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Poe Family in Tennessee
Census Images and Notes


Maps from: Tennessee County Formation Maps


Military Records


Tennessee County Map 1824


Davidson County


Genealogical Records: Early Tennessee Settlers, 1700s-1900s

Census of the Cumberland Settlements, 1770-90, Davidson County Census, Page 96


William Poe - "of Baltimore Town County, Baltimore, Maryland; a hatter," purchased land of Andrew Breaky: [ref. 34a].

            North Carolina land grant: [ref. 34b].


Land Ownership Notes



Henry County


Images from Anne Gillette with this message


The photos I am including are of Sarah Jane Poe and Joseph B. Poe

(and family), children of David Poe b 1790 and his wife Martha Petty

b 1792.


Sarah Jane Poe b 26 Apr 1835 in Rockingham Cty, NC d 16 Dec 1917 in Weakly Cty, TN and married John Perry Doherty b 25 Jan 1825 Lincoln Cty, KY, d 29 Apr 1870 Benton Cty, TN.


Photo 1:  Sarah aged in her 60's


Photo 2:  Sarah with her granddaughter(name unknown)


Photo 3:  Joseph B. Poe aged in his 60's


Photo 4:  Joseph B. Poe and son Harvy Nathan Poe


Photo 5:  Nancy Jones Poe and daughter Mary Henry Poe


Joseph B. Poe B 1829 NC  m  Nancy Jones b 1835 Henry, TN

children:  Harvy Nathan Poe b 1853, TN

Mary Henry Poe b 1858, TN 


Anne Gillette mail






Some notes made by a researcher: Joseph B. Poe


Connie Wallukait Research Poe's in Henry Co., TN


David Poe, Sr  b: 1758 VA  & wife Elizabeth Morton  b: 1755          




Sarah Poe    b 18 Jul 1781 Chatham Co., NC   d:  HENRY CO., TN

            married:  Alexander Harman b Aft. 1783  d:  HENRY CO., TN      brother of Sarah Frances (Fanny) Harman


Joseph S. Poe         b 1784 Chatham Co., NC      d: Pope County, AR                     (my 4th great grandfather)

            married:  Sarah Frances (Fanny) Harman b: 1787 Chatham Co., NC   d: 1860 Pope County, AR


Unknown Poe         b bef 1790


David Poe, Jr           b 1790                           d: 1841  HENRY CO., TN

            married Martha Petty  b 1792 Chatham Co., NC            d: Bet. 1870 - 1880 probably HENRY CO., TN


William Poe  b Bet. 1791 - 1795 Chatham Co., NC            d: 1863 Marshall County, MS

            married Elizabeth (Betsy) Harmon b 06 Jan 1800 Chatham Co., NC   d: 04 Oct 1857 Marshall County, MS


Hannah Poe b Bet. 1794 - 1800 Chatham Co. NC    d: ?




Elizabeth Parilee Poe & James Jefferson Bowden     both are buried:  Palestine Cemetery, HENRY CO., TN

            daughter of David Poe, Jr. & Elizabeth Morton


Joseph B. Poe & wife Nancy J. Jones               (both probably died in Weakley Co., Tennessee)

            Joseph is the son of David Poe, Jr. & Elizabeth Morton

            Nancy was born 1835 Henry Co., TN


Poe Study – Henry County



1803 Tax List

Claiborne County (upper right of map: Cbn. This is the area of the Cumberland Gap)

Hardy Poe*


* Note this posting to the Poe-L listserv. Powell Valley was in the Cumberland Gap area. Edward's daughter married in Floyd County, KY

James Poe b. abt. 1770 in Powell Valley, TN, m. Sarah, children:

Edward Poe b. 12-32-1818, m. Agnes Marshall 12-01-1832, d. 08-13-????.

James Poe

Samuel Poe

Nancy Poe

Hugh Poe

Mary Elizabeth Poe

Elizabeth Poe

Meredith Poe

John Poe

Sarah Poe

Agnes Ellen Poe

Lauisa Poe

Floridy Poe


Information about this Poe family in the 1802 minutes


June 1st Saturday 1802. Met at Rob Camp meeting house and received by experience Nathaniel Morgan, Sarah Trent, and Lavinia Poe.

July the 1st Saturday 1802. Church met at Rob camp Meeting house and opened a door for the reception of members and received by experience Nancy Hurst, Jesse Hurst, William Morgan, Hosiah Collins, Nancy Trent, Jemima Stroud, William Trent, Nancy Hurst, Joseph ……and by letter Absolum Hurst, James Hurst, William Grimes, Gainford Grimes, Catrean Hurst, Dorothy Hurst, Delilah Hurst, Betsey Morgan, Nancy Poe, Isaac Southern, James Poe, Samuel Manon and Sarah Manon.

October 1st Saturday 1803. Church met at Rob Camp and after worship proceeded to business. 1st James Poe excommunicated for the cause of bringing a charge against Isaac Southern that he could not support.



Henry Poe




Campbell County (left of  Claiborne)
1810 Census
Logan Poe


--- Reported but not independently researched:

James McKinney was a private in War of 1812 and dis 10 JAN 1814.


James md Sarah Gouge/Poe in 1810 Campbell Co. 

NOTE: … family records state Sarah was a Gouge but James William McKinney's pension application gives her name as Poe and signed under oath.  She was b 2 Feb 1792 in NC, m 1810 Campbell Co. TN and migrated with her husband to Cole Co abt 1817/18.  The Gouge family that shows up in Campbell Co were Martin (1780) and William (1768) who were brothers and sons of James Gouge.  Also Lindsey Poe is there in Campbell Co., TN  ….. [possibly] … he might have been a brother to Milley [Poe] and Sarah was his daughter.  … these three families [appear to have] migrated together from Wilkes Co. NC to Campbell Co. TN and then Gouge and McKinney went on to Cole Co., MO. 


Martin Gouge 1806 (son of William and Milley Poe Gouge) named his 2nd son James Linsey Gouge.


Linzy Poe Campbell Minute Bk 1813-1817 on page 216.


Campbell Co., TN War of 1812

        Private Martin Gouge dis 3 June 1814

        Private Lindsey Poe dis 10 Jan  1814


1818 Linza Poe was in Thomas Moad military List for Campbell Co.


1813 John Reynolds signed a petition for Campbell Co Powell Valley Settlers


1825-1833 John & Thomas Reynolds listed in deeds Campbell Co.


Campbell Co Minute BK 1813-1817 William Googe p 12, 26, 96, 165, 169, 206 \


1812  Marriage

Rhea County (see Rh on map west of upper Indian lands. Hamilton (Htn) formed SW of Rhea around 1819)

John Poe

married       Dorothy Gouge*     4 Dec 1812

married (2) Rebecca Hinkel   20 Oct  1819

*See below. Another source spells the name George. Note: connection with Gouge family goes back to Caroline County, VA and Wilkes County, NC

1810 Wilkes John Poe** 1 10/16, 1 >45; 1>45

William Poe 2<10, 1 10/16, 2 16/26, 1>45; 1 <10 , 3 10/16

Note: these are adjacent entries

Wilkes Co, NC Milley Poe Groom: William Gouge Bond Date: 01 Aug 1797 Record #: 01 096 Bondsman: Stephen Philips Witness: Wm B Lenoir, C Bond #: 000165335 

Wilkes Co, NC 1799    William Lenoir 100 ac .........border Henry Poe. data on TN Marriages prior to 1825

Rhea County, TN


Dorothy George

John Poe

Marriage Date:  04 Feb 1812 


James Miller

Parlee Poe

Marriage Date:  18 Dec 1817 


Rebecca Hinkle

John Poe

Marriage Date:  07 Nov 1819 


Nancy Parker

Pulaskie Poe

Marriage Date:  28 Sep 1822


1820 Census

Robertson County (see Rob on map at Northern border)

Township: 400010-12010 Page: 21

Joseph Poe


Rutherford County (see RU on map)

Township: 000100-00001

Taditha Poe (probably should be Tabitha Poe)


1810 Census Image. Many names associated with the Poe family in North Carolina and Virginia, including

Ward, Hart, Harper, Morton, Bryant, Holliman


Monroe County  (East of Rhea on map)

Benjamin Poe

Johnson Poe


1830 Census

Madison County

William Poe


Sullivan County

Henry Poe


Claiborne County

Henry Poe


Cocke County

David Poe


Rhea County

James Poe

Jesse Poe

P Poe*


* Probably Parsons Poe  1800 Buncombe, NC 1m 26/45; 3f<10, 3f 26/45


1850 Census 11th District


Cocke County

Hasting Poe   pg. 361

William Poe    pg. 348


1860 Slave Schedule

Hamilton County

Haston Poe*

  Township: District 2 Page: 583


1868; 1906 Rhea

1862; 1878 Hamilton County

Hasten Poe*

Samuel Poe**

William H. Poe***


See the Amelia / Prince Edward County, VA page for more on this Poe family

And more on:



The information below is taken from DAR applications, numbered 642887 and 651690


Samuel Poe born c.1750 Prince Edward County, Virginia. Died 17 March 1817 married Mary (last name unknown)

Son Hasten Poe born 2 September 1786 Prince Edward County, Virginia. Died 10 April  1878 Hamilton County, Tennessee  married Celia Bryant born 25 Aug 1786 Prince Edward County, Virginia. Died 28 Dec 1845 Prince Edward County, Virginia. Married on 13 Dec 1813 Prince Edward County, Virginia

Son Samuel Poe born 3 July 1815 Prince Edward County, Virginia. Died 3 Aug 1866. Married Mary E. Bryant  born 10 Sept 1818 Virginia. Died 3 Aug 1862 Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee.

Son William H. Poe born 23 Jan 1844 Hamilton County, Tennessee. Died 12 April 1906 Dayton, Rhea County, Tennessee. Married Mary "Polly" Elizabeth Hardeman born 19 Jun 1846 Arkansas. Died 16 Feb 1922. Marriage date 23 Dec 1875. Son Nickolas A. McCabe born 29 Dec 1868 Rhea County, TN. Died 7 Feb 1940



Poe Cemetery, Hamilton County, TN


Poe, Mary E - Sept 10, 1828 - Aug 5, 1862
Poe, Samuel P - July 3, 1810 - Oct 30, 1866
Poe, Cella - Aug 25, 1786 - Dec 28, 1875
Poe, Hasten - Sept 2, 1786 - Apr 10, 1878
Poe, Carrie - Nov 10, 1886 - Aug 9, 1887
Saibert, Ada Lee Poe - Wife of Harry Seibert - Sept 8, 1889 - Mar 21, 1927


Poe, Copeland B - July 9, 1879 - Apr 27, 1908
Poe, John H - Oct 24, 1849 - Dec 11, 1927
Poe, Sarah L Bean - Wife of John H Poe - May 9, 1854 - Apr 5, 1933
Poe, Sarah E - Wife of J A Poe - Jan 22, 1830 - Feb 12, 1892 - 'Gone but not forgotten.'
Poe, James - Nov 26, 1856 - Apr 6, 1901 - 'It was hard indeed to part with thee, but Christ's strong arms supported me.'


1814 Sullivan County Tennessee marriages before 1825

Dist. 16 -male Voters- Page: 287

Isaac Poe


Dist. 20 -male Voters- Page: 105

William H. Poe


Dist. 8 -male Voters- Page: 105

E. D. Poe


Charts  from a researcher:


This Henry W. Poe (1799-1885) is not the Rev. War Henry, perhaps a son?



From this site:



8. Isaac4 Whitaker (William, #16); b. 23 Apr 1875 in Alleghany Co, North Carolina; b. 23 Apr 1877 in North Carolina; m. Lucy Poe, daughter of Thomas Poe and Nettie (--?--), 26 Aug 1903 in Grayson Co, Virginia; he and Lucy Poe were divorced 3 Apr 1909 in Alleghany Co, North Carolina; m. Meldora Sexton (see #9), daughter of James W. Sexton and Emaline Bland, 22 May 1909 in Grayson Co, Virginia; he and Meldora Sexton were divorced between 1913 and 1920; d. 14 Mar 1948 in Baptist Hospital, Winston-Salem, Forsyth Co, North Carolina, at age 72; bur. 16 Mar 1948 in David Evans Cemetery, Sparta, Alleghaney Co, North Carolina.


He appeared on the census of 11 Jun 1880 in the household of Mary Scott in Gap Civil Twp, Alleghany Co, North Carolina. He appeared on the census of 23 Jun 1900 in the household of Mary Scott in Gap Civil Twp, Alleghany Co, North Carolina. He appeared on the census of 28 Apr 1910 in the household of Mary Scott in Gap Civil Twp, Sparta, Alleghany, North Carolina. He appeared on the census of 9 Jan 1920 in Galax, Galax City, Virginia.


. Johnson Beauregard; b. 3 Aug 1861 in Grayson Co, Virginia; b. circa 1862 in Virginia; m. Sarah Alice Ensor 24 Sep 1885 in Sullivan County, TN; m. Sallie Poe 21 Jul 1898 in Sullivan County, TN; d. 13 Aug 1911 in Sullivan County, TN; bur. in Haw Ridge Cemetery, Sullivan County, TN.




*Wilkes County, NC

Land Entries

        1795    Linsey Poe* enters 100 ac in Wilkes Co on some of the waters of Big Elking R.
        1795    William Poe enters 50 ac in Wilkes Co. on water of Big Elking R.
        1795    John Poe enters 50 acres in Wilkes Co. on aters of Big Elking R. border a conditional line between James Goudes and myself and runs S.
        1799    William Lenoir 100 ac .........border Henry Poe.
        1799    Henry Poe* 300 acres 300 acres Praters Creek
        1799    Henery Poe 200 ac no fork of Elk Creek
        1799    Edmon Poe 100 ac Praters Creek

* see Whitley Co. below


Greene County, Tennessee Tax List


James Poe (c1837 -  )



Taxables of Captain John Jones Company

for the year 1800


Lindsy Poe        1


Minutes of Courts and Commons 1797-1817


1 May 1807

John Blair for the use

Of Thomas Embree


Thomas Blackburn, Griffith Rutherford & William Poe

This day came the plaintiff by David Yearsley esquire his Attorney and not further prosecuting his suit, dismisses the same. It is therefore considered by the Court that the plaintiff take nothing by hiw Writ but for his false clamour be in mercy, etc. and that the defendants go hence without day and recover against the plaintiff their costs by them about their defence in this behalf expended.


Greene Co, TN Tombstone Inscriptions WPA Records.


Cedar Hill Cemetery, p. 16


Rev. W. R. Poe 1857-1935


Pisgah Cemetery

p. 13

Mary (M or W) Wife of N. A. Poe 3 June 1886 18 June 1908 Age 22 years, 15 days

Isaac A. Poe


Oak Grove Cemetery p. 150

26 August 1852 – 26 August 1931


Green County Marriages 1783 – 1868


3658. December 4, 1834    William Everhard = Mary M. Smith – William H. Poe, Hugh D. Hale



Franklin County (south central on the map above Madison County, Alabama)


Notes from a researcher: Franklin County


Franklin County Home Guards




"WHEREAS, The honor of the United States has made it necessary that war should

be declared against Great Britain by the United States; and whereas, in this

contest it may evidently happen that the active part of our force may be

called off to distant service, by which an opportunity will be afforded to the

disaffected (if any such there should be amongst us), to do much mischief:

Therefore, for the purpose of defending the frontiers and property of our

younger brethren when fighting our battles abroad, and to suppress and put

down any combination which may manifest itself inimical to our beloved

country we, the undersigned, all over forty-five years of age, and most of

whom fought in the late Revolutionary war. have embodied ourselves into a

company, to be denominated the Revolutionary Volunteers of Franklin County;

and when the company is formed, officers to command the same shall be elected

by the suffrages of the members of the company.


list includes

John Poe

(born prior to 1777)




Roll No. 3, TSLA

Transcribed by Judy Henley Phillips


Page 20 (96)

Alexander BERYHILL - Benjamin EASLY - Hezekiah LASATER, Jur. - Moris WOOD - John KING - Daniel WEAVER - War EASLY - Stephen JAMES - William BERRYHILL - Rhoden POE - William CHILDERS - John WILSON - John EASLY - Randolph RIDDLE - John NELMS - Harmon RIDDLE - Aron WODS - Mathew STRICKLIN - William BEASLY - Benjamin JONES - Britain JONES - Robert JONES - Peter MCGEE - John WAGNER - Isom WOOD - John HERROD - Nick NICHOLSON - James LEWIS [sub total 1139] - David LOWE - John KEETON - Martin SIMS - Allen SIMS - Stephen WILLIFORD - Edward DICKSON - William FARIS - Charles FARIS - William CHILDERS - John GREEN - John KING - Thomas WILLIFORD - John KENLY - John H. AIKENS - William DARWIN - Benjamin RAWLINGS - Samuel BLAN - Richard HITS - Carvel J. PRICHERD - Eli BLACKARD - William HAMMONS - Joshua PAYNE - Anual KING - Archabald MCCOWN - Edward NORTON - James DOTSON - Edward SMITH - Jesse EMBRY [sub total 1167] -


Page 19 (95)

Jedethen POE - George MILLER - John WYAT - Edward ORZBURN - Isaac JAMES - Isaac JAMES, Jur. - Joseph JAMES - James BROCK - James ROSSEN - Abner ROSSEN - Isaac SANDERS - John HAMILTON - John STAGS - Asa HAMILTON - Thomas KEESEE - Richard WILSON - John FORTENBURY - Moses ARYES - Thomas SIMPSON - Fielden MCDANIEL - Coalman MCDANIEL - Lot STRICKLAND - Joab SHORT - James HOGE - Benjamin THOMPSON [sub total 1081] - Richard LACKY - Daniel ROLAND - Ezekiel STAGS - James HOWARD - James YOUNG - Miles HOGE - Stephen BRUNDRIDGE - Abraham JAMES - Moses ARYES - William LASATER - John SIMMONS - William SIMMONS - Samuel NELLUMS - David FORD - Thomas MUSE - Edw. H. HENSON - John POE - Henry GOODWIN - Joseph MOORE - Abner LASATER - William OLDFIELD - John BYNUM - George GLOVER - Absalom FARIS - Samuel PARKS - Benjamin MAJORS - William SUTTON - George PARKS - Charles WEEKS - Moses SHORT [sub total 1111]


* Rhody Poe makes an appearance in the Madison Co., AL records just across the border, where we also find George Poe and others in the early 1800s.


1790 Chatham County, NC Census lists Rhodin Poe (listed on census records but no image available)




Old land records of Madison County, Alabama / by Margaret Matthews Cowart


Cowart, Margaret Matthews


Huntsville, Ala. : The Author, 1980.


287 p. : maps ; 28 cm.




Second printing. First printed in 1979


Rhody Poe (See Rhoden Poe in Franklin County, Tennessee above)


SE ¼ Sec 1 169 acres Rhody Poe. 5 February 1814 Certificate or Warrant Number 1083


Rhody Poe of Franklin County, Tennessee

Sec 2 Twp 2 R 1E

Listed in section: Receivers Ledger, Sale of Public Lands, Credit System, 1811

MUSTER ROLL Of Captain Sanders Faris Company of the Battalion Regiment from the 6th November 1837 at Ross Landing for six months. Two lists virtually the same except the spelling varies between the two lists. One list may be partially torn, but the name can be made out from the second list.

Transcribed by Judy Henley Phillips 1990


63 POE, James-
64 POWELL, Samuel-
POE, Lewis S.-
POE, John-


Pension Application for

Samuel Reynolds

1757 SC – 17 Oct 1845 in Coffee County, Tennessee


Married Mary Gray (1765 – c1855)

1790 Mary GREY was married Samuel REYNOLDS in Elbert County Ga


James Poe provided affidavit saying her knew Mary Gray when he was a small boy (presumably Franklin Co. TN)

knew Mary Gray “as a small boy”



Samuel Reynolds

1757 SC – 17 Oct 1845 in Coffee County, Tennessee


Married Mary Gray (1765 – c1855)

1790 Mary GREY was married Samuel REYNOLDS in Elbert County, Georgia


They lived on Oconey River then went to Franklin County, Tennessee


James Poe


knew Mary Gray “as a small boy”


Samuel REYNOLDS W1080 West Tenn. #22032, $40/year issued 27 Sept. 1833 Mary REYNOLDS, widow, Tenn. #5928 $40/year issued 7 June 1852


26 Nov.1832

Samuel REYNOLDS, aged about 75, was born in South Carolina and has no record of his birth. He was drafted in Spartanburg Dist. , S.C., for two months and served under Capt. Benjamin Kilghore. He served three other terms under the following officers: Capt. NESBIT, Col. William Fair, Lt. Cliff (?) CASEY and Maj. John FORD and William BLOSSEMGAME.


He received his discharges but they were burned at the house of his mother about eight years after the Revolution. He lived in Spartanburg district during the war and for about seven years after its close. He removed to Georgia, where he lived for 13 years,


After leaving Georgia he removed to Tennessee, and has lived in Franklin County for about 19 years. He knows of no persons by whom he can prove his service. Clergyman Joseph SMITH and William LASATER testify on his behalf of the soldier's reputation


26 August 1833 Franklin County

REYNOLDS states that his first tour of duty began 16 March 1780. This was stated during the first declaration but was incorrectly recorded by his "comrad' who wrote it. REYNOLDS believes the error was caused by his own great deafness and the consequent great difficulty of holding a conversation. During this tour he was engaged in guarding the frontiers of South Carolina under Capt. KILGORE. His second tour began 1 Sept. 1781: third tour began 2 June 1782; fourth tour began 2 Dec. 1782, and was for the purpose of keeping down the Tories, who still continued to molest and maraud the settlements. The night after the affiant returned home form performance of this tour of duty the Tories, about 14 or 15 in number, came riding through the yard of affiants step-father. Affant went off the same night and lay in the woods, and the next morning he went and joined Capt. BLOSSINGAME'S company...."Most of his service was performed in Spartanburg District.


15 Jan. Franklin County John TRAVIS, J.P., states Mrs Mary REYNOLDS is unable to appear in court due to old age and infirmity, but submits her claim for a widow's pension.


Rice SIMPSON aged 69 states Samuel REYNOLDS and Mary lived together as man and wife and had several children.


John HAMILTON states that in Dec. 1790 Mary GREY was married Samuel REYNOLDS in Elbert County Ga. Samuel died 17 Oct 1845 in Coffee County, Tenn.


Thomas WILLFORD aged 68 states that after the marriage of Mary GRAY and Samuel REYNOLDS they removed to the Oconey River about 30 miles from the residence of the affiant, after which they removed back to affiand's neighborhood again and then to Tennessee, which affiant did sometime later.



27 March Franklin County. Mary REYNOLDS, widow of pensioner Samuel REYNOLDS, aged 87 stated her marriage took place in Franklin County, Ga. in 1790.


David D. SMITH, J.P is aquatinted with the older children of Mary REYNOLDS and certifies that the oldest is at least 60. James REYNOLDS aged 58, second son of Samuel and Mary, stated he was born 14 Sept. 1793 according to the original record once in the possession of his father. His own family record is submitted as proof.


James REYNOLDS b. Oct 14, 1793

Jane M. REYNOLDS b.14, June1798

Martha REYNOLDS b. Oct. 12, 1821

Absalom (Geo.?) REYNOLDS b. Oct. 30, 1823

William (P.?) REYNOLDS b. Nov. 28, 1825

Ruben W. REYNOLDS b. Dec. 2, 1827

Edward (GB?) REYNOLDS b. Oct. 10, 1830

Jacob (Cases?) REYNOLDS b. May 5, 1833

John C. RENOLDS b. June 1, 1822

William Felix REYNOLDS b. Feb. 19, 1843

Elijah James RUNNELS May 15, 1854 (does not say born)

John M. RUNNELS born Sept. 11, 1847


Mr. Jacob AWALT, aged 62 is acquainted with Jacob REYNOLDS and it has always been considered in the neighborhood where they live that they were about the same age.


29 March 1852 Franklin County

James POE aged 48 states he is acquainted with Mary REYNOLDS every since he was a small boy and is also acquainted with Jacob REYNOLDS, her oldest child, who is known in his neighborhood to be over 60 years old.


Benjamin MAJORS aged 47, states he lives in the same neighborhood as Jacob REYNOLDS, who is considered to be an old man.


1 June 1855 Franklin County Mary REYNOLDS aged 90 states her name before her marriage was Mary GRAY, and that no record of her marriage can be found. She appoints Pierce B. ANDERSON of Coffee County (Tullahoma) as her attorney, and submits and application for bounty land.

Witnesses David WEAVER, Alpha FREEMAN


1916 Inquiry of Miss Harriet TALBOT of Nashville, Tenn.

1936 Inquiry of Mrs. Charles S PASSMORE of Butte, Montana

1940 Inquiry of Janie M. Mitchell of Edgefield, S.C.

Many of the early settlers of this county were survivors of the war of the Revolution; and when the war of 1812 broke out between this country and Great Britain, the young men of Franklin County, sons of the veterans of 1776, formed themselves into "ranks of war, " under the heroic Jackson, and others, to maintain the flag of the young republic.

In evidence of the foregoing the following from the Home Journal of. September 30, 1880, is inserted: " In the Home Journal, office we have the manuscript of what we print. It is yellow with dust, age and decay. The paper is just such as could be had in those days. This document was found among the papers of our grandfather, Wallis Estill, who has left quite a family of descendants in this county. It appears that the county had been drained of young men, and the old men -- those over forty-five--formed themselves into a company to protect the honor of the United States against any disaffected persons, and against those who might do injury to the property of the younger men who had to go to battle. In the list of names will be found many familiar here in Franklin County Read it and see how nobly ministers of the gospel entered in behalf of liberty.

John Poe: in long list.


1820 Census Franklin County, TN

Hardy Poe

Judithan Poe

John Poe (born 1775)

Joseph Poe




Franklin County, Tennessee wills, 1808-1876 & deeds, 1801-1840 / by Thomas E. Partlow.


Partlow, Thomas E.


Greenville, SC : Southern Historical Press, 1991.


p. 156

Gideon Poe to William Taylor a tract of land on Hurricane Creek. 29 November 1829. (Pp. 70-71 of Deed Book M 1829-1833)


p. 197

John W. Camden to John A. Rutherford one half acre in Hillsboro. 3 November 1828 (pp. 450-451)


Luther Clemons to Rolla P. Rains a tract of land. 21 February 1830 (pp. 82-83)


George W. Richardson to John A. Rutherford a town lot in Hillsboro. 4 August 1830 (pp. 451-452)


Joseph H. Bradford of Montgomery, Alabama to M. W. Robinson one acre near the town of Winchester. 11 March 1834


DEED BOOK N 1833-1834

White & Wilson to James T. Quarles. Mentions Nancy Simpson. 22 Jan 1829. (P. 459)


James Martin to Benjamin Deckerd a tract of land on Paint Rock. 19 Apr 1834. (Pp. 460-461)


James L. Bryant to George W. Richardson some personal property. 27 Mar 1834. (PP. 463-464)


James L. Bryant to Reuben Price some personal property.13 May 1834. (PP. 464-465)


Elisha Anderson to John Briney 50 acres on Bradley's Creek. 10 Jul 1826. (Pp. 469-470)


David Osborn to James Poe 225 acres.(PP. 475-476) 3 Aug 1833.


James L. Bryant to William Kinnard some personal pro­perty. 26 May 1834. (P. 477)



Green County, TN. Richardson 1939


Jacob Hawn estate papers

26 April 1830

Catherine Hawn Adr. By mark.

List of buyers includes

William Poe one Sorrell mare  $20.50



Franklin Co, TN Court Minutes Part 1. Berry-Richardson


August Term 1832

p. 48 Ordered by the court that Jacob Awalt, William Thomas, James Poe Senr, Jesse F. Brown, J. M. Brown, Sterling Hightower & Calaway Daniel be appoint a Jury of view to make turn the road leading down the creek to Winchester so as to make said road cross said creek higher up and intersect the old road at the mill with the most convenience to travelers and little as may be to the prejudice of individuals and make due return to the next term. Monday of this court.



Robertson County

Joseph Poe


Rutherford County

Taditha Poe


1830 Census
Maury County

Poe, Joseph 

Poe, William 


Rhea County

Poe, Jesse 

Poe, P* 

Poe, James 

* Probably Parsons Poe  1800 Buncombe, NC 1m 26/45; 3f<10, 3f 26/45


Roane County (near Rhea)

Poe, Henry *

Poe, David 


Rutherford County

Poe, William 


Shelby County

Poe, John 


Washington County
Poe, Henry 


Knox County
Pow, William



1890 Veterans Schedule

McMinn County Ed 114 Page: 007

John L. Poe


1891 Tennessee Voters List


Sumner County Dist. 5 -male Voters- Page: 1326

POE, SIMMONS, LONG, RUFUS Tennessee marriages before 1825

Tennessee, Sumner County

John  Poe

Polly Tinsley

Marriage Date:  26 Sep 1825 



Weakley County Dist. 5 -male Voters- Page: npl

George Poe


Warren County Dist. 5 -male Voters- Page: 080

Calhoun Poe



Obion County Dist. 8 -male Voters- Page: 001

[Torn] Poe


Marion County

Dist. 4 Male Voters Page: 417

James Poe


Dist. 4 Male Voters Page: 417

John Poe


Dist. 5 Male Voters Page: 183

James Poe


Dist. 5 Male Voters Page: 183  

John Poe


McMinn County

Dist. 16 Male Voters Page: 079

J. T. Poe


1895 Tax List

Anderson County

Lindsay POE




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