishes the first mention of any Poe in the Virginia Colony.
  2. Samuel Poe was probably Anglican. He is said in the court records to be of St. Anne’s Parish  (Essex County, Virginia Court 16th of November 1723 Samuel Poe is charged with swearing and is said to be of the Parish. His neighbors are charged with not attending church on the same day).
  3. Essex County records indicate Samuel left no will. After Samuel died, the court ordered a nine-month delay before ruling on the petition of Francis Browning to administer the estate. The delay was ordered to see if the “an heir at law” would administrator the estate. This suggests that Samuel’s oldest son was not yet twenty-one when Samuel died, or that he was not in Virginia. That Francis Browning was charged by the court to “take care of” the estate during the waiting period suggests there were not men of age on the property. A wife could not inherit.
  4. Samuel Poe was not of the gentry class. The court records never refer to him as “Gentleman.” Samuel Poe and the other Poe men of the county seem, rather, to have been in conflict with the landed gentry over laws regulating the cultivation of tobacco .


Children and relatives of Samuel Poe

Samuel Poe left no will and no family members are mentioned in the historical records uncovered so far. A few men’s names appear in Essex/Caroline County in the years following the death of Samuel Poe. One or more of these could be sons of Samuel Poe. At least one, Simon Poe, SR, is seen producing quantities of tobacco that could only have been grown on many acres. Without evidence to the contrary, it appears he inherited some portion of the lands along the Peumansend that was owned by Samuel Poe. The first names to appear, however, within a year of Samuel’s death are Benjamin Poe and William Poe. Neither man stayed in the county. William moved to Culpeper County (current Rappahannock County)  and Benjamin seems to have relocated to Spotsylvania County (although he appears to have gone back and forth). Simon Poe and Samuel Poe (the younger) are the two who remain in Caroline County, presumably, farming some portion of the Samuel Poe lands.


Recent DNA tests of descendants of William and Simon indicate that the men were close relatives, if not brothers.


As the 18th century progresses, Caroline County land is sold by various Poe men. It is assumed that these lands were part of Samuel’s estate as no record of any acquisition of land is recorded (with the exception of a parcel of land by William Poe in 1732). Since no will went through probate, and no court orders are known disposing of Samuel’s estate (there was not an estate sale, for instance) some agreement must have been worked out between the Poe family members and the court-approved administrator of the estate, Francis Browning, who was a neighbor if not an in-law. No land deal by a Poe in Caroline County is ever challenged despite a lack of recorded documents proving ownership. This leads one to believe that everyone understood who owned what portion of the historical Poe lands. At least one descendant still occupied 105 acres in 1799 and perhaps later. This is the same number of acreage acquired by Samuel Poe to augment his original 800 acres.


The only other man possibly old enough to be the father of the men who appear after Samuel's death is, Robert Poe, who died testate in 1722. It does not seem that Robert Poe owned land. His identity remains a mystery. A Katherine Poe is active just following the death of Robert Poe. This could be a coincidence within the historical record, or might indicate that she is Robert’s widow.


Candidates for children present in Essex (Caroline) County after Samuel’s death in 1725. It is impossible to know which, if any of these men were sons of Samuel Poe. No records exist to inform us. Therefore, we can be sure not all these men were sons. Here is the list in order of appearance:


Benjamin Poe born before 1705. First to appears in 1726. May have died in Amherst Co. VA in 1785.

William Poe  born before 1711. First appears in 1732

Samuel Poe  born before 1712. First appears in 1733 Possibly died in Caroline Co. between 1759 and 1765 and survived by wife, Elizabeth.

Simon Poe    born c 1707 – died North Carolina, based on will and other information. First appears in 1737.


Mossom Poe born before 1725 - died 13 Aug 1782 Spotsylvania Co., Virginia First appears in 1749. Mossom (Marsom) appears so late in the records that he could be the son of one of the other men, or conceivably, a young son of Samuel Poe.


Probable relatives:

Robert Poe (d. 1722) Essex County, Virginia

Katherine Poe (active 1722/23) Essex County, Virginia. Possibly widow of Robert Poe.


Some connection with the families of:

Francis Browning

John Sutton



A year after the death of Samuel Poe, we find Benjamin Poe and William Poe showing up in the court records. A little later we see Simon and Samuel. It is reasonable to conclude that Robert Browning, who won the petition to administer Samuel Poe’s estate, is a relation in some way. Francis Browning later shows up owning land in Culpeper County along with William Poe and wife Lydia.


Connections can be found among Poe and Sutton, especially in later Caroline County. One factor that may preclude a marriage between Sutton and Poe is that the first John Sutton was on the gentry class. Poe was never among the gentry.


Virginia Land of Samuel Poe

Samuel Poe already possessed 800 acres of land in 1704. There does not seem to be any record indicating how this land was acquired, yet no one ever challenged his claim. One possibility is that he acquired the land as a beneficiary of the Headrights statues. According to the Headrights statutes, Virginia colonists could obtain 50 acres of land for each person they brought into the Colony (anywhere from Europe, any age, non African person, either gender). See: Headrights


Essex County records show that Samuel Poe acquired 105 acres of land from Matthew Collins in 1707.


The Matthew Collins land and the first lands of Samuel Poe seem to be near lands of John Gouge, Francis Browning and James Coghill and in the vicinity of Paul Micou (see the Essex County Records).


William Poe was taxed for 105 acres in Caroline County through 1799.


See: SamuelPoeLand


Possible Virginia or other colonial origins

It is possible that Samuel Poe was born in the colonies. Evidence from early Virginia patent records reveals the names of two men with the last name of Poe who were transported to Virginia early enough to have been Samuel's father. To date, no other records pertaining these men have been uncovered. We also find that Katherine Pow, a servant, was transported to Barbados. Nothing else is known about this Katherine Pow.


See: Cavaliers and Pioneers: Abstracts of Virginia Land Patents and Grants (referenced below).


John Poe (born before 1648)

11 June 1669

Patent Book No. 6 (p.224) 

MR. WILLM. OLDIS & MR. ROBERT RUFFIN. 2050 acs. Is. of Wight Co., bet. brs. of the Blackwater, 11 June 1669, p.224. Adj. Coll. Pitt, Math. Tomlin & Capt. Fulgham, Trans. of 41 pers: Tho. Nayes, Rich. Hatton, Jno. Morgan, Wm. Hindge, Rich. Hindge, Jane Hindge, Rich. Hindge, Junr., Jane Hindge, Junr., Wm. Oldis 2 tymes, Mr. Da. Leare (?) 3 tymes, Stephen Pinke, Wm. Pinkeney, Wm.Elliott, Susan Elliott, Saml. Duke, Mildred Nicholls, Tho. Austen, Mary Jones, Jno. Poe, Wm. Peirce, Robt. Pawlett, Wm. Grigg, Jno. Arthur, Petr. Strange, Hen. Long, Robt. Rouse, Jno. Peterson, Hen. Thompson, Tho. Hill, Richd. Loyd, Wm. Green, David Milton, Sara. Wilkins, Ben. Burton, Charles Balam, Hugh Hartley, Phill. Bond, Robert Duglas.


Ralph Poe (born before 1661)

20 Nov, 1682

Patent Book No. 7 (p.598)

MR. LANCELOT BATHURST, 5000 acs., New Kent Co: S. side of Pomunky Riv., upon brs. of Crump's Cr., 21 Oct. 1687, p.598. Adj. Moses Davis & Jno. Rea. Granted to George Gill. 20 Nov, 1682, deserted. & now granted by order, etc. Trans. of 100 pers: Jno. Price, Jno. Gunton, Jno. Kirkam, Wm. Dowers (?), Mary Capell, Dorcas Deane, Tho. Medston, Wm. Parker, Phill. Doell, Hen. Martin, Wm. Hansford, Jno. Deane. Wm. Ewder, James Crow, Adam Far, Wm. Fen. James Karr, Ed. Jeffreys, Wm. Winnick, Wm. Tanbret, Jno. Winit, Penelope Symonds, Tho. Hobson, Dorithy Greenwood, Rice Price, Frances Mathews, Ed. Hind, Robt Johnson, Fra. Bayly, Hubbert Hansford. Eliza. Yates, Anne Rosmos. Wm. Eaton. Joshua Jones, Wm. Kenion, Adam Keele, Rebecca James, Wm. Firell, Ed. James, Edmd. Conder, Kath. Symonds, Wm, Major, James Tayler, Robert Williams, Tobyas Jeffreys, Jno. Prator, Jno. White, Jno. Barker, Jno. Rackerses, Jno. Wistorly, Jos. Osborne, Jos. Billeror, Wm. Ford, Wm. Jordan, Wm. Bortlet, Wm. Ford, Wm. Jordan, Wm. Bortlet, Lazarus Kemy, Eliza. Digby, Jone Hipdich, Edwd. Dabson, Susanah Cosbrook, Eliza. Digby, Jno. Powell, James Meeze (or Meere), Jno. Maddin, Ellin Jones, Abrah. Wicker, Dorithy James, David Condon, Peter Wilkins, James Scot, Wm. Seawell, Ed. Watts, Sarah James, Roger Kembrough, Stephen Penton (?), Wm. Winston, Charles Kemp, Gilbert Rawlins, Wm. Knight, Ralph Poe, Caleb Waggroft, Jarvis Peters, Xpher. Thomas & wife Elinor, Mildred Jones, Abrah. Duke, George Nickolls, Peter Ferne, Anne Davis, Jone Winter, Wm. Keith, Rebecca Macon, Xpher. Williams, Adam Jones, John Spauk (or Spank), Howell James, Wilmott Keith; & 3 Negroes.


Katherine Pow


Bristol and America : a record of the first settlers in the colonies of North America, 1654-1685

Publisher:  Baltimore, MD : Genealogical Publishing, 1970.

Collation:  x, 182, xvi p. : facsims. ; 24 cm.

Note:  Originally published: 1929.

Servants to Foreign Plantations Vol. II


page 71

Katherine Pow; destination Barbadoes



Possible connection with the Poe family that settled in the areas of Chester, Delaware and Bucks County, Pennsylvania (although DNA evidence compared with later Poe of Bucks Co origin so far goes against there being a family relation)


Bucks County Tax Records 1693-1778. Compiled by Terry A. McNealy and Frances Wise Waite. Bucks County Genealogical Society. Doylestown, PA


William Poe(s)


A Tax made the 13th & 14th days of 7th mo: 1693 by us whose Names are here under subscribed in Pursuance of an act of Assembly held in the 3 & 4th mo: of this present yeare Intituled an Act for granting unto Kind William & Queene Mary the rate of one Peny per pound upon the cleare vallue of all real & personall Estates & six shillings per head upon such as are not otherwise Rated by this act to be Imployed by the Govr. of this Province of Pensilvania & Territories for the time being towards the support of this Governmt.


Middletown Township 1693

list includes: William Poes



Thomas Poe (Pow)


This is the earliest clear record of a Poe in the Amercas.


Record of the Courts of Chester County, Pennsylvania 1681-1697. Published by the Colonial Society of Pennsylvania. Printed by Patterson & White Company, Philadelphia, PA. 1910. Record of the Courts of Chester County, Pennsylvania Begun Ye 13th of September, 1681 Edning the 10th Dy of March 1696-7. The original record being in the office of the Prothonotary of Chester County, at West Chester ,Pa. This follows the Upland Count Record, 1676-1681, now in possession of The Historical Society of Pennsylvania.


page 276

Chester Court ye 19th day of ye 11th month 1692 Wee the Grand Inquest by ye Kings Authority in ye name of ye Propriatery doe present Thomas Poe and Sarah Buller for Comitting fornication.                      Thomas vernan


page 277

At a Courtt held at Chester

the 14th 15th & 16th days of the first month 1693. William Jenkin p'sident. Justices p'sent: John Simcocke, John Bristow, George Maris, John Blunston, Samuell Levis. Caleb Pusey Sheriff, Joshua ffearne, Clerke.

Thomas Pow Exhibited a petition to this Courtt

The said Thomas pow & Sarah his wife was called to the bar to Answer to a presentment of ye Grand Jury for Comiting fornication who submited themselves to the Court And the Court gave Judgment That the said Thomas & Sarah doe stand at the Comon whipingpost and for the officer to declare theire offence to the People.

            And also fines them Twenty shillings and pay ye Courts Charges


Possible English Origins

See: English records


The following ambiguous record is the earliest found so far indicating any connection between a Poe family member in England and the New World


Virginia Magazine of History and Biography. Vol. 24 1916

p. 58

Minutes of the Council & General Court 1622-1629. From the Originals in the Library of Congress

[153] Andrew Poe of Holte in Northfolke sworne & examined Sayeth yt he was Shipt in fflushing by Capt. Powell & Capt. Jonnes in the Black Bess*, and having victuled at Isle of Wight they put owt to sea & went forth to ye western Islands, and from thence to ye West Indies where they lighted on a friggot, but he, this Examint was not aboard her the Shallopp yt took her.


* From the WebSite:

Black Virginians: First Blacks of African Descent to arrive in Isle of Wight/Smithfield, via Colonial Jamestown, VA

 In 1621 the James, an English ship, brought a black man named Antonio; in 1622, the Ship Margrett and John brought Mary; in 1623 the Ship Swan landed John Pedro: and in 1625 the Ship Black Bess landed Brass, a man.


Information regarding the Poe family at an early date in England comes from the research of Sir Edmund Bewley in his book:


The origin and early history of the family of Poore, with full pedigrees of the Irish branch of the family and a discussion of the true ancestry of Edgar Allan Poe, the American poet; Dublin, Printed for the author by Ponsonby & Gibbs, 1906.


The largest concentration of Poe family is in the Nottinghamshire area of central England, especially Derby and Nottingham. However, the Poe family occupied other areas as well. Samuel Poe is almost descended from this Nottinghamshire Poe stock. The Irish Poe family appears to derive from this stock as well. The first mention of Samuel Poe is the 1704 Quit Rent Roll of Virginia. However, there appears to be a William Poe (spelled Poes in the record) and definitely is  a Timothy Poe in Chester County, Pennsylvania as early as 1692. See information on the Pennsylvania Poe family  of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, who migrated to Bracken County, Kentucky.



Dr. Leonard Poe

Will of  Dr. Poe

Through Bewley and others we learn that one of the earliest well-known members of the Poe family in England was Dr. Leonard Poe. Dr. Poe was active early in the seventeenth century. He died in 1631. According to Bewley’s  research, Dr. Leonard Poe died without male heir. In other words, his sons did not leave descendants. He states that the line “went extinct.”


His funeral certificate states that Dr. Leonard was the son of James Poe, son of Richard Poe of Poesfeld in the County of Derby. In his long and involved will, most of his estate went to his favored son, James, and to his nephew, Robert Poe (being an apprentice unto one Mr. Harris, a shoemaker in London).The testator gave 10 pounds to be paid to him at the end of his apprenticeship. He gave 5 pounds to his sister, Beverly, or if she died, to her eldest daughter. He also gave to brother, Anthony Poe, 10 pounds and to testator's cousin, William Poe, dwelling with one Richard Holman, gentleman, the sum of 10 pounds.


These are the three known sons of Dr. Leonard Poe. This is what we know about them, from Bewley’s research:


  1. Leonard Poe (eldest). Appears to have been born non compos mentis (mentally incompetent).
  2. James Poe, became Fellow of King's College, Cambridge and a Master of Arts of the University. Lived with his wife Jane (or Julian) at Swindon Hall, Kirkey-Overblow, Yorkshire. Their daughter, Anne, was married on January 1, 1660/1 to Thomas Jenner.
  3. Theophilus Poe, matriculated from Broadgate Hall, Oxford on February 6, 1623/4; but he did not proceed to a degree, and is described in his father's will as "of unthriftie livinge."


"The Dictionary of National Biography Earliest Times", Volume XVI (see references), has an article which states that Leonard Poe died April 4, 1631. He is said to have been a physician from Rhenish Palatinate. In 1590 he served the Earl of Essex who got a license (MD) for Leonard 7-13-1596. He had several legal troubles during the various reins under which he served. See essay that includes much data on Dr. Leonard Poe at the following link (note the PDF format, you will need Acrobat Viewer): Dr. Leonard Poe Essay


This is from American historical association. Historical manuscripts commission. Report 8, Part i, page 228 (see references)

1598, June 30, Leonard was imprisoned and lost license but retained his reputation with his patients and community. 1606, Dec. 11 License was returned with no restrictions due to Earls of South & North Hampton and Salisbury.

1609, Jan 12 Leonard was made the dr. of the Kings household.

1609, July 7th was elected to College of Physicians

1615, July, 22 was mandated to be Created Medical Dr and obtained a degree at Cambridge.

1621 April Was one of three attended Lord Treasurer of Salisbury and attended to his death.


Here is why Dr. Leonard Poe is of any concern to Samuel Poe research, and the American Poe family in general. Dr. Leonard Poe was granted land by James I, King of England, through the Second Virginia Charter (May 23, 1609)

See: Second Virginia Charter


Information on this charter can also be found in Hening's Statutes at Large, Vol. I (1619-1660) p.82. (see references).


No evidence had been found showing a transferal of this grant to any of Dr. Leonard Poe’s relatives or friends. He may have sold his rights to the grant. Some evidence indicates that Dr. Leonard Poe retained some kind of interest in the Virginia Colony.


Correspondence between Jamestown and London includes the mention of a Mr. and Mrs. Poe. I do not know what other Mr. Poe this could be except Dr. Leonard Poe and his wife, Dionisia Boone. However, this is pure conjecture based on the charter mentioning Dr. Poe and knowing he resided in London, the city referenced by the letter.


The following letter is a summary of online data at the Library of Virginia, Colonial Records Database. This is a verbatim copy of the abstract available on the Library of Virginia site.


Here is a JPG image of the TIFF file at the Library of Virginia repository noted above.

Image of the Abstract


Depository: Magdalene College, Cambridge, Ferrar Papers, Box xii, No. 1255

Title: Sir George Yeardley. Letter to Sir Edwin Sandys.

Dates: 27 Jun 1621

References: C. M. Andrews, Guide to Manuscripts Materials, 1908, pp. 429-30;

S. M. Kingsbury, Introduction to the Records of the Virginia Company, 1905,

p. 148; Records of the Virginia Company, 1906-35, vol. III, pp. 462-4 (full


Yeardley, in reply to Sandys' brief letter sent by The Abigail, expresses his great joy at hearing of the election of his successor (Sir Francis Wyatt), promises to do his utmost for him, and hopes that he and Sandys's brother will arrive safely. Yeardley promises to attend to Sandy's request concerning Mr. and Mrs. Poe*. He has commended Mr. Arondell to Captain Nuce; of Mr. Lapworth and Captain Smyth he will write in his letter to the General Company. He has written at large both to the General Company and to the Society of Southhampton Hundred by The Margaret and John and other ships.

From James City, 27 June 1621, to Sir Edwin Sandys, knight, one of His Majesty's Council for Virginia, at London.


* Note that in this record from the reign of Charles I, Dr. Poe is referred to as “Mr.”

Middlesex: - Rolls, Books and Certificates, Indictments, Recognizances, Coroners' Inquisitions-Post-Mortem, Orders, Memoranda and Certificates, 1625-1667, vol. 3


  Recognizances and Indictments Taken from Sessions of Peace Rolls Temp. Charles 1st.


County: Middlesex

Country: England

07 Oct , 4 Charles 1st.--Recognizances, taken before George Longe esq. J. P., of John Hill yoman and Robert Hill oatemealemaker, in the sum of twenty pounds each; For the appearance of the said John Hill at the next S. P. for Middlesex, to answer &c. "for rudelie and wilfully running with his carte against the coache of Mr. Doctor Poe and breakinge the axe-tree thereof." S. P. R., . . . Dec , 4 Charles 1st.


So, the governor of the Jamestown Colony, Sir George Yeardley, promises to “attend” to some request made by Mr. and Mrs. Poe. In 1621, we know that Dr. Leonard was in England attending to the death of Lord Treasurer of Salisbury. Whatever the request was, it made through Sir Edwin Sandys, in London.


In the Second Virginia Charter mentioned above, with the name of Dr. Poe, we also find the names:


Sir Samuell Sandys, Knight

George Sanndys

Henry Sandys, and

Edwin Sandys, the sonnes of Sir Edwin Sandys


It is likely, then, that Dr. Poe was associated with Edwin Sandys and might have been referred to as Mr. Poe. At one point in his career, his standing as a doctor was taken away and later returned:


The Second Virginia Charter provides more interesting name associations. Note these names from the list:

Doctor Meddowes [Meadows]

Henrie Collins


Less than ninety years later, we find these names associated with Samuel Poe. Meddowes is a name listed in the original grant from which Samuel Poe’s lands appeared to have been formed. Samuel Poe purchased land in 1707 from a Collins.


Captain Poe

One other Poe name "seems" to be associated with the Virginia Company. A "Captain Poe" is listed in the proceedings of the Virginia Company of London: November 4, 1623, to May 24, 1624 (see references). This appears to be a mistake in the "records." Either the transcriber of the original records got it wrong, or the editor of the modern book copy of the proceedings got it wrong.


The mention of "Captain Poe" appears on page 363 of the Records. The list delineates the members of the charter and is basically the same list of names in the same order as they appear on the charter.


The list of names in the second charter surrounding Dr. Poe:


Sir Dudley Diggs, Knight [Digges]

Sir Rowland Cotton, Knight

Doctour Mathewe Rutcliffe [Sutcliffe]

Doctor Meddowes [Meadows]

Doctor Tumer

Doctor Poe

Captaine Pagnam

Captaine Jeffrey Holcrofte

Captaine Raunne [Romney]

Captaine Henrie Spry

Captaine Shelpton [Shelton]


Here is the same list as it appears in the Records:


Sir Dudley Digges

Sir Rowland Cotton


Doctor Mathew Sutcliffe

Doctor Medowes

Doctor Turner

Captain Poe

Captain Pagman

Captain Geoffrey Holcrofte

Captain Raine

Captain Henry Sprye

Captain Shelpton



Nottinghamshire as possible place of origin, directly or by descent


See Nottinghamshire Family History Society. CDs have been made for marriages, baptisms, etc. and are available through their online shop.


The St. Mary's Nottingham register shows two baptisms of children (provided by a NottsGen researcher who examined the original

Records as well as the CD collection).


11 Jul 1654     Sarah    d. of Edward POE & Mary

26 Jun 1659    Samuell s. of Edwd. POE & Mary


While many other names from Baptisms in the Nottingham area for the period can be accounted for in later years. This Samuell Poe, son of Edward and Mary Poe, does not seem to appear later in English records. Perhaps this is our Samuel Poe. The year of the child’s baptism is in the right ball park. See this site at which provides speculation based on the scant historical record we have to work with: Poe Family Speculation


The following records have been reported by British Poe researcher, Enid Tanfield


16.12.1691     Poe   Samuel   m. Rebecca Roulston     Brailsford, Derby


17,6,1697      Poe   Samuel  witness to will of Samuel Wildeboare, Notts


Robert Marson and Marsom Poe


The name Marsom Poe can be found Spotsylvania County, Virginia. Marsom Poe died in 13 Aug 1782 . Some references in the court records for Caroline County, Virginia may refer to this person by the spelling “Mersom.” A faint, but possible, connection to the Marson family of Nottingham might be discerned in the name.


Bewley makes this statement:


At St. Mary's, Nottingham, the following marriage is recorded

28th March 1654, Robert Marson of Peeter's Parish and Isabel, daughter of Simon Poe


And also from a CD entry provided by a NottsGen researcher:


The St. Mary's register shows:

28 Mar 1654 Robt. MARSON & Isabell POE, Nottingham, St. Mary


Marsom is an unusual first name and could reflect these relations in England. Simon Poe (who appears in the Caroline County, VA records) is a common name among descendants of the Essex County Poe group. In this case, the two names “Marson/Marsom” and “Simon,” are associated both in England and in Virginia, not to mention the common name Robert.


Robert Poe of Nottinghamshire was the father of Simon Poe, SR of Nottinghamshire, father of Isabel Poe who married Robert Marson of Nottinghamshire


One might note that a Robert Poe died testate (but apparently landless) in Caroline County, Virginia in 1722. Further associating names with the English Poe family, Dr. Leonard Poe left part of his estate to a nephew named Robert Poe.


Bewley adds this information about the relationship between Simon Poe, SR of England and Robert Poe, his father:

On the 1st of May, 1668, Simon Poe, SR of the town and county of Nottingham, cordwainer, filed his bill in the court of Chancery for the purpose of recovering possession of a messuuage, house, or tenement in Gedling, which the Plaintiff's father, Robert Poe, had been seized of in fee-tail, but from which the Plaintiff had been excluded by his younger brother, George Poe, of Gedling, aided by Richard Kemp, of Gedling, and Mary his wife. (note: The freedoms granted by the Skinners' Company in 1689 include 'John Poe, son of Simon'


Given the time frame, Robert Poe who died in Essex County, Virginia in 1722 could have been the Robert Poe, father of Simon Poe, SR of Nottinghamshire.


All known Nottinghamshire Baptisms from the period

An 15 July 1666 - Parents Simon / Ann

Elizabeth 7 Feb 1671 - Simon / An.

Edwd 12 April 1696 - Joseph / Suzannah

Hannah 7 January 1691 - Edward / Hannah

Jane 12 November 1700 - Joseph / Suzannah

John 20 August 1691 - Joseph/Susan (see Sheriffs)

Mary 9 December 1693 - Joseph / Susannah

Samuel 18 April 1699 – Joseph (see Sheriffs)


Samuel 26 June 1659 - Edward / Mary

Sarah 11 July 1654 - Edward / Mary


Sarah 30 November 1685 Edward. margin note says Baptised when she was about 14 yrs of age.




American historical association. Historical manuscripts commission.

Report of the Historical manuscripts commission ... 8th Report.

Washington, 1897-19

p. 25 cm.

Library of Congress CALL NUMBER: E172 .A60 1896

My notes on this reference need to be verified for volume and page number.


The dictionary of national biography. From the earliest times to 1900. Volume XVI /

edited by Sir Leslie Stephen and Sir Sidney Lee.

Oxford : New York : Oxford University Press, 1998. 22 v. ; 24 cm. Copy 1 v. 1-22

Library of Congress CALL NUMBER: DA28 .D4 1998 Biog


Library of Virginia, Colonial Records Project


McDonald Poe, Sr.

Biographical studies : Samuel Poe of Essex County, Virginia : family lineage

in United States of America, 1704-1975

Pub info          Waldron, Ark. : Poe, c1975.


Cavaliers and Pioneers: Abstracts of Virginia Land Patents and Grants. Abstracted by Nell Marion Nugent. Indexed by Claudia B. Grundman. Volume Two: 1666-1695. Virginia State Library. Richmond 1977

John Poe is mentioned in patent book 6, p.224

Ralph Poe is mentioned in patent book 7, p.598



Middlesex: - Rolls, Books and Certificates, Indictments, Recognizances, Coroners' Inquisitions-Post-Mortem, Orders, Memoranda and Certificates, 1625-1667, vol. 3  

(found at on November 29, 2002)



The origin and early history of the family of Poore, with full pedigrees of

the Irish branch of the family and a discussion of the true ancestry of

Edgar Allan Poe, the American poet. Sir Edmund Bewley.

Dublin, Printed for the author by Ponsonby & Gibbs, 1906.


The Records of The Virginia Company of London. Volume IV. Edited by Susan Myra Kingsbury, A.M., Ph.D. Carola Woerishoffer Professor of Social Economy Bryn Mawr College. United States Government Printing Office, Washington: 1938. (1996 Facsimile Reprint. Heritage Books, Inc. Bowie, MD)


Virginia Colonial Records Database at


The statutes at large; being a collection of all the laws of Virginia, from the

first session of the Legislature in the year 1619. , Vol. I (1619-1660) p.82.

 By William Waller Hening. New York, Printed for the editor, 1819-23.

[Charlottesville, Published for the Jamestown Foundation of the Commonwealth of

Virginia by the University Press of Virginia, 1969]

13 v. 23 cm.

Library of Congress CALL NUMBER: KFV2425.2 1619a


* Testimony of Francis Browning. Essex County Court 15th Day of March 1726

** Essex County Court 17th Day of August 1725


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