Marsom Poe


(born at least before 1728 - died 13 Aug 1782 Berkley Parish, Spotsylvania County, VA.)


(variants include Mersam, Mossom, Masson, and Marsom. Possibly even Miriom)


The man had a son named Thomas who intentionally spelled the name Powe. This Thomas Powe moved to Cheraw County, South Carolina, That family continues to spell the name Powe. Marsom Poe died in 1787 in Spotsylvania County.


As with the other "sons" of Samuel Poe of Essex County who died in 1725, there is no proof that Marsom is a son. Given the fact that the first, seemingly, clear reference appears in the Caroline Court Records of 1749 as Mersam Poe, he could as easily be as grandson. Benjamin Poe is often recorded in the Spotsylvania records and would be the likeliest father in that case.


The John Sutton family and the Francis Browning families are associated with Samuel Poe as well as with the family of Marsom Poe as the records below attest.



Caroline County

John Frederick Dorman, 1965. Caroline County, Virginia Order Book 1732-1740.


Mersam Poe IMAGE

11 December 1749

Petition. William Johnston etc. executors of Samuel Coleman* agt. Mersam Poe. Judgment is granted the plaintiffs for pounds 2.16.6 current money.


*Coleman’s executors also sue Simon Poe on 11 July 1751. Marsom Poe appears still to live in Caroline County, and perhaps near or with Simon Poe.


Spotsylvania County


William Armstrong Crozier, editor. Virginia Records Volume1: Spotsylvania County 1721-1800 Being Transcriptions, from the Original Files at the County Court House, of Wills, Deeds, Administrator' and Guardians' Bonds, Marriage Licenses and Lists of Revolutionary Pensioners. Genealogical Publishing Co., In. Baltimore, 1971


Deed Book E 1751-1761


Mossom Poe*

17 August 1754

page 197

Samuel Waggener and Bettie, his wife, of St. George Parish Spots. Co. to Edward Coleman of Co. and Par afsd pounds 40 curr 100 a in St. George Par. Spots Co. Joseph Allen, Richard Long, Mossom (X) Poe. Oct 1, 1754. (note that Elsie Chapman alters this spelling to Powe in her book).


* This record must show up in the Spotsylvania County record book since Samuel Waggener was of that county. Mossom appears still to reside in Caroline County.


Mossom Poe*


1 May 1759

Page 210

James (X) Davis of Spots Co. and Mary his wife to Mossom Poe of County afsd. pounds 30 curr 100 a in Spots Co. No witness. 1 May 1759


*Marsom Poe now is in Spotsylvania County – having lost his Caroline County land to the executors of Coleman’s estate (see 1749 record)? Note the record of 1754 where Marsom Poe witnessed a transaction in Spotsylvania involving a Coleman.



Thomas Powe

Nov. 8, 1763


Deed Book F 1761-1766

Nov. 8, 1763 (recorded)

9 August 1763

John Benger of Spts. Co. to Larkin Chew of same Co., Gent. Mortgage. Several slaves. Witnesses, Thos. Powe, George Stubblefield, Richd. Johnston, John Roy. Nov. 8, 1763


Nov. 8, 1763 (recorded)

March 2, 1763. Wm. Smither of St. Geo. Par., Spts. Co., to Larkin Chew of same Co., and parish, Gent. Pounds 50 curr. Several negroes, devised sd. Smither by his father, Wm. Smither, Decd., of Essex Col, as by his will recd. in Essex Co. Court, etc., "sd. negroes now in possession of his mother, Elisabeth Smither of Essex Co.," etc. Witnesses, Beverly Stanard, Thomas Powe.


Thomas Powe

John Sutton, Senr


6 August 1764

January 16, 1764. James X Rowsy [Rowzee] and Elizabeth, his wife, of Spts. Co., to John Sutton, Senr., of Co. afsd. pounds 12 a in Spts. Co., part of a pat. granted John Chew, Gent., June 4, 1726, and sold to Henry Martin, junr., and John Colquit, junr., as by Deed, Jany. 31, 1737, and sold to Alexander Spence Head, as by Deeds, Feby. 7, 1744, etc. Witnesses, Thomas Powe, Larkin Chew, Will. Waller, Wm. Smither, John X Smither, Augt. 6, 1764


Thomas Powe


6 August 1764 (recorded)

June 4, 1764.

John (X) Payn and Frances, his wife, of Spts. Co., to Wm. Payn, son of sd. John Payn, etc. Deed of Gift. 100 a. of land in Spts. Co. Witnesses, Thomas Powe, Henry Stubblefield. 6 August 1764 (recorded)


6 August 1764 (recorded)

March 15, 1764. Hannah (X) Gimber of St. Geo. Par., Spts. Co., to Larkin Chew of Par. and Co. afsd. Pounds 11 8d. curr. 150 a. in Par. and Co. afsd., adjoining lands of James Rawlins, Colo. Thomas Moore, "which sd land the sd. James Rawlins, Decd., bought of Henry Chiles, Decd., and gave her by her father's last will and testament, bearing date April 9, 1757," etc. Thos. Powe, Martha (X) Oliver, James Gimber, John Sanders, Henry Stubblefield, Robt. Stubblefield.

6 August 1764 (recorded)


6 August 1764 (recorded)

March 31, 1764. George (X) Perry of Spts. Co., to Larkin Chew, Gent. of sd. Co. Pounds 10 curr. Mortgage. 53 a., which is pd. for by the sd. Perry to John Gayle of sd. Co., as by sd. Gayle's bond to the sd. Perry, Dec. 4, 1763, for conveyance thereof, etc. and part of a tract whereon sd. Gayle lives, and adj. the lands of John Deathridge, John Penn and Wm. Gatewood; also good and chattels, etc. Witnesses, Thos. Powe, Jos. Pulliam, James Pulliam.

6 August 1764 (recorded)


5 March  1764 (recorded)

Augt 7, 1763. Abraham (X) Darnal of Spts. Co. to Larkin Chew of sd. Co. Pounds 30 curr. Mortgage. Tract of land in Spts. Co., St. Geo. Par., bought of Jos. Brock, and goods and chattels. Thomas Powe, Henry Stubblefield. March 5, 1764.


Dec. 5, 1764 (recorded)

November 22, 1763

William Hudson of Spts. Co., to Larkin Chew of sd. Co., Gent. Mortgage. Pounts 20 curr. 110 a. in Spta Co. (adj. lands of Capt. Jos. Hawkins, James Jones, Paul McClary, and Robt. Bradley); also goods and chattels, etc. Thos. Powe, John Chew, Joseph Brock. Dec. 5, 1764



John Sutton

Elizabeth Sutton (wife)

Thomas Powe


March 3, 1765 (recorded)

September 6, 1764. John X Sutton and Elizabeth, his wife, of St. Geo. Par., Spts. Co. to Edwd. Straughn* of same Par. And Co. pounds 60 curr. 100 a in St. Geo. Par., Spts. Co., part of a tract purchased by sd. Sutton of Nicho. Copland. Witnesses, Larkin Chew, Thomas Powe, Reuben Straughn. March 3, 1765


* Lucy Poe dau. of Simon Poe, Sr, son of Samuel Poe married Richard Straughn in North Carolina.


Thomas Powe

June 3, 1765

 Sharshal Grasty and Ann, his wife, then of Fairfax Co., and George Grasty to Mordacai Redd. Pounds 85 curr. 492 a. in St. Geo. Par., Spts. Co. Jno. Battaley, Jos. Brock, Thos. Powe.



Marsom Poe


3 November 1766

James (X) Jones and Mary his wife of St. Geo Par. Spots Co. to Marsom Poe of Par and Co. afsd, 30 lbs. curr. 48 1/2 a in St. Geo Par. Spots. Co. Jos. Herndon, Joseph Allen


Francis Browning

3 November 1766 (recorded)

March 15, 1766. John Davis of St. Geo. Par., Spts. Co., and Martha, his wife, to Ambrose Shackleford of Par. And Co. afsd. pounds 10, 100 a. in St. Geo. Par., Spts. Co., and bounded by lands of Jos. Venable, Jas. Townsend, John Shackleford and Wm. Thurston, it having been purchased by sd. Davis of Jos. Venable, etc. Witnesses, Thos. Wiatt, Morgan Murray, Jos. Venable, Francis Browning.


Thomas Powe

8 April 1767

Sept. 13, 1766. William Smither and Ann, his wife, of Spts. Co. to Patrick Cary of same Co. Pounds 17 7s 6d Curr. 34 3/4 a. in Caroline and Spts. Counties, known by lines of lands purchased by Lawrence Anderson of Wm. Smither, father to sd. Wm. Smither, and land purchased by Colo. Wm. Waller, Decd., of sd. Wm. Smither, now the property of Jno. Beverley Roy, etc. remainder of 200 a. devised by Wm. Smither of Essex Co. to sd. Wm. party to these presents, etc., as the records of Essex Co. will show, etc. Witnesses, Lark. Chew, Thomas Powe, John (X) Smither.


May 4, 1767

April 29, 1767. Ursley (X) Gains of St. Geo. Par., Spts. Co. to her daughter Mary Gains. Deed of Gift. Goods and Chattels. Witcnesses, W. Robinson, Thomas Powe.


1 February 1768 (recorded)

22 August 1767

p. 260

Edward Coleman of Spots. Co. to Thomas Walker of Albemarle and John Hawkins of Hanover Co. Pounds 141 12s. curr. Mortgage. 300 a in Spots Co. bought by Coleman of E. W. (chapman adds: Erasmus Withers) Allen, also 200 a whereon sd Coleman lives; also slaves, stocks of horses, cattle, etc. Witnesses Beverley Winslow, Ben Winslow, Thos Powe.


6 September 1768 (recorded)

Feby. 2, 1768. Benjamin Winslow of Spts. Co. to Beverley Winslow of same Co., Gent. Mortgage. 595 a., part of the tract whereon sd. Beverley now lives, and given the sd. Benjamin by his mother, Susanna Winslow, etc. Also several negroes. Witnesses, O. Towles, jr., Thomas Powe, Jos. Herndon, Harry Winslow.



Massom Powe (one suspects that by this time, the clerk knew this was the father of Thomas Powe who spelled the name with a W.)

7 August 1769

Jany. 26, 1769. John Glenn of Spts Co. to Richard Coleman of Co. afsd Pounds 21 5s 3d curr. Mortgage. 200 a. in St. Geo. Par., Spts. Co.,  adjoining lands of James Davis, Jno Jinkins (sic), Massom Powe and Garretts, which land sd. Glenn purchased of Wm. Garrett., etc. Witnesses, Bevy. Windslow, John Chew, John Gadbery



Caroline County


Sparacio. Virginia County Court Records Order Book Abstracts of Caroline County, Virginia


Thomas Powe*

p. 234 Court 15th of June 1771

Ordered Thomas Tiller pay Coleman Ross fifty pounds of Tobo for attending this court two days as an Evidence for him at the suite of Thomas Powe.


p. 235 Court 15th of June 1771

Thomas Poe against Thomas Tiller. On Petition came the parties by their attorneys, and on hearing the testimony on both sides, It is considered by the Court the same be dismissed and that the Deft. Recover of the petitioner his costs by him in this behalf expended.


* Thomas Powe is the son of Marsom Powe. Thomas Powe seems clearly to live in Spotsylvania County at this time.


Thomas Powe

21 April 1774

Will Book E 1772-1798

Curtis, Rice, Spotsylvania Co., d. Aug 8, 1763, p. Apr. 21, 1774. Wit. Larkin Chew, George Stubblefield, Thomas Powe, John Standly, Ambrose Smith. Ex. Joseph and Edward Herndon. Leg. daughter Jane Curtis, all my right, title and interest which I now have, or hereafter shall or may have in two tracts of land, one lying in Louisa Co., and the other in King William Co., which said lands I purchased of John Waller, Junr. and Elizabeth, his wife, and William Carter and Frances, his wife, it being the land the said Waller and Carter held in right of their wives under the will of John Benger, Gentl. decd. as by said will proved and recorded in the County Court of King William Co. and by Bond duly executed and bearing date May 27, 1763, from said John Waller, Junr. and William Carter; also I give one negro girl named Jenny, which was given her by her grandfather Rice Curtis, Gentl. decd. children Mary Vass, Martha Pendleton, Rice Curtis, Elizabeth Waller, Frances Carter and Jane Curtis (page 63)



Revolutionary Virginia The Road to Independence Volume VII Part One Independence and the Fifth Convention, 1776 A Documentary Record


Masson Poe


Saturday, 8 June1776

Fifth Virginia Convention

Petition of Freeholders and Inhabitants of Spotsylvania County (note states: This undated petition is arbitrarily placed under the date heading Saturday prior to presentation to the convention on Wednesday, 12 June 1776. Conv., Procs., and nn. 11013)


To the Honourable the Chairman, and Gentlement of the Convention. The Petition of Sundry Freeholders and Others, Inhabitants of Spotsylvania County, Humbly Sheweth. That your Petitioners Labour under a very great Hardship in being obliged to travel, Some Twenty odd & others thirty Miles, to attend General Musters, which are Constantly appointed at the Courthouse in Fredericksburg. Situate on Side of the Count. We therefore pray that an Ordinance may Pass, Directing that General Musters may for the Future, be appointed at, or near, the Center of the County, and your Petitioners shall pray &c. (note states: Petition no. 1 is endorsed on the verso "Capt. Craig" signifying that the signers were officers or enlisted men of his militia company)



Deed Book H 1771-1774


Marsom Poe

Mary Poe

19 November 1779

p. 252.

18 November 1778 Marsom (X) Poe of Spots Co. to James Abbett of same Co. Pounds 43 Curr 43 a. in Spts Co. purchased of James Jones etc. witnesses Gipson Jenkins, John Personet, Mary Poe,




Marsom Powe

Died 13 August 1782

page. 38

Powe Marsom Berkley Parish Spotsylvania Co. d 13 Aug. 1782 Executors bond dated 21 Nov. 1782. wit. Gibson Jenkins, James Abbett, Jno. Jenkins. Ex. son Thomas Powe and friend Beverley Winslow. Leg. daughter Lucy; and son Thomas Powe "All the lands I now live on etc. .. balance of estate to be divided among all my children."




Marsom Powe in proximity to names from Essex/Caroline, such as Battaile, Herndon, Monague


Elsie Chapman Edmonds. John Chapman of Spotsylvania county, Virginia, Thomas Powe of Cheraw, South Carolina and Related Families. Publisher: (Newton, Miss.): Edmonds, c.1971 (Ms. Chapman insists on changing the court records whenever they appear as Poe to "Powe").


Marsom Powe

Died 13 August 1782

page. 38

Powe Marsom Berkley Parish Spotsylvania Co. d 13 Aug. 1782 Executors bond dated 21 Nov. 1782. wit. Gibson Jenkins, James Abbett, Jno. Jenkins. Ex. son Thomas Powe and friend Beverley Winslow. Leg. daughter Lucy; and son Thomas Powe "All the lands I now live on etc. .. balance of estate to be divided among all my children."


Spotsylvania County Will Book C 1772-1798

26 September 1782

p. 502

In the name of God Amen

I, Marsom Powe, of Berkley Parish Spotsylvania County being very sick and weak but sound and ferfect mind and memory and knowing the uncertainty of human life and being willing to dispose of the worldly goods I hath please God to bless me with, do make this my last will and Testament in manner and form following (viz)

First I give to my daughter Lucy and to heirs forever my negro man Croe also her choice of my beds with its furniture also my Roan mare with a blazed face and saddle and bridle also my seal'd skin Trunk

            Item It is my will that all my stock of horses cattle sheep and hogs be equally divided amonst all my children except the mare before given to my daughter Lucy

            Item It is my will that if my children should not agree in the devision of my stock in that case I desire they should be sold for the most that can be got and the money receiving therefrom to be equally divided among my said children.

            Item I give to my son Thomas Powe all the land and premises I now live to him and his heirs forever provided he will let my daughter Lucy live with him as she hath neither to live with on otherwise it is my will and desire that my said daughter Lucy shall have and enjoy half my sowed land including the horses during her natural life but after her deceased it is my will that my said son should enjoy it as aforesaid


page 503

Item It is my will that all my household furniture except the bed and furniture and Trunk before given to my daughter Lucy be sold for the most that can be got in ready money and that the said money be equally divided among all my children.

            Item It is my will that my negroes Tom and Ruth be sold for the most that can be got and the money arising thereby be equally divided among all my children.

            Item I give my daughter Lucy my crop of cotton and flax

            Item and I do constitute appoint and ordain my son Thomas Powe and my Lastly friend Beverly Winslow Executors to this my last will and testament in witness whereof I have hereto set my hand and seal this

26th day of September 1782

Signed sealed and delivered.

Gipson Jenkins

James Abott

John (X) Jenkins



Thomas Powe (17 May 1747 – 1817)

Edmonds states that

Thomas Powe, son of Marsom Powe (wife's name unknown), b. 17 May 1747 Virginia, died 1817 Chesterfield County, South Carolina (near Cheraw) m 1st Mary? Chapman, married 2nd ca. 1764-65 Rachel Allen, born 16 April 1743 Virginia, daughter of Erasmus Withers* and Sarah Allen, and married 3rd Rebecca Ford Spencer (Mrs. Calvin) b. 1764, died 1843. Col. Calvin Spencer, b. 1754, d. 1801


Later we see descendant William Erasmus Poe in the records for several North Carolina Counties






2333 (168).

1 December 1792

Richard Farr to William Ellerbee; for pounds 75 sterling sold 3 feather beds and all the furniture (log list of items) .... & a debt on the old "pardnership" called Kershaw & Company; sold at the Chesterfield Co, SC, court house due to a judgement in Chesterfield Co court against Richard Far due to suit by William Ellerbee. (signed) Rd Farr; witness Erasmus Powe & Jo McFarlane; wit oath January 1794 by Erasmus Powe; book C2 p. 219

[Erasmus Powe was a descendant of Marsom Poe (d. 1782). Thomas Powe, son of Marsom Poe, moved from Spotsylvania Co, VA to the Cheraw District of South Carolina. The relationship, if any, between the Simon Poe SR family and the Marsom Powe family is unknown. There also is a William Ellerbe Powe]


2189 (25) (SC)

21 January 1792

Erasmus Powe, sheriff (Chesterfield County, SC) to William Ellerbe sr; for pounds 420 sterling sold 10 Negroes; Wandsor, Will, Peter, Sanders, Milley, Warrick, Selvey, Luce, Jacob, & Peter (sic) "late" property of Richard Farr of Anson Co; sold by virtue of his office [as sheriff] and "authority to Poe by John Chesnut; sold "this day towards" payment "and satisfaction" of a debt secured by a mortgage from Richard Farr to Joseph Kershaw, John Chesnut, Ely Kershaw, William Ancrum [or Anerum] & Aaron Lovcoch [or Loouch] for pounds 1,655.17.9 "old South" money, (signed ) Erasmus Poe, Shff CC; witness John Kershaw & Jno McFarlane; wit. oath April 1792 by John McFarlane; book C2 p25

[Note the two spellings of "poe" are as recorded in the library book]


>>> In the next record, William Erasmus Poe is of the family of Marsom Powe who died in Spottsylvania Co, VA. His son Thomas Powe moved to the Cheraw Dist of South Carolina. The relationship of Marsom Powe to the Simon Poe family is not know. It is interesting to find the two families close by each other in the Anson County area. The Dismukes and (Simon) Poe families have at least one intermarriage.


8755. January 4, 1822. William Dismukes *(Anson Co) to William E. Poe (Chesterfield Dist. SC); for $5,500 sold 700 ac; border: begins at Thomas Threadgill's corner stake in the ford of Grindstone Cr. joins a road, Doctor Parker, & Jesse McLendon's field. (signed) W. Dismukes; (witness) Thomas D. Parke [only one witness[; January 1827 recorded; book V p. 422


9865. September 1823 Henry W. Harrington to Zachariah Robinson; for $650 sold 35 ac between Jones Cr & Island Cr and on both sides of the road from Haileys Ferry to Wadesborough; border: begins at a stake. (signed) H W Harrington; (witness) Thomas Diggs & Marshall Diggs; wit. oath Jan. 1831 by Thomas Diggs; Book X p. 441


NOTE: One can find a number of connections between the Simon Poe family group and the Dismukes family. This one shows a link to the Marson Powe family group

 21 June 1806

Will Book A, Page 122

Will of Alexander Kinchen, deceased

wife Elizabeth, and my dear little son William Poe

wife, Executrix, and my trusty friend, Rhoderick Cotten (Cathen), William Dismukes and Winship Stedman, Executors

affixed my seal at Pittsborough in the state aforesaid, this 21st day of June 1806


George Lucas

H. Poe   Alexander Kinchen


 Also Abstracts of vital records from Raleigh, North Carolina newspapers / compiled by Lois Smathers Neal

Spartanburg, NC : Reprint Co., 1979

 17 May 1816 Poe, died in Chatham Co, on the 3rd, Mrs Frances Poe, wife of Mr. Elisha Poe, and daughter of Mr. George Dismukes . . .

aged parents, numerous brothers and sisters. 17 May 1816


Caroline Harrington Powe (August 4, 1829 - January 2, 1902, daughter of Thomas E. Powe and Charlotte H. Harrington


    Henry McIver was born September 25, 1826 in Society Hill, Darlington District, South Carolina, the son of Alexander M. McIver and Mary Hanford.  He married June 7, 1849, Caroline Harrington Powe (August 4, 1829 - January 2, 1902, daughter of Thomas E. Powe and Charlotte H. Harrington).  They are the parents of seven children:  Eleanor Harrington McIver, who married Edwin F. Malloy; Mary Hanford McIver who married James D. Harden; Henry McIver, Jr.; Thomas Powe McIver, who married Susan R. Duvall; Edward McIver; Charlotte Harrington McIver, who married Richard C. Watts; and Caroline McIver.



I hereby nominate and appoint my trusty friend Thomas Robinson of Anson County, N.C. my executor as to all

that portion of my estate in N. Carolina, Tennessee and Arkansas.  I do nominate and appoint my trusty

friend Dr. Thomas E. Powe, and my trusty friend Henry McIver Esq., of Chesterfield district South Carolina

my executors to execute this my last will and testament as to all that part of my estate in the State of

South Carolina.   I also nominate, constitute and appoint my trusty friend Alex'r H. Pegues of the neighborhood

of Oxford, Mississippi, to collect all the moneys due to me in that State and pay the same over to my

exec's, Dr. Thomas E. Powe and Henry McIver, Esq. in South Carolina.


Richmond Memorial Park Cemetery, North Carolina


Located on Hwy #74 between Rockingham and Hamlet near Richmond Plaza Shopping Center


Poe     Thomas E                  11/1/04           6/11/58          

Poe     Maude Drame           3/14/06           2/14/94           d/o John Thomas & Betty Stewart Drame w/o Thomas

E Poe

Poe     Dr Eugene P             4/9/24 1/30/79     


     During the first few years of the Reconstruction period, Chesterfield County’s standard of living was at its lowest ebb.  One source described it as the poorest district in the state.[31]  Many found food scarce, and, according to reports, many often were hungry.  Various programs were begun to provide food for those who had little.  J. C. Evans was in charge of distributing food to the needy.  In August 1866, he reported that 315 people were given “provisions received from Baltimore.”[32]  In a letter from THOMAS POWE to Governor Orr, POWE brought out that “every house (in Chesterfield District) with the exception of two cabins were visited by Sherman’s soldiers & the bare mention of this fact speaks volumes.”  He continued that “By a recent census the fact is established that 650 women are helpless and dependent.”  He ended his letter by commenting on the political scene and noting that “some zealous radical emissaries have been active and persevering … to make interest for their party.  We are forced to reconstruct under the military bill and I think we had best accept it with as good a peace as we can command.”[33]


further down the page.....


         Despite Donaldson’s efforts at gerrymandering, the Union Reform Party carried the county in the 1870 election.  In the Senate race, Donaldson received 947 votes to the Reformer Gideon Walker Duvall’s 1,067.  (The total number of registered voters was 1,222 whites and 819 blacks.)  Duvall was a native of Prince George County, Maryland, who had come to South Carolina about 1835.  His first wife was Caroline Powe Ellerbe, widow of Thomas Ellerbe.  After her death, he married her sister, Sarah Rebecca Powe.  His previous public service had included membership on the Soldiers’ Board of Relief from 1861 to 1864 and a term as Commissioner of Roads.




Powe Catherine, 384, 385
Powe Charles, 384, 385
Powe Ellerbe F., 384, 385
Powe Esther, 384, 385
Powe James, 385
Powe Josephine, 384, 385
Powe Madora, 384, 385
Powe Martha, 385
Powe Thomas E., 384, 385
Powe Thomas W., 384, 385
Powe Walker, 384, 385
Powe William, 226, 262,
265, 384, 385, 544
Powe Zack E., 384, 385
                Book 1
Powe Catherine, 384, 385
Powe Charles, 384, 385
Powe Ellerbe F., 384, 385
Powe Esther, 384, 385
Powe James, 385
Powe Josephine, 384, 385
Powe Madora, 384, 385
Powe Martha, 385
Powe Thomas E., 384, 385
Powe Thomas W., 384, 385
Powe Walker, 384, 385
Powe William, 226, 262, 
265, 384, 385, 544
Powe Zack E., 384, 385
               Book 2
Powe Caroline Harrington, 5
Powe Harriet E., 6
Powe James, 4, 5, 169, 249
Powe James H., 5
Powe John, 4, 5
Powe John H., 6
Powe Thomas E., 4, 5, 6, 10
Powe Thos. E., Dr., 5
Powe William, 54, 89, 233
               Book 3   
Powe Charles, 170, 171, 352
Powe James, 170, 171, 180, 403
Powe William, 203, 218, 439




1772 -Pre-Revolutionary Plat Books, So. Caro. Archives Dept.

        There are a several land records for Craven county that list members of the White family.  Another interesting connection my be with the District Surveyor on several of these is Thomas Powe.  We still do not know if this person is related to Elizabeth above. 


         21-424   James White, 200a Craven County Polk swamp, adj. John Baxter, John Hollowy, 10 Oct. 1772. Thos. Powe, D. S.



        21-431     Reuben White, 600a Craven in fork of Little Pee Dee  Drownding Creek on Bell Swam, 10 Dec. 1772. John McCall, D. S.

                        Same page, Reuben White, 500a Craven N. side of Little Pedee adj. Hugh Thomapson. Thomas Powe, D. S. 14 June 1773.



21-433      Reuben White, 300a Craven on the Beaveer dam, waters of Jeffereys Creek adj.  John Ward, Connels land, Reuben White and vacant land.  9 Oct 1881  

Thomas Powe, D. S.



C Madison Furr the son of Thomas G. Ellerbe and Caroline C. Powe his wife was born the 17th day of January 1836