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William Arthur Poe


Paternal lineage


Samuel Poe (possibly born 1659 in Nottinghamshire, England - d. 1725 Essex County, VA) lived in Essex County, Virginia from 1704 – 1725, wife unknown.


Samuel Poe was the first Poe mentioned in the records of Essex County, VA. By 1707, he owned at least 905 acres of tobacco growing land. He is first listed in a 1704 Quit Rent Roll. There are only hints that he had a family. One is the presence of family-oriented items in the inventory of his estate done in 1725 (e.g. spinning wheel and side saddle) and the fact that the court mentioned waiting for an “heir at law” to appear before agreeing to the application of neighbor Francis Browning for administration of the estate (because of this, some assume that Browning was related, perhaps as an in-law, but there is no evidence for that and Browning family researchers have come upon no indication of a connection).


Samuel Poe did not leave a will and there are no documents listing relations. It should be noted that a Robert Poe died in Essex County in 1722. He also left no will. There were small lawsuits involving what meager items Robert Poe left behind. In the context of those court records is mentioned a Katherine Poe. Nothing else is known about Robert and Katherine.


There is no proof that Simon Poe, Sr. was a son of Samuel Poe. The reasons to believe he was include proximity to the area and court cases involving Simon Poe with other Poe men of the Essex County / Caroline County area.


Simon Poe, Sr. (1707/8 – 1793) possibly had a wife named Sarah (last name unknown) at one point. He married the widow, Rhoda Marsh, just before his death. Simon relocated his entire family from Caroline County (was part of Essex County), Virginia to Orange (later Chatham) County, North Carolina in the mid-1750s. He first appears in the Caroline County, VA records in 1737. According to his Will, Simon was born about 1707. Where was he between then and 1737? That is the same year that another Caroline County resident, William Poe and his wife, Lydia, moved to what became Culpeper County, VA, following Francis Browning, who administered the estate of Samuel Poe. Records for the early years of Caroline County have been lost, and this likely accounts for the lack of information about Simon before he was thirty. We cannot know if Simon Poe was born in Virginia, or came over as a young man to join relatives. Samuel Poe may, or may not, be his actual father.


Simon Poe, SR had several sons. Among them was James Poe, who is the most likely ancestor next in line.


James Poe (c.1740-1827) and Mary (probably died prior to 1790)


James Poe and family moved from Chatham County, NC to old Anson County, NC before 1790. They settled on Lane’s Creek off of the Peedee River near the South Carolina border. Census records bear out that my ancestor, John Poe, was born in NC and that his wife, Sarah Threet, was born in South Carolina. James Poe took his family to Fayette County, Alabama in the early 1820s. He is buried there. There were strong ties to Fayette County among my ancestors. My great-great grandfather, William Threet Poe, went back to Fayette County to marry his third wife, Mary Melton. There are many families who travelled together all the way from Anson County, NC through Fayette County, AL and on to Saline (Grant) County, Arkansas.


James is thought to be the James Poe listed as a participant in the Revolutionary War.. His grave has been rededicated by the local DAR chapter in Alabama (tradition holds that James Poe was born in 1750, but an early record in Chatham County indicates an earlier date)


John Poe (1785 - 1859) and Sarah Threet (c.1795-1861)


moved to Saline County, Arkansas from Fayette County, Alabama in 1852..


Possible image of John and Sarah

Census records and testimonials bear out that my direct ancestors were John Poe and Sarah Threet. Stories relating to them, friends, and relatives, have been published in genealogical journals. They are buried in Poe Cemetery in Grant County, Arkansas.


William Threet Poe (1817-1884) and Sarah Reynolds (2/29/1819-2/24/1861) Alabama to Saline County (now Grant county), Arkansas c1852


William Elkin Poe (7/21/1852 - 12/31/1929) and Sarah Elizabeth Holiman (10/24/1855 - 9/25/1932). Grant County, Arkansas to Little Rock, Pulaski County, Arkansas c1892


Samuel Arthur Poe (12/20/1883 - 12/09/1946) and Margaret Emily Davis (2/10/1880 - 7/1971). “Arthur Poe” was Born in Belfast, Grant County, Arkansas died in Little Rock, Pulaski County, Arkansas. “Maggie Davis” was born in Redfield, Grant County, Arkansas and died in Pulaski County, Arkansas (the area we lived in was unincorporated at that time but is now within the Little Rock city limits).


Samuel and Margaret were third cousins, once removed, through sons of their common ancestor, William Hogue (c1765-c1836). Samuel was the great-grandson of William Hogue’s son, Ezekiel Hogue (1806-1873) and Margaret was the granddaughter of William Hogue’s son, Hiram Hogue (1815-1903)


William Eugene Poe (7/7/1921 - 8/7/1985) and LIVING

“Bill Poe” was born in Little Rock and moved to an unincorporated area of Pulaski County (Baseline Road near Scott Hamilton Road) in 1959 when I was nearly five. When Bill died, the area, to his chagrin, had been incorporated into the city of Little Rock.


William Arthur Poe (born 7/2/1954 Little Rock, Arkansas)