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Census Image and Notes


Poe Family of Maryland

including Poe of German Origin




Research by John McAnally





"History of the Poe Brothers" from Kittochtinny Magazine, 1895-1905, Carnegie Library, Pittsburgh, PA

by George Seilhammer



NOTE: I have the full text which someone typed from the magazine. I can send by scan upon request. I have never seen the original article. I have no idea how the author knew of the this family, but the statements made in the article do reconcile with the historical records I have seen.


George Jacob Poe died in Frederick County, Maryland in 1766 emigrated from Germany before 1746 and settled on the Antietam in Frederick now Washington County, MD. He owned a plantation on the west side of the creek in what is now the Leitersburg district before 1748-49. He obtained an order for the survey of the adjoining tract of 100 acres, Feb. 10, 1748 which was named "Well Taught" in 1752 the patent for which dated Mar. 14, 1754 embraced 1300 acres, and included the site of Leitersburg. Most of the survey was on the east side of the Antietam. He sold all of his land except 362 acres in 1755. Mr. Poe obtained another warrant for a survey of other lands on the east side of the Antietam in 1761 but the next year he sold the site of Leitersburg and assigned his interest in the resurvey of "Well Taught" to Jacob Leiter. Later he purchased land on Fishing Creek, Frederick Co. Md. He was murdered by one of his teamsters on the road to Baltimore. The name of his children, George, Andrew, Kate and Adam Poe. Kate went west with her brother Adam.


George Poe (born in Germany about 1737), son of George Jacob Poe was brought to Maryland by his parents and after the death of his father he inherited the Poe homestead near Jefferson in Frederick Co. In the Revolution he remained loyal to the Crown. The name of his wife was ____ Willard. They had the following children: George--Andrew Poe (born in Frederick Co, Md. Sept 30 1742 died in Greene Twp., Beaver Co., PA July 15, 1823 son of George  Jacob Poe went to Pittsburgh Pa. soon after attaining his majority, working in the neighborhood until he acquired a little property, where he settled on Harmona Creek in which is now Washington County later claimed by Virginia. He was later joined by his brother Adam Poe. Both took up land and made improvements. The Poe farms were about 12 miles from the Ohio River.


(long story about a fight with Wyandot Indians where Andrew Poe was wounded "The Tomahawk with which Poe was wounded .... is still in the possession of one of his descendants.").


Here is a link to a transcription of one account of this story from Historical Collections of Ohio published in 1896:


Poe's later life was spent in Greene Twp., Beaver County, Pa. He is known among his descendants as Captain Andrew Poe. He married January 15, 1780 Elizabeth Rutan, born in Essex Co. NJ October 25, 1758 died in Greene Twp, Beaver Co. had the following children: Catherine Poe Harris, Sarah (Sally) Poe, Rachel, Mary (Polly) Poe married Wisman, Niswanger, Elizabeth (Betsy) Married Cross, Adam Poe, George Poe, Esther Poe married Hartle, Susan Poe married McKinley and Ruth Poe married Dalby.


Adam Poe was born at sea in 1745, died in Stark Co., Ohio, October 23, 1838, died in Stark Co. Ohio, October 23, 1838. Son of George Poe was reared on the Poe Plantation at the side of Leitersburg Md and with his sister Kate he followed his brother Andrew to Washington Co.  . . . After the Revolution he settle in Wayne Twp. Columbiana Co., Ohio and in 1812 removed to Stark County. Poe married Elizabeth Cochran, born in Ireland February 1756, died February 27, 1844 - widow Cochran was killed by the Indians on the Ohio river opposite the present town of east Liverpool. They had 3 sons. Thomas Poe, David Poe and Andrew Poe.


George Poe born near Jefferson Frederick Co., MD October 7, 1791, died near Leitersburg, Md February 11, 1869, son of George & ___ Willard Poe was left an orphan early in life and was reared in the family of H. B. Heckman on the Antietam Creek near Leitersburg, Md. He was a blacksmith and became partner of Andrew Leiter in the Blacksmithing business. Later in life he was a farmer. He was a Whig and a Republican, county commissioner of Washington Co, Md. In religion he was a German Baptist. Mr. Poe married May 7, 1818 to Catherine Zeigler, born Aug. 5, 1797, died Jan. 11, 1861, daughter of George & Barbara Beck Zeigler. Their children were: James R. Poe, Oliver Poe, Mark Poe, David Poe, Barbara Poe married John Lambert , Mary Poe marred P. K. Harter, Elizabeth Poe married Ephrain Harter, Sophia, Martha, Helen married John Bell, Isaiah Poe.



Name: Adam Poe
Area: 1852, Ohio R.
Boat(s): 1845-46 Part owner of 1st FINANCIER  
         1848 or so, part owner of CINDERELLA;
         1850 Part owner of 2nd FINANCIER
         1852, part owner of ROYAL ARCH  1854, part owner, of ELLA
         1857, part owner of BELFAST
         1857-61, with his 3 brothers, part owner of NEPTUNE        
         1875, part owner BIG FOOT


Adam Poe, born Green twp Beaver Co, April 4, 1791, died January 5, 1859. Son of Capt. Andrew Poe and Elizabeth Rutan Poe. Moved to Ravenna, Ohio, 1827 until death. He was popularly known as Deacon Adam Poe. Married Jan. 27, 1825 to Elizabeth Laughlin, born January 29, 1803, died August 21, 1876 at Ravenna, Ohio, daughter of Thomas and Sarah (Simpson) Laughlin of Beaver Co. They had children: Thomas Laughlin born December 25, 1825, died October 23, 1853. He married Jan. 15, 1852 to Charlotte Wilcox, born September 15, 1833 of Toledo, Oho. Children being Andrew, George, Simpson, Rutan, William, Laughlin, Alvin, Nash, Eliza, Ann born October 16, 1837, died April 19, 1856, Charles Edgar. Andrew Poe born November 12, 1780 in Washington Co, died August 12, 1851 in Stark Co, son of Adam and Elizabeth Poe, went with his parents to Col. Co. about 1812 or 13 removed to Stark County, Pa married Mary Hoy, born in Y9ork Co. Pa daughter of Charles Hoy, they had children: Sarah, born July 12, 1804 married John Montgomery, Adam, Elizabeth born Mar. 20, 1806 married John Carver of Columbiana Co. and removed to s. West. They had issue: Charles, Daniel, George, and Andrew born Oct. 24, 1811 married Mary Sweeney of Stark County, Ohio, children died in infancy. Barbara Lambert their children: George, born February 19, 1847 was a teacher in early life and has been engaged in Grocery trade in Hagerstown, Md for many years. He married first in 1871, Ida Newcomer, died 1877, daughter of Simon Newcomer, their children: Blanche, Mary, David O. Poe. He married 2nd. time 1881, Mary Shock daughter of Fred & Margaret (Cross) Shock their children: Carrie, George P., Sophia married 1870 to Alex W. M. Wolfinger born June 8, 1844 son of Daniel G. and Susanna Alexander Wolfinger was a teacher for many years, they had James S. dec'd John L Albert, Eleanor born Oct. 11, 1813 married Nathan Lash of Stark Co., Ohio, had the following children: John born June 14, 1815, married twice, 1st children were John McLean born July 21, 1818, Catherine born July 10, 1820 married John Emerson had following: Joseph Robb, born April 11, 1824 married not children. Barbara Poe daughter of George & Catherine (Zeigler) Poe married J. J. Lambert born in Leitersburg Dist Washington Co, MD March 3, 1812 died January 10, 1888 - son of George H & Jane (Johnson) Lambert who was a farmer & Justice of Peace at time of his death. Mary H. Frank S., Sam (dec'd), Barbara, George P., Daniel W., Marshall A., Lawson H., Mark John, and Martha A.


Mary Poe born 1820 died May 30, 1890 daughter of George & Catherine Ziegler Poe married Peter K. Harter born near Chewsville, Md, June 26, 1826 died December 30, 1894 son of David & Koonty Harter was a farmer. Peter & Mary Harters children: George A. born November 7, 1853 was a teacher in early life graduated at St. Johns College, Annapolis 1877. He was a teacher of Latin and Mathematics in his Alma Mater 1879-81. Prin. of the Hagerstown High School 1881-1885. Prof. of Math. & Modern Language in Delaware College 1885-88. Math. & Physics 1888-96. Since 1896 Pres. of Delaware College. Dr. Harter married 1882 Ellen S. Graff daughter of Rev. James j. & Cattherine B (Simpson) Graff of Annapolis Md. Had one daughter, Eleanor.


James Poe born October 27, 1856 was teacher early in life. He was Ass't P. M. at Hagerstown 1891-95. Editor of Hagerstown Herald and Torch Light 1895-97, then became Sec. of National Building & Loan. Married in 1888, Alice Heyser of Chambersburg, Pa. Children: Mary, Amelia, James Poe, and Alice. Mary marred 1889, Ed White born in Antrim twp Franklin Co, Pa born May 16, 1855 son of John & Mary (Beall) While.


Oliver Poe born Leitersburg dist. Washington Co, Md November 18, 1827 son of George Po and Barbara Zeigler Poe. Was a farmer & dealter in Washinton Co, Md until 1892. moved to Washington twp. Frnaklin Co, Pa. He married 1860, Susan McAlfee daughter of Archibald & Isabell (Gower) McAlfee. Children: George A. Poe, Minnie married Albert Martin son of Sam & Leta Ann (Snyder) Martin. Ralph G. a minor in British Columbia, Charles Poe born May 3, 1868 is veterinary surgeon at Leitersburg, Md he married Elizabeth Freed, children: Howard Poe, Mary married George Kreps, Annie married Harry Wishart, Edith, David Poe, Mark? Poe (question mark in what I have) of Leitersburg Dis't. Washington Co., Md. April 22, 1840 son of George & Catherine Ziegler Poe. He was in U. S. Int. Revenue Service as Storekeeper and gauger for the West Md. Dist. (don't understand this, there was no IRS those years to begin with). 1873-87 married in 187 (date cut off my copy) Clara Virginia Martin daughter of David Martin.


David Poe born in Leitersburg Dist Washington, Md. October 1842, son of George & Catherine Zeigler Poe. went to Galesburg, Illinois in 1864 and removed to Essex Iowa in 1875 where he engaged in the coal & lumber business. He married Bessie Ferguson Souter in 1877 a native of Dundee, Scotland. They had James Ferguson, David George & Robert Burns Poe.


(there is much more to be entered)



DAR File at DAR Headquarters Library in Washington, D.C.

Application records for Joan E (McIntosh) Vest

Typed pages with heading: Poe Family Genealogy

May 15, 1974


1. George Jacob Poe and his wife Elizabeth and son George came to America from the River Rhine in 1742 and bought land in Frederick County, Maryland on the Antietam River where he built flouring mills. Baltimore was the market for his flour. He used some indentured servnts. On pair, and Irishman and his wife, was among these. After a drunken spree, the Irishman bet up his wife which angered Poe to a point where he, a powerful man, then gave the Irishman a thorough whipping. Unforgiving, the Irishman later, about 1757, ambushed and shot Poe.


Poe, a widower at that time, and by the old English law of primogeniture which ruled the colonies, his entire estate fell into the hands of his eldest son, George Poe; and Andrew and Adam, penniless had to strike out for themselves, empty-handed. Andrew made his way to Pittsburgh, and after earning a little money, pushed into the wilderness. Adam, and a sister Kate, later followed him.


            Children: surname Poe:

2-01 George b. 1740 Germany; remained in Maryland. On of his descendants Edgar Allen Poe, born January 19th, 1809 was the famous author.*


2-02 Andrew b. September 30, 1742; m. 1780; d. July 15, 1823;

            Revolutionary War Veteran; buried at Mill Creek Cemetery.

2-03 Kate

2-04 Adam b. 1747; m. 1778; d. 1840 at Massillon, Ohio.

2.05 Fanny b.           m. Matthias Shanor.



2-04 Adam Poe was born in 1747 in Frederick County, Maryland, and died in 1840 at Massillon, Ohio. He is buried in Sixteenth Reformed church cemetery, Route 93 south of U. S. Route 30, near Dalton, west of Massillon, Ohio.


Shortly after 1774, he followed his brother Andrew west to the forks of the Yough, settling in what was then Westmoreland, but subsequently Washington County. Here his brother apprenticed him to a German shoemaker. A soldier during the American Revolution, Adam Poe enlisted in Washington, Penna in the militia.


He later lived in Beaver County, Penna. at the headwaters of King's Creek (Indian Creek), just west and southwest of Poestown. He was a member of Mill Creek Presbyterian Church near Hookstown.


Through the influence of his great friend, Colonel David Williamson, he was commissioned Captain of the fort at the mouth of Big Yellow Creek, Jefferson County, Ohio. A large and powerful man, he is famous in frontier history for his fight, together with his brother Andrew, with the Wyandot Bog Foot and the two sons of the Half-King. This encounter occurred at the mouth of Tomlinson's Run on September 18, 1781. In 1957 one of the Poe descendants placed a granite historical marker designating the spot along Route 2 north of New Cumberland, W. Va. which reads: "On this spot on September 18, 1781, Adam and Andrew Poe, while freeing white captives, engaged in combat with a war party of the Wyandott tribe and killed the sons of the Wyandott chief."


In 1778 he married Elizabeth Cochran, a widow whose husband had been killed by the Indians. She was born in 1759 and died in 1844 in Stark County, Ohio. After the Indian troubles were ended, Adam for a while earned his living on the river, and became a boat captain, carrying cargoes as far as Lafayette on the Wabash. He sold his property here and moved to Ohio about 1820 and took up land in Wayne County at Congress, then near the Stark County line, among the Pigeon Run Presbyterian Church congregation.


In 1831, while living in Medina County, Ohio, he applied for a soldier's pension. It was allowed him as a private in the Pennsylvania Line of Militia.


He died at Massillon, Ohio during the presidential campaign of 1840, at some 93 years of age. He had been invited to attend a mass meeting at which General William Harrison was the chief speaker, and having drunk a large quantity of ice-water, became ill and never recovered. The inscription on the bronze tablet which is set in a large rough boulder marking his resting place reads: "Adam Poe, 1747 - 1840, Soldier of Revolutionary War, Killed Big Foot Indian July 1781 at mouth of Tomlinson's Run, Hancock County, W. VA." Tombstone of other members of the Poe family are almost illegible as to dates, etc. due to erosion by the weather.


            Children: surname Poe:

3-11 Andrew b. November 11, 1780; d. August 12, 1851; m. 1803 to Nancy Hoy who d. March 29, 1865 and who is buried in Sixteen Reformed Church cemetery.

3-12 George

3-13 Thomas b. March 8, 1783; m. Elizabeth Hephner; d. March 13, 1859.

3-14 Isaac

3-15 John

3-16 Adam

3-17 Barney

3-18 Catherine

3-19 Sarah (Sally) b. 1791; d. March 1888 at Congress, Wayne County, Ohio; m. Adam Kuffle.

3-20 David Williamson b. April 16, 1799; d. 1856; m. August 26, 1818, Mary Ann Mead who d. 1865. He owned flouring mills at Brooklyn Center, Cuyahoga County, Ohio. He and a companion travelled (sic) to Nebraska, hunting for mill seats, where they were caught in a desperate snow storm. Both men suffered frozen legs, necessitating amputations and causing their deaths. Thee bodies were returned to Brooklyn Center for burial.** Their bodies were returned to brooklyn Center for burial.



3-13 Thomas Poe was born in Washington County, Penna. March 8, 1783, and died in Georgetown, Penna. March 13, 1859. First he worked as a pack horse boy for John Beaver and Joseph Larwill when the eastern part of Ohio was laid out. He became an expert woodsman and worked on Ohio River rafts and keelboats. When boatyards were beginning to build small steamboat hulls at Steubenville, Ohio, he rafted logs down river to Steubenville. Later he ran his own keelboats. One keelboat was named Return when he bought her in 1834; he renamed her the 76. His sons worked with him on the river from the time they wee ten years of age.


Thomas Poe married Elizabeth Hephner of German descent, who was born in 1785 and died in Georgetown on July 19, 1864.


In 1821 he moved to Congress, Wayne County, Ohio. On February 18, 1829 he returned to Georgetown. His log cabin was built on the corner of First and Market Streets. Later he built a home on the bluff above the steamboat landing at Front and Market Streets. His cabin was then occupied by son Jacob and his descendants, and is still standing (1972) as part of a house owned and occupied by Lillian (Poe) Wagner, who died in July 6, 1871, but is completely covered with clapboards outside and  by plaster on the inside. In this cabin the first preaching was held, leading to the formation of Georgetown Methodist Episcopal Church which was organized in Thomas Poe's cabin by the Reverend Wesley Smith about 1830. First church records not preserved. Records kept sine 1857.


Children: surname Poe:

4-01 Kate

4-02 Nancy m. Captain Washington Ebert, a river captain. One of their daughters, Mary Ann Ebert (named after aunt),

married John Trimble. they had 8 children - one was Howard Trimble b. October 25, 1878 at Georgetown d. March 23,

1958 at Georgetown, buried Georgetown cemetery, who married (5-101) Mary A. (Mollie) Calhoun about 1901. They had 1 son Bertrim Trimble b. 1902 who married Esther Mackall. Bertrim Trimble died July 1957 at Barstow, Cal. of blood clot in his leg caused by to much driving while returning from vacation auto tour of the west. His wife Esther Mackall Trimble died in 1862. Of their 4 children, 2 sons Robert and Richard Trimble still reside in Georgetown (1972).



(I will fill in the details later, but from here I am just putting in the outline)


4-03 Andrew b. ___ d. January 20, 1887 was river pilot

4-04 Jacob b. May 13, 1813 d. March 13, 1891; river captain

            m. December 27, 1838 to Mary Ann Ebert b. September 21, 182(? cut off on my copy)

            d. August 27, 1905



            a. Adam H.

            b. George W. E.

            c. Albert G.

            d. Charles Edgar

            e. Theadore G.


4-05 Adam, Sr b. in Ohio November 20, 1816; river pilot and captain d. 18(?? -- cut off my copy)

            m. February 16, 1842 to Lucy T. Smith of Penna. had 9 cchildren, 3 sons and 6 daughters.


4-06 Thomas, Jr b. 1819 d. December 30, 1881

4-07 Sarah b. about 1920; m. (1) about 1840 to George G. Calhoun

                                                m. (2) about 1852 to Timothy Kirby; d. about 1867.


                        (children to be entered later)

4-08 Martha m. Hiram Murray who followed the river, but was never officer or owner of any steamer.

4-09 Elizabeth m. Standish Peppard.

4-10 George W. m (1) _____; m. (2) Elizabeth Kennady; lived for many years in Pittsburgh, Penna.




* Note: this is clearly misinformation. I have no idea why the applicant would have thought this to be true. The middle name of "author" is spelled Allan, as well, reflecting the last name of his foster father, John Allan of Scottish descent. Evidently the family of Edgar Allan Poe and the Allan family of Scotland had ties which leads some researchers to believe that the author's ancestry can be traced to Scotland


** sorry for the unrelated aside, but having attended graduate school in Lincoln, NE during a record cold winter, this gave quite a chill as I typed.




Orange County Virginia


It is not clear how these Frederick County, Virginia Poe families were related to the Frederick County, Maryland Poe families, if they were related at all. This Virginia group is not mentioned in the long genealogy in the Kittochtinny Magazine article above. Another interesting piece of information is that members of the Edgar Allan Poe family are connected to Frederick County, MD (but in another area of the county).


Edgar Allan Poe site mentioning the "Jacob Poe" in this line who also lived in Frederick County, Maryland.




·  George Poe, Sr. (born: 1744, in Ireland - died: Aug., 1823 in Frederick County, Maryland)
and Catherine Dawson Poe (born: 1742 - died: 1806. Married: around 1774.)


·  John and Jane Poe


·  Jacob (born: 1775)

·  George, Jr. (born: 1778)

·  Harriet (born: 1785)

·  Stephen (died in infancy)


Jacob Poe (born: Oct. 10, 1775, in Baltimore, Maryland - died: July 25, 1860 in Baltimore, Maryland)
and Bridget Kennedy (born: June 10, 1775 in Ireland - died: Dec. 25, 1844 in Frederick County, Maryland. Married: January 4, 1803.)


·  George and Catherine Poe


·  George (born: 1807)

·  Neilson and Amelia (twins, born: 1809)

·  James Mosher (born: 1812)

·  Harriet Clemm (born 1817)

·  other children, who died in infancy


Orange County Virginia Record




Jacob Poe

22 August 1797

Jacob Poe of County of Frederick*. Daniel Kidd to Jacob Poe.


* Frederick County, Virginia formed from Orange and Augusta Counties, Virginia. Legislative enactment in 1738. Organized in 1743. Augusta County gave only a small portion, at a later date than Orange County. [Virginia Counties: Those Resulting from Virginia Legislation, by Morgan Poitiaux Robinson, originally published as Bulletin of the Virginia State Library, Volume 9, January, April, July 1916, reprinted 1992 by Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., Baltimore, MD.]


30 August 1799

Jacob Poe and wife Jane of County Frederick to Caleb Abel of County of Orange ...


Frederick County, Virginia


Kangas, M. N. and Payne, D. E. Frederick County, VA Wills & Administrations 1795-1816. Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc. 1983


30 June 1806

Haas, Frederick, SR.

Inventory & Appraisal; Sale Account. 30 June 1806

Appraisers: Jacob Poe, Thomas Kernnan

Principal buyers: Elizabeth Haas, John Haas, Polly Haas (p. 227-230)


Baltzer Poe

John Poe  (son of Baltzer)

Jacob Poe (son of Baltzer)

Catharine Poe Brown (wife of Jesse Brown)

Barbara Poe Slote (wife of John Slote)



Poe, Baltzer, of Corp. of Winchester

will. 16 March 1800/1 July 1801

Children: John, Jacob, Catharine Brown wife of Jesse Brown, Barbara Slote wife of John Slote.

Gr. ch.: Children of Barbara and John Slote

All estate to be sold by executors at public auction and divided into four equal parts, to be distributed as follows: To son, John Poe; to son Jacob Poe; to daughter Catharine Brown wife of Jesse Brown. Fourth part in trust by executors for daughter Barbara Slote wife of John Slote, for her use, and any residue remaining at her death to be divided among her children when aged 21. Also, to daughter Barbara, $1.

Exrs.  Obed. Waite, James B. Galloway, William Brown


Frederick County, Virginia Marriages

(need to get a more specific citation)

p. 619-621


Kitty Poe m Jesse Brown 20 Nov 1791

Jacob Poe m Jane Kidd 16 Dec 1792

John Poe m. Catherine Borders 26 Nov 1804.



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