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Benjamin Poe in 18th Century Virginia


Essex County, Virginia


18 July 1726

p. 127

The petition of Benjamin Poe, Francis Browning, John Gouge and others praying yt Paul Micou may not have liberty to turne ye road by his quarter of Peumansend is rejected.



Caroline County, Virginia


Benjamin Poe, defendant

Page 32 [10 Aug. 1732]

Action of trespass. John Pickett agt. Benja. Poe and James White. Defendants failing to plead, order is granted the plaintiff for what damages shall appear due, returnable next Court for judgment.



Benjamin Poe, defendant

Page 75 [10 May 1733]

Action of trespass. John Pickett agt. Benja. Poe and James White. Jury, Wm. Harrison, Robert Baber, Jno. Miller, Jno. Bell, William Durrett, Charles Yarbrough, Thos. Harrison, Jno. Downer, Jno. Nichols, Jno. Latham, Rice William and Antho. Arnold, find for the defendant. Wm. Durret, foreman.


Page 76. Robert Bullard being summoned as an evidence in a difference between Jno. Pickett and Benja. Poe and James White and being called three times and failing to appear, it’s ordered he be fined 350 pounds of tobacco unless he give sufficient reason why he did not appear.


Benjamin Poe, land

Page 159 [10 Oct. 1734]

Benja. Poe acknowledged his deeds of lease and release of land indented to John Bradley.


--- I suspect one or more of these records for “Row / Roe” actually refers to Poe


Benjamin ROW ---This case probably is a Benjamin Row/Roe and not Poe. Roy is not a family we ever see associated with Poe.

Page 32

10 August 1732

Acion on the case. Benjn. Row agt. John Roy. Jury find for the plaintiff pounds 15.17.4 current money damages. Thomas Carr jr., foreman.

Next entry


Mason v. Carr


Next is:


Benjamin Poe, defendant

Page 32 [10 Aug. 1732]

Action of trespass. John Pickett agt. Benja. Poe and James White. Defendants failing to plead, order is granted the plaintiff for what damages shall appear due, returnable next Court for judgment.


Benjamin Roe (must be Benjamin Poe or the other record is wrong in Dorman’s book. Note that in Dorman’s Wills, Bonds and Inventories, etc. for 1722 – 1730 the names Roe and Row never appear.)

Page 35

10 August 732

Ordered James White pay Benjamin Roe . . . Jno. White [each] 30 pounds of tobacco for one day’s attendance as an evidence for him ads. Pickett.


Mary Roe

Benjamin Roe – this most likely is not Benjamin Poe. This Benjamin seems to have died between 1732 and 1734

Page 117

10 January 1733/4

Action on the case. Mary Roe administratrix of Benjamin Roe agt. John Roy Gent. The plaintiff being dead, the suit abates.


Petition. Mary Roe administratrix of Benjamin Roe agt. John Roy gent. The plaintiff being dead, the suit abates.




Benjamin Poe, juror

14 March 1735/5 p. 281 Action on the case. Larkin Chew agt. Tomas Coustin. Jury, Robert Taliaferro, Anthony Arnold, Roger Madison, Benja. Poe, Charles Morgin, Spencer Bobo, Jacob Burris, William Daniel, Thomas Rucker, Benjamin Hoomes, John Partloe, Nicho. Stone. Find for defendant. Wm. Daniel, foreman


[From Colonial Caroline by T.E. Campbell 1954. page 400. … the people of Colonial Caroline were little concerned with criminal warrants. Instead they rebuked or fought people who offended them. Rebukes and fights led to scores of civil actions for slander and assault and battery. These suits clogged the docket of the Caroline court with suits for assault and battery by far the more prevalent (long list follows that includes the next entry)]


Benjamin Poe, defendant

p. 373 [10 Sept. 1736]

Action of trespass, assault and battery. Jno Smith agt. Benja. Poe, dismissed


(next entry)

Action of trespass, assault and battery, Richd. Straughn agt. Fr. Poultney, dismissed.




Benjamin Row* --- I strongly suspect that this is Benjamin Poe (Powe) we see in most of the early records. Dismukes and Poe are close families. And already, a Benjamin Roe died around 1733. The Benjamin Poe that appears after 1736 probably is a Junior.


Page 413. 11 March 1736/7

Upon the petition of James Dismukes (Desmukes) it’s orderd he have administration of the estate of Benja. Roe (Benjamin Poe?) unadministered, who with Benjamin Walker his security acknowledged bond.



Benjamin Poe’s bridge

p. 425 [14 May 1737]

It’s ordered Henry Dikes, Simon Edwards, Richard Hopson, George Brassfield, James McKinny, John Gouge, John Gouge, jr., William Watson, Francis Johnson, David Tinsley, Philip Tinsley and Aron Quisenbury assist Thomas Ship in clearing the tree notched road, from Benjamin Poe’s bridge to William Watson’s*, and also making the bridge by Poe’s.


* William Poe and William Watson attained a joint Patent in Orange (later Culpeper) County one month later, June 1737.That Benjamin Poe's bridge and William Watson's here in Caroline County are near each other, certainly indicates a close relationship between these men. We believe that Benjamin Poe and William Poe were brothers, sons of Samuel Poe (d.1725). The relationship to William Watson is unknown, but certainly is a close one.



William ROW (or Poe?)

Page 433

8 July 1737

William Beverly Gent. Acknowledged his lease of land indented to William Row.


Benjamin ROW*

Page 447

9 September 1737

Action of debt. John Brown agt. James Dismukes administrator etc. of Benja. Row (Benjamin Poe?). Jury, William Lawson, etc., find for the plaintiff 22 current money debt and one penny damage.

Willam Loson, foreman.



Benjamin Poe, in suit

Page 479 [12 May 1738]

Suit on the attachment. William Daniel agt. The estate of James Hearn. It’s considered by the Court that the plaintiff recover 771 pounds of tobacco. The constable made return he executed the attachment in the hands of Samuel Edwards, John Powell, Benja. Poe, John Bradley, Phillip Tinsley, John Beasley, Chas. Beasley, John Robinson, Josias King, William Watson and Daniel Johnson. Charles Beasley declared he has in his hands belonging to Hern 117 pounds of tobacco. It’s ordered he pay the same to Daniel and that the other persons pay to Daniel what shall appear (before William Taliaferro Gent.) to be in their hands.


Benjamin Poe, petitioner

p. 496 [11 Aug. 1738]

The petition of Philip Sanders and Benjamin Poe is rejected.


Spotsylvania County, Virginia


It appears to me that Benjamin Poe, SR moved to Spotsylvania before his possible brother Mossum Poe went there. Benjamin Poe SR sold Caroline County lands to John Bradley in 1734.  The Bradley family is married into the Poe family somehow.


A Benjamin Poe acquired land in Spotsylvania County from John Sutton in 1771.


Benjamin Poe then sold the land to Edward Brasfield and moved to Caroline County, purchasing land from Edward Brasfield. It sure would seem that this Benjamin Poe and Edward Brasfield have family ties, judging by this shifting of land between each other.


At any rate, one Benjamin Poe is in Caroline County by 1772.





25 November 1760

Page 271 of Deed Book G 1766-1771

Isaac Darnall of Spots. Co. to Nickolas Darnall of Caroline Co. Pounds 45 curr. 150 a. in Spts Co. Benjamin Powe,  Jos. Willoughby, Wm. Mastin, Benja. (X) Mastin. No date of record.


4 March 1765 (recorded)

Septr. 6, 1764

John Sutton (X) and Elizabeth his wife of St. Geo. Par. Spts. Co. to Edward S. Straughan of same Par and Co. 60 lbs curr 100 a in St. Geo. Par., Spts. Co., part of a tract purchased by sd. Sutton of Nicho. Copland. Witnesses,  Larkin Chew, Thomas Powe, Reuben Straughan.


23 September 1771.

John (X) Sutton, Senr., and Elizabeth, his wife, of Orange Co. to Benjamin Poe, of Berkeley Par., Spts. Co. Pounds 12 curr. 164 acres. Jos. Willoughby, Edward Brasfield, Leonard Brasfield. No date of Record.


6 June 1772

Dudley Gatewood and Sarah, his wife, and James Gatewood and Frances, his wife, of Amherst Co., to Edward Brasfield, of Spts. Co. Pounds 80 curr. 220 a. in Berkeley Par., Spts. Co. (Mentions brother, Peter Gatewood), Joseph Willoughby, Benja. Poe, Leonard Brasfield, Thos. Penn, Jno. Penn, James Coleman, Larkin Gatewood. No date of Record.


20 October 1772. Benjamin Poe and Elizabeth, his wife, of Spts. Co. to Edward Brasfield of same Co. Pounds 40. 160 a. in Spts. Co. purchased of John Sutton, etc. Witnesses, Uriah Edwards, Charles Pemberton, Uriah Edwards, junr. No date of Record.


Caroline County, Virginia


8 August 1772

A Deed Indented & Receipt from Edward Brasfield & Elizabeth his wife (she being first privately examined) to Benjamin Poe

(Benja: Poe) acknowledged & ordered to be recorded.


p. 48 Court 8th January 1778

The Court are of the opinion that the sum of ten pounds be paid to John Hoomes, Gentleman, for the use of Benjamin Poe, as compensation for his trouble and expence in maintaining his sick son* while on Furlough from the Army of the United States.


* This passage appears unclear. Was Benjamin Poe being compensated for caring for the sick son of John Hoomes? Or compensated, through John Hoomes, for "maintaining" his own son, Virgil, disabled at The Battle of Germantown. Perhaps Hoomes was a local official charged with dispensing government reimbursements. The words "maintaining" and "sick" appear problematic to the understanding of the court order. Why would the government not just “pay” the money directly to Benjamin Poe? While the records for a wounded “Hoomes” has not been checked, Virgil Poe (who appears in Amherst County and then Franklin County, KY with a Benjamin Poe) was indeed wounded around the time of this payment.


Virginia / West Virginia Genealogical Data from Revolutionary War Pension and Bounty Land Warrant Records. Volumes 4 & 5 Compiled by Patrick G. Wardell, Lt. Col., U.S. Army Retired. 1996

Poe, Virgil, esf Spotsylvania Co. VA, in 2nd VA Regiment; PN 1811 for disability from hip wound at Battle of Germantown*; PN age 62 Franklin Co, KY, 1820, occupation farmer, when only family was w. F-S35565 R1945.

Note: The Battle of Germantown took place in October, 1777. Virgil Poe could be the son of this Benjamin Poe who received compensation for "maintaining his sick son." This Benjamin Poe and wife Elizabeth sold land in Spotsylvania County (where Virgil enlisted) in 1772 and moved (back?) to Caroline County. A Benjamin Poe and Virgil Poe appear in Amherst County in 1785. There is some possibility that Benjamin Poe dies soon thereafter and that his wife Elizabeth Poe is “bondsman” for a daughter’s marriage:


Amherst County            white souls        dwellings

Poe,  Benjamin  6                      1                     

Poe, John                     2

Poe, Virgil                     4


Amherst Marriage Bonds 1753-1853

1936 Typed manuscript at the DAR Library, Washington, D.C.


Elizabeth Poe

Cathy Poe


Joel Phillips m. Cathy Poe 27 Nov. 1785

Bondsman: Elizabeth Poe*

*Wouldn’t Benjamin Poe normally have been the Bondsman? So, did Benjamin Poe die shortly after arriving at Amherst from Caroline County?



 p. 126 Court 8 Oct 1778

A deed indented and receipt from Benjamin Poe and Elizabeth his wife (she being first privately examined) acknowledged and ordered to be recorded  (to whom granted not named)


* Did Benjamin Poe, his wife, along with a Samuel Poe and Virgil and John move to Amherst Co., VA?



It is not clear if this Amherst Benjamin Poe is the elderly husband of Elizabeth or a descendant or other relative.


The Deeds of Amherst County, Virginia 1761-1807

and Albemarle County, Virginia 1748-1763

Rev. Silas Emmett Lucas, Jr. Southern History Press. 1979


Virgil Poe


2 September 1784. Jas. Martin Sr. AC to Chas. Bridewater, Henrico, for pounds 320, 200 acres on heads of some branches of S side of Rockfish, Lines: N side. Meriwether's Branch.

Wit: Jno. Murrell Jr., Jas. Truslin, Virgil Poe

Wit. to Receipt -- Nathl. Clarke, Wm Britt., Wm Clarke,

Orig. del. to grantee 27 Jan 1794


Benjamin Poe*



30 Sept. 1785. Rev. Wm Irving, Albemarle, to Thos. Williamson, AC, for pounds 116, 245 acres branch Rockfish near the Blue Ridge Mt. Lines: Thos. Shannon, Wm. Simpson, Wm Crow, Wit: Jno. Murrell Jr., Jno. Dinwiddie (or Jas.), Benj. Poe

orig. del. to Chas. Brooks per order 30 Sep. 1790


* A Benjamin Poe sold land in Caroline County on Oct. 8, 1778


Amherst County, Virginia Census 1785


Amherst County     white souls  dwellings

Poe,  Benjamin        6                      1                     

Poe, John                  2

Poe, Virgil                  4


Amherst Marriage Bonds 1753-1853

1936 Typed manuscript at the DAR Library, Washington, D.C.


Elizabeth Poe

Cathy Poe


Joel Phillips m. Cathy Poe 27 Nov. 1785

Bondsman: Elizabeth Poe




Benjamin Poe

This seems to be the Benjamin Poe born in Culpeper Co. VA in 1749 and who was a Rev. War Veteran. The family migrated from North Carolina to Allen County, KY


Culpeper County, Virginia

1990 Abstracts of Revolutionary War Pension Files Volume III. N-Z 

Abstracted by Virgil White

Benjamin Poe

Born 14 August 1749.

Poe, Benjamain (sic), NC Line, S31307, sol was b 14 Aug 1749* (old style) in Culpeper Co VA & he lived in Randolph Co NC at enl, in 1782 sol had a wife & children but no names were given in the claim

*date actually reads “1794” in the source, which is clearly errata. Other sources show 1749 (i.e. DAR Patriot List: Benjamin: b 8-14-1749 VA d p 5-19-1838 KY m (1)  Comfort -----

                (2) Patsey --- Pvt NC


Wake County, North Carolina

Abstracts of Early Deeds: Deed book K


1790 Wake

Benjamin Poe

[Mary Poe]


NC. Wake Co. 1785-1802

pg. 143 State of NC to Benjamin Poe, 11-28-1792, a tract of 70 acres on the east side of Kenney's Creek adjoining Mark Myatt.

pg. 144: State of NC grant #1216 to Benjamin Poe 11-28-1792 a tract of 130 acres on waters adjoining waters of Kenney's Creed adjoining his own line.

pg. 165: State of NC grant #1291 to Jesse Jones 9-28-1798, a tract of 640 acres on waters of Kinney's Creek and Black Creek...adjoining Benjamin Poe, Myatt, Phillips' former line dated 2-22-1794.   


Abstracts of Early Deeds: Deed Book Q

pg.118, Benjamin Poe of Wake Co. to Jonas Lassiter of same, Dec.12, 1796 for pounds 75 a 150 acre tract of land and plantation on the east side of Log Branch, a branch of Kinneys Creek, adjoining Liptrot. Wit. Johnson Poe, William Poe*, Mark Myatt.


* This pretty well clinches the fact that this Benjamin Poe was the Revolutionary War soldier, who is known to have sons including Johnson and William


Allen County, Kentucky

It appears that this Benjamin Poe got land in Wake County, NC and sold at least some of it in1796. That deed was witnessed by William Poe and Johnson Poe, same names as sons listed below.


Will of Benjamin Poe (1839 Allen Co., Ky.) I give and bequeath to my beloved wife Patsey Poe one sorrel horse called Davy Crockett, also her saddle and bridle already in her possession. Also to my wife, 1/5 part of all my property both real and personal to her heirs and assigns forever in fee simple. This 1/5 part is to be in full her dower or any other claims she might estate this 1/5 part being deemed a child's part. I give and bequeath to my sons Johnson Poe and William Poe also my daughter Polly Stinson together with my grandchildren J.E. the lawful heirs of my daughter, Lydia Dillon, deceased, an equal part of the above property to be equally divided among them. That is to say the above named are entitled to 1/5 part of all the property that I may be possessed at my death. I give to them in the same portion as I have given to my wife, the horse, saddle, and bridle excepted. I appoint my sons William Poe and Johnson Poe executors. Witt: P. Carter, Sr.; Asa Roark; Hiram Roark; and Bartlett Waid


Will of William Poe (1855 Allen Co., Ky.) To wife Delana, my Negro boys Reuben and Jacob and my negro girl, Mary Ann, a tract of land, wagon, one yoke of steers, flax wheel, cotton wheel, 2 beds and bed clothing, 2 mares and colt, etc. her natural life, to be divided between all my children at her death. To my daughter (Feraruba?) Poe, my negro boy Luke. I desire my son William Poe, his son William F. Poe, have an equal division with the rest of my children. The rest of my estate be sold and equally divided among my (this part burned-could say either "seven" or "several") children. Friend William Orr and Johnson Poe, executors. Witt: William Stinson and Henry W. Hudson.




Miscellaneous Record

This Benjamin is probably connected to the Amherst County, VA group


Richmond, Virginia


Marriage and Death Notices from Lynchburg, VA newspapers: Benjamin Poe died Sept. 17, 1825, age 29 in Lynchburg was late of Richmond.


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